15 Best Palma Beaches In Mallorca, Spain

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As the vibrant capital of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca perfectly captures the variety that makes the Balearic Islands so special. From dramatic cliffs to pristine sands, Palma beaches are full of stunning coastlines that draw in travelers worldwide.

Whether you want to spend the day lounging on the sand or exploring crystal clear waters, there’s something for everyone. Check out this list of the best beach in Palma de Mallorca to soak up the sunshine and relax in style on your next vacation!

Most Popular Palma Beach

Cala Mayor

Located in one of the most picturesque areas of Cala Major is a stunning Palma beach with crystal-clear waters and soft white sand. It also boasts excellent facilities, earning it a well-deserved blue flag.

This Palma de Mallorca beach is 200 meters long and 80 meters wide and is bordered by a stunning cliff. But it can be somewhat overshadowed by the large buildings that are close to the sand.

Cala Major has the advantages and disadvantages that come with being one of the beaches near Palma. Parking can be a challenge, and the surrounding hotels and resorts make it highly crowded.

On the other hand, if you’re based in Palma and don’t have a car to get around the island, this Palma beach is perfect for you since it is accessible by bus. So grab your beach towel and hit the sands.

Best Beaches In Palma de Mallorca For Families

Playa Perros Es Carnatge

Es Carnatge beach is a gorgeous natural space tucked away on the Palma coast and owned by the municipality. This Palma beach covers an approximate area of 20 hectares and lies in the center of the bay of Palma.

From this precious natural space, you can explore the area’s history, culture, and traditional uses, all while taking in its lush vegetation and wildlife. It’s a perfect Palma beach to take a stroll with the family, practice your favorite sports, or take a dip in its beautiful coves.

Es Carnatge is also one of the seven canine Palma beaches in Majorca, so you can bring dogs! Just make sure to have them on a leash in designated areas and be mindful of them. You can also use a dog leash stake to keep your active companions close while relaxing.

You’ll find bike lanes throughout the promenade and three bicycle parking lots – one in Cala Pudent, one near the first viewpoint, and one in the middle of the promenade. During summer, you can even grab a bite and a refreshment from the bar near this Palma beach.

Ciuadad Jardin Beach

With its gently-sloping shore and calm waters, Ciudad Jadin’s sandy Palma beach is the perfect spot for families with small children. Plus, there’s a pier that shields the bay from strong waves. Kids can enjoy the sandy shores with their sandcastle kit.

A peaceful promenade, lined with palm trees, runs behind and along the seashore. On this beach’s western side, you’ll find a river flowing into the sea.

And don’t worry about comfort – showers, toilets, loungers, and parasol rentals are available. Along with swimming and sunbathing, you can also participate in other activities during the season when a lifeguard is on duty.

Cala Estància

This beautiful, sandy Palma beach measuring 220 meters in length is situated in Can Pastilla, a popular holiday destination. Visitors to this Palma beach can expect a warm, laid-back atmosphere.

It is mainly visited by families with children who take advantage of the convenient services nearby. On-site, you’ll find bars, restaurants, and all the amenities needed for a lovely day by the sea.

On either side of this Palma beach are wave breakers to keep the waves away. The crystal clear water with its sandy seabed is also shallow – making it perfect for learning a variety of water sports.

At sunset, the beach promenade is filled with people out for a stroll who revel in the sea breeze. Visitors also like to cool off in one of the nearby terraces, offering stunning views of the sea.

Platja Caló de ses Lleonardes

In the residential quarter of Cala Blava (3 km from El Arenal), the cove of Ses Lleonardes is a pristine paradise. Though it’s small in size, it’s bursting with potential. It’s an excellent Palma beach for families to bring a picnic and spend the day.

This Palma beach itself could be more inviting – it’s made up of pebbles and rocks – but the cleanliness and clarity of the water draw in many admirers. On the left, the regulars who hold Sunday picnics take over a shaded area. A few smooth rocks are ideal for sitting by the sea, with a ladder to access the water.

Best Beaches In Palma de Mallorca For Watersport Activities

Platja De Can Pastilla

Playa Ca’n Pastilla is one of the beautiful white sand Palma beaches just a short distance from the capital of Majorca. With crystal clear waters and an expansive shoreline, this Palma beach is perfect for families and water sports enthusiasts alike.

The 5-kilometer-long beach runs from Ca’n Pastilla to S’Arenal, with the broadest part at Ca’n Pastilla. The shallow water here is ideal for those who want to enjoy swimming without strong waves.

There is a buffer zone along the coast with lifeguards, sun loungers, parasols, showers, and toilets. This Palma beach is also lined with a wide promenade for those looking for restaurants, shops, and other attractions.

Plenty of parking is available nearby. You can also find a range of water sports, such as parasailing, banana boats, water skis, windsurfing, and jet skis.

Platja D’Illetes

Playa Illetas sits on the southwest coast of Mallorca, just 10 km from Palma. It’s part of the beautiful holiday resort town of Illetas, between Portals Nous and Cala Mayor, and is the largest of three small Palma beaches.

This Palma de Mallorca beach is well-loved by locals and tourists, especially Italians and Brits. People of all ages come here, though you’ll also find a younger crowd that frequents the beach clubs and lively atmosphere.

The 200-meter-long Palma beach is made of white sand, and the Caribbean-blue waters are calm. You’ll find sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and a few paddle boats and SUP for hire. On this Palma beach, you can grab a bite or drink at one of the restaurants or bars.

Further back, there are even more places to eat and drink and some great shops. There are showers and bathroom facilities available, too. Despite the activity, Illetas’ cliffs give it a secluded feel, making it even more special.

