20 Best Zakynthos Beaches To Visit In Greece

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Zakynthos, otherwise known as Zante, is the third biggest island in the Ionian Sea. It is internationally known as a legendary party island; however, the amazing Zakynthos beaches are not to be overlooked.

Yes, there are beaches with dynamic nightlife, but there are also beaches for families, couples, solo travelers, and more. There is no reason why you should restrict yourself to one beach because Zakynthos is more than just a one-stop destination. Make sure you book a few vacation days and fully immerse yourself in the Greek culture!

The Most Popular Zakynthos Beach

Navagio Beach 


Zakynthos beaches are becoming increasingly more popular because they all possess different qualities, meaning there is a suitable beach for all age groups, budgets, and interests. However, one beach that has it all is Navagio beach: it is romantic, lively, and beautiful.

It is also known as ‘Shipwreck Beach’ or ‘Smugglers Cove’, because of the boat left abandoned on the coast since 1980 where it is believed that smuggled goods were being sneaked in on board. The beach is surrounded by 200m cliffs towering over the cove, and the sulfur-containing rocks give the sea a unique blue tinge that is ideal for taking pictures of. It is easily accessible by both car and boat rentals and is also relatively small compared to its reputation. 

Eden Villas is a great accommodation to stay, only 3km away from Navagio beach, offering a mountain view and an outdoor pool. It is sustainable too, with a kitchen and garden.

Best Zakynthos Beaches for Family

Alykes Beach

If you are looking for a white sandy beach with plentiful sun loungers and swimmable waters, Alykes Beach is ideal. It is one of the most family-friendly Zakynthos beaches because of its large capacity for visitors, meaning that crowds can be avoided.

Additionally, the water is shallow and clear, making it perfect for little children to swim in, whilst simultaneously giving parents peace of mind. Alykes Beach has many restaurants and cafés so that toddlers, teenagers, and partners can all have a place to eat no matter how fussy they are with their food.

With this being said, Alykes Beach is a close walk to the Alykes center, where family members can sample more traditional Mediterranean cuisine and browse the native stores.

If you are looking for a hotel nearby, 7 Island is only a 100m walk from the beach. There is air conditioning for the members of the family that cannot stand the heat, along with a balcony, and a private bathroom.

Alykanas Beach

The cleanest and most organized of the beaches on Zakynthos is undoubtedly Alykanas Beach. The golden sand is free from litter, the sea is patrolled by lifeguards, and the water is clear, making it safe for little children.

Likewise, there are multiple restaurants such as The Mill Bar less than a kilometer away, so that the whole family can be fed quickly and aptly. On the other hand, there are also supermarkets scattered around for quick snacks during the day.

There are also attractions for restless kids like Lucky Luke Horse Riding tracks that allow them to exert their energy. The family farms nearby are also entertaining, whilst also encouraging their education on nature and farm animals. Water sports are also available for older children and adults that prefer fun activities instead of tanning, lounging, and relaxing.

If you are searching for a beachfront hotel, Alykanas Beach Grand Hotel is a 4-star hotel that is just a one-minute walk away.

Gerakas Beach


If you prefer a more natural environment from the range of beaches on Zakynthos, Gerakas Beach should be your top pick. The historical features such as unspoiled coves, underdeveloped rock formations, and endangered species of marine life help to give the beach an inherently more organic feel.

As opposed to other synthetic beaches, there are more rocky structures which are ideal for older generations that appreciate the natural geographic features of beaches. For little children, you can see small fish through the clear waters, and older children can snorkel with the sea urchins. Furthermore, the fishing port allows for the nearby shops to sell freshly caught fish, which have a unique Zakynthos taste that you cannot replicate elsewhere.

The Allegria Villas Complex is 0.5km away from the beach, and very close to small stores and bars, with a complete sea view. There is a washing machine which is especially useful in big families and a furnished kitchen.

