20 Famous Landmarks In Vancouver

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Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Canada. It is famous for its natural scenery, diverse culture, and delicious food. The landmarks in Vancouver are popular because of their rich history and sheer beauty.

If you are interested in the natural Vancouver landmarks, Coal Harbor and Stanley Park are great contenders. Capilano Bridge is also worth noting, situated in the middle of an impressive rainforest. If you are looking to find several Vancouver landmarks at once, Victoria City on Vancouver Island is home to a variety of different sights.

Visiting Vancouver Landmarks – Useful City Passes

When visiting Vancouver, there are various city passes and tickets you can purchase in advance to save time waiting in queues. Here are some ideas for famous Vancouver landmarks you can visit.

Most Famous Landmark In Vancouver 


Victoria City

Victoria City is found on the southern coast of Vancouver Island and is undoubtedly one of the most famous Vancouver landmarksThe city is known for both its natural and historical features.

For example, Craigdarroch Castle is an old mansion that was erected during the reign of Queen Victoria I. Currently, the castle holds a variety of events from tours to special annual events.

Beacon Hill Park is another important landmark of Vancouver in Victoria City. It is a large park surrounded by trees and flowers with areas to walk through or benches to relax. There is even a petting area, for the animals in the park such as peacocks, herons, and other birds.

Religious Landmarks In Vancouver 

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosemary

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosemary is one of the oldest landmarks in Vancouver. Construction started as early 1899 and has since then developed a loyal following and expanded its capacity in accordance.

If you are interested in architecture, the cathedral features beautiful French Gothic, which you should consider visiting for its characteristic features. This includes flying buttresses, red marble columns, and beautiful stained-glass windows. 

Specifically for this cathedral, the main attraction is the bells. They have traveled globally, from China to England and then Canada, to master the mechanics and create the perfect sound. Other events at the cathedral include Sunday Mass, Holy Orders, and choir events.

Christ Church Cathedral

The Christ Church Cathedral is another French Gothic-style cathedral, this time located in the popular Granville Street area. It is a large cathedral surrounded by loud cafes, crowded streets, and also the famous Bill Reid Gallery.

In comparison, the cathedral is considered a haven where you can worship, marvel at the unique infrastructure, and engulf yourself in the services offered that day.

You can find concerts and performances, as well as art exhibits and similar events here regularly. There are also gatherings for different interests, from small ‘Bible, Tea and Toast’ groups to larger cooking and discussion groups. If you are visiting with young children, there is also a creche.

Natural Landmarks In Vancouver


Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is one of the most exhilarating and unique landmarks in Vancouver. If you are searching for a fun day out, Grouse Mountain offers a host of activities to help you create a memorable experience. One of the most popular activities is the Peak Chairlift, giving you a birdseye view of the scenery below. 

Similarly, the Mountain Ziplines are a two-hour experience of the surrounding landscapes. Although this is not for the faint-hearted, the two ziplines are placed side by side, so that you explore the mountain ranges together with a friend or family member.

Lastly, the Wildlife Refuge allows you to visit the local creatures, including grizzly bears! Subsequently, after a long day of activities, there are several restaurants and dining areas to relax and enjoy a hearty meal.  

>Check Grouse Mountain Admission Ticket

Coal Harbor

Coal Harbour is the main harbor of Vancouver, situated downtown. Cruises are popular Vancouver landmarks because there are several destinations to travel to. The Vancouver Harbor Tour is especially popular, taking you to many prevalent sights with a guide present. These include Stanley Park, Gastown, and the North Shore Mountains. 

Aside from cruises, the marina is the ideal place to stroll and explore the scenic natural surroundings. Additionally, the eateries here offer fresh seafood dishes which can really satisfy your tastebuds.


Stanley Park 

Stanley Park is the largest park in the city, occupying 400 hectares of land. As a result, it is one of the most famous landmarks in Vancouver and is worth visiting.

An advantage of the park is that entry is free of charge, perfect if you traveling on a budget. Exploring the park can take all day, due to the sheer size of the area and the several activities available. Did you know Stanley Park is bigger than Central Park in New York?

One of the many things to do here is a guided tour, which is especially interesting as it takes place as a carriage ride. The main attraction is the totem poles, which are monuments resurrected in honor of the Native American ancestors. The carvings demonstrate the history of the tribes and celebrate them.

