25 Interesting And Fun Facts About China [Explained]

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China is famous for its rich culture and fast-growing economy. The country is highly diverse, which is why you can find a vast range of unique facts about China.

Here are some very interesting China facts to help you learn more about this country through different aspects such as history and culture.

Historical Facts About China

China is one of the countries with the deepest and richest historical timeline. While there are many unique stories from the past, here are some interesting facts about the history of China.

Chinese Flag Was Chosen From Almost 3000 Entries


The Chinese flag might not look very complicated but it certainly stood out during selection. One fascinating fact about the China flag design is that it was chosen from a whopping 2992 entries.

The red color represents the Chinese Communist Revolution. Meanwhile, the stars indicate the unity of the Chinese people.

The significance of four small stars around one big star is that unity should revolve around one center. The yellow color of the stars also symbolizes the power of various historical dynasties.

Chinese Were The First To Use Paper Money


China was the first country to use paper money in the 7th century. The historic occurrence happened during the Tang Dynasty. Coins with a central rectangular hole were the main currency before paper money was introduced in China.

High inflation was also experienced in China during the Yuan Dynasty. Excessive paper money was printed during that time and released into circulation.

Football Was Invented In China


This might be one of the more surprising China history facts considering the country isn’t that well known for its football team. Nonetheless, records have it that football was introduced in this country more than 2,000 years ago.

The earliest form of this game was used for military exercises. The game mainly involved kicking a leather ball filled with feathers. Competitions were highly regarded entertainment in the military camps and palaces.

Of course, football has evolved significantly since then. FIFA World Cups are one of the sources of entertainment for those who love playing or watching football.

Ping Pong Was Not Invented In China


Conversely, ping pong (or table tennis) is the major sport that many people in China play. Because of this, you may think the sport was invented in this country. However, that is not true.

This game originated in Britain instead of China. Ping pong was introduced in China in 1901. Meanwhile, the country has been dominating the championships of this game since 1953.

Interestingly, even some countries’ table tennis national teams are comprised of Chinese immigrants.

Chopsticks Were Used For Cooking Not Eating


Chopsticks are a common utensil in Chinese restaurants. However, they were not used for eating initially. Chinese people mainly used this item as a kitchen utensil for cooking various dishes. Of course, chopsticks etiquette has evolved since the earlier centuries.

Many people in Asian countries now use this item for eating food. Remember to understand how chopsticks are used before visiting China or other Asian regions.

Cultural Facts About China

Below are some famous facts about the Chinese culture.

Chinese Calligraphy Is A Respected Artwork


Many countries believe that being an artist is an underrated and not highly respectable job. However, this belief is not shared in China when it to comes to Chinese calligraphy. This art form is respected throughout the nation and has led to the development of other forms.

Chinese calligraphy includes seal carvings, ink stones, and much more. Of course, creating such artwork can be complex and takes years to master.

China Has 56 Minorities

There are 56 minorities in China that are recognized by the government. Han ethnicity forms a major portion of the Chinese population. 92% of people in China belong to this ethnicity.

Remember every ethnic minority has unique customs. Their language may vary from other groups in China. The social customs and culture of the minorities also differ significantly.

Family Is Most Valued


One of the most important facts about Chinese culture is the significance of family. It is the most valued aspect of this country. Unlike in western culture where kids move out, parents prefer to have their kids close to them if possible.

A person’s success can sometimes be attributed to their ability in bringing their family together under one roof. This is one of the precious bonds in China that no one has forgotten.

People also have regular family gatherings in China to socialize and spend quality time. This is why you must be respectful to your family around Chinese locals.

Dragons Are Not Scary In Chinese Culture


Many people consider dragons to be scary because of their appearance and the damage they caused. However, the Chinese do not believe these creatures are scary. In fact, Chinese culture considers dragons to be auspicious.

One of the fun facts about China is that they consider dragons to be sacred and bring good fortune. This is why you may see parades of people in dragon costumes on Chinese New Year and other festivals.

Chinese Eat Everything


One of the controversial facts about food in China is the inclusion of “weird” ingredients. Rats, snakes, dogs, and many other less-consumed animals form some of the iconic Chinese dishes.

Don’t let this deter you, as there is an extensive selection of more “normal” delicacies in Chinese cuisine. Due to the large geographical areas and regions, the country is one of the most diverse and deep when it comes to gastronomy.

Rice is also a famous item in the Chinese diet. However, one food item that is not part of Chinese culture is fortune cookies. Many people assume their origin to be China. However, these biscuits originated in San Francisco.

Chinese People Avoid The Number 4


Chinese believe in a lot of superstitions because of religious and other reasons. One of the top things they believe in is that the number 4 is unlucky. So most people avoid this number.

Typically, this number is associated with the word “death” in Chinese. This is why people don’t buy four items. Red packets will never contain a value with the number 4. They may also avoid the fourth floor of a building because of this superstition.

Interesting Facts About China For Kids

Here are some fun facts about China for kids to spark their interest in this country.

Giant Panda Is Found In This Country


The giant panda is synonymous with China. Many people consider this creature to be cute. After all, pandas have an innocent appearance.

Another unique thing about pandas in China is that all species are present in this country except two. This is why you may visit the Asian nation to enjoy its wildlife and see pandas in their natural habitats.

Kites Were Invented In China


One of the interesting China facts is that kites were invented in this country thousands of years ago. They were used by the military to scare their enemies during battle. Besides that, superstition has also been associated with kites.

