10+ Best Chocolates From Belgium And Belgian Chocolates Brands To Try

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The country of Belgium is known for its cuisine, but especially its chocolate. It is one of the top countries for chocolates in the world. Chocolates in Belgium are the perfect combination of taste and texture. They are affordable, too!

Since chocolate in Belgium is so famous, there are more than 2000 chocolate brands to choose from. With so many Belgian chocolates, it may be overwhelming to pick just one. 

That is why we have created this list of the 10 best chocolates from Belgium to try. Test them out, and see which you like the best.

Why Is Belgian Chocolate So Famous?

Belgium cocoa mostly comes from countries in West Africa. Though the cocoa is sourced from other countries, Belgium has been making chocolate for a very long time. Over the years, Belgium chocolatiers have created numerous new chocolate varieties like the truffle and praline. 

Chocolates in Belgium tend to have a simple taste, while not being too sweet or bitter. The Belgians like to keep their chocolates basic, so you probably won’t find crazy chocolate creations. And many appreciate this Belgian chocolate approach.

Chocolate from Belgium is a great middle point for many chocolate-lovers.


Neuhaus – Innovative and Classic Belgian Chocolate Flavors

If you are looking for an innovative, yet classic chocolate in Belgium, then you have to try Neuhaus. The delicious Belgian chocolate brand has been around for a long time, but its origins are quite unique.

The Neuhaus brand started with Jean Neuhaus who owned an apothecary. To hide the bitter flavor of medicines, he would cover them with chocolate. It definitely made medicine much easier to eat. 

In 1912, the apothecary was passed to Jean’s grandson who made Neuhaus what it is today. Rather than having medicine fillings, he used soft and sweet fillings – creating the first praline chocolate.

That sounds much better than chocolate covered medicine! The famous Neuhaus Belgian chocolatiers did not stop there in terms of innovation. Though it is not confirmed, many say that Jean Neuhaus was the original creator of the scrumptious bonbon. 

Chocolates from Neuhaus range in shapes and fillings, so there is something for every palette to enjoy. They have a range of affordable and luxury Belgian chocolates, for different occasions as well.

Neuhaus is a must-try Belgian chocolate.

Godiva – The Belgian Chocolate Brand That Works Directly with Chocolatiers 

No matter what part of the world you live in, you have probably seen or tried Godiva chocolates. These famous chocolates from Belgium have over 600 stores around the world, and are well loved for their taste and variety of flavors.

Godiva works hand-in-hand with professional chocolatiers to find new chocolate creations. Despite constantly innovating, the Belgian chocolate brand has stayed true to keeping the quality of the brand. 

With its beautiful presentations and taste, Godiva is one of the more luxury Belgian chocolates on the market. It is well worth the price for a special occasion or present.

Though the Godiva brand was created in 1926, it continues to dominate the chocolate market and will likely grow more in the future.

Belvas – Belgium’s First Organic Chocolate Brand

In more recent years, people have come to value organic foods much more. Belvas is a wonderful organic Belgian chocolate brand that focuses on Belgium cocoa.

It may take a bit more work, but Belvas is dedicated to making its chocolates in the traditional fashion. No coloring, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. It is a clean Belgian chocolate that can be enjoyed without guilt. 

Unlike most chocolates from Belgium, Belvas imports its cocoa from countries like Peru and Ecuador. This gives their chocolate a bit of a different taste to many of the other chocolates on this list.

Belvas has quickly gained the love of many Belgians, and they will only continue to grow. Hopefully, more chocolate companies will follow the pro-ecological steps that Belvas has taken on.

GuyLian – Famous for its Seashell Chocolates

GuyLian has been around for over 50 years, and you can taste the experience in each bite of this delicious Belgian chocolate.

If you are not from Belgium, you may not recognize the GuyLian name. However, you probably know their famous Belgian chocolate seashells. They are best known for their shell-shaped chocolates filled with a variety of fillings. The hazelnut praline chocolate is likely their most famous flavor. 

The Belgian chocolatier brand has now been bought by Lotte, a large South Korean company. Yet, it has not changed its signature recipe, so GuyLian remains just as exquisite. As it uses the highest quality ingredients, GuyLian is more of a luxury Belgian chocolate.

They have plenty of gift boxes that showcase their delicious shell-shaped chocolates. Try a box, and see why GuyLian is so loved.

Côte d’Or – One of Belgium’s Oldest Chocolate Brands

The classic Belgian chocolate, Côte d’Or has been around for a long time. The company began during the late 1800’s, and continues to thrive to this day. “

Côte d’Or,” translates to “The golden coast,” and refers to Ghana. A majority of the cocoa used in these chocolates from Belgium are from Ghana. This gives the Belgian chocolate brand more of a strong chocolate taste, especially in their dark chocolate varieties. 

Thanks to its long history, Côte d’Or is an incredibly accessible Belgian chocolate. There are many types of chocolate bars that the company produces. Try their signature dark chocolate, or much on their classic milk chocolate bars.

No matter which flavor you go for, Côte d’Or is a chocolate from Belgium that won’t disappoint. 

