25 Best Beaches In Milos Greece To Visit

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Milos is an island found in the Aegean Sea in Greece. It is also one of the biggest parts of the Cyclades group made up of 220 islands. Milos is predominantly known for its long history and volcanic landscape, but Milos beaches are by far the most breathtaking. This makes Milos popular with tourists and a treasure for the locals. There are many beaches in Milos, all with different star qualities, and below are those with the most holistic features. 

The Most Popular Beach in Milos

Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado Beach is found in South Milos, in Prozatas town, hidden behind cliffs and caverns. Like most Milos beaches, the waters are shallow, meaning that it is ideal for children and teenagers, whilst the shore is sandy and perfect for lounging about in the sun.

It also adventurous, as it can be only be reached by a ladder positioned in between the cliffs, which also hold many caves that can be explored. Fortunately, because of this unusual location, the area has been kept clean and organized. 

The Psaravolada Hotel Milos is only 3km away from Tsigaro beach, and if you are staying for a few days and looking to explore it is also close to another Milos beach, Psaravolada.

Milos Beaches in Adamas

Papikinous Beach

Papikinou Beach is a sandy and small Milos beach 1.5km from Adamas south of the village. As it is windy, there is a great opportunity for beach sports such as surfing and paddleboarding. It is relatively quiet, scattered with some Mediterranean bars like the Oh Hamos restaurant, serving Greek food along with vegan and vegetarian options.

It is also near the Milos Mining Museum full of interesting rocks if you are interested in local culture, and also Paliochori beach if you are staying for a few days and want to check out more beaches in Milos. 

Lagada Beach

Lagada Beach is found in North Adamas. It is a small bay surrounded by rocks, and a sloping shore full of both sand and pebbles. This is also one of the best beaches in Milos for families with children as the water is shallow and clear, making it safe for swimming in and watching out for small fish and shells that you may trip on.

Lagada Beach is closer to the center, so there are many restaurants nearby, making for a lively atmosphere. It is incredibly scenic, as fishing boats often dock in the summer, and the Church of Agios Charalambos can be seen on top of the hill. 

Firiplaka Beach

Firiplaka Beach is a larger and more frequently visited beach, around 10km away from Adamas. It is a Milos beach located towards the South, characterized by white sand and transparent water. As it is longer than most other beaches in Milos, there is an opportunity to scuba dive a vast expanse, explore the many caves, and meet other like-minded travelers.

The area is populated, adding to the summer feel, and comes complete with a beach bar selling cocktails and refreshing drinks. Alternatively, if you are looking for a less dense area, you can walk further down to find more available sunbeds to rent.

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko is one of the interesting beaches in Milos that has some interesting scenery of coastal rocks and the sea

Sarakiniko Beach is 1km away from Adamas, in the North of Milos. It is often referred to as the most popular beach in Milos, because of its accessible location, beautiful surroundings, and serene sea. Sarakiniko beach is also close to the towns of Plaka and Pollonia, which have their own picturesque beaches, ideal if you are in Milos for a few days. On the actual shore are white rocks, and plenty of space to sunbathe. If you are lucky, you may even be able to spot the shipwreck hidden after the harbor. 

Where To Stay In Adamas, Milos

The Milos Hotel is located merely 600m away from both Lagada and Papikinos beach, with all rooms including a balcony, air conditioning, and minibar.

Similarly, if you are looking for a minimally-decorated property, Olea Bay Hotel is a beachfront hotel directly next to these beaches, and 3km away from Sarakiniko beach.

For a nice accommodation closer to Sarakiniko beach, Anemolia Parga Suites is a well-rated option right by it.

Milos Beaches in Pollonia

Pollonia Beach


Pollonia Beach is found on the North-East side of Milos, in a great location. There are many free parking spaces so that you can comfortably drive to it, as well as various bars and restaurants serving an array of dishes.

This is useful when you are on holiday with many people sharing none of the same tastebuds! As Pollonia Beach is uncrowded, it has been kept very clean, and there are plenty of sunbeds available. Additionally, there is more space to play beach games such as volleyball and make big sandcastles, in comparison to other over-populated and small Milos beaches.

