15 Best Cafes In Tbilisi, Georgia To Work From [With Hidden Gems]

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As the country of Georgia becomes more known to the world, this once very hidden gem is attracting an increasing amount of visiting tourists, expats and digital nomads. Unsurprisingly, there also seem to be a rise in the number of cafes in Tbilisi, the capital.

While I walked around the streets of Tbilisi, there are many coffee shops that caught my attention; each with their own unique character. They are great for taking a break, observing local life or even work from.

After cafe hopping for over a month in the Georgian Capital, here are some of my favorite coffee shops in Tbilisi, particularly for remote workers/nomads who want to work from a cafe.

Iveria Cafe


If you are looking for somewhere bright and airy, Iveria is a good option. It is located near the Rustaveli metro. The cafe is sort of perched on an elevated position where you can get a nice city view.

There is outdoor seating which are more popular during the warmer months. The indoor space features a very modern decor, and I think it operates as part of the Radisson hotel nearby.

That said, when you connect to the WiFi, I find the “Radisson_Guest” network has the most stable connection at the fastest speed (instead of the “Club Iveria” one).

The regular tables are spacious and great for working, even if you are having food and drinks. However, there is not a whole lot of those as the cafe provides a variety of seatings. You will also find many comfy sofas and tall desks, much like a hotel or airport lounge. And that is indeed the vibe of the place.

Also note that there are not a lot of power sockets around, so if you’re working with your laptop, make sure you come with it fully charged. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite cafes because of the vibes, and prices here are surprisingly quite standard despite its seemingly posh location and decoration.

The menu is rather extensive with sweet and savoy options for food. You can get both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages here as well.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 60/77 mbps

Google Maps: 1 Rose Revolution Square, Tbilisi

Puri Guliani


This riverside cafe right beside Moxy Hotel and the Dry Bridge has a beautiful, tastefully decorated interior, along with an outdoor terrace facing the river as well.

So there are seats both inside and outside that offer scenic views of the water. As such, you will often see influencers/people taking photos here.

Prices here are on the slightly higher but the place is big, so if you are planning to work here, there is less worry about taking over a table. And you will almost certainly find people on their laptops.

There are a couple of long tables where you can take up just a single seat. They are also equipped with power sockets. One of them, on the second level, even faces the river. 

Several of the other tables have access to power sockets along the wall, so just keep a lookout for it. 

They have quite an extensive menu that includes both proper meal options and pastries, so it is more of a restaurant cafe. I visited a couple of times. Really enjoyed their Mille Feue Baklava, almond croissant and iced americano. They have quite a good selection of pastries.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 17/16 mbps 

Google Maps: Saarbrucken Square Tbilisi Tbilisi, 0102, Georgia

Minda Cafe


Located near the famous Liberty Square, this cozy cafe is one of the most ideal for working. In fact, when I first visited on a weekday afternoon, almost everyone there was working or studying.

I reckon a key reason why Minda cafe is popular among workers is the amount of power sockets available. They are embedded along the wall, and every seat has access to sockets.

The cafe has a great menu serving food, pastries, coffee and wine.

You will find your regular selection of coffees and also some “more special” options like your salted caramel, and matcha latte. I tried their raspberry latte since it was under the seasonal section (and you know me, I got to try the special stuff).

While I don’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur, I think coffee here is good. Prices here are quite standard for cafes. Bonus: They also provide drinking water for each table which is not that common among cafes in Tbilisi.

There are more tables at the back at the cafe, so walk in and check it out even if the tables by the entrance are fully occupied.

Most of the smaller round tables might be a bit tight if you are both working with your laptop and eating. However, the long bench seats are good for placing stuff, and there are a couple of bigger tables as well.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 10/9 mbps 

Google Maps: 10 Aleksandr Pushkin St, Tbilisi 0105

Cafe @ Museum of Fine Arts


The cafe at the museum of fine arts is colorful and vibrantly decorated, almost like you have entered the world of comics. The cafe is relatively spacious and you can spot neon signs, plants, comic posters and interesting trinkets.

It is located on the main Rustaveli street, opposite the Parliament House. So it is conveniently close to the Liberty Square metro station.

They have an extensive menu of pastries, coffee/tea, alcoholic drinks and proper meal selections like pizza etc. Lots of options, but the prices are higher here than what you typically find. I tried their caramel croissant and was pleasantly surprised there’s even fresh cream inside.

One of the best things about this cafe for working, is undoubtedly the high speed internet. It is one of the fastest ones I have found in Tbilisi. There are power sockets along the wall.