Pierre Marcolini – Chocolate Made by the Country’s Most Known Chocolatier

Unless you live in Europe or some countries in Asia, you may have not heard of the luxury Belgian chocolate brand, Pierre Marcolini.

The young, but popular Belgian chocolate is named after its famous Belgian chocolatier. Since these chocolates were developed by a world-famous chocolatier, you can imagine how lovely and rich these chocolates are. 

Pierre Marcolini’s high quality chocolates have solidified its status as a Belgian luxury chocolate. The cocoa used in these chocolates are carefully sourced from local farmers. This extra step in the process gives the delicious chocolate a stronger flavor profile.

Pierre Marcolini may be a bit pricier, but you can taste the quality of the chocolate regardless of which chocolate product you buy.


Galler – A Chocolate Brand Born from Humble Beginnings

Pierre Marcolini chocolate’s fame comes a lot from its creator’s name, but Galler has a much humbler story.

The founder, Jean Galler, started making chocolates in a small Belgian village in Liege. Jean absolutely loved chocolates and worked hard to study the science of chocolate in Paris. 

He eventually opened a store in his hometown, and the original store still stands to this day. Fortunately, his love and passion for chocolate led to one of the most loved chocolate brands in Belgium. 

Most people love Galler for its variety and innovation. You can buy regular milk chocolate bars, but there are unique flavors like lemon mint and white raspberry as well.

With so many choices, there is something for every chocolate-lover to enjoy. Galler is an affordable Belgian chocolate, so you can buy lots of different flavors and try them all!

Bouchard – The Best Brand for Dark Chocolate Lovers

If you are a lover of dark chocolate, Bouchard is the brand for you. The Belgian chocolate brand focuses on creating the best dark chocolate in the industry. Starting in 1931 in the city of Ghent, Belgium, Bouchard continues to grow its influence internationally. Despite gaining love from all around the world, Bouchard has kept its manufacturing in Belgium. 

Their dark chocolate is often said to be smooth, flavorful, and incredibly creamy. It may be a bit on the pricier side, but its quality shines through with each bite.

Leonidas – Affordable but High-Quality Belgian Chocolates

Belgium is famous for its high-quality chocolate, so there are many pricey chocolates from Belgium. However, Leonidas is an affordable Belgian chocolate that doesn’t sacrifice quality or taste.

The company makes sure to use pure cocoa butter and natural ingredients in all of its delicious products. 

If you are a chocolate lover, try Leonidas’ pralines or marzipan. These classic Belgian flavors are some of Leonidas’ most popular flavors. The Belgian chocolatier is always coming up with new chocolate flavors, so try their numerous chocolate flavors.

Thanks to their affordable prices, you can taste a multitude of chocolates from Belgium at any Leonidas store. Who says good chocolate has to be expensive?

Wittamer – A Family-Owned Chocolate Business

Wittamer is one of the most well-loved chocolates in Belgium. It has been around for around 100 years, and has stayed within the family this whole time.

By keeping the brand family-run, the Belgian chocolatier maintains its warm, and approachable vibe. It is a great chocolate for those that want to try a more local Belgian chocolate. 

 In 1999, Wittamer became even more famous as they made the wedding cake for the country’s king and queen! They do not sell cakes anymore, but this story just shows how revered the Wittamer brand is in Belgium.

Try their famous Belgian truffles or caramel chocolates, and see why the Belgian chocolate brand is so loved.

Callebaut – A Chocolate That is Perfect for Pastries

Callebuat was founded in 1911 by Octaaf Callebaut in the town of Wieze, Belgium. Octaaf was secretly creating the first Callebaut chocolate recipe, but the delicious aroma spread throughout the town. The whole town wanted to take a bite of this chocolate that smelled so good. As soon as they got a taste of Callebaut’s chocolate, it became loved instantly and stores began to open. 

To this day Callebaut is well loved by many. Especially Belgian chocolatiers and chefs. Thanks to its high quality and high amount of cacao, it is easy to work with. You can eat their chocolate as is, but it is fantastic to use with your favorite chocolate pastries.

Bruyerre – Unique Chocolate Flavors for Every Type of Chocolate Lover

After opening its doors in 1909, Bruyerre is a popular chocolate brand known for its unique creations. Bruyerre’s chocolates are known for their lovely smell and smooth textures. Their most popular creations are their hazelnut praline, Belgian truffles, and gianduja (chocolate hazelnut spread). 

If these classic flavors aren’t your thing, no worries. Bruyerre is one of the most innovative Belgian chocolatiers, so there are plenty of unique flavors to taste.

Try their chocolate covered orange peels, liqueur filled pralines, or fruity mango ganache. There are plenty of ways to taste new chocolate flavors at Bruyerre.

Indulging in Chocolates from Belgium

There are plenty of reasons why chocolates in Belgium are so famous. There’s a range of flavors, styles, and price ranges, so everyone can pick a chocolate they will love.

With their mild chocolate profile and smooth texture, even chocolate haters end up enjoying chocolates from Belgium! Try these delicious Belgian chocolates and see which is your favorite.



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