Best Private Palma Beaches

Playa De Palma


The main Palma de Mallorca beach is Playa de Palma, and it extends for 5km from Can Pastilla to El Arenal. This Palma beach is made out of soft fine sand, with a mix of public and private areas and accessible zones for people with reduced mobility. Its backdrop is the beautiful Bay of Palma and the East Coast mountains.

Today, the seafront has been almost completely taken over by hotels and residences, so we recommend this place if you’re looking for private beaches near Palma. You’ll also find many boutiques throughout the beach, as well as restaurants serving up delicious paellas.


Other Popular Palma Beaches

Can Pere Antoni

The Can Pere Antoni beach is one of the nearest beaches in Palma to the historical center of Palma de Mallorca. This Palma beach stretches for about 1 km, and it is divided into two sections.

The area closest to Palma is unsupervised and bordered by a motorway, making it the least frequented zone. The area closest to the Portixol harbor has a variety of facilities: lifeguards, a beach volleyball court, a sun lounger, umbrella rentals, entertainment, and access for people with reduced mobility.

A bicycle track and a pedestrianized promenade border both areas. On the western side, there are several restaurants. Both sections are pleasing to the eye, and the beach’s size makes it easy to find a spot, even in summer.

Note that you won’t find any water sports activities here! The water is also quite deep, so it’s unsuitable for children.

Platja Punta de ses Punxes

Punta de ses Puntes is located 15 kilometers from Llucmajor, between Caló de ses Lleonardes and Can Mercadal. This Palma beach is characterized by a rocky and pebble-filled coastline – no sand beach to be found here! Since the coast is wide open, it is not as suitable for small children.

The most regular visitors to this Palma de Mallorca beach are the locals from Cala Blava. If the weather is favorable, boats can anchor in the sandy areas close to the shore. The nearest port facilities can be found at Club Nàutic S’Arenal.

Along this rocky shore, starting at Cala Sant Antoni and ending at Sa Ràpita (Campos), you’ll find cliffs and other features sculpted by the wind, sea currents, and the mouths of a river running into the ocean.

El Arenal (Platja de s’arenale) 

Nestled in the south of Majorca, near Palma, El Arenal is a long, light-sand beach that is always bustling with people and is one of the best beaches in Palma de Mallorca. Bathed in the clear and tranquil waters that make this island famous, El Arenal beach is divided into two parts: El Arenal Grande and El Arenal Pequeño.

On this Palma beach, you will find a wooded area that is perfect for sheltering from the sun on hot days. There are also various attractions, such as a water park and boat rentals. El Arenal beach has all sorts of amenities, including free parking, restaurants, showers, and hammock rentals.

However, if you’re looking for a quiet Palma beach to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the world, El Arenal is not the ideal option. It is always alive and bustling with people.

La Calita, Portals Nous 


Portals Nous beach, also known as S’Oratori de Portals Nous, is a beautiful Palma beach located 10 km from Palma. It’s a 250 m long and 40 m wide, dark sandy beach surrounded by luxurious residences, beach clubs, and a few pine trees.

Just 150 m from the shore, the tiny islet of en Sales can be reached by swimming. It contains Punic archaeological remains from the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC and is covered in pine trees.

Cala Portals Nous has a largely affluent crowd as it’s close to the luxurious port of Portals. It is a blue flag Palma beach with toilets, showers, lifeguard service, deck chairs, parasols, and access for people with reduced mobility.

Beach sports such as beach volleyball are also popular here. Be sure to bring sunscreen along if you plan to be under the sun. The main disadvantage of this beach is that being so close to Portals, it can get quite crowded.

Punta des Carregador

Es Carregador Beach, located in the Calvia municipality, is among the most popular and frequented beaches in Palma Nova. It has been awarded the “Blue flag”; its length is 600 meters, and its average width is 60 meters.

This Palma beach features fine pale sand and clean water with a sandy bottom. It has an abrupt slope and shallow depth. In the high season, the beach has all the necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and umbrellas, boxes and showers, toilets, a dedicated area for water activities, and a monitoring and first aid service.

There is also plenty of space to lay your beach mat on, no matter the season. There are hotels, cafes, restaurants, and shops along its waterfront.


Best Naturist Palma Beaches

Playa Maioris

Playa Maioris is an idyllic pebbly Palma beach in Maioris, Llucmajor, Mallorca. It’s a clothing-optional spot, perfect for sunbathing and swimming au naturel.

It’s a safe and peaceful place to visit, with clear water and friendly locals. You’ll be captivated by the crystal clear water and stunning views of the rocks, cliffs, seashells, and seaweed.

There’s no shade on the shore, but the weather is warm all year round. You can bring your own beach tent here. Don’t forget to pack everything you need and leave nothing behind. This Palma de Mallorca beach is sure to make for an unforgettable experience!

El Mago

Playa del Mago is a small Palma beach made out of sand located in an untouched little inlet with gorgeous environs. Its length measures around 20 meters, and its width is 5-8 meters. When the beach is crowded, the adjacent flat rocks provide plenty of areas to lay towels on.

In 1967, the movie ‘The Magician’ was filmed here, with famous actors such as Anthony Quinn and Michael Caine. Playa del Mago is also known as the first naturist beach in Mallorca and is still highly sought after by naturists.

The neighboring beach, Playa del Rey, is located in the next bay to the north, and the more prominent Portals Vells beach is a 5-10 minute walk to the south.

Enjoying The Best Beaches In Palma de Mallorca

Spain is studded with impressive beaches, from small, tucked-away coves to immense stretches of white sand. Some of the best beaches in the country are the Palma de Mallorca beaches. To be able to explore Palma beaches and those next to it with complete freedom, we recommend hiring a car. And for a truly memorable experience, why not try to reach its most hidden-away coves?



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