St Nikolaos Beach


St Nikolaos is named after Agios Nikolaos, the quaint chapel found above the beach at Georgiopoli. It is found in a sheltered bay North West of the city, making it appear secluded and cozy, perfect for small families.

One of the best restaurants nearby is the Taverna Porto, which serves affordable local cuisine such as pastries and seafood, allowing you to feed your family fresh food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It is worthwhile noting that Agios Nikolaos is a relatively small beach, and although there are various water sports such as beach volleyball, there are various attractions nearby too. For example, it is a port, therefore boats can be taken to Navagio beach, in our opinion the most popular of Zakynthos beaches, and Kefalonia, the second biggest island of the Ionian Sea.

A good beachfront hotel option is the Nobelos Seaside Lodge, which is found 50m away from the beach and offers guests their private beach area.


Best Zakynthos Beaches for Couples

Kalamaki Beach


Kalamaki beach is one of the Zakynthos Beaches with the most perfect ratio of calm to dynamic. Whilst the beach itself is a small sandy beach with calm tides and crystal-clear waters, it is also 5km away from the town, and close to Lagana beach.

During the day, couples can relax on the shore and take in a warm atmosphere, enjoying the tranquillity. Furthermore, there is a variety of marine life such as endangered Loggerhead Caretta turtles and small blue fish.

For couples wanting to embrace the culture, there are local bars on the beach strip. Conversely, there is international cuisine in the restaurants slightly further out. After this, during the evening, couples can take a trip to the Infinity Beach Club which is 3km away, and enjoy a night of partying and entertainment.

A beachfront option is the Kalamaki Beach Resort, which is a contemporary hotel that has a private area. This is beneficial when there are no available sun loungers on the beach.

Tsilivi Beach


Tsilivi beach is found on the East of Zakynthos, close to the town, airport, and ship ports. It is truly in the center of all the excitement, ideal for couples wanting to tick off as many activities as possible off of their to-do list.

It is arguably the most famous of the beaches on Zakynthos for its assortment of water sports, providing an activity for everyone. For example, adventurous couples can attempt windsurfing or paragliding, whilst more romantic couples can take pedaloes across the beach.

Subsequently, you can kick back and relax on the sandy part of the beach, or even explore the rockier areas inhabiting an array of interesting marine life. As we mentioned, Tsilivi beach is only 7km away from Zakynthos town, therefore there is plenty of fascinating shops and restaurants to try out.

Only 0.5km away is the Balcony Hotel, which is also 1km away from Tsilivi town. The hotel has an all-encompassing view of the sea, a garden, and a terrace, as well as being close to the airport.

Plaka Beach


If you are looking for a romantic Zakynthos beach, Plaka beach is a secluded, clean and quiet option. Although Plaka beach has clear blue waters and scenic views of the Ionian Sea waves, the most raved about element is the food!

Unlike a lot of other beaches, there is a variety of restaurants with different types of food, such as Greek, European and Italian. After all, what is more, romantic than sharing spaghetti after sunrise on a Greek island?

For example, Da Camilla Trattoria is rated one of the best restaurants in the area, and offers a range of options such as gluten-free and vegan. Babis Tavern serves more local, homecooked cuisine, such as the unbeatable mixed grill that every typical Greek restaurant always serves.

An adults-only option for couples is the Ammos Beachfront property, with its bar and garden. The accommodation is a mere minute walk away from the beach and is only 15km away from the airport.

Marathonisi Beach


One of the most talked-about of the Zakynthos beaches is Marathonisi Beach. Technically, it is an island with two beaches, one with pebbles and one with sand. It also is home to two islets, that together are termed Pontikonisia.

The shape of the island is reminiscent of a sea turtle, which is appropriate seeing as how the sandy beach is famously the breeding ground for the endangered Loggerhead Caretta sea turtles. Unfortunately, due to the rarity of these turtles, it is impossible to swim in the area, but the caves where boats pass do permit this.

The beauty of this beach is not something you want to keep to yourself, which is why it is such a valuable experience for couples to share. From here, you can also explore other interesting beaches such as Keri beach, or the renowned Laganas.