If you are looking for activities and attractions, there is a Cave Winery, with its own vineyard and wine tasting, especially targeted at adults that wish to take part in an authentic and memorable experience. 


Fikiada Beach

Fikiada Beach is just over 1km away from Pollonia. It is a quiet beach, often empty, making it ideal for couples that want to enjoy a romantic getaway to a Milos beach, escaping the loud and chaotic atmosphere of many other beaches.

Pollonia is a fishing village, home to millions of small fish, therefore scuba diving and snorkeling are unparalleled experiences that must be taken advantage of. Whilst sunbathing all day and simply taking in the beautiful landscape is captivating, there are other activities to do if you are feeling more adventurous. For example, there is a private helicopter transfer from here to Athens, where you can take a day trip and visit other landmarks such as ancient buildings and museums. 

Kastanas Beach

Kastanas Beach, found in South Pollonia, is one of the most natural and peaceful of the Milos beaches. It holds various rock formations and volcanic structures and has been kept unspoiled due to its secluded location.

As a result, it is fairly quiet, clean, and serene, all contributing factors adding to its authenticity. However, it should be taken into account that the beach may not be suitable for families with young children, as the waters have pebbles and rocks, which may be uncomfortable to swim in for the little ones.

Kastanas Beach is suited for those wanting to relax, and visit a well-preserved beach in Milos.

Where To Stay In Pollonia, Milos

Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel is a four-star hotel 0.5km away from Pollonia beach, offering double rooms, executive rooms, and even honeymoon suites for couples. There are private suites, rooms with panoramic sea views, all with private bathrooms and flat-screen televisions.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, Kapetan Tasos Suites are slightly further away from the beaches, still offering en-suite bathrooms and rooms with a view. 

Milos Cove is closer to Kastanas Beach and has two bars, an infinity pool, and a fitness center.

Milos Beaches in Plaka 

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Plathenia Beach

Plathenia Beach is structured like every one of the typical beaches in Milos. It is found facing West of Milos, 2km away from Plaka, in a small cove. It is in a great and accessible location, whereby the beach is most often accessed by car through Firopotamos bay.

However, if you are coming from a different direction, or would rather opt for a more adventurous style of transportation, you can always privately hire an ocean taxi.

Plathenia Beach is small and natural, untouched by tourists, so you must bring your own beach blankets and sun loungers. You may also want to bring your own snacks, and drinks are a must in the scorching Greek weather.

That said, if you can walk 1km or so, you can choose from a variety of restaurants such as Avli Milos, serving Mediterranean cuisine, or Kokkino Podliato, a dainty café. 

Vani Beach

Vani Beach is also another Milos beach in the Western part of the island. Whilst it is also small, like Plathenia beach, it holds more historical value and will be especially fascinating to visit if you are looking for a beach that is both educational and interesting to look at.

Most famously, Vani beach has ancient Manganese mines dating all the way back to the late 1800s, that had to be abandoned due to the start of the World War. Unfortunately, these mines are not visible from the shore.

As Vani beach is quite rocky and small, making it hard to access, it may not be ideal for relaxing in the sun. However, it is a stop on many boat tours such as those from Adamas, where you can see the colored rock formations. These colors include purple and yellow, which has led to locals stating that the rocks resemble bacon!

If you are interested in old ruins and are staying in Plaka for a few days, you may have enough time to also visit the ancient Plaka Castle or the two main Churches in Plaka. 

Where To Stay In Plaka, Milos

If you are searching for a high-quality yet affordable place to stay, the Panorama Hotel is located 1km away from Plaka, making it close to both Plathenia and Vaki beach. Additionally, it is beachfront to Klima beach, if you are looking to explore further.

Alternatively, a more luxurious option that is located in Plaka and closer to the beaches is the Plaka Suites, which is a mere 1.5km away from Plathenia beach. Chaido Studios is a cheaper option, also directly in Plaka. 

