20 Best Beaches In Corfu Greece To Visit

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Corfu, a beautiful island located on the North-West coast of Greece, is a bucket list destination. With so many breath-taking vacation spots and landmarks, it can be overwhelming to decide which beaches in Corfu to visit during your holiday.

Choosing which beaches in Corfu to go to is made much easier when you decide what type of location you are looking for, factor in the affordability, and also the quality of the activities nearby.

Here is an extensive list of the best Corfu beaches with a solution for every family, couple, friendship, or a solo trip.

The Most Popular Beach in Corfu

Paleokastritsa Beach 


Although many of the beaches in Corfu are the ideal travel spot, Paleokastritsa Beach is by far the most majestic. Although small, the beach holds the magical story of Odysseus, the King of the island Ithaca, who met his lover Nausicaa for the very first time at Paleokastritsa Bay.

The scenic Paleokastritsa Beach is divided into six different zones, half of which are sandy and the other half pebble, catering to all of your preferences.

The Odysseus Hotel is only a 350m walk from Paleokastritsa Beach, and also a 150m walk from Platakia Bay beach, in case you want to visit more than one beach in Corfu. With remarkable views you won’t find anywhere else, air-conditioned rooms to fight the Corfu heat, family suites, and a bar for couples, you will make the once-in-a-lifetime memories everyone yearns for!

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The Best Beaches in Corfu for Family

Gouvia Beach 

One of the best beaches in Corfu for a family is the Gouvia beach. The sand and pebbles entertain the little kids, giving them a fun activity whilst you read the book you’ve been eager to start all year or simply take in the calming atmosphere.

The Dreams Corfu Resort & Spa Hotel offers family rooms with full and twin beds, as well as a sofa bed, ensuring that your whole family can be accommodated! The hotel is beachfront, avoiding the tiresome hassle of making your children walk long distances to get to the beach, and is a 500m walk from the bustling center where the whole family can get involved in activities such as boat trips and water parks. 

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Kassiopi Beach


Kassiopi Beach is a calm, pleasant beach with tasty local Greek cuisine, quiet paths, and entertaining amenities for children. Most notably, its clear water is beautiful at night, therefore being the ideal spot for relaxing with your whole family. It is the best beach in Corfu for enjoying the picturesque reflection of lights in the sea.

The Michelangelo Hotel is a 15-minute walk away from Kassiopi beach and offers standard double or twin rooms, all air-conditioned. There is a children’s playground, sports activities like darts and table tennis for older children, and even hiking trails for the members of your family that prefer sightseeing or relaxing.

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Glyfada Beach


Glyfada Beach is yet another stunning beach in Corfu. Its sandy beaches are perfect for making sandcastles, playing beach sports, and laying comfortably down, watching the clear waves crash over each other.

The Domes of Corfu, Autograph Collection Hotel is a beachfront hotel with a multilingual kid’s club for children of all nationalities to combine and partake in unique experiences, in addition to a fun children’s playground. There are two luxury swimming pools, one of which is for adults only so that parents can take a well-deserved break.

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Barbati Beach 

Barbati Beach is a 2km long, flat pebbly beach, 20km away from Corfu Town. It is filled with bays and taverns, a warm mountainous view, and beautiful long olive trees creating an altogether idyllic picture-perfect beach. Barbati Beach is the most prominently known beach in Corfu for its cleanliness, making it extra safe for children.

Corfu Shell Apartments is merely a 2-minute walk from Barbati Beach which is a quick walking distance enjoying the sights along the way, and also has a furnished kitchen for those fussy eaters in your family or late-night snackers!

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The Most Romantic Beaches in Corfu for Couples

Kalami Beach


Understandably every couple desires some time to themselves, and there is no better beach in Corfu for this than the dreamy Kalami Beach. One way to spend your time is the Kalani Beach restaurant which serves traditional Greek dishes, ideal for you can share with your partner whilst gazing at the vibrant beach view.

