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With a limited amount of time and money in a new destination, there is often a dilemma in choosing what to see. For the frequent traveler, tourist and city passes can be a great time and cost savers, particularly at crowded tourist destinations. 

They enable you to skip the line at popular attractions, enjoy free or discounted admission to different museums and tourist attractions. Most of them include free use of public transport and the hop-on-hop-off buses.

Tourism organizations came up with to make things easier and cheaper for their visitors and also promote their lesser-known heritage. Here are some of the best tourist and city passes in popular destinations around Europe.

Amsterdam City Passes

The sin city of Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations. From it’s charming canal rings to the exotic red light district, Amsterdam has a lot to of attractions and activities to offer. It is certainly one of the best cities to take advantage of the tourist passes available. There are three different cards for your selection.

  • iAmsterdam Card. Gives you free admission to 60 museums, attractions, public transport system and a free canal cruise. Also provides discounts in sights outside city center, as well as selected restaurants and cafes. Duration option from 1-4 days.
  • Amsterdam City Pass. Entry to over 30 top Amsterdam attractions including fast track admission to popular sites. Access to hop-on-hop-off bus and boat. Available in 1,2,3,5 day durations.
  • Holland Pass. Holland pass comes in 3 different packages, each including a different number of gold/silver tickets. These tickets can be exchanged for entry tickets to museums and attractions based on their tier. It gives you flexibility to mix and match among the large selection of sites based on your preference.

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Barcelona City Passes

Barcelona is, without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain and Europe. Popularity often implies high prices, so you’ll be happy to know that Barcelona has four different city passes.

  • Barcelona Card. It cost 45€ for three days, and 61€ for five days. Cards for children are about half of that price. For that price, you get free public transport, free admittance to 25 famous tourist attractions, and a discount from 1€ up to 50% in many other museums, guided tours, and shops.
  • Barcelona Card Express. This is basically the old 48-hour Barcelona Card but renamed. It costs 20€, but it only enables you to use public transport for free and get discounts at more than 100 tourist attractions. You don’t get free admittance.
  • Hola BCN Public Transport Card. It gives you free and unlimited access to the Barcelona public transportation network. The prices start from 16,3€ for a two-day card and go up to 38 for a five-day one.
  • Barcelona VIP Club Card. It costs 27€, and it will enable you entrance to Barcelona’s best clubs and bars while avoiding waiting lines and entrance fees.

Berlin City Pass

The capital of Germany lures tourists with its artistic, underground vibe. With great food, art and nightlife scene, it’s one of the favorite tourist destinations of young and old. If you are interested to see as much of the city as you can, these city passes will come in handy:

  • Berlin WelcomeCard. It enables tourists to get 25% to 50% discounts in museums and shops and free public transport use for the card’s duration. The two-day card costs 23€, and a five-day card is 49€. If you want a card that includes Potsdam, it will cost you an additional 5€.
  • Berlin WelcomeCard all-inclusive. With this card, you are entitled to all the discounts and free admittance to 29 tourist attractions. Of course, free transport is included. The prices start at 69€.

Brussels City Passes

The administrative center of the EU has much to offer to tourists. Incredible architecture, food, and art bring in visitors from all over the world. They can enjoy all that this city offers much cheaper if they use the Brussels Card.

  • Brussels Card. It enables free access to 44 museums and tourist attractions and discounts in many more tourist spots and shops. The 24-hour card costs 28€, the 48-hour card is 36€, and the 72-hour card costs 44€.
  • Brussels card + public transport. As the name says, this card is the same as the first, but public transport is included. The prices range from 35€ for a one-day ticket up to 62€ for a three-day ticket.
  • Brussels Card + Hop on Hop off. You can visit all the famous tourist spots and use Hop on Hop off buses.

Copenhagen City Pass

Denmark’s capital boasts wonderful architecture and culture. Like any country with a high standard of living, it can be expensive for visitors from other countries. Luckily, there is a Copenhagen Card. 

  • Copenhagen Card. It enables you free admission to 73 tourist attractions and museums. The validity period can be from 24 to 120 hours, and the prices are 56€ and 124€, respectively.

Dublin City Pass

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and a historical and commercial center. Many IT giants have their headquarters here. It can be crowded sometimes, but it doesn’t diminish its charm in any way. To make things easier and cheaper for tourists, they have a Dublin Pass.

  • Dublin Pass. You get free entry to more than 30 of Dublin’s most popular attractions, a free Hop On Hop Off bus tour, and many discounts. You can choose a one-day to five-day validity card, and it will set you back from 69€ to 109€.