Three minutes away from Marathonisi beach is Turtle Beach Apartments, accommodation close to both Zakynthos town and Lagana beach. The apartment is complete with a private kitchen and bathroom.

Best Zakynthos Beaches for Solo Travellers

Porto Kaminia Beach

There are a variety of reasons why you may choose to go traveling solo. Some may prefer the chaos and calamity of loud resorts, but Porto Kamina Beach is a serene alternative to the usual hustle and bustle of Zakynthos beaches. 

It is a small beach with few visitors so that you can enjoy your vacation whilst reading a book, listening to music, or even napping the day away. What’s more, the sunbeds are free. Surprisingly, Porto Kamina beach is only 7km away from the town, so you can escape the common feeling of boredom when on holiday alone, and occupy yourself with various activities and events going on in the center.

200m away from Porto Kaminia beach is Zante Fiore Suites, a seasonal property with a furnished kitchen and bathroom, as well as available terrace suites.

Argassi Beach

On the other hand, you may prefer to choose one of the louder beaches on Zakynthos for your solo vacation. Argassi beach is the ideal place to make new friends and introduce yourself to new people, as it is a busy area best known for its compelling nightlife and packed bars. The beach is mostly sandy with a scattering of pebbles, and quite small. There are sun loungers if you would rather lay and relax, or conversely, there is clear water to swim in, complete with seaweed and small fish.

During the evening, there is a wide array of bars to choose from to enjoy dinner and cocktails. The Legends bar has weekly live entertainment, and the Avalon club regularly hosts guest DJs.

The Ioanian Hill Hotel is a reputable property overlooking the Ionian Sea, or the private garden, which is a five-minute walk to the beach. Furthermore, the airport is only 5km away, making your trip to the hotel much more efficient.

Xigia Beach


Xigia beach is located in Koroni, Zakynthos. It is best known for its emerald-colored water, due to the sulfur springs, giving it a deep hue that other Zakynthos beaches cannot match. The water is warm and shallow therefore ideal for swimming in, or even floating by the shore whilst watching the clouds go by. Furthermore, the beach is great for snorkeling.

As this beach is smaller, it is generally a better idea to visit during the week, at hours when the locals are at work, to avoid crowding. It can be quite rocky in some areas, so is more suited for solo travelers without children.

Less than 1km away is the Xigia Beach Residence, which is ideal for a single-person trip. There is an equipped kitchen and private bathroom, which will be bliss when there is no one to share it with!

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Best Zakynthos Beaches for Nightlife

Laganas Beach


Laganas beach is legendary with young adults and partygoers. It is the biggest of the beaches on Zakynthos, measuring an impressive 9km long, and is undeniably one of the most popular. This is reflected by how busy this beach can get, which is ideal if you want a sociable holiday involving meeting a range of new people.

The beach itself is sandy and scenic, with an energetic ambiance and plenty of space for sunbathing, beach sports, and eating out at nearby restaurants. Moreover, it is close to the Zante strip, home to the best beach clubs in Zakynthos. The Pool Beach Club is an iconic pool venue playing live music and hosting famous DJs, and also regularly promotes discounts and packages to make the party scene more affordable for young adults.

The Casa Del Mar property is only 100m away from Laguna Beach, perfect after a long night when you want to go straight to the hotel to sleep.

Banana Beach


Banana beach is 20 minutes away from town, with free transportation toward the beach in Vasilikos. It is incredibly popular due to its optimal location. It is also one of the longest Zakynthos beaches. Banana beach has a rocky view, sandy beach, and long span.

Banana beach is ideal for socializing as there are many bars on the beachfront, as well as restaurants, that offer sunbeds and umbrellas to their customers along with snacks and drinks. This way you can lay on sun loungers whilst sipping on refreshing cocktails, or take a break and have a full meal.

As it is found in the windier part of Vasilikos, there is an invigorating breeze. Jet skiing and parachuting are therefore made easier due to the wind so that you can take a Bird’s eye view tour of the beach. 