Milos Beaches In Komia

Kolimpisionas Beach

Kolimpisionas Beach is located in Komia, just under 1.5km from the center. It is one of the best beaches in Milos for family as there are no touristic amenities, therefore free to visit. You can simply bring your beach towels and snacks, find a spot to lay on, and stay all day. Furthermore, there is free parking.

The beach is sandy, sprinkled with some medium-sized, beautiful pebbles that you can take home as a souvenir, and the waters are shallow enough to swim in at the beginning of the shore. Whilst it is relatively deserted, it is just close enough to Komia town where there are various restaurants and bars, ideal for couples.


Paralia Thiafes Beach

Paralia Thiafes Beach is found slightly farther away from the Komia center, located amongst the mountains and bays in the area. The beach is perfect if you are looking for adventure as it is natural, like many beaches in Milos, as reflected by its unspoiled landscapes. It is mainly a sandy beach, where you can bring your own sun lounger and comfortably tan all day, or children can swim in the clear water safely.

It is important to note that whilst entrance is free, you may wish to take a parasol with you, especially if you are visiting during the summer when the temperatures becoming increasingly hotter.  

Paralia Kastanas Beach

Paralia Kastanas Beach is a much bigger and well-known Milos beach, loved by couples for the beautiful scenery and romantic atmosphere. It is popular due to its white sand and pebbles, transparent water, a multitude of beach sports, and huge space.

Although many people love to visit, its size allows for there to be enough seating area for everyone to enjoy the beach together. There are small, vibrantly colored fish that you can see whilst snorkeling, as well as the opportunity to kayak across the waters and explore all of the bays. Furthermore, it is a naturist beach in designated areas, part of the reason why couples love to visit. 

Where To Stay In Komia, Milos

Delmar Suites is in a great location, just over 3km away from Paralia Kastanas beach, and 10 minutes away from the airport. There are double rooms for couples as well as family suites for bigger families.

On the other hand, Milos Cove is closer to the beaches, approximately 12 minutes away, as it is located directly in Komia.

Milos Beaches In Firopotamos

Firopotamos Beach

Firpotamos is one of the iconic greek island looking beaches in Milos

Firopotamos Beach is one of the beaches in Milos that is also in a fishing village. In fact, you can even see some of the properties of the fishermen from the side of the beach. Firapotamos Beach is known for being incredibly serene, as there is little to no wind where it is found in a small bay.

This, in addition to the shallow and calm waters, makes it extra safe for families with small children that are worried about allowing them to swim in the sea. To get to the beach, you must first walk down a small hill, as the beach is relatively secluded and small.

Because of its location, it can be difficult to get service; if you are looking for an escape from your work life, this is it! Like many Milos beaches, you must bring your own beach blanket and food, however, there are restaurants and bars around 1km away if you are willing to walk.

Nerodafni Beach

Nerodafni Beach, in contrast to other beaches in Milos, is much larger. It is a big pebblestone beach that is easily accessible by car or sea taxi, although it is relatively deserted and there is often plenty of space.

If you are feeling adventurous, there is enough wind in Nerodafni Beach to kayak around the cliffs and bays, or even visit the Trachilas Vineyard where you can enjoy wine sampling and simply explore the landscape.

Where To Stay In Firopotamos, Milos

Located 4km away from Firopotamos Beach is Thalassitra Village Hotel, which offers family rooms and deluxe suites depending on how many people you are traveling with.

Otherwise, Arco Solium Suites offers family and superior suites is a more expensive alternative, offering luxurious rooms with a hot tub or private bathroom, for a romantic touch.

Milos Beaches In Paliochori

Paliochori Beach

Nice warm sand and turquoise waters awaits you at Milos – Paliochori beach

Paliochori Beach is a large and popular beach, decorated with colorful red and yellow rocks and a long blue sea. Fortunately, it is one of the beaches in Milos equipped with sunbeds, and tasty restaurants such as Scirocco Restaurant.

Thiorichia Beach

Thiorichia Beach is also touristic, as it is known for having an abandoned mine sulfur mine. There are plentiful rocks to explore, and historical cliffs to swim by. Subsequently, you can sit at a tavern or restaurant and enjoy a hearty meal.