Edinburgh City Pass

Edinburgh is a city in the United Kingdom and the capital of Scotland. The abundance of castles makes this city look like a fairy tale; even the main street is named Prince’s Street. Edinburgh is a city of rich history and preserved architecture, but it also is known for its numerous bars, clubs, and live concerts. A great way to save money and time is to get a city pass.

  • Edinburgh City Pass. Valid for one, two, or three days. The pass includes transfer with Edinburgh Trams, free entry to 23 attractions, and Edinburgh Guide with a map.

French Riviera City Pass

The French Riviera is known for its beautiful sunny beaches and charming cities such as Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Monaco… This region in the south of France abounds in a pleasant climate and rich artistic heritage. Picturesque old villages, museums, and monuments aplenty. The city pass helps you discover the main tourist sights and activities on the French Riviera and provides huge savings on your holiday budget.

  • French Riviera pass. The choice of activities with this card is exceptional. Over 24 museums, unlimited access to double-decker, and besides cultural and historical sights, you can also use these cards to visit some wine cellar. The price of a city pass depends on the number of days you want to use it, there are options of 1, 2 or 3 days.

Helsinki City Pass

The capital of Finland, Helsinki is located in the south of the country. Helsinki is a modern city and a significant European tourist destination, known for its stunning landscapes and beautiful architecture.

  • The Helsinki CardThis card offers a package that allows visitors to save some money. Available in 1, 2, and 3-day durations includes free entry to over 25 top attractions and museums, as well as a City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour, unlimited journeys on public transport, a lot of discounts, and free Guidebook. Price for this card is from 44€ to 82€, depending on the type of card, with or without transportation.

Lisbon City Pass

The sunny capital of Europe, with an average temperature of 17 degrees, this Portuguese city offers a rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, and beautiful beaches just half an hour from the city center. If you decide to purchase the city pass, you can enjoy a hassle-free city trip and save some time and money.

Lisboa CardThis card is issued with 24h, 48h, and 72 hours duration. Its validity begins after the first use. The benefits that you get with this card are numerous. Unlimited free travel by bus, metro, tram, and elevators, free travel by train to Sintra and Cascais, best museums and attractions free of charge. A 24-hour card will cost you 20€, while a 72-hour version will set you back 42€.

London City Passes

England’s capital attracts tourists from all over the world with its fantastic architecture and culture. It’s also one of the most important financial centers in the world, and is an expensive destination. Luckily, there are tourist passes, and even though they seem pricier than in other cities, you can save some costs by using them.

  • The London Pass. It gives you free entry to 80 popular attractions and guided tours. Prices start from 80€+ for a one-day pass and go up to 250€ for a ten-day card. Public transportation is not included in the price.
  • Oyster Travelcard. This card enables you to use all forms of public transport in London, and the prices start from 12€ for a 24-hour duration and go up to 60€ for a ten-day duration card.

Luxembourg City Pass

Luxembourg has twice been declared as the capital of European culture, and The Old Town of Luxembourg is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city itself is a major cultural attraction – medieval fortifications, traditional architecture, and impressive churches are just a small part of the Luxembourg experience.

  • Luxembourgcard You can buy this card for 3 days maximum; it can be an individual or family. With this card, you have free admission to more than 60 museums and tourist attractions and a visitors’ booklet identifying the most attractive sites to visit. Also, you will have the right to use trains and buses free of charge. Depending on the duration, the price is from 13€ to 28€.

Madrid City Pass

Madrid is a modern metropolis and the capital of Spain. This city offers a real taste of Spain. With so many things to experience, it can also confuse visitors about what to see. The city pass makes it easier to organize exploring the city.

  • Madrid City Pass. This card offers free transfer from the airport, hop-on/hop-off city bus tour, many discounts for Madrid museums and sights, as well as priority access with no queueing to the Prado Museum and the Real Madrid Stadium Tour.
  • iVenture Madrid Unlimited Attractions Pass. 7 day pass that saves you up to 50% on over 20 top Madrid attractions, day tours and dining establishments. Also includes skip the line entry at popular attractions.

Milan City Passes

Milan is one of the most popular destinations for a city break. As a financial and fashion hub, Milan is high up there as one of Italy’s most expensive cities. Luckily, Milan city pass makes things easier for visitors. There are 3 variations of city passes to choose from.

Oslo City Pass

Oslo is the capital of Norway and one of the most expensive destinations in Europe. This city is the cultural, scientific, and administrative center of Norway. Oslo is full of forests, lakes, hiking trails, but at the top of the list of popular tourist destinations are certainly museums that are more than worth visiting. 