Another attraction is the Vancouver Aquarium. Here, you can discover the animals held in exhibits such as sea otters, penguins, and salamanders.

You will also find some of best coastal views and beaches of Vancouver in Stanley Park.

Historic Landmarks In Vancouver


Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge is a 140-meter bridge connecting two sides of Capilano Park through the rainforest. It runs through fir trees and over the Capilano River, with scenic views of the mountains and canyon. The bridge itself is centuries old, built in the late 1800s. However, do not fret! It has been rebuilt several times since then and is sturdy and safe. 

Aside from the bridge, there are several activities in the park, especially if you have young children. For example, the rainforest program is curated specifically for kids to explore the park and partake in fun games along the way.

>Check Capilano Suspension Bridge Ticket

Steam Clock

The Steam Clock located in Gastown is one of the most interesting historical landmarks in Vancouver. It is a tall clock designed by Raymond Saunders, which operates through the use of a steam engine. The clock is powered by weights and electricity, which periodically exerts steam and chimes. 

The reason this landmark is so iconic is that few steam clocks are still functioning worldwide. Therefore, the chance to view one has become exceedingly more special.

The clock is especially beautiful at night when it becomes lit up by the surrounding buildings. When in the area, you should also consider exploring Gastown, one of the most popular neighborhoods Vancouver is known for.  


Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden is a public park in Chinatown, established in 1985. Since then, it has been awarded numerous awards naming it the Top City Garden, and Garden of the Year. 

The park is open from Wednesday through Sunday, and there is a small entrance fee. Once inside, you can enjoy the contents of the park freely. Alternatively, you can book a guided tour if you are more interested in understanding the story behind each plant.

Special events are also publicized, from yoga to tea ceremonies. An advantage to the garden is its location, as there are Chinese and Asian restaurants surrounding it where you can dine afterward.

Famous Landmarks In Vancouver: Squares and Avenues


Many landmarks in Vancouver are located in the same area, and a famous example of this is Gastown. This is one of the best things to do in Vancouver.

Here, we can find historical monuments like the Steam Clock and the Angel of Victory. There are also renowned attractions such as the Vancouver Police Museum, and Crab Park.

If you are traveling with family or friends, such Vancouver landmarks are interesting to visit since it caters to various interests. Alternatively, if you are traveling alone, there are many places to relax.

Stores sell a variety of products including souvenirs, locally manufactured goods, designer clothes, and more. Some of the best places to dine include Water Street Café, Purebread, and MeeT in Gastown.


Lonsdale Quay

Lonsdale Quay in northern Vancouver at the end of Lonsdale Avenue. If you plan to visit, make sure you have plenty of time to explore, as there are many Vancouver landmarks and events to see here. It is famously known for being a ferry terminal.

Additionally, the SeaBus transportation service has destinations like Grouse Mountain, Waterfront Centre, Pemberton, and more. This is an easy way to explore Vancouver quickly and affordably. 

Another landmark to visit is the Polygon Art Gallery, where you can discover new and local artists. Additionally, there is a marketplace, shopping center, and mall. That said, there is an activity at Lonsdale Quay for everyone, whether this is an educational or leisurely trip.

Photo credit: milosk50/Depositphotos.com


Chinatown is one of the most dynamic landmarks in Vancouver. This is the ideal district to visit with friends, due to the lively atmosphere and range of places to eat. There are fast food eateries for a quick bite, or classic restaurants to sit down and sample traditional cuisine.

In addition to this, the numerous grocery stores offer unique Chinese products you cannot find anywhere else in Vancouver. In terms of attractions, the Story-Telling Centre has interesting historical exhibits and displays. Also in Chinatown is the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden.

Famous Landmarks In Vancouver: Museums And Galleries

Museum Of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology is situated at the University of British Columbia. Inside the museum, there are almost 50,000 objects collected. These come from a range of different cultures, locations, and timelines.

You can spend all day submerging yourself in the exhibitions. The contents are dynamic and varied, as there are textiles, paintings, ceramics, and sculptures.