Paleochori Studios are an adult-only accommodation only 400m away from Paliochori Beach, offering rooms with a garden or sea view. Similarly, Volcano Luxury Suites are also close to the beaches, offering romantic suites loved by couples.

Milos Beaches In Mandrakia

Tourkothalassa Beach

Tourkothalassa Beach is one of the lesser-known Milos beaches, but nevertheless just as stunning. It is found in a secluded part of Mandrakia, showered with sand, pebbles, and rocks, and boasts clear blue water that is optimal for swimming in.

There are often boats that can be seen from the shore, and many small bays, all contributing to the picturesque atmosphere. The entrance is free, and the beach is usually quiet. 

Saraniko View Studios are located beachfront of Saraniko Beach, which is only a few minutes’ walk to Tourkothalassa Beach and also Gerania Beach. The apartments have a sea or garden view and are the best option to stay in, as most other accommodations in Mandrakia are holiday homes. Another option is Milos Suites, 300m away from Tourkothalassa Beach. 

Milos Beaches in Pachaina

Papafragas Beach

Despite being rocky, Papafragas beach is a colorful and fun beach in Milos to enjoy the nature

Papafragas Beach is a North Milos beach in a small cove near Pollonia. It is rocky, so not most suitable for children, but the wind is ideal for young adults wishing to surf, and the views are scenic which couples will enjoy.

Kapros Beach

Kapros Beach is smaller, and more natural, making it less densely populated with visitors. It is located between cliffs and irregularly shaped rocks, showcasing a white sandy beach with shallow waters and holes in caves for swimming in.

Asterias Boutique Hotel is located 500m away from Pachaina, nearby to the beach and cafes, offering colorful and spacious rooms. 

Milos Beaches in Provatas

Provotas Beach

Provatas Beach is a clean, sandy, and serene beach idyllic for families with children. The water is clear and shallow to swim in, where small fish and creatures are often visible, and there is also a range of restaurants both local and international to try out.

Fyriplaka Beach


Fyriplaka Beach is one of the most popular Milos beaches. The long coastline boasts white sand, tall rocks, and lots of people, as Fyriplaka Beach is inevitably packed with eager visitors. Is it loud and dynamic, making it the perfect environment for children and young teenagers to socialize, play beach sports, and swim.

The Maistrali accommodation is beachfront, only 70m away from Provatas Beach, and has many different sized rooms catering to all visitors. Otherwise, Giourgas Studios is slightly farther away, 2km from Fyriplaka Beach, but has a children’s playground and family rooms.

Milos Beaches in Agia Kiriaki

Agia Kiriaki Beach

Agia Kiriaki Beach is a mixed pebble and sand beach that young adults really enjoy being at. The windy nature of this Milos beach allows you to play volleyball, surf through the waters, and paraglide with ease. Additionally, there are plentiful cafes nearby for hungry children, such as Thalassopetra which is right next to the beach.

Psaravolada Beach

Psaravolada Beach is a South Milos beach with impressive golden sand and clear blue waters. Whilst it is easily accessible, it is simultaneously remote enough to be moderately calm, so that you have time to relax and also time to play. It is small and secluded, offering just enough space for sunbathing and enjoying a picnic. However, you can walk to the nearby Agia Kiriaki Beach if you decide you want more space. 

Kalamos Beach

Kalamos Beach is also one of the many beaches in Milos found in the South, on a rocky cliff. It is soothing and picturesque, and frequently uncrowded even though it is on the small side. An exciting trip you can take from here is a hike to the fumaroles of Kalamos, essentially volcanic craters accompanied by a sulfurous smell and intense colors. Although quiet, you can find activities such as boat trips and wine tours, or explore the snack bars and other beaches nearby.

Where To Stay In Agia Kiriaki, Milos

The Psaravolada Hotel Milos offers double and triple rooms only 500m away from Psaravolada Beach. Although guests rave about the restaurant and snack bar, there is also a kitchenette to make dinners in case you have picky children, or do not enjoy the local cuisine.

Even closer is Agia Kyriaki Studios which offers rooms, apartments, or suites depending on what type of accommodation you are looking for.



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