  • Oslo Pass. This card saves you time and money while you explore this beautiful city. With this card, you will have free entrance to more than 30 museums and attractions, free public transport, and discounts on sightseeing, restaurants, and services. You can have this pass in paper or digital form. Available in validity periods of 24, 48, and 72 hours. . The 24-hour card costs 42€, the 48-hour card is 62€, and the 72-hour card costs 78€.

Paris City Passes

The city most famous for romance, wine, cuisine, architecture, culture… the list is very long. As are the waiting lines at many tourist attractions in the city. These city passes may help because it enables you to skip the lines.

The Paris Pass. You will get free access to more than 60 tourist attractions and discounts in many more. Free use of the public transport in zones I to III is also included in the price that starts from 132€ for a two-day card.

Paris Museum Pass. Enjoy free access to more than 60 museums and memorials in and near Paris. Prices start at 57€ for a two-day pass.

Rome City Pass

Rome, the capital of Italy, is a city engulfed in history. The “Eternal City” with glorious monuments is the most visited destination in Europe. Impressive historical monuments and archaeological sites, a city with over 900 churches, a lovely atmosphere, and excellent cuisine. Small enough to walk around and big enough to see something new every day. To make things easier for visitors, the city travel organization offers a city card with the most popular attractions.

  • OMNIA Vatican Card and Roma Pass. The Roma pass and Vatican Card combo. Give you free entry to 2 out of 5 top attractions in Rome plus discounts at a further 30 top sights and entry to all top sites in Vatican. Also includes access to public transport and hop-on-hop-off bus. Fast track entrance to popular attractions like Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • Roma pass. Free use of the city’s public transport, discount and special prices for events, exhibitions, and tourist services, free access to toilets services of P.Stop network and 2 visits museums included. The price of the card for 72 hours is 52€.

Stockholm City Pass

Stockholm, the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden, was built on 14 islands. 

The Old Town of Stockholm dates back to the 13th century and is included in the Guinness Book of Records because it represents one of the world’s oldest untouched city cores. Beautiful nature and historical stories in the land of the Vikings are awaiting your visit. With a Stockholm card, you can enjoy all that this city offers, but much cheaper.

  • Stockholm Pass. The Stockholm card covers almost everything that the average tourist wants to see. Free entry to over 60 of Stockholm’s most popular museums and other attractions. Free bus tour and boat tours of Stockholm city, islands, and canals and free guidebook to help you for easier organization. With this card, you can choose how many days you need (between 1 and 5)

Tallinn City Pass

Estonia’s capital has one of the best-preserved old towns in Europe with ancient walls, paved alleys, and numerous towers. The harmonious combination of medieval and modern architecture gives a unique charm to this city. 

  • Tallinn Card. Discounts to sightseeing tours, activities, shops, restaurants, free travel with public transport, and free access to over 40 museums and attractions. The Tallinn Card is available in two versions: Tallinn Card and Tallinn Card PLUS (which includes free City Tour hop on hop off buses). It is possible to choose a suitable duration for the card for 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours. The price is from 28€ to 72€, depends on the package we choose.

Vienna City Pass

The capital of Austria is most famous for its fantastic architecture, waltzes, and its cultural heritage. Vienna is welcoming the visitors with the Vienna City Card. It’s customizable so that you can get the most of your visit.

  • Vienna City Card. The Vienna City Card gives you free use of transportation in Vienna, discounts in over 210 museums, attractions, theaters, shops and restaurants. It is available in different time duration options between 1-3 days.
  • Vienna City Pass. Get free admission and fast track entry to over 60 of Vienna’s top attractions, as well as unlimited rides on hop-on hop-off bus routes. It also comes with discounts at exclusive partner companies. Comes in duration options of 1,2,3 or 6 days.
  • Vienna Flexi Pass. Choose free entry to 3, 4 or 5 sights/ activities among 30 top attractions. You also get skip-the-line entry to selected attractions and a free shuttle bus trip to the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Center Parndorf.

Zurich City Pass

Zurich welcomes many visitors each year, and they are not just bankers and people interested in chocolate and watches. If you plan on visiting some of the many tourist attractions, then the Zurich Card will come in handy.

  • Zurich Card. The Zurich card provides free use of transportation in Zurich, free admittance into many tourist attractions and discounts at over 40 museums, shops, and restaurants, etc. It is available in 24-hour and 72-hour options.

Europe has a lot to offer but it can also get expensive depending on where you travel. Always check if there is a city pass at your destination to help you save time and cost!




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