Due to the vast nature of the museum, it is worthwhile researching the collections beforehand. This way, you can conceptualize an idea of which exhibitions you would most like to visit. For some souvenirs, you can also visit the Museum of Anthropology Store, which sells unique and inspiring gifts.

famous-museum-of-anthropology-landmark-in vancouver

Bill Reid Gallery

The Bill Reid Gallery is found on Granville Street, at close distance to the Christ Church Cathedral. It is named in honor of William Reid, a renowned Canadian sculptor, and activist. His most well-known works include the Skidegate Dogfish Pole and Lootus sculptures. 

The gallery itself appears to be a regular landmark in Vancouver; from the outside, it is a modest and seemingly regular building. However, inside is a wisely-curated contemporary space with interesting designs and unique exhibits.

The exhibits cover important topics from feminism to native art. All in all, this is an inspiring gallery and worth visiting when in the area.

Vancouver Police Museum

The Vancouver Police Museum is an eery museum in Gastown, devoted to showcasing real-life criminal cases. Some of these are cold cases that have never been solved, adding to the intrigue. This is done through the use of archives, captivating artifacts, and displays. Of all the landmarks in Vancouver, this building possibly has one of the most interesting histories. 

Previously, facilities inside included autopsy rooms, a morgue, and also a temporary clinic. Nowadays, you can visit these facilities and explore the objects inside. If you have time, you can also take part in the interactive programs. These activities include solving crimes like kidnapping or burglary by using forensics.  

Famous Monuments In Vancouver

Angel Of Victory

The Angel of Victory is in Gastown. Coeur de Lion MacCarthy designed this statue in the early 1900s, to commemorate World War I soldiers. The statue consists of an Angel raising a wounded soldier from the earth and bringing him to Heaven.

Every year, visitors gather at this statue to remember the brave militaries who fought for their countries and lost their lives. As a result, this monument holds significant value and is an important Vancouver landmark to consider.

Robert Burns Memorial

Robert Burns was a Scottish poet, who was globally recognized for his works. You may know them as ‘Holy Willie’s Prayer’, ‘Halloween’, and ‘A Red Red Nose’. Worldwide, there are over sixty memorials spanning Scotland, England, Canada other English-speaking countries. 

The monument in Vancouver consists of a statue and plaque below built in 1928, designed by George Lawson. Whilst this may seem like a strange Vancouver landmark, as the poet was Scottish, it is deemed a mark of respect. The contribution of his works is genuinely valued and cherished.

Famous Landmarks In Vancouver – Buildings 

Marine Building

The Marine Building in downtown Vancouver is a skyscraper. Once, this was the tallest building in the British Empire, standing at 98 meters. It is a historical building built almost one century ago, costing millions of dollars. This is due to its unique art deco design, which it is commonly known for. 

The building is so intricately built that it can be difficult to take every detail in, but some structures are hard to miss. For example, the entrance is a popular spot to take photos due to the patterned tiles, stained glass windows, and marine-inspired carvings. There are several elevators and 22 floors, hence why you could easily spend the entire day admiring the building.


BC Place Stadium

The BC Place Stadium is a huge venue with a capacity of over 54,000 guests. It is mainly used as a sports venue, home to the BC Lions professional football team. Their games are often played here, attracting a crowd of loyal followers. 

The stadium is one of the most impressive Vancouver landmarks, complete with a modern video display, retractable roof, and colorful lighting. Aside from sporting events like football and rugby, the stadium also hosts concerts. Furthermore, there are several restaurants in the complex offering a combination of cuisines.  

Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Lookout in the Harbour Centre is a popular observation point where you can see a variety of Vancouver landmarks. The tower is the perfect destination if you do not have time to visit every landmark in Vancouver, as it is easy to spot many sights. These include Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain, Capilano River, and Gastown. 

It is open daily, from 11 am to 6 pm. You can get in with an admission ticket. However, if you wish to see the views at night time, the revolving restaurant is open until 11 pm.  

Photo credit: Margarita_Young/Depositphotos.com
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Discovering Famous Landmarks In Vancouver 

All in all, there are many notable places to visit in Vancouver. Whether you are stopping by for a few days, or plan to stay for longer, you will be left in awe. Landmarks in Vancouver are both interesting and beautiful, due to the rich history of the city. Each time you visit, the monuments, parks, museums, and buildings are just as vibrant as they were before.



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