About us

NomadsUnveiled is a digital travel publication that gathers and shares interesting information about different countries and cities around the world. From iconic landmarks and unique hotels, to delicious food and fascinating experiences, there is so much to discover when we break out of our usual bubble.

We believe there is no one single way to travel. Each traveler have their own style or even unique reason behind that leap to adventure. But experiences and explorations can always be made more interesting when you have some context to the destination.

Find opinions and stories from world travelers, passionate locals sharing their cultures and tradition, as well as insights and information that can help inspire your journey of discovery.


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Good food, freedom lifestyle and perspectives. Rax believes that travel goes beyond exploring the physical Earth. It is about discovering other human perspectives. Each season of life brings about a different adventure, yet no less exciting because the journey within is ever evolving.



Books, the outdoors and rollerblading. Morgan spent several years living and traveling in Latin America and now resides in the US. She believes that curiosity makes us all better. The more you see and experience, the more you can cultivate empathy and understanding.



Sunny destinations, delicious food and stunning backdrops. Ever since her first trip to Greece, Sophia has been chasing the smell of salty sea air all her life. She is obsessed with all things relaxing, including pilates, long walks on the beach, and her lazy cat Roxy.



Cameras, photography and everything creative. There's something magical about capturing moments. Bea is always up for adventures that tickle her fancy. From new hobbies to exploring unchartered places, life's too short not to enjoy every moment!



Bustling markets, street food and serene vineyards. With an insatiable appetite for globetrotting, Adele turns each journey into a vibrant kaleidoscope of flavors and cultures. Her pen is her compass as she weaves tales of wanderlust one adventure at a time.



Nature walks, intriguing stories and good old music. A quiet personality comes with a high level of curiosity that many might not understand. Janica explores the world in her own unique perspective that relates to her inner discovery and deep thoughts.



Cultural exploration, photography and adventure. Be it busy markets or quiet mountains, the excitement never stops for Zeemal. As a travel-loving soul, she sees the world as her forever-classroom; constantly in search of cool and beautiful places.



Sculptures, writing and stories. With her passion towards the arts and creative works, Alexis is intrigued by both the online and offline world. From movies and anime to comics and fantasy novels, even playing D&D, stories are what capture her attention.



Nature, food, culture and history. Juvy travels for the invigorating and refreshing sights of the countryside as a reprieve from the bustling city. A destination’s culture and history immerse her in captivating stories, woven together through good food shared with old and new faces.