10 Best Beaches In Paris Not To Miss

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Despite the wide selection of things to do in Paris, you probably guess that there are no beaches in Paris. However, we also know that the urgent need for a beach day can come up at the most unpredictable times. In case you get the urge to relax by the ocean and soak up the sun, here are the best beaches just a few hours away from Paris.

Once you’re done with the famous museums and landmarks of Paris, hop on a train or rent a car to the coast. Soak in the views of the French countryside and stay at one of the hotels or apartments near the beach.

Read until the end for three more beaches that are further away from Paris but worth the trip!

The Closest Beach To Paris

Paris Plages

Every summer, there is a 4-kilometer stretch of sand that is set up in the middle of the city, making it the only beach in Paris. Obviously, there isn’t a beach with an ocean in this landlocked city, but the Parisians love their beaches so much that they build their own every year. If you’re visiting Paris between July and September, head down to the 19th district and enjoy the sun while relaxing by the Seine.

If you want to stay right next to Paris Plages, Hotel Rivoli is just a few blocks from the temporary beach in Paris. Right in the middle of the 19th district, you will also be in a great location for the rest of your adventures through Paris.

The Best Beaches Near Paris For Sunbathing

Plage Le Crotoy

If you’re looking for the perfect beach close to Paris for sunbathing, then head to the beautiful village of Crotoy. Known as one of the most picturesque towns in all of France, Crotoy is on the northern coast and has several beaches to choose from.

One of the best beaches near Paris for sunbathing is Plage Le Crotoy. It’s one of the few beaches in France that is actually southern facing, creating the perfect beach to relax in the sun. You can swim here as well during high tide, but the water will be on the chilly side. Crotoy is one of the closest beaches to Paris and is only 2 hours away by train or 3 hours by car.  

You can stay right on the water at Villa des Sarcelles if you want to spend some more time in Crotoy. This beautiful beachfront villa will have everything you could need on your escape from Paris. 

Deauville Beach

South of Plage Le Crotoy is Plage Le Deauville. Known as the “Parisian Riviera,” this is one of the best beaches near Paris for sunbathing. You can also go sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, horseback riding or play a game of tennis.

You can probably see why this is one of the most popular beaches in France! This iconic beach is only a 2-hour drive from France’s capital and is one of the closest beaches to Paris.

There are several hotels you can choose from if you want to spend more time at Plage Le Deauville, but you can also stay at a local apartment like Escapade Deauvillaise dans un charmant studio. Right off of the water with a view of the ocean, this apartment would be a wonderful choice for your stay on the Northern coast of France.


The Best Beaches Near Paris For Families

Cabourg Beach            

This 4-kilometer beach will be perfect for your family on your next trip to France. Your family will be very entertained with the many activities you will all have to choose from; from swimming to horseback riding or windsurfing to beach volleyball.

Cabourg Beach is popular all summer but is large enough that it won’t feel too overcrowded. This is one of the closer beaches to Paris and is only 3 hours away by train or 2 hours and 20 minutes by car.

There are plenty of apartment buildings that are just a few blocks from the waterfront where you can stay if you want to extend your visit to Cabourg. Check out Cabourg Face a La Mer for your beachfront stay!

Berck-sur-Mer Beach   

This stretch of 12 kilometers of sand was one of the most popular beaches in the 19th century and is basically a mini-paradise on the English Channel.

Today it remains one of the best beaches near Paris with many sports and activities that can keep your family entertained during your beach excursion. This beach is only 2 hours and 45 minutes by train or car from Paris and is definitely worth the trip!

This seaside resort was opened in the 19th century and was built with family and young children in mind. So, if you’re bringing your family to Berck-sur-Mer Beach consider staying at The Originals Boutique.


The Beaches Near Paris With The Best Views

Dieppe Beach


Not all beaches are famous for soft sand and warm waters. There are several beaches near Paris that have pebbles instead of sand but are still worth the trip.

Just over 2 hours away by car or train, Dieppe Beach has a view of the English Channel, the cliffs of the Code d’Albatre, and the Dieppe chateau. While it may not be the best beach for sunbathing, it is a perfect spot to watch the sunset and enjoy the ocean. Plus, it is officially the closest beach to Paris.

If you’d like to spend the night by the ocean before heading back to the city, consider staying at Hotel Aguado. Just a few feet from the waterfront, Hotel Aguado has panoramic views of the channel and all the modern comforts you could desire.

Etretat Beach   


One of the more well-known views in Europe, the Etretat Beach is complete with cliffs, caves, and promenades. The best view is at the top of cliff d’Aval which you can reach by climbing the stairs that line the edge of the cliff. Once you’ve soaked up the views of the English Channel, wander through Etreat’s beautiful village. If you are looking for even more adventure, you can go horseback riding, windsurfing, or cycling!

Etretat Beach is just under 3 hours from the capital, making it yet another one of the closest beaches to Paris. If you want to spend some more time in Etretat, consider staying at Gite Le Petit Chalet, and have your own private cottage to yourself in northern France.

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Best Beaches Near Paris For Weekend Trips

Les Calanques De Cassis  


Les Calanques De Cassis is about 8 hours away from the capital. While it is not necessarily close to Paris, it is certainly worth mentioning. This is one of the most natural beaches in France and is filled with untouched nature.

Tucked between two fjords, you can hike, kayak, rent a boat or swim in the Mediterranean in this paradise. This beach is sometimes known as the “secret beach of France” and is worth a weekend of your trip to France.

You can stay in either Marseille or Cassis, but staying at one of the well-rated HPC Suites is a convenient option. Just a 6-minute walk from the shore, you’ll be able to bike or grab a taxi to the secret beach near Paris.

Plage de la Cote Des Basques   

This long stretch of sand is positioned on the eastern shore of France overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The 7.5 hours drive or train ride from Paris is worth it for surfers who are looking for peaceful, medium waves or families who want a weekend by the sea.

There are nearby castles that are just a short hike from the beach, as well as beautiful sea stacks that line the shore. It may not be the closest beach to Paris, but it’s one of the best beaches in France. 

If you aren’t sold on this beach outside of Paris yet then maybe the wide range of nice accommodations will entice you. One of the stylish apartments available for rent, Alma Keyweek Duplex is an incredibly modern flat available right off of the water.

Prado Beach    

The final beach near Paris is one of the best for families and those looking for all types of water sports. Though it is 7.5 hours from Paris by car or train, Prado beach is amazing for snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing. There is also a beach fest every summer!

One of the best places to stay while visiting Plage de la Cote Des Basques is Prado Plage. Right on the beach, this apartment has wonderful views of the city and water, as well as all the modern amenities you could need.


Discovering The Beaches In Paris

Although beaches are not one of the things that Paris is famous for. There are many beach options near Paris, where you will find a wonderful and unique experience. From the natural beaches of Les Calanques De Cassis to the wide range of activities at Prado Beach, there is no lack of things to do when visiting the beaches around Paris.

So, whether you’re looking for a day trip to the French coastline or a weekend trip to the south of France, one of these beaches in Paris should be your destination during your next vacation in France!



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