9 Best Food Tours In Bologna Italy For Foodies [2023]

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From mortadella to tortellini, Bologna is famous for its tasty Italian cuisine. It is a lively region that has many cafes, restaurants, and other food production facilities like farms and wineries. A great way to enjoy the gastronomy scene is by going on food tours in Bologna.

Whether you want to try classic pasta or dishes exclusive to Bologna, a food tour often unlocks some of the hidden local gems that travelers overlook.

Best Bologna Food Tour [πŸ…Top Pick]

Bologna Food Experience: Factory Tours & Family Style Lunch

Photo Credit: Italian Days, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (690+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 8-9 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

This Bologna food tour has everything a foodie wants in their tasting tour. It is particularly great for those who like to know more about the people behind their unique dishes. You will visit local factories and producers to enjoy a glimpse of how your favorite food is created.

Of course, during this food tour in Bologna, you will also get to try samples of dishes such as prosciutto, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, wine, and much more. The best thing is that these products are made fresh every day to offer tourists a great experience.

This was a really fun tour and exceeded our expectations. Alesandro was so knowledgeable and charming. Each stop was just as interesting as the last. The food and wine was endless and so delicious. Not only did we get wine and food tasting but we also had lunch consisting of prosciutto and cheeses, 3 different pasta dishes, dessert and endless wine! Such a fun day.

Marilyn (More Reviews)

The tour also takes a scenic route for factories, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the countryside of Emilia-Romagna. Since this tour starts early, you will start with a tasty breakfast and enjoy an amazing lunch later.

The convenience factor is a big plus here. There is round-trip transportation so you don’t have to worry much about commuting to different factories and back to your hotel.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of This Bologna Food Experience Tour:

  • Food tasting of authentic food items on the Bologna food market including Prosciutto, Modena Balsamic Vinegar, and Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese
  • Full-day tour with plenty of time to discover the food scene
  • Enjoy great views of the countryside in this region
  • You can see how local food products are made
  • Hassle-free transport and visits to multiple sites

Popular Walking Food Tours In Bologna

Bologna Food Tour From A Local Perspective

Photo Credit: A Little Local Flavor, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (500+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 4.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

When visiting a new place, you want to hunt down the s places and dishes locals like the most. That is why this Bologna Italy food tour is great for first-time visitors.

The tour includes six stops, each of which is handpicked by the local organizers. This means you will get to enjoy authentic dishes that most people in Bologna love. Traditional dishes such as tortellini and ragu will enlighten your taste buds.

There was no better way to get a local perspective on the food than with this tour. Our guide was knowledgeable and passionate about all of the food he described and we tried some of the best food we had during our time in Italy. He also sent us an excellent guide to more restaurants to try in the area. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who is traveling to Bologna!

Molly (More Reviews)

Every food product will be paired with unique wine to boost your dish’s flavor. This is one of the walking Bologna food tours, so you can also explore different city highlights closely while moving between food spots.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of This Β Local Bologna Food Tour:

  • Discover the true local haunts that Italians patronize
  • Explore regional food spots and dishes with a knowledgeable guide
  • Meal, wine, and dessert are included to offer a wholesome experience
  • You will also learn about the legends of Bologna through the guide
  • A small group for a more private experience

Bologna Walking Tasting Tour

Photo Credit: Secret Food Tour, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (450+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 4 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Treating yourself with good food on a trip is a form of self-care for many people. Foodies recognize the feeling of entering a new realm when the first bite of delicious piping hot food touches your taste buds. This Bologna walking food tour promises a pleasant day full of unique dishes.

The tour begins with a flavorful breakfast to energize you for the rest of the day. Fresh pasta, balsamic vinegar, and authentic Italian gelato are some of the few items you will get to try. Since the tour includes walking to different spots, you will get to explore some of the iconic city attractions.

There may be no better way to discover Bologna than through its food. Mattia was a wonderful guide with great knowledge about his home town and a passion for food. I highly recommend it his tour. Tip: Eat a light breakfast. There is much food to enjoy!

