20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Nice, France

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Nice is one of the top holiday destinations in France for people worldwide. However, if you plan on visiting the city, we recommend that you understand the most important facts about Nice, France. It will give you insight into the region and make your trip even more enjoyable.

If you are thinking about an adventure to France, here are 20 interesting and fun facts about Nice to know.

Common Facts About Nice France

Whenever you visit a new place, you will quickly notice a few things that make the city what it is. Here are the top common facts about Nice.

People Also Refer To It As Nice La Belle


Nice la Belle translated to Nice the Beautiful, and the name is self-explanatory. There are many incredible things to witness in the city. These include excellent architecture, beautiful beaches, and much more.

It Is The 5th Most Populated City In France

Nice is one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean Coast in France, which is why it is also the fifth-most populated city in the country.

When you combine this population with tourists in the summer, you will find it to be highly populated. However, you can still find some hidden gems that will offer you the solitude you require.

Many Composers, Artists, And Writers Come Here Throughout The Year

One of the most common facts about Nice in France is that many people are inspired by the views that this city has to offer. That is why you will find writers, artists, and composers come here from around the world. It is their hub for inspiration, and they leave the city better than before.

For example, Henri Matisse used to have a house here. Besides that, geniuses such as Picasso also lived in Nice. You can experience the city for yourself and find out why when you visit!

Nice Has A Reputation For Hosting The Most Famous And Wealthy People From Around The World


You might think that this is a myth, but it is absolutely true. Wealthy and famous people from around the world come to Nice in the summer to enjoy the beaches, nightlife, architecture, classy french food, and much more. It is where they come to relax and enjoy some of the best views in Europe.  

After The World Wars, Nice Was In A Poor Condition

Nice was not always in such a great condition. That is because the world wards left a scar on the city, as it was badly struck by poverty. Even during the 60s, the city had no means of refrigeration, and people used their hands to wash the laundry.

The Heritage Of The City Is French And Italian

One of the most common facts about Nice is that it joined France in the 19th century. Before that, the Italians were reluctant to let the city go, but they eventually did. That is because the French helped Nice to defend itself against Austria.


Interesting Facts About Nice France For Tourists

When visiting, you will probably look for things that give the city its character and make it interesting. Here are the top interesting facts about Nice, France.

The Carnival Of Nice Has Been Held Annually Since The Middle Ages

Every year, Nice holds a carnival that is perhaps one of the most festive events of the year. Ever since the Middle Ages, dancers and musicians have come from around the world to put on a show.

If you go during February, we recommend that you book your ticket and attend the carnival to experience Nice at its finest.

Most Of The Beaches Are Filled With Rocks


You will not find sand beaches in Nice, as most of them are filled with rocks. However, that doesn’t take away the beauty of the beach, as Nice has some of the most pristine beaches in the region. These stones come from the mouth of the Paillion and Var rivers.

The Largest Greenhouse In Europe Is Located In Nice

One of the top interesting facts about Nice, France, is that it has the largest greenhouse in Europe. It is located inside Phoenix Park and has hundreds of Mediterranean plant species. If you love nature, this is one of the best places you can visit to enhance your trip in no time.

The Best Time To Visit Nice Is Between June To October

Nice is incredible in the summer, which is why the peak tourist season is between June and October. The warmest time to visit is in July and summer months tend to be more crowded. So you can decide what weather will suit you best and plan your trip.

Fun Facts About Nice France That Will Blow Your Mind

Here are some of the fun facts about Nice, France, that can be surprising to know.

The First Tourists Arrived Over 400,000 Years Ago At Nice


Yes, Nice already had tourists 400,000 years ago. These people settled in Nice temporarily. That is because they used to come at least once every year for hunting woolly mammoths.

Nice Lost Its Castle In The Early 18th Century

During the early 18th century, Nice lost its castle when a cannonball flew into it. The stones during the explosion were recovered, and they were utilized to pave the way for Promenade des Anglais. It is one of the most popular promenades you need to visit in Nice.

The Best Place To See The Coast Is From The Russian Cemetery

Yes, you might think that we are joking, but that is not the case with this peculiar fact about Nice. If you want the best view of the entire city, then we recommend that you go to the Russian cemetery. The cemetery is there because Nice used to have a large Russian population at one point.

An Archaeological Crypt Is Present Under The City

One of the fascinating facts about Nice, France, is that there is an archeological crypt beneath the city. It is the remains of an ancient city that used to exist back in the fourteenth century. However, now it is a historically significant monument that you can visit.

The Local Heroine Of Nice Is Catherine Segurane

During the early 16th century, only three thousand people used to live in Nice. The city also went through a siege, and everyone lost hope. However, Catherine Segurane became the local heroine when she beat a soldier to death, and then the attackers left Nice.

Historical Facts About Nice, France

Finally, the history of any city speaks volumes about its inhabitants and their lives. So, here are some of the top historical France Nice facts to know.

Nice Was Named After Nike, A Greek Goddess

Nike was the Greek goddess that represented victory, and you can see her depiction at the Louvre. The name of the city comes from this goddess. It is a reminder of the victory that Nice had against the Ligurians.

During WWII, The City Was Occupied Twice

Nice has been a beloved city ever since its existence, which is why many people have tried to occupy it. During WWII, the city was occupied by the Germans and Italians. Of course, now it is a part of France, but the Italian heritage also runs strong in the city.

Turin Architects Designed Nice

Turin was the capital of the Savoy Empire, and architects from here were the ones that built Nice. When you venture out and explore the plazas and squares of the city, you will find the resemblance between Sardinia and Nice. It is one of the top historical facts about Nice in France that many people don’t know about.

The First Occupied Sculpture Is In Nice

La Tete Carree was the first occupied sculpture in Nice. Francis Chapuis, Sacha Sosno, and Yves Bayard built this sculpture. It is 30 meters high and includes a cube with a human head.

Until WWII, An Important Casino Used To Be In Nice

Perhaps one of the more regrettable facts about Nice is that there used to be a casino called Casino de la Jetee. It was on a pier, which seemed to be floating above the water. However, this marvel of a casino is not there in the city anymore because the Nazis disintegrated the complete structure to use the metal that they extracted from it.

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Finding More Fun Facts About Nice, France

These are some of the most important facts about Nice, France. When you know the history, you understand the people, culture, and food even better. Nice has a lot to offer to anyone that dares to explore it.

Be sure to plan your trip because there is no better way to learn more about this city than visiting. Nice will mesmerize you with the beaches, architecture, natural beauty, and everything else it has to offer.



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