There is a variety of seating and most of the tables are very spacious, so you can easily cowork with a friend here.

They also have outdoor seats which are good when the temperature is warm. As a bonus, you can even admire the Kashueti St. George Church while enjoying your coffee.

They also open until 11pm on some days, which is later than many other cafes. So it’s good for some late evening working.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 97/93 mbps 

Google Maps: 7 Shota Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi

Lit Cafe


I always say Tbilisi has some hidden gems that are tucked in the background, usually past a dark alley/gate corridor.

And Lit Cafe is one of them. It is situated in a courtyard off the main streets of Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, vey near to Marjanishvili metro station.

This is sort of a cafe and book club at the same time. That’s what charming about the cafe actually.

It is small and cozy, surrounded by bookshelves. The decoration has an old school charm about it. Bookworms would no doubt like it here.

It’s a great spot if you want a bit of tranquility while you work or read a book. Although it is a rather small cafe, the tables at the 4 corners all have access to power sockets. On a warm, sunny day, the tables in the garden are nice as well.

Coffee prices here is also cheaper than your usual cafe.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 48/49 mbps 

Google Maps: 95 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, Tbilisi

Stories Tbilisi Coffee & Tea


A modern cafe with pretty chill vibes near Liberty Square, leading to the Solovaki district.

The cafe is not big but there are both round and counter top tables. It was calm and quiet when I visited on a cold Sunday morning, but I have heard that it is a rather popular spot for remote workers.

The tables are big enough if you want to work and eat at the same time. And you get good access to power sockets from almost all seats.

There are outdoor seatings that will be nice on a warm day as this is a nice street with many other restaurants and coffee shops. The indoor counter top seats that look out to the street are also good for people watching during the cold season.

Prices here are a bit higher, presumably because of the location. That said, they might have promotions going on; I happen to stumble on a brunch deal with free coffee on my visit.

There is quite a good variety of options for coffee.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 31/27 mbps

Google Maps: 9 Galaktion Tabidze St, Tbilisi

Baho Cafe


Near the Delisi metro station, you will find the modern Baho Cafe. This is where I consider one edge of the more bustling Saburtalo district, so its a good place to start your exploration of the area.

By the time I visited, I have done a good share of cafes in Tbilisi. Most boutique coffee shops in the Georgian capital isn’t very big; and Baho is no exception. This is just a rather standard size in Tbilisi.

The bright, modern interior is a style that tend to sit well with techies and the likes. No surprise it is a popular spot for remote workers, and the seats are suited for it.

In addition, there is a ton of power sockets around. The wifi speed falls more on the higher end compared to the average on this list.

The cafe also provides water which you can help yourself to. There is only one outdoor seat in case that is what you are looking for.

Prices here are sort of standard in the sense I find some things are slightly cheaper than average while other items are slightly more expensive, so it kind of balances out. Both the Americano and Pumpkin Cheese Pie I ordered were great.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 31/51 mbps

Google Maps: 41 Alexander Kazbegi Ave, Tbilisi 0177

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This is bright and classy restaurant cafe right on the main streets of Saburtalo. It is a great spot for food and meetings both business or casual.

Apart from the nice interior, the biggest standout for me are the pastries and coffee. It might not be surprising considering they serve Italian cuisine. Personally, they have one of the best Cappuccino I’ve had in Tbilisi.

I also tried their Italian burger – the patty and sauces were great. They have power sockets at certain seats if you need them. There are more seats at the back in case you find the seats at patio and front area are all taken up.

The internet speed is not very fast when I tested it on mobile, so that is probably the main thing to consider.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 5/6 mbps

Google Maps: Alexander Kazbegi Ave, Tbilisi

Caffeine By WorkIn


Judging from the name of the cafe, you can already guess it attracts a lot of remote workers. I always see people with their laptops here when I pass by. In fact, when I visited, everyone in the cafe was on their laptop.

Almost all their tables and chairs are the standard setup which is decent for working. There are a good amount of power sockets around. The cafe is in the intersection of two main/busy streets which is good if you like to walk life go by outside while you work (as I do).

While the menu is not extensive, you have your standard selection of coffee, tea and pastries. They also have a self service water station.

The cafe has relatively simple decoration with a toned down lighting; the place gets good natural light from the big windows. The ambience is more clam and motivating since everyone else around is working.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 12/19 mbps

Google Maps: 34 Pekini Ave, Tbilisi

Redman Cafe


Within walking distance from Rustaveli Metro, Redman is a popular, modern cafe for working. When I visited in the afternoon, everyone there was on their laptops. So if you’re looking for a coworking ambience, this is a good option.

