14 Best Food Tours In Venice For Foodies [2023]

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Although Venice is most famous for its architecture landmarks and canal systems, the dishes and cuisines on offer are not to be missed. One of the best ways to experience the culinary scene is through the various food tours in Venice.

Best Venice Pizza Tour [πŸ…Top Pick]

Eat Like A Local: 3-Hour Small Group Walking Food Tour

Photo Credit: J&H Enterprises, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars (1100+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 2.5 – 3.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

When it comes to Italian food, most people think of pizza and pasta; however, there is much more to this internationally famous cuisine. This popular food tour in Venice will help you enjoy Venetian cuisine, such as fresh seafood items, regional wines, gelato, and other local specialties. You can explore different bars and restaurants on this short walking tour.

The best thing is that it also covers many of the historical landmarks around Venice. You will get a unique view of the canal systems of this city when hopping from one restaurant to another.

We had such a lovely time on Sara’s tour. She shared her favourite places to eat, the history of Venice and the correct way to make carbonara. The food was fantastic, the wine was fantastic the company was fantastic. It was the highlight of our trip.

Nuala (More Reviews)

You will get to try different kinds of dishes and seafood made using authentic Venetian recipes. Cured meat items are also offered during the tasting. To satisfy your sweet tooth, enjoy some traditional cookies, delicious pastries, and tasty gelato.

Amongst the different spots, you can get to visit wine bars where you will be served fresh drinks with Cicchetti. You will also get tips such as how to find good gelato ships in Italy in crowded districts with many options.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Local Venice Food Tour:

  • Eight stops to help you enjoy food, drinks, and dessert
  • The guide will always have your back when transferring from one place to another
  • Learn how each seafood dish on tour is created
  • Understand the secret behind the excellent taste of traditional cookies

Popular Walking Food Tours In Venice

Venice Street Food Tour

Photo Credit: Raphael Tours & Events, GetYourGuide

🌟 4.7/5 stars (900+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 2.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

A street food tour in Venice is unlike any other tasting tour because you will see some of the most famous food markets in the city. The guide will take you through a scenic route to visit unique eateries. You will get to try items such as tapas, regional cheeses, buranelli biscuits, and more.

Venice is famous for being the place where Tiramisu originated from. That is why the tour will include a stop where you will get to sample this authentic dessert. Other items, such as traditional cakes, will also be included in your tastings.

Fantastic way to sample some typical Venetian street food without having to commit to ordering it at a restaurant. The guide was super energetic, knowledgeable, and proud of the food. It’s easy to get lost in Venice so having a guide bring us to some popular sites to help orientate us in the city was very helpful.

Matt (More Reviews)

You will also get to immerse yourself in the everyday life of locals around Venice while moving from one eatery to another. Remember to wear comfortable shoes because you will have to cover some ground on this tour.

It is good to let your guide and tour organizer know about your dietary restrictions as early as possible if you have any. Some hosts can cater to your needs with advance notice.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of  Venice Street Food Tour:

  • Try local snacks around Venice, such as Cicchetti
  • Visit different city squares and learn more about them through the guide
  • Enjoy tasty desserts such as cakes and sweet Tiramisu
  • Immerse yourself in cozy Venetian bakeries

Venice Food Tour – Do Eat Better Experience

Photo Credit: Do Eat Better Experience, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (200+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

If you want to eat like a local, this Venice food tour offers an immersive on-the-ground experience around the city. You will enjoy an exquisite dinner with amazing local drinks that will keep your craving for alcoholic beverages satisfied. The guide will take you through various bars and eateries in this Italian city.

The best thing about this food tour is that it is limited to a group of 10 people only. This means you will have the undivided attention of the guide and enjoy a more personalized experience. There are plenty of opportunities to dive deep into questions about Venetian dishes and how they’re crafted.

The authentic food was simply incredible and learning about the history of how and why the locals ate them just made the whole experience more memorable and the tour guide was very knowledgeable and attentive to our questions and made the experience very personal. I would recommend this tour to people looking for an authentic look into Venician food and culture.

