10 Best Beaches In Split Croatia For A Beach Vacation

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Split is a city located on the east coast of Croatia. The city is known for its stunning beaches and clear turquoise waters. The beaches in Split are some of the most beautiful you can find on the Adriatic Coast!

It is a pretty obvious fact of Croatia that visitors come in hordes every year in search of the best beaches in Split for a perfect beach vacation.

Split has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a quiet beach to relax on or a lively beach where you can party all day long. Here are some of the best beaches in Split to enjoy the beautiful summer weather that Croatia is known for.

Most Popular Beach in Split, Croatia

Bačvice Beach

This is arguably the most popular beach in Split. The Bačvice Beach is a local favorite, that has been the official “bathing area” since 1919.

This sandy beach, one of the few beaches with actual sand, sits within the city, near the port. It is one of the bigger beaches in the area and can accommodate up to 10,000 people at once!

The Bačvice Beach is an excellent place to enjoy beachside sports such as football, rugby, or picigin – Split’s regional favorite beach sport. It’s not uncommon to see locals here in the springtime having a good time. This has become one of their favorite beaches in Split due to the clear water and soft sand.

Other Popular beaches in Split, Croatia

Trstenik Beach


Tristenik Beach is a quiet spot for those who want to relax under the Croatian sun. It’s perfect if you are looking to escape the more crowded beaches.

The clear water allows snorkeling enthusiasts plenty of opportunities while situated far enough away so people won’t be distracted by other activities.

Make your way to this quiet beach if you want some peace and relaxation. You can find many refreshments spots along the way to grab drinks and snacks. There are also hotels close by where you can rent items like sun chairs and umbrellas.


Znjan Beach

The Znjan beach is one of the newer beaches in Split. With an upbeat atmosphere and surrounding amenities, this beautiful pebble shoreline has become one of Split’s popular beaches for locals and tourists alike!

The beach has a playground and many restaurants and cafes nearby. This makes it great for parents to enjoy while the kids play at the playground. It is perfect for families looking for more activities than just being in the water all day long

Bene Beach


Beach Bene is one of the oldest beaches in Split and lies within the Marjan Forest Park. This serene spot sits between pine forests, surrounded by nature –shaded yet still accessible for all to enjoy!

The waters at Bene Beach are calmer and refreshing, catering to swimmers. There are also amenities nearby including restaurants, tennis courts, and a playground.

The beach is outside the city center and you can get there on foot, on your own transport or bus 12.

Kaštelet Beach

Kaštelet Beach is a lovely beach just 20 minutes outside Split’s city center. The clean water is the biggest draw, and the beautiful grove makes for a scenic day at the beach.

The beach sand is not as fine, so it is good to have some shoes or sandals on. This beach has a more youthful vibe that is popular among young adults.

There are places where you can buy refreshments but it might be harder to rent any beach gear, so it is better to bring your own sun chairs etc if you need them.

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Kašjuni Beach

With a famous landmark in Croatia – Marjan hill as a backdrop, Kasjuni Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Split. The clear blue waters in combination with rocky, pine-covered hillside offer an amazing view.

The beautiful waters are enticing and great for swimming. However, the pebbly beach is not ideal for lying around on just your towel, so it is worth it to rent a sun chair.

Ježinac Beach

Beach Ježinac is a short walk from Split’s city center and known to be one of the best beaches in Split for swimming. It is also beautiful featuring a fine pebble beach, lush palm trees that provide shade, and Mestrovic Kastilac Castle in the background.

There are also lots of activities catering to all ages, like scuba diving, and convenient amenities such as outdoor showers and restrooms around the beach.

Firule Beach

Firule is another beautiful and popular beach in Split for sunbathing. This is in no small credit to the fine sand bed where visitors can just lounge and sunbathe on just their blanket.

It is also a popular spot for families who want their children close by while they enjoy some time on land or water. The water here is more gentle and calm, catering to children who might not be good swimmers.

Ovcice Beach

You will find Ovcice Beach in between Firule Beach and the popular Bačvice Beach. It is a small, intimate pebble beach that has deeper waters along the coastline.

That said, this beach is not as crowded, and the surrounding area is calmer but it has everything you need for an amazing day at the beach.

Stobrec Beach

Stobrec Beach is slightly further away from the city center but this is another beach in Split that offers calmer waves for swimmers and people looking for water activities without rough sea conditions.

The pebble beach makes it less ideal for sunbathing but there are many activities available. You can rent equipment like paddle boards and boats, or simply dip in the crystal clear waters.


Visiting The Best Beaches In Split

If you’re looking for a beach vacation in Croatia, you’ll want to check out these 10 best beaches in Split. From serene and beautiful Bene Beach to lively Kaštelet Beach, there’s plenty to choose from. Don’t miss the stunning views at Ježinac beach or the inviting waters at Ovcice beach.

Split also has a lot more to offer than just their famous beaches. There are many other historic and cultural things to do in Split.

You also want to check out some of the great restaurants on offer for local and international gastronomic experiences. Be sure to try some of the traditional Croatian dishes and fresh seafood by the coast.



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