Lynda (More Reviews)

The expert guide will also offer you information on the food heritage of Bologna that makes each dish extra special. Dietary requirements can also be accommodated if you let your tour organizer and local supplier know about it beforehand.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of The Nashville Walking Food Tour:

  • Watch the making of traditional pasta and sample freshly made ones
  • Visit a local cellar to learn more about balsamic vinegar
  • Explore Bologna street food stalls in the market
  • A secret dish that is revealed as a surprise during the tour

Classic Bologna Food Tour

Photo Credit: Taste Bologna, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 4 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

If you want to try classic famous food in Bologna, this may be the perfect tour for you. Immerse yourself in the smell and taste of gourmet coffee at a local cafΓ© to kickstart this tour. The tour guide will take you to various Bologna food markets to enjoy flavorful local dishes.

Some of the traditional highlight items will include mortadella, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and Bolognese ragu. You also get to meet artisans who will show you the complete process of making authentic tortellini. And of course, the trip does not end without getting a taste of some fresh tortellini.

Our guide was first class and very knowledgeable… demonstration on making tortellini and then sampling it; visits to food markets, an amazing β€˜picnic’ at an osteria and a sampling of local wine and finally a visit to a gelato for an ice cream. A thoroughly excellent trip from start to finish

Duncan (More Reviews)

To make things better, this tour also contains a gelato tasting for your sweet cravings. They can accommodate vegetarians, pescatarians, and gluten-free with prior notice.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Classic Bologna Food Tour:

  • Enjoy freshly made pasta with vegetarian option
  • Try local bread, balsamic vinegar, dessert, and more
  • Explore different markets with a small group for a personalized experience
  • A visit to the oldest Bologna food market

Bologna Traditional Food Tour

Photo Credit: Do Eat Better Experience, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

There are many Bologna food tours that allow you to enjoy traditional dishes, but this one takes things to the next level. It includes a combination of food boutiques and coffee hotspots in the city. Your tour will begin with a tasting of classic Bolognese ragu, which is a dish more famous than lasagna in Italy.

If you don’t like ragu, there is no need to be disappointed because you can be served tortellini in broth instead. Other stops will include a local pizzeria to enjoy the most authentic gourmet pizza.

We had an amazing time with Valentina. A good mix of restaurants where we had four different pastas, Italian streetfood and two different delicious meetballs. Ended our tour with the best gelato. Would highly recommend! πŸ™‚

Jacob (More Reviews)

For dessert, indulge in some artisanal ice cream or try out the ancient rice cakes in Bologna. The food tour will end as most traditional dinners do in this region, with hot espresso at a local cafΓ©.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Bologna Traditional Food Tour:

  • Enjoy lunch, snacks, and dinner during this traditional tour
  • Alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea tastings are also included
  • Learn about the food culture of this region through an expert guide
  • Explore a historic center with various food boutiques and coffee shops

Private Bologna Food Tours

Award-Winning Private Food Tour Of Bologna

Photo Credit: Withlocals, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 2-3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

It can be difficult to socialize with people if you don’t have a common language. This is why you may prefer private Bologna food tours. It will allow you to enjoy a private guide and personalized attention for yourself, often with greater flexibility as well.

The group will only include you and your party. You will be visiting the well-developed eateries of Bologna on this tour. The best thing is you will get to sample a whopping 10 local special food items on the way, ranging from savory dishes to unique drinks.

Simply spectacular! Bologna is blessed with some of the best food in the world…We had such a great time and Marco was the perfect host, very knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable. Come hungry as there is just so much to enjoy.