Josuie (More Reviews)

From spritzes to crostini, this tour includes amazing dishes to try on your trip to Venice. The fun experience will end on a sweet note with some delicious gelato from an authentic dessert shop.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of This Venice Food Tour:

  • Explore five food stops along with city attractions
  • Immerse yourself in a private experience with a small group
  • Understand local traditions and food history through an expert guide
  • Taste cured meats, veggie balls, and mixed snacks between meals

Rialto Market Food And Wine Lunchtime Tour

Photo Credit: Raphael Tours & Events, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (200+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 4 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Rialto food market in Venice is one of the best ones in the city. It is famous for being the home to many local eateries, bars, and gelato shops. A trip to Venice is incomplete without checking out this food market.

You will explore major food spots that serve the best dishes using fresh produce. Sample traditional cicchetti from a local inn that differs from the modified tapas that you eat at high-end restaurants in other places.

This was a great way to tour the Rialto Market and surrounding local restaurants. The food was amazing and our tour guide was so knowledgeable. We never felt rushed and got to eat and see some amazing views. We are coming back in 2 years and plan on doing this one again it was so fun!

Linda (More Reviews)

The best thing about this food tour in Venice is that you will get to try different regional wines. These will be paired with your food to offer you a boost of flavors. At the end of the tour, you will be well-versed in which places to shop wine from and which to dine at.

Some main city attractions that you will get a closer look at during this tour include Rialto Bridge, Marco Polo’s house, and Grand Canal.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of The Rialto Market Food And Wine Tour:

  • Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Rialto Food Market
  • Sample various iconic snacks and wines
  • Vegetarian options are also available to cater to all people
  • Socialize with a local guide to learn how to choose the best food spots in Venice

Private Venice Food Tours

An Award-Winning Private Food Tour Of Venice

Photo Credit: Withlocals, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (380+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

You know you will be getting the best value for money when you participate in an award-winning private food tour in Venice. This activity will allow you to enjoy six to ten food tastings of local Venetian cuisine.

Drinks are also included in the tour, but the options will vary. The final products mainly depend on the type of tour you’ve booked and how many tastings it includes. The best thing is that the tour will be private, so no you get the guide all to yourself, and the schedule is more flexible.

This food tasting tour was absolutely PERFECT! …We tasted so many incredible dishes, but they were delivered to us with stories and descriptions that made the whole experience so much better. We were delighted, we were brave, we ate allll the things and we would absolutely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Venice! It was the best part of our time in this city!

Adamsknicole (More Reviews)

You and your travel buddies can understand the local cuisine history of this city. There are also various departure times to choose from, so you can decide when to end the tour. It is a great option if you are looking for something more convenient and personalized.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Award-Winning Private Food Tour Of Venice:

  • Taste six to ten food items plus drinks with your loved ones
  • Save time instead of researching places to visit to try local cuisine in this city
  • The tour caters to people with dietary restrictions too
  • Take a closer look at city attractions when walking from one food spot to another

Drinks And Bites In Venice Private Food Tour

Photo Credit: Withlocals, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 2.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

You will be served appetizers in Italian tradition to offer a culturally rich experience. Non-alcoholic drink options and vegetarian food options are also available, so you can always check beforehand if you have other dietary requirements.

The tour mainly includes three food options and three drinks. However, the guide will tell you about famous and underrated spots that you may usually miss. And of course, don’t be afraid to ask for any more recommendations or knowledge about the city.

We did this tour on our first night in Venice, and it was a great introduction to the city. Giada was a phenomenal host for our tour, as she took us to several places to sample many different cicchetti and wines. She was also very informative about the city, and gave us several recommendations for the rest of our stay in Venice. 10/10 would recommend this tour with Giada to anyone visiting Venice for the first time! 

Eric (More Reviews)

The tour will also typically pass by famous city attractions such as the Chiesa di San Marziale, depending on the route.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of This Private Venice Food Tour:

  • Bask in the aesthetics of the Ponto de Chlodo bridge on the way
  • Enjoy tapas, wines, and cheeses
  • Immerse yourself in the storytelling of the local guide
  • Well-portioned food and drinks without getting full too soon

Semi-Private Prosecco Wine Tour From Venice

Photo Credit: Ways, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 6 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Looking to escape the bustling city life of Venice, a visit to the calmer countryside region is on the cards. This will offer you a chance to try Italian sparkling wine that people from all over are crazy about. You will also learn about the manufacturing process of this wine when touring different producers.