Villa Natalia is nestled just 150m from the beach, offering rooms with a panoramic sea view or a terrace. Additionally, the accommodation has a cozy garden for when you wish to soak up the atmosphere. For couples interested in taking long hikes, there are popular trails nearby.

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Agios Stefanos Avliotes Beach


Agios Stefanos Avliotes Beach, located in what was a small fishing village, is now one of the most romantic beaches in Corfu. It is long, sandy, and surrounded by nature.

The Pictures Suites Hotel is found 15 minutes away from the beach and has stunning views of the sea from the hotel rooms, in addition to the bar which you can visit after a starry-eyed dinner.

There are many places to dine nearby, such as the Zorbas Restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, and charming attractions around such as the Little Agios Stefanos Church.

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Canal D’Amour 


Canal D’Amour Beach is found in Sidari, Corfu. As suggested strongly by its name, the channel of love, it is the most romantic beach in Corfu for all couples!

Just like many Corfu beaches, it has its own story, whereby locals say that couples swimming across the entire canal will be together for eternity. This is a romantic way to spend your honeymoon, anniversary, or any milestone, ravishing in the rare rock formations surrounding the beach.

The Socrates Hotel is a minute walk from the beach, and offers evening entertainment for you and your partner, in addition to a swimming pool and bar.

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Avlaki Beach

For couples that prefer a much quieter, more peaceful vacation, Avlaki Beach is the right pick. The pebble beach is close to a tavern serving fresh seafood and focuses on the pure serenity of the beach in contrast to other beaches in Corfu that emphasize entertainment and attractions. It is hidden from the tourist-filled areas of Corfu.

Avlaki Beachfront Villa is a 6-minute walk away from Avlaki Beach, offering a garden with barbeque facilities in a quiet location. It mirrors the relaxed and family-oriented qualities of Avlaki Beach.

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The Best Beaches in Corfu for Snorkelling

Nissaki Beach 

Even though it is small, Nissaki beach has a reputation for being one of the best snorkeling beaches in Corfu. The water is remarkably clear and it is easy for you to see visibly in front of you, allowing you the chance to admire the sea life such as bright orange and blue ornate wrasse and a variety of interesting seabream. If you’re lucky, you may even spot the octopuses! As a result, the tavern serves many delicious fish and seafood dishes.

Roughly 1.5km away from the beach, you will find the Corfu Shell Apartments, which are also close to the centre, and Barbati Beach.

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Issos Beach 

Issos beach, which is long and sandy, offers a culmination of activities for visitors, for those looking for an active holiday with many sports and opportunities to learn about the geography and culture.

As it is one of the most densely-populated marine life beaches in Corfu, snorkeling is encouraged, although you must learn to observe quietly as some of the smaller species do bite.

On the other hand, if snorkeling in unknown waters is not for you, you can try the paragliding experience instead, flying over the beach with an incredible bird’s eye view of the clear waters and dunes. Due to the location of Issos Beach, there are often strong gusts of wind, making it the ideal place for surfing, too. 

Found 10 minutes away from Issos Beach is Seaside Studio, a cozy hotel curated for couples and families in mind. There is a private kitchen and bathroom, in addition to a rule allowing pets, making it just the right place to rest after a long day of water sports and activities. 

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Porto Timoni Beach


For hardcore snorkeling lovers, we recommend Porto Timoni Beach. This is because the whole experience is the most adventurous out of all the beaches in Corfu.

Firstly, you must arrive at the entrance point of the beach, which is made much easier when staying at the Porto Timoni bed and breakfast hotel, which is a mere 500m away. Subsequently, you must walk to the actual beach, which is a 30-minute trail down the path.

This is one of the best hiking trails out of all of the beaches in Corfu, giving your body a healthy adrenaline boost. From here, you can snorkel and swim along with the marine life, enjoying the warm Cyprus sun and sea. 

Zeus Throne Suites is another ideal place to stay as it is only a 5-minute walk away from the beach. After you have exhausted yourself with the hiking and swimming, you can rest in the aparthotel suite and order room service, or sit with the family at the restaurant. 

