20 Interesting and Fun Facts About Barbados [Explained]

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From the most beautiful beaches to delectable cuisine, friendly locals, heritage and cultural experiences, and outdoor activities, Barbados has a lot to offer to any traveler. It’s a paradise for surfers and anyone that loves the sun and the waves. If you’re planning to visit, then you should know some facts about Barbados.

Its history is rooted in art, music, architecture, and much more which will allow you to take a peek into the life of the locals. The stunning beaches are a bonus where you can lie down to relax and enjoy your days. 

Historical Facts About Barbados

The history of Barbados features the British quite heavily as they ruled the country for a long time. Here is some information about Barbados that can help you further understand the country.

The British Began Growing Tobacco And Cotton Here In The 17th Century

The British arrived in Barbados in the 17th century, and this was when they began cultivating the fertile land. They grew sugar, cotton, tobacco, and much more. Unfortunately, African slaves were used in the fields to get the job done.

The Country Has Parliaments Of Westminster Style That Have Been There For Over 300 Years

Most of the old buildings and architecture have been influenced by the British, which is why there is a Westminster-style parliament that has been there for over three centuries now. 

You can also visit The Parliament Museum to learn more about this. The museum offers guided tours for anyone who is interested in deeper insights into the history.

George Washington Has A House In Barbados That Still Exists

You would think that a President of the USA would visit a lot of countries, but George Washington had only been to one nation outside of the U.S. in his lifetime – and you guessed it, it’s none other than Barbados!

In fact, he liked the place so much that he even had a house there. The property still stands on the island.

Cultural Facts About Barbados

The culture makes up the locals’ lives and the experience of the tourists. As a visitor, it’s good to understand and respect the culture of any new place. Here are some interesting Barbados facts about its cultural norms.

The Locals Refer To Their Homeland As Bim

When you visit the country, you’ll notice that locals call their homeland Bim. Loosely translated, this word means “my home”, which is why residents use it. 

The origin of Bim lies in the Igbo language, which the Nigerian slaves brought with them to the island.

The Cultural Roots And Planted In Slavery And Plantation

Unfortunately, Barbados was the place where the slave society was born. The slaves were brought in from African countries and made to work on the plantations by the ruling elites of Britain. This is why you’ll find influences of Europe and West Africa throughout the country.

Cou-Cou And Flying Fish Is The Top Dish To Try Here

Barbados is known for cou-cou and flying fish, both of which are highlights within Barbados food. 

The dish includes flying fish marinated in spices served alongside cou-cou, which is essentially a delicious blend of fresh herbs, butter, okra, and cornmeal. 

Finally, the meal is topped with tomato sauce. It’s such an iconic dish that you can easily enjoy it at many places on the island.

If A Mongoose Crosses Your Path, It’s Good Luck

According to the local culture, it’s good luck if a mongoose crosses your path. The country has a significant population of these animals because they were imported from India to combat the population of rats. So keep an eye out for any one of these creatures!

Simple Facts About Barbados For Kids

Kids should have some trivia and information related to various countries throughout the world. Here are some interesting Barbados facts for kids!

Most Of The Land Has Been Cultivated For Sugarcane

The production of sugarcane is the backbone of the economy, as most of the land is cultivated for this purpose. Because of this, the vegetation that was indigenous to the country barely remains anymore. The byproducts of sugar and sugarcane are also just as important for the economy.

There Are Coral Reefs All Around The Country

One thing you’ll most likely learn about when you’re in the country is that it’s surrounded by coral reefs. These include the Bell Buoy, Great Ledge, Little Sandy Lane, Shark Bank, and much more. All of these reefs have some of the most beautiful marine life you’ll see.

People Love To Play And Watch Cricket Here

Cricket is incredibly important to the locals because they love to watch and play this sport. Because of this, the country is also home to some great cricketers. These include Sir Garfield Sobers and many others.

Useful Barbados Facts For Travelers

If you’re planning to travel to the country anytime soon, then there are some fun facts about Barbados you should be familiar with.

It Has Some Of The Most Diverse Beaches In The Caribbean

Beach lovers will fall in love with Barbados because it has the most diverse shores in the Caribbean. There are more than 50 beaches throughout the island that you can enjoy. These coastlines also have some incredible hotels where you can enjoy your stay and access the water easily.

The East Coast Is Ideal For Surfing

Anyone that loves surfing should head toward the East Coast of the island to catch the best waves. There are many surfing championships held here. 

That said, you’ll also find many surfers that you can socialize with throughout the year.

There Is An Underground Cave System Known As Harrison’s Cave

The best part about Barbados is the incredible natural beauty you’ll find wherever you go, including beneath the surface. 

Harrison’s Cave is an underground cave system that includes passages, caves, and more. You can visit it to see pools, streams, waterfalls, and unique rock formations that will blow your mind.

Common Facts About Barbados

Here are some common yet interesting facts about Barbados.

Rihanna Is From Barbados And Comes Often

Yes, one of the most famous singers worldwide is from Barbados, and she comes here every year! You’ll find many pictures of Rihanna enjoying her life on the island and meeting friends and family. 

4 Unique Species Of Nesting Turtles Reside Here

Hawksbill, green, leatherbacks and loggerhead turtles come to the island to nest here. These are some of the most amazing turtle species you should keep an eye out for when snorkeling. 

If you spot them, you can also swim with these beautiful creatures at a safe distance.

It Is The Country Where Rum Was Born

It comes as no surprise that rum was born here since it’s made from sugarcane, which Barbados is famous for producing. The first distillery was set up around the early 18th century. Take the opportunity to sample T some of the most famous local rums when you’re in the area.

Other Interesting Facts About Barbados

Here is some other Barbados fun facts that you probably didn’t know before.

There Is A Pink Sand Beach You Can Visit

Crane Beach in Barbados is a pink sand beach that you can head to located on the South coast of this island. It’s right under The Crane Resort. You can even book your stay here if you like, allowing you to have access to the beach at all times.

It Is The Thirteenth Smallest Country

Barbados has a lot to offer to locals and tourists, but it’s a small country. The total area is around 170 square miles. This is why you can easily explore some of the best spots here on your vacation.

The Citizens Have Access To The Best Universal Healthcare

Medical services in the country are known to be high quality, and citizens have access to some of the best universal healthcare. Many people from the Caribbean also come here to take advantage of the reputable healthcare system.

Coral Limestone Has Mostly Created This Island

Many people think that Barbados might experience a lot of volcanic activity due to the surrounding volcanic islands. However, that is not the case at all because Barbados has mostly been created by coral limestone. This is why it’s flat, and there is barely any volcanic activity.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Barbados

These were just some of the interesting facts about Barbados to know about. The country has so much to offer that you will have a fun time exploring it all. Plenty of travelers head there for the great weather, stunning beaches, delicious food, and much more.

The only way to really experience this beautiful paradise is to visit and find out for yourself!



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