Chinese people believe that letting a kite go will bring you bad luck. Some people are strict about this belief, while others may not consider it. Of course, the locals give high importance to superstitions.

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games Were Hosted In China

Olympic Games are held after every four years. They are one of the biggest events that occur in different countries. China also had the honor of hosting the Summer Olympic Games of 2008.

The event was held in Beijing and high security was provided to the athletes. A whole Olympic Park was built in the capital to accommodate the high profile international event. This is one of the proud facts in Beijing’s history.

An excellent thing about Olympic Games is that they are very inclusive and allows athletes to participate in various sports.

Fun China Facts For Travelers

Here are some useful Chinese facts to help plan a trip to China.

The Great Wall Of China Is The Largest Man-Made Structure


The Great Wall is one of the top landmarks in China that people visit when exploring this country. An interesting thing about the famous site is that it is completely man-made. It is an impressive architectural feat with a rich history.

Of course, remember that this structure is only one of the Chinese attractions. There are many other sites in the country that are worth visiting.

A New Skyscraper Is Built Every 5 Days


One of the top Chinese fun facts is that a new skyscraper is built in the country every five days. This means 73 new structures are made every year in this nation. China has a growing economy, so the government spends a lot on creating unique buildings for tourism and other purposes.

The best part about these skyscrapers is that they will allow you to see a specific city from a new perspective. These buildings may also offer unique indoor activities for fun.

Fanjingshan Mountain Is The Top Peak In China

Fanjingshan Mountain is one of the top destinations for many travelers. The mountain can be climbed to enjoy a thrilling outdoor adventure. Locals also believe that this peak is the best-kept secret of the country.

You can enjoy the fresh air and aesthetic scenery after climbing the mountain. It is located in South China in the Guizhou province.

Bailong Elevator Is An Outdoor Elevator

Elevators are found in buildings to help you get to a specific floor without exhausting yourself. One of the amazing facts about China is that they also have an outdoor elevator that is located on the cliff’s edge. It will allow you to reach the hill top without embarking on a tough climb.

The best thing about this elevator is that it is the world’s heaviest elevator. It is also the world’s tallest outdoor elevator. So you can enjoy a spectacular view from the Bailong elevator.

China Has World’s 4th Longest River


China is home to the 4th longest river in the country. The Yangtze River is a famous attraction for travelers because of its beauty. The river is 5,797 km long.

In addition, China is also home to the 6th longest river in the world. The Yellow River is another famous attraction for tourists because of its length and the various opportunities around it. There are iconic songs about the river that all locals will know. These landmarks are some of the proud geographical facts about China.

Common Facts About China

China Has A Three Children Policy

China was famous for having a one-child policy a few years ago. However, that policy was removed in 2016. The limit was increased to two children per family after that. However, in 2021 China made a change to this policy again.

Currently, every family in China can have three kids. The government made this decision because of the declining birth rates. Of course, remember that other countries do not have restrictions on how many kids a person can have.

Mount Everest Separates China And Nepal


One of the common geographical facts about China is that it is located near the landlocked country of Nepal. Of course, a huge summit separates both countries by a long distance. Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak helps in forming a border between China and Nepal.

Another thing about the two countries is that they have friendly relations. Of course, the culture and religions of both nations vary.

Chinese Spend Generously On Travel


One of the most interesting facts about Chinese people is that they spend generously on traveling. They spend about 260 billion dollars every year on trips across the globe. This amount is twice the money that Americans spend on traveling.

The Chinese are one of the major contributors to the overall tourism industry in terms of dollar value. You will find that many souvenir stores in surrounding countries like Japan or South Korea will hire employees with Chinese language capabilities. This is to better capture the Chinese market.

Of course, the Chinese can do this because of the country’s growing economy. One of the top facts about China’s economy is that it is the world’s largest exporter of goods. That is also why movements in the Chinese economy often impact the global economy due to the reliance on Chinese goods and services.

Other Interesting Facts About China

China Has Only One Time Zone


The country’s massive land area is an obvious geographical fact about China, but what’s surprising is that the nation has only a single time zone. This means all cities and regions in China follow the same time zone.

This time zone is called Beijing time. When it is 7 am in one city, regardless of the distance between the different regions, the other place will also be at 7 am.

China Has Some Of The Best Universities

China is home to several world-class universities that attract a fair share of foreign students. The country focuses on the educational sector a lot, and the society is extremely competitive in nature.

The best part about Chinese universities is that they also meet American standards. So getting a job after graduating in China is relatively easy.

Tea Can Indicate Your Social Status


The national beverage of this country is tea because of its health benefits, soothing properties, and aroma. Chinese also use tea for understanding a person’s social status. The way you drink this beverage is one of the ways to indicate your social status.

Another way tea represents your social status is through the brand that you are using. It is the standard culture to offer tea to guests in China to make them feel welcome at your home

Discovering More Fun Facts About China

These are some of the top facts about China. The country is a growing superpower that has a significant impact on the global scene. There is plenty more to discover in this vast nation, and it would take weeks, if not years to get a glimpse of the whole country.

Be sure to visit the country yourself to find out more interesting facts about China.  From the one-child policy to the growing economy and great universities, there is plenty to learn from this fascinating place! You can visit high peaks, outdoor elevators, and many fascinating attractions in China.



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