The tables are relatively spacious and standard for working. There is also a counter area that faces the street if you prefer that. Power sockets are spread out around the cafe so certain seats by the wall will have access to them.

The cafe has a good all-day breakfast menu for cooked food, including soups and salad. However there is not many options for cakes and pastries.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 7/9 mbps

Google Maps: 32-34 Erekle Tatishvili St, Tbilisi

Natra Cafe


Natra cafe is right outside the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. This is a restaurant and cafe serving Georgian food with options of soups, desserts, main dishes etc. I love the interior of the cafe, particularly the corner right next to the door.

When I visited during a winter evening, it wasn’t very crowded. I had dinner there while I waited for the sun to set. So if you like to visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral but also capture the impressive landmark at night, this is the spot to enjoy a meal, or coffee while you wait for time to pass.

There are a few power sockets scattered around the walls, so some of the seats have access to them.

Prices here is slightly higher than other districts (more of old town Tbilisi prices); also likely because it’s right outside one of the main attractions of the city.

But the food is good and you have quite a range of options on the menu, even if it’s for afternoon tea or a light meal. I tried their signature Bovari and really enjoyed it.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 7/9 mbps

Google Maps: 17 Samreklo St, Tbilisi

August Bakery


Located in the neighborhood of Saburtalo, this is a bakery/cafe with an interior that gives off a bit of that Starbucks vibe (particularly because of the green brand tone). It is modern and nicely decorated.

There is a great variety of coffees, juices, pastries and sandwiches on offer here, including plenty of healthy options such as salads. They also offer prep-on-order menu items like breakfast platter, crepes etc.

The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seats. The outdoor area is great for people watching as the cafe is located on one of the busy streets in the district. What’s interesting is that the outdoor seats even have access to power sockets, as does some of the indoor seats.

I reckon this is more of a breakfast/brunch spot, but they also do serve cocktails. Prices here are quite standard, might even be slightly cheaper. When I visited, there wasn’t any music being played in the background, so if that is what you prefer, it can be a rare find.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 6/6 mbps

Google Maps: 6 Alexander Kazbegi Ave, Tbilisi

Prospero’s Books


This is one of the few book stores in Georgia that offers English books, so bookworms will adore this place. They also operate as a cafe, with a big outdoor garden area.

Depsite being situated on the bustling Rustaveli avenue, it is like a tranquil paradise since there is a short passage before getting to the courtyard.

They have quite a selection of coffee and tea, and they sell coffee beans by weight too. You can also get typical cafe food like sandwiches and pastries here.

Unsurprisingly, you will often find people on their laptops here. The interior is calm and has some power sockets if you need them. Otherwise, the garden is a popular option during the warmer seasons.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 10/9 mbps

Google Maps: 34 Shota Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi 0108

Corner House Coffee


Located very near to Lit Cafe (as well as Marjanishvili metro), Corner House Coffee has a very chill vibe. It’s on the second storey overlooking the main street.

The cafe isn’t very big, but has huge windows and even a balcony that is superb for people watching. I love how the natural light shines in during the day. It’s like you have your piece of tranquil paradise despite the bustling street down under. A best of both worlds.

There are plenty of power sockets for the tables indoors.

The only thing here is that the internet speed isn’t great. I had no problem just surfing the web for information. But if you are working with large files that needs uploading/downloading, this is probably not the best cafe option.

Nevertheless, we decided to include Corner House because overall its a convenient and nice coffee spot in Tbilisi. And I still find people working their laptops every time I visit.

They do have a few pastry options, but I would say this is primarily a drinks spot.

Internet Speed (Download/Upload): 2/4 mbps

Google Maps: Floor 2, David, 109 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, Tbilisi

Chernyi Cooperative Coffee Roasters

This is another bonus mention because I have never been in it before. It has been on my list, yet never really a priority.

The reason is that every time I pass by it, the cafe is filled with people on their laptops. So clearly this is a great spot for working. Although it’s not big, there is always people.

The cafe looks modern and nice, but the tables seem a bit too small to my liking. It’s more of a one laptop per table kind of size.

Nevertheless, I recommend checking it out if you are looking for more options. It is located on the vibrant Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave; so it’s quite a popular area.

Google Maps: 36 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, Tbilisi 0159
(I believe the marker on maps is not totally correct, but it’s along that row of shops)


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