Experience Review: Dorint City Hotel Bremen

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A business hotel that is well equipped for both work and leisure, Dorint City Hotel Bremen offers one of the key factors that travelers look for – an impeccable location. 

It is situated between the train station and old town, just 3-5 mins walk to the central train station and right outside the entrance to Bremen old town.

This made it incredible easy for me to pop in and out of the hotel to check out the tourist hotspots. Considering that the weather wasn’t the best when I was there, the convenience of staying at such a prime location really shone through.

Overall Vibes


Upon entering the lobby, you might be forgiven to think that the hotel is an art exhibition hall. 

While the area is not filled with a bunch of trinkets and decorations, it is tastefully set up with art pieces in the right areas. This gives the hotel an airy and spacious feel, almost sophiscated with its minimalism.  


In addition, they utilize the area well with functional features like seating and seminar rooms. Apart from offering accommodation, the hotel also hosts different events and functions.

If you ask me, it resembles a conference and exhibition venue which serves the purpose of the hotel well. You see a consistent concept applied from the rooms to the common areas.


I had a Medium Plus room that faces the Wallanlagen Park. This means I wake up to a scenic view of the greens, the Stadtgraben river and also that iconic windmill building (which is Beck’s restaurant and bar).


The immediate impression of the room was the incredible amount of space it had, not just in terms of empty floor space, but also the work desk and tables/surfaces to place things.

Similar to the common areas, they don’t overstuff the room with decorations but instead leave it very functional and convenient for guests. Many of the furniture are also moveable, from the sofa to the bed side standees, so you can set up your own configurations.


The room comes with a mini bar that has a Nespresso machine and complimentary pods. As someone who likes coffee, this is certainly a welcomed feature. I also loved that they send a generous plate of fruits to your room upon arrival.


Remote Work Features

As a business hotel, Dorint is well setup for business and working needs.


Dorint City Hotel has stable wifi that features around 10/35 mbps download/upload on the laptop. The coverage is good around the hotel, from the common areas to the rooms and even the gym.



I really loved how much space the work desk has; just simple, long and clean. Even when I toss all my equipment on the table, I still have ample space to set up my laptop and screen.

At first glance, I noticed that the room does not have a central light. This is because the room gets ample natural light during a sunny day with the large windows. Even during rainy and gloomy days, the desk lamp is strong enough for work purposes.

The combination of lights allows me to easily switch from work mode to relaxation mode by turning on and off corresponding lights.



While there are many common areas around the hotel, my clear favorite for working would be the bar. And easily so for others as I have seen people deep in work with their laptops here.

You can just grab a drink and go into focus mode here. It has a relatively relaxing vibe without loud music. They also feature different types of seats; my personal preference are the booths. While these are open booths, the seats are tall enough that it feels you are enclosed and have your own space.

Not all parts of the bar are close to power sockets; but if you really need them, there are some seats that have access to them.

Fitness And Relaxation



The hotel has an in-house gym on the basement level. While it isn’t a commercial gym, it has all the common equipments to get in your cardio work and weight training. 

They also provide yoga mats, which you can take to your room and return after you are done. My room had so much space that I can easily lay down the mat for some mobility work and stretching.

I definitely took advantage to catch up on my workouts. It’s easy to get back on the healthy habits when the facilities are so accessible.

In addition, the hotel is right next to a beautiful park so don’t let that natural space go to waste.


Photo Credit: Dorint City Hotel

When it comes to relaxation, there is nothing better than a sauna to sweat it all out. Initially, I thought it was just a small room in the gym’s bathroom. However, I was surprised that the door opened up to a whole relaxation space.

The hotel has both a dry and wet sauna. You will find showers and an ice dispenser on either sides of the room to cool down. There are also reclining sun beds at the back of the space to chill after that, which I embarrassingly fell asleep on.

You can ask for a bathrobe from the reception, and they will send it up to your room.

Food And Drinks



Dorint City Hotel offers a buffet breakfast at their restaurant on the first floor, and it is quite the spread.

You will find several stations featuring 1) cold cuts and cheeses, 2) muesli, yoghurt and toppings, 3) pastries and breads, and 4) hot dishes. Of course, you also get your tea, juices and coffee.


Regardless of the breakfast you are craving, there are options here. I also noticed slight variations in the breakfast items served during my stay.

In addition, you get to enjoy a view of the garden and river while you dine. I love the scene of tranquil nature right in the morning.

Having had my fair share of hotel breakfasts, I always keep a look out for anything special. My favorite thing here is actually a tri-selection of honey, which is the first I’ve seen at hotel breakfasts.

They are super yummy and really do taste different. I use honey for everything from mixing it with tea to lacing it on my bacon, so it’s just perfect.


Outside breakfast hours, the Hillmann’s Bar & Bistro functions like a regular F&B restaurant offering international and regional dishes.

Around The Area

Another advantage of the hotel’s prime location is that you can find different types of food around the area. It is, after all, located in a zone where all the “action” is. From fast food to exquisite restaurants, you find it all within walking distance.

Even if its raining heavily or you don’t feel at all like wandering out, you have a popular bakery cafe, a kebab place and a couple of nice bars right outside the hotel entrances.

Staying In Bremen


It is hard to find a more convenient location to stay in Bremen. I find that with the close proximity to all the highlights and amenities, I can optimises my time while having the flexibility to make last minute plans. Dorint City Hotel is certainly a fuss-free, comfy option to consider when visiting Bremen.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Dorint City-Hotel Bremen. All opinions are my own.


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