5 Popular Austrian Breakfast Foods In Austria

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Waking up in Austria is a delight, but nothing is as charming as enjoying an exciting breakfast in Austria. This is a country truly out of a fairy tale and the breakfast here is so delicious you may think you are still dreaming.

Sweet and simple options meet in Austria to provide a breakfast that will satisfy your taste buds and your nutritional needs. Wake up and discover all the delicious surprises at the Austrian breakfast table!

Most Famous Austrian Breakfast

Viennese Breakfast

The Viennese breakfast is more of a buffet than a single offering. Local Austrians mostly enjoy breakfast as a lighter meal, but many hotels and restaurants offer the local platter-style specialty of Viennese breakfast.

Sometimes this breakfast is a literal buffet where you can take what you please, other times it is offered as a heavily-laden platter for one or a table to split.

This Austrian breakfast includes everything you might want to get your day started. The basic elements include bread, butter, jam, cold cuts, cheese, eggs, and muesli.

The all-important bread element of this Austrian breakfast is usually black bread, croissants, or kaiser rolls. The jam is often apricot and the meal is not complete without hot coffee or cold juice.

This style of Austrian breakfast allows you to try a little of the cuisine of Austria and get your day started deliciously!

Traditional Austrian Breakfast


Quark Käse (Soft Austrian Cheese)

This soft white cheese is a favorite among local Austrians. Quark is a traditional type of cheese made from cow’s milk that is introduced to lactic acid cultures that cause curdling. The end texture is similar to cottage cheese and its flavor is mild and satisfying.

Quark is sweet and tangy and has no added salt. Some locals like to enjoy this cheese for breakfast in Austria with rolls or bread. Don’t forget the coffee, it’s Austria’s choice for a hot breakfast beverage.


Apfelradln (Apple Rings)

Austria is a candy-coated country and Austrian breakfast is no exception from the sugary rule. Locals love a sweet breakfast like crispy apfelradln.

These fruity Austrian morning delights are made from battered and fried apple rings. Just the sight of these golden brown rings will make your mouth water.

They are spiced lightly with warm spices like cinnamon and often finished with a dusting of powdered sugar or a light sugar glaze. These irresistible Austrian bites are the apple-y way to start your Alpine day.


Buchteln Mit Vanillesauce (Sweet Roll)

These sweet buns take many shapes, sometimes they are long rolls and others are small boules, but in any shape, this Austrian breakfast will fill you up with happiness. Butchteln are yeasted sweet rolls that Austrians enjoy at all times of the day.

Sometimes the buns are filled with jam or custard, others save the sauce for the side. Residents love to enjoy a coffee and a sweet Buchtel with vanilla custard for breakfast in Austria.


Kaiserschmarrn (Kaiser’s Mess)

While this breakfast may look like it suffered an accident, there are no mistakes in this delicious Austrian breakfast dish!

Kaiserschmarrn means “kaiser’s scramble” and this breakfast treat is called that because it is made from caramelized scrambled pancake dough. This really is an Austrian breakfast fit for a king!

The pancake pieces are made from an egg-white-leavened batter filled with rum-soaked raisins. The shreds are able to get crispy in the pan. Then it is dusted with even more sugar, and served with apricot jam.

Kaiserschmarrn was originally a brunch dish or light lunch. Today it is enjoyed as a sweet treat at any time of day. Perfect for a dessert in Austria as well.

Discovering Traditional Austrian Breakfast

The climate in Austria can be quite cold but you would never know it from their warm and tasty morning fare. Austrian breakfast is a celebration of all things bright, sweet, and simple. What better way can you imagine starting your day than that?

Get up and get going with these sunny Austrian breakfast dishes before hitting the exciting landmarks of Austria.



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