Phillip (More Reviews)

Formaggio Bianco is one of the top things you can try on this tour. Many locals are fans of this cheese that pairs well with most wines. If you’re climate-conscious, you will be pleased to know that the entire tour will be carbon-neutral.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Award-Winning Private Food Tour of Bologna:

  • Meat and vegetarian options are available to accommodate all people
  • You can enjoy six to ten items during the tasting
  • Enjoy various city attractions in between food stops
  • Learn more about the making process of dishes through a local guide

Private Emilia Romagna Food Tour

Photo Credit: Food Valley Travel, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 7 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

The Emilia Romagna region is famous for having the most delicious culinary items in Italy. This is why you should check it out if you have the opportunity. If you want to avoid crowds during a tasting tour, going for a private tour can be a great option.

You can book a half-day or full-day tour to get the most out of the food scene of Bologna. A visit to a parmesan cheese dairy will allow you to enjoy samples of this premium cheese and learn how it is produced. Pasta, cured meat, and wine are some other time-honored classics you can taste during this private tour.

β€œThis tour far exceeded our expectations. Aside from all the tastings and fabulous lunch in the most beautiful setting, we learned so much about the region, and the processing of the signature foods of Emilia Romagna. We were expecting a great food and wine experience, but being able to actually see cheese being made, as well as learn about what goes into the making of Parma ham and authentic Balsamic vinegar mad the experience so much more meaningful…

Gena (More Reviews)

Of course, the best thing about this food tour is that you will have the complete attention of your guide. Whether you want to ask questions about your dish or the local food culture of Bologna, you can dive deep into understanding the culinary scene.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Private Emilia Romagna Food Tour:

  • Enjoy round-trip transportation for high convenience
  • Explore food spots in Bologna or Parma
  • Take amazing pictures at a medieval village
  • A complete lunch paired with local wines

Specialty Bologna Food Experiences And Cooking Classes

For foodies who are not satisfied with just eating and want to get their hands β€œdirty”, don’t hesitate to try out the cooking classes that offer a hands-on experience.

Pasta Mama Home Cooking Lessons At Grazia’s House

Photo Credit: Grazie Azzaroni, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (280+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Order from a restaurant, you can enjoy it for a meal. Learn to cook it, you can enjoy it for life.

During your Italy trip, you may want to pick up some skills and learn how to make traditional dishes that you can recreate back home. The Pasta Mama Home Cooking Lessons will allow you to do exactly that.

A local will host you in their private kitchen and teach you how to make different traditional dishes. Now, that’s a true cultural experience.

Pick up local techniques that will allow you to prepare fresh pasta and meat ragu. The latter is called Bolognese in other parts of the world, but its name differs in Italy due to its authentic ingredients and unique taste. These lessons will also teach you how to make tortellini from scratch.

Grazia is an absolute delight. A most gracious and welcoming hostess. Her approach to cooking is precise but not intimidating. Making the pasta was fun and well explained. The final product of the tagliatelle and tortelloni was the best we had in Bologna! The real parts that make this so special however are Grazia, her husband Vladimir and the pup Cheri! We felt like friends welcomed in for dinner. Much conversation, it was one of our best experiences on any trip. I cannot recommend this experience enough.

David (More Reviews)

The learning experience is enhanced by the host’s knowledge about the food culture of Bologna. You will learn more about the city’s culinary history and the heritage of various dishes.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Home Cooking Lessons at Grazia’s House:

  • Hyper-local experience with a local Italian
  • Make your own traditional dishes in a clean kitchen
  • Enjoy the items you have made with complimentary wine and dessert
  • Pick up cooking techniques that will be useful throughout your lifetime

Stay Hungry Stay Bologna

Photo Credit: Stay Hungry Stay Bologna, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Pasta is the primary dish of Italy that many people love globally. It is the best comfort food with rich flavor. The top way to master the art of making this dish is by learning from a local in Bologna.

This tour will allow you to learn pasta-making secrets that only Italians know. You will be welcomed with a warm pizza at the host’s home, and also enjoy a wine tasting during the process. It’s both interactive and indulgent at the same time!

We all participated and there was a lot of laughter and fun. The chef had a great sense of humor and it was very interactive

Mara (More Reviews)

You will learn how to make three different kinds of pasta with unique sauces. The host will also reveal a recipe for tiramisu that has been passed down through generations of their family.