A light lunch will also be crafted for you to enjoy along with the unique wine. You will also get to immerse yourself in the serene vibes of the Veneto region. The best thing is you will not have to worry about planning an itinerary or taking care of the logistics behind the tour.

Our tour guide Sebastian was knowledgeable, fun and just an overall interesting guy. The wineries were lovely, family-owned and personable. Of course the Prosecco was delightful and there was no pressure to buy… We also got a detour to a special spot with history and meaning. That’s the old grist mill in the picture. Highly recommend this tour.

Lori (More Reviews)

The guide will take you to two different wineries where you will get to enjoy samples of different drinks. A restaurant in the main square is usually chosen for lunch, but the place may vary.

During the trip, you will also get to see various vineyards in the countryside from a distance. The scenery in the Veneto region offers an enviable background for all those memorable photos.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Prosecco Wine Tour From Venice:

  • Convenient and hassle-free trip out of city
  • Enjoy sparkling wine with fresh local food products
  • Talk to the guide to learn more about the culinary and wine history of Prosecco
  • Take aesthetic pictures at beautiful wineries
  • Visit the countryside in an air-conditioned vehicle with a small group

Prosecco Wine Tour From Venice

Small Group Cicchetti And Wine Tour

Photo Credit: Intrepid Urban Adventures Italy, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (1300+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 2.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

If you’re interested in enjoying a sustainable food tour during your trip to Venice, this Small Group Cicchetti Tour will be best for you. The entire activity will be carbon neutral to reduce your negative environmental impact. You will visit various wine bars with a guide to enjoy regional drinks and classic Prosecco.

An appetizer called Cicchetti will also be served with the wines to offer you a better flavor boost. The tour will also include proper meal options such as seafood with polenta. People in this city love having seafood dishes for the best local experience.

Alice was the most wonderful tour guide! Informative, fun, funny and knowledgeable about all things Venice! Fantastic tour. I loved that we were supporting the local favorites. I highly recommend.

Robert (More Reviews)

You will also get to explore the Grand Canal by hopping on a ferry gondola to reach other food spots. The maximum capacity of this tour is 12 people so you can enjoy a more customized experience.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Small Group Cicchetti And Wine Tour:

  • Try seven unique Italian Cicchetti dishes with five glasses of tasty wine
  • Cross Grand Canal on a ferry for a touristy experience
  • Indulge in a single dessert at the end to complete your meal
  • Converse with the local guide in English for ease of communication

Eat, Drink, And Repeat: Wine Tasting Tour In Venice

Photo Credit: J&H Enterprises, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (460+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 2 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Eating and drinking wine has become a culture in Venice due to many eateries and bars. This tour will take you to six different wine bars to enjoy several unique drinks. You will also get to explore different restaurants if you want to grab some bites with your beverages.

The expert guide will share legends and stories about each neighborhood you visit. Learn more about the history of the dish you are trying, it really helps to better appreciate the effort and passion that goes into crafting each plate or drink.

Great food and wine. A great chance to try different foods in Italy besides pizza and pasta. Tour guide Sarah was absolutely amazing and a delight and very knowledgeable about food and the city.

Michelle (More Reviews)

The fun experience is also insightful and educational as you learn how to choose wine based on the meal you are having. This knowledge and skill will be helpful when ordering food from restaurants in Venice or other cities.

Snacks will also be offered between lunch and dinner to ensure you don’t go hungry. Prosecco, white wine, and Amarone are some of the beverages you can try on this wine-tasting tour in Venice.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of This Wine Tasting Tour In Venice:

  • Enjoy wine, seafood, and other snacks
  • Learn entertaining Venetian stories when moving from one restaurant to another
  • Immerse yourself in an affordable wine tour with food
  • Get specific regional wine on request by letting the company know at least one day before the tour

Other Specialty Venice Food Tours And Experiences

Venetian Lagoon Tour And Galleon Dinner

Photo Credit: Galeone Veneziano, GetYourGuide

🌟 4.8/5 stars (1100+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

This tour of the Venetian Lagoon will include a romantic candlelit dinner on a cruise to offer a truly unique and magical experience in Italy. You will enjoy Prosecco, white wine, red wine, and other beverages on the menu, along with tastefully crafted dishes.