The Bay Hotel & Suites is a beachfront hotel with fun leisure activities such as a sauna, hot tub, and tennis courts. This is great for relaxing after a long night out.

Agios Sostis Beach


Agios Sostis Beach is a relatively small beach that is 11km away from town. Out of all of the romantic Zakynthos beaches, it is most suited for couples that enjoy the nightlife. There are bars and taverns along the beachfront that is open until late, playing music.

It is found between Laganas, the popular nightlife resort, and Porta Koukla, and even has a bridge that extends to a bay just opposite the Laganas so that there is easy and quick access to the beach clubs that they have to offer.

600m away from the beach is the Traditional Seaside House, also close to Agios Fokas beach. The holiday home has a terrace and is in an idyllic location.


Popular Zakynthos Beaches for Snorkelling

Plakaki Beach


Plakaki beach is a secluded Zakynthos beach within a rocky cove, that has perfect means for snorkeling. There is many fish in the clear sea, and the waters are cold, but warm enough for comfortable swimming. The adventure starts at the beginning: the descent down to the beach begins from the top of the cliff, and the path can be overwhelming.

As a result, you should bring water, snacks, and comfortable climbing shoes with non-slip grips, because tripping is common. Plakaki beach is not appropriate for little children due to this. However, the vision when reaching the beach is exquisite. There is a mountainous view, cliffs to jump from, and sun loungers to watch your friends or family swim in the sea. 

Blue Lake Apartments are just over 5km away from Plakaki beach. The location of this property is great, as it is close to Keri beach and has a mountainous view.

Porto Zoro Beach


Porto Zoro in the Vasilikos area is one of the smallest and least well-known Zakynthos beaches. Nevertheless, it should not be overlooked. The view includes Mount Skopos, colossal rocks, and exotic fish.

Snorkeling is a great activity to spend the day partaking in, especially near the rocks. Additionally, there are many beach bars and restaurants like Porto Kamino and Porto Azzuro.

If you wish to stay for longer, you can visit other nearby beaches that we have mentioned above, such as Banana beach 2km away, and Dafni beach, just over 2km away. 300m from Porto Zoro beach is the Matilda Hotel, offering rooms with a view of the mountains, gardens, or sea.

Keri Beach


Keri beach is a rocky beach made up of almost entirely all pebbles, making it unique compared to most other beaches on Zakynthos that are sandy. One of the main attractions at Keri beach is the Keri caves, which are only accessed by taking a boat either privately or via a touristic tour of the island.

Here, you can take a Kaiki boat to Marathonisi where you can see the endangered loggerhead sea turtles, and stop the boat to swim. Keri caves also have special diving lessons to explore the deep sea, or otherwise simply just snorkel and swim along the surface of the sea with the fish. Not only can you explore the sea, but also the land.

There are treks organized around the island, in addition to cycling tours, where you can meet like-minded people whilst discovering areas you have never seen before. 

Epitanisos Beachfront Suites is a beachfront accommodation in Kerion, also close to Marathias and Marathonisi beach.

Dafni Beach

Dafni beach is located in Southern Zakynthos. Like many other Zakynthos beaches, it is protected by the Zakynthos National Marine Park, meaning that there are endangered species present using the area as a breeding ground.

The sea turtles can sometimes be seen when swimming, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, although they should be left alone as with any other fish seen. The turtles are not the only mesmerizing experience that Dafni beach has to offer. The beach is beautiful and sandy, with areas of rock where you can see rock pools along the shoreline and other geological structures.

If you are looking for a holiday home, Country House DAFNI is 1km away from Dafni Beach. It is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom property.

Discovering The Best Beaches On Zakynthos

These are some of the best Zakynthos beaches that you can certainly check out. Zakynthos is an amazing island with lots to offer when it comes to a beach vacation, whether you are looking for relaxation or adventure. With crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and friendly locals, Zakynthos is the perfect place to spend your summer holiday.



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