And of course, after preparing the lunch, you can relax and enjoy them with a wide variety of local wines.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Stay Hungry Stay Bologna:

  • Enjoy traditional pasta in a private setting with your loved one
  • Learn Italian cooking hacks from a local host
  • Tiramisu and homemade muffins make up a tasty dessert
  • A free welcome snack to motivate you for the lesson

What To Expect In Bologna Food Tours?

With so many things to try during Bologna food and wine tours, you may wonder about some common things to expect. 

Learning About the Local Culture

Bologna has a rich culinary history, and a food tour is a great way to get an authentic taste of the city. You’ll likely visit local markets, family-run shops, cafes, and restaurants to get a feel for the food culture.


Some food tours include visits to factories and producers in the countryside. This is why they may provide transportation from a common meeting pointing in the city and back to it.

You can expect to travel in an air-conditioned vehicle during such food tours in Bologna, Italy. Meanwhile, other food tours can offer you the option of driving to the eatery yourself or getting transportation at an additional cost.

Exploring City Attractions

Walking food tours help you explore the city while enjoying its food culture. You will be walking from one food stop to another. The guide may take you through a scenic route to help you explore city attractions on the way.

Some organizers also give a few minutes to take pictures around a famous attraction on the way. Your guide may also reveal fun facts about specific places. They can also connect stories to the city’s food heritage for a fun experience.

Share The Day with Other Food Lovers Like Yourself

Many food tours are small group experiences, which allow you to meet and share the experience with others who appreciate food and travel. It’s a fun way to connect over your mutual interests.

But there are also private tour options available if you want a dedicated experience for yourselves.

Learn How Traditional Italian Dishes Are Made

The city is known for authentic Italian dishes. That is why on food tours in Bologna, you’ll often get to see experienced local chefs prepare these dishes. Some chefs may also explain the recipe while they are preparing the food. So pay close attention and you might get your hands on an authentic Italian recipe.


FAQ About Food Tours In Bologna

Is It Worth Doing A Food Tour In Bologna?

Bologna is considered one of the foodie cities in Italy; so if you plan to indulge in some delicious dishes, this is as good a place as any.

Apart from just eating, food tours are worth it if you want to discover great spots to eat, learn about the history behind the food culture and dishes, or meet other foodies to enjoy the journey with.

You will often gain a greater appreciation of the city’s culture. They are also convenient in visiting food production facilities like farms or cellars that are harder to reach by yourself.

Do Food Tours Offer Unlimited Tasting Options?

A food tour is designed to help you enjoy small portions of multiple dishes. Most tours will include six to ten dishes and drinks to immerse you in the local food culture. You will not encounter unlimited food options at a tasting tour, unlike a buffet.

Can You Go on A Food Tour If You Eat Gluten-Free Items?

Many people suffer from lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance. So you may be on specific dietary restrictions to enjoy a healthier life.

Some companies do cater to such requirements. Make sure you check with them beforehand and try to give them as much advance notice as possible. This will give them time to make arrangements if they can accommodate it.

When Is the Best Time of The Year to Visit Bologna for Food Tours?

Bologna offers food tours all year round however April to June is the time when the weather is great for a visit to Bologna. In the later part of the year, the ideal time to enjoy Bologna food tours is September and October.

What Makes Bologna So Special?

People who travel to Italy usually visit cities with historical significance like Rome, Venice, or Pisa. However, if you are a food lover then Bologna should be on your bucket list. The city is famous as the culinary capital of Italy as you can find a range of exclusive and authentic Italian dishes in Bologna that you may not find anywhere else in the world.

What Food Is Famous In Bologna?

Bologna offers a wide range of Italian cuisine but some of the most popular traditional foods include Tigelle, Ragu, Mortadella, Lasagne Verde al Forno, Prosciutto, Tortellini en Brodo and Parmigiano Reggiano.



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