This was truly a wonderful experience. We were very lucky as the weather was fantastic, so it was a smooth sail around the islands & stunning night view of Venice. The food & service was excellent, we couldn’t eat all the course’s as there was so much to eat, so don’t eat too much in the day. πŸ˜€ I would recommend this trip very highly.

Angela (More Reviews)

After dinner, sip on a cup of hot Italian coffee as you soak in the incredible vistas and breeze with your partner. The impressive views of the San Marco Basin with delicious food and drinks are sure to create a memorable evening on this dinner cruise.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Venetian Lagoon Tour and Galleon Dinner:

  • Enjoy a Venetian Galleon round-trip cruise
  • Satisfying dinner and multiple wines
  • Digest your food by sipping on a hot coffee at the end
  • Immerse yourself in stunning views

Traditional Home Cooking Experience In Venice

Photo Credit: Curioseety SRLS, GetYourGuide

🌟 4.5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Do you want to learn how to make authentic Pasta Fresca? If so, this home cooking experience will be best for you. The host will teach you to make the dish and prepare its sauce from scratch.

Do you want to learn how to make authentic Pasta Fresca? If so, this home cooking experience will be best for you. The host will teach you to make the dish and prepare its sauce from scratch.

Of the must-do experiences before you die, this one should be at the top of the list! … She taught with aplomb, but gave us the confidence we could follow her lead. She takes the time to make sure you get it, before moving on, so you can take your new knowledge home. And the food… ! They made the night so special… entertaining and informative. If you do one thing in Venice… do this!!! You will thank me!!

Rob (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Home Cooking Experience In Venice:

  • Connect with your travel partner and improve your teamwork skills
  • Learn authentic Venetian recipes
  • Sip on wine while having flavorful pasta
  • Explore the private kitchen of a local chef in Venice

Venice: Jewish Ghetto & Cannaregio Area Food Tour

Photo Credit: Raphael Tours & Events, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 4 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

The former Jewish Ghetto in Venice is a famous food district that many people explore. You will learn about the region’s history while trying authentic pasta from a local restaurant. Traditional kosher meals and creamy risotto will also be included in the tour.

We had a private tour with Vanessa and spent four hours with her. She gave us wonderful info about the history of the Jewish ghetto and the Cannaregio area, and tasted wonderful pizza, appetizers, fabulous dinner, gelato and lots of wine. A real highlight of our time in Venice. Highly recommended!

Judy (More Reviews)

Enjoy freshly baked goodies that are bound to satisfy your sweet and savory cravings during this food tour. The entire activity will last for four hours which gives you enough time to sample multiple dishes without feeling too full.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Jewish Ghetto & Cannaregio Area Food Tour:

  • Visit 6 eateries, bakeries, and delis for authentic meals
  • Walk through the Cannaregio district with a knowledgeable guide
  • Enjoy various kosher dishes along with some non-kosher items
  • Learn more about culinary traditions in this area

Traditional CafΓ©s And Pastry Shops Walking Tour

Photo Credit: Detourist, GetYourGuide

🌟 4.8/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 2 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

If you prefer to explore bakeries and cafes instead of high-end restaurants, this walking tour is best for you. A guide will take you to an authentic bakery in the region where you can try sweet items and classic espresso coffee.

Communication before the tour was excellent. We arrived with two energetic children and my grandson was immediately drawn to Valerio, because he was so kind and empathetic. Besides educating us about the places we visited, we also learned many other interesting facts during our time together. This was a perfect morning activity for small children, but we adults also had a wonderful time. Recommend highly

Ruth (More Reviews)

Hop around 6 different neighborhoods in Venice as you try the best cafes and pastries in the city. Ice creams and Tiramisu are some of the desserts that you can expect to sink your teeth into during the tour. You will also get to board a ferry that will cross the Grand Canal for an aesthetic route.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Traditional CafΓ©s and Pastry Shops Walking Tour:

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth by visiting pastry shops in different Venetian neighborhoods
  • Cross aesthetic bridges during the walk and take amazing pictures
  • Listen to entertaining stories about the various neighborhoods
  • Sip on authentic coffee at an Italian cafΓ© 

Venice: Hard Rock Cafe Set Menu

Photo Credit: Hard Rock Cafe Venice, GetYourGuide

🌟 4.4/5 stars (800+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 1 – 1.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Most of us have probably heard of the Hard Rock CafΓ©. As in many major cities, this famous restaurant also has a presence in Venice.