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The Closest Beaches in Corfu to Town

Faliraki Beach


If you are the type of person to be interested in the typical touristic activities, such as strolling around the town and learning about the local culture, Faliraki beach is the way to go.

Understandably, no one wants to go on a beach holiday but stay on the outskirts, traveling hours from one place to another. Faliraki beach is one of the closest beaches in Corfu to the center, with a ladder and boardwalk leading to the beach.

However, this is no ordinary beach; there is no sand or pebbles! It leads directly into the Ionian Sea. This way, you can spend all day swimming and lounging, and be able to visit the beautiful center at night. Taking in the lively atmosphere of Corfu town, packed to the brim with restaurants, shops, and leisure activities, is vital.

It makes sense to stay in a hotel located in the middle of all the excitement, such as the Blue Sea Beach Resort. The accommodation is an astounding one-minute walk away from the beach, and if you find yourself missing the water, you can simply look out of the terrace to see the sea view. 

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Anemomilos Beach 

Anemomilos Beach is also located right next to Corfu town. It is a lengthy beach measuring 2.5km long, but this is not the only reason that it is so popular with both locals and tourists.

The name Anemomilos when translated to English means windmill, named after the impressive lighthouse that is visible on the hill. Although the windmill no longer functions, it was pivotal for the Corfu town habitants back in the day, making it one of the most significant beaches in Corfu.

Anemomilos Hotel is a 1km walk from the center, similarly making it around a 15-minute walk away from the beach. It is worth noting that most rooms offered have a veranda that showcases a view of the Aegean Sea, proving again how scenic the location is.

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Mon Repos Beach

When researching which beaches to travel to on holiday, Mon Repos Beach is often overlooked because tourists may prefer to visit more modern and flashy beaches. Nevertheless, it is just as majestic as the other beaches in Corfu, yet more serene.

Although swimming is not recommended, you can swim safely in the sheltered bays as they are shallower. Additionally, the Royal Baths Mon Repos beach bar is a luxe way to spend your time relaxing where you can order drinks. You can also choose from a variety of hearty meals at the restaurant to help you restore your energy.

Acanthus Blue is located in Corfu town, 10 minutes away from Mon Repos Beach. It is nearby to several other attractions such as museums and Mon Repos Palace, an architectural marvel, on top of Analipsis Hill.

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The Best Beaches in Corfu for Nightlife

Sidari Beach 


Sidari Beach is a 2km long resort, marking it as on the smaller side compared to some beaches in CorfuNonetheless, it is one of the liveliest. Whether you are with your friends, a couple looking forward to some alone time, or even alone, Sidari has an event to offer for everyone.

Along the beach is a combination of cocktail bars such as Siesta bar, Mojito bar, and Fever bar. Conversely, if you are looking for a restaurant to sit all night at and chat, there are a range of places overlooking the beach and serving anything from local Greek cuisine to international dishes.  

Sidari Beach Hotel is not only a ten-minute walk to Sidari beach, but it also has views looking out over the Canal D’Amour we mentioned previously. It is also close to the Sidari center and provides an airport shuttle to ease the stress of traveling once your journey is complete. 

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Paralia Kavos Beach

Paralia Kavos Beach is one of the best-known beaches in Corfu for its unmatched atmosphere. During the day, you can lie down on the sunbeds and swim in the Ionian Sea, or partake in sports like beach volleyball. In addition, there is surfing and snorkeling.

However, nighttime is when the magic of Paralia Kavos begins. It is truly a place to kick back and relax, even if this is in the form of going out. The leisurely activities on the Kavos Strip include bars and clubs, where there is food and drinks at low costs, as this is mainly a place aimed at teenagers and young adults. Notable bars include Atlantis Beach Club, with fun events like a Super Paint Party. 

If you are interested in Paralia Kavos Beach, you may consider staying at the beachfront Erofili Hotel.

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Kanoni Beach

In Kassiopi, an immensely large and historical North Eastern village in Corfu lies the tropical Kanoni Beach. It is almost like a secluded, hidden gem in such a big village. This means that although it is in an accessible area, close to many shops and hotels, it is not hugely populated and you can relish in the tranquil, still atmosphere.

The nightlife, on the other hand, is not as peaceful! Kanoni Beach is one of the beaches in Corfu that offers the most refined social scene, offering events such as private wine tasting and food tours.

An interesting activity is the Governor’s Olive Tour, where you are taught the intricacies of creating the perfect batch of olive oil. You can stroll through the Medieval Castle of Gardiki and take photos of the senescent olive trees. 

Corfu Holiday Palace is a 100m walk to Kanoni Beach. Moreover, it is only 4km away from Corfu town, where you no doubt will stumble across more beaches, events, and buildings.

Because of its proximity to Kanoni Beach, the hotel offers captivating sea views, as well as views overlooking Mouse Island. This diminutive island, also known as Pontikonisi, has its name derived from its small nature. Greek mythology states that this is where the powerful Poseidon turned the Ulysses ship into stone, to punish the Phaeacians for betraying him.

If you prefer a more private and homey accommodation, there are places like Anna Apartments Kanoni near the beach as well.

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Other Beaches In Corfu To Consider

Liapades Beach 


Whether you need a change of scenery, or you have always longed to explore the beaches in Corfu, Liapades Beach is the place to go. Due to its busy nature, it is effortless to get lost in the natural hustle and bustle in Palaiokastritsa, a small village in North West Corfu.

All of the usual Corfu beach amenities are available, such as sunbeds, clear water, and mountainous views. On top of this, there are many activities that you can do alone too, such as renting a canoe to row along the waters. Similarly, you can drive a motor boat for more of a thrill. 

Once you are satisfied with your visit to Liapades Beach, you can take advantage of its proximity to other beaches, and travel to Gefyra Beach by water taxi. Alternatively, you can visit Rovinia Beach by car. All three beaches are roughly 20km away from Corfu town, a short taxi drive, where you can also immerse yourself in the action-packed atmosphere. 

Rokamare is an authentic holiday rental accommodation, which is a 50m walk away from Liapades Beach. It is complete with a modern flat-screen television with satellite channels so that you can unwind after a busy day. After all, you should take advantage of your solo holiday, and choose whichever channel you desire from the extensive channel list. 

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Paralia Vrika Beach 

Located in Antipaxos, Paralia Vrika Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Corfu. The reason behind this is that Paralia Vrika Beach is one of the only all-sand beaches in Corfu, in contrast to the other pebbly beaches that can sometimes be sharp to walk on. This is always a welcomed benefit for beach goers.

Furthermore, the sea is often described as swimming in a pool, because of its optimal temperature, shallow depth, and see-through waters. You can even enjoy a free sunbed after your swim if you decide to visit one of the nearby restaurants such as Captain Spyros Taverna.

The fresh seafood makes Paralia Vrika Beach one of the best beaches in Corfu. All restaurants offer traditional Mediterranean cuisine, as well as the majority accommodating to vegan and gluten-free customers.

Once you have taken full advantage of Paralia Vrika, a fun activity you can enjoy is the Blue Caves boat cruise from Antipaxos to the old town of Corfu. Here, you can meet new like-minded people.

Throughout this scenic route, you can marvel at the geographical wonders of Antipaxos such as the white cliffs of Erimitis, and the range of marine life. You can even snorkel! As you pass the old town, you will see the historic castles that were built hundreds of years ago. 

Unfortunately, there are few options in terms of accommodation on the island. The Villa Skinari Antipaxos is near the beachfront and offers great views of the ocean. It is more suitable for groups.

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Visiting The Beautiful Beaches In Corfu

As a popular beach getaway destination, these are only a few of the best beaches in Corfu, Greece. With so many beaches to visit, it can be tough to decide which ones to go to. However, these beaches each offer something unique that will make your experience in Corfu one to remember.



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