Reserve early and secure your spot for a 2-3 course meal at this popular chain. Enjoy an authentic and well-crafted menu at this cafΓ© with soft drinks, tea, and coffee included.

Excellent Hard Rock! The food was great and plentiful. Our waitress, Nicole was outstanding. Very friendly, professional and courteous. The atmosphere is typical HRC, busy and loud. It was an easy location to get to. I will go back when we return to Venice!

Sheldon (More Reviews)

It is also possible to buy kid meals at the restaurant directly if your child is accompanying you. Small-sized dogs are allowed on the ground floor while you enjoy your meal, so you can bring them along.

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Venice: Hard Rock Cafe:

  • Early reservation, skip-the-line
  • Taste a set menu with several courses
  • Immerse yourself in the calm atmosphere of the cafΓ©
  • Enjoy scenic canal views if you get a window seat

What To Expect And Note For Venice Food Tours


Some companies that take you to the countryside will offer round-trip transportation to and from a specific meeting point. However, most tours don’t provide transport, and start/end at designated spots in the city. 

So plan beforehand how you will get to travel between the different areas. The meeting and ending places tend to be prominent landmarks in Venice, so they are typically not hard to go to. You can also look into what other things there are to do in the area to maximize your time. 

Variety Of Experiences

There are many various types of food tours and experiences available in Venice. Some of them focus on restaurants, while others can be focusing on street food, small bites, or even local markets. 

These will of course offer different experiences, but in general, you can always expect to sample some delicious Italian food, while also learning about both the city’s history and the food culture. 

Depending on what you prefer, you can choose one that best fits your interest; or even attend multiple ones. Keep an open mind and you will almost certainly have a great time particularly if you are visiting for the first time!

Food Tours vs Wine Tours

While they can sometimes look similar, they are rather different experiences. Food tours tend to focus on exploring various dishes; wine tours are more about a range of wine tastings. You can also expect the guides to be sharing different context-specific knowledge.

Some food tours can include wine, and some wine tours can include small snacks like cheese and samplers to go along with the wine.

Enjoying City Attractions

Many tours in Venice will involve taking ferries or gondolas to get around. This is, after all, a city of canals. That said, it means you also get to explore the famous bridges and canals that make up the city’s infrastructure.


FAQ About Venice Food Tours

Are Food Tours In Venice Worth It?

Food tours in Venice can help you save time on planning and deciding on different restaurants. They are affordable and will help you get unique tips from expert guides. Food and drinks activities are always some of the most popular things to do in Venice.

Try to plan the food tour near the start of your trip. It serves as a great introduction to the city, and the recommendations can come in handy for the rest of the trip. There is nothing worst than getting a whole bunch of travel tips and you are leaving the next day. You are just finding out what you missed out on!

What Type Of Food Is Venice, Italy, Known For?

Seafood dishes are most famous in Venice due to the access to the waters, but you can also indulge in pasta and risotto for a traditional Italian experience. There are plenty of classics from the cuisine on offer as well, including desserts and sweet treats.

Is Venice A Foodie City?

Venice is one of the top foodie cities in Italy because of its numerous eateries, cafes, and bakeries. Pastries in this city are a must-try item. Be prepared to also uncover interesting facts about Venetian traditions and food culture.

What Are Attractions You Can Explore During Venice Food Tours?

You will typically see the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, and Saint Marks Square on most food tours in Venice. Some tours will even stop to take pictures at these locations when passing through. 

However, it is very much dependent on the schedule and route. If a tour has a special emphasis on a certain district or neighborhood, then you get a deeper dive into that specific area. Overall, dood tours still tend to focus mainly on food-related experiences.

Do All Venice Food Tours Offer Wine?

Not all Venice food tours offer wine. If that is a key item for you, be sure to check the details carefully to see if it includes alcoholic beverages or not. There are also wine tours in Venice that focus on wine tastings.



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