25 Interesting And Fun Facts About Japan

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Japan has become one of the top technological hubs worldwide, but it was not always this way. Traditions, customs, and ancient gods used to rule this land but now they co-exist with technology. There are many interesting facts about Japan throughout its years of evolution and change. before you visit.

They will give you a glimpse into life and culture in Japan while ensuring you can have new experiences when you visit. Here are some fun facts about Japan to know before making a trip.

Japanese Culture Facts

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Japan is its culture. It is guided by ancient traditions and customers along with the incorporation of modern life. Here are the key facts about Japanese culture you must know.

People Are Not Afraid To Dine Alone


Japan is also known as the solo dining capital worldwide. The reason for this is because of the decreasing population along with an increase in single-person households. If you feel awkward about dining alone, this place will change your perception. And if you like solo traveling and dining, then you will have a lot of fun eating out in Japan.

People Follow Shinto And Buddhism


The two main faiths of the country include Buddhism and Shinto. Japanese people also practice these religions simultaneously. There are estimates that around 80% of the population follows Shinto rituals to some extent as they worship spirits and ancestors at public shrines and altars.

It Is Not Normal To Wear Shoes Indoors


Whenever you are in an indoor area, be sure to remove your shoes. That is because Japanese culture dictates it is polite to remove shoes before going inside. If you don’t, this can be taken as a sign of disrespect. It is best to watch what locals do and follow the culture, particularly in places of worship.

Bowing Is A Sign Of Respect


Bowing is an important greeting, and this is one of the Japan facts everyone should know. Japanese people also work hard to perfect the bow. Besides that, depth is also important, as a lower bow means more respect.

Fun And Interesting Japanese Facts

There are many fascinating facts about Japan that you have probably never heard before. These make the country what it is and will enhance your traveling experience. So, here are some Japan fun facts for you.

Train Pushers Are A Real Thing During Rush Hours

Yes, train pushers are a real thing in Japan, especially during rush hours. That is because sometimes the trains in Japan get very crowded. Because of this, the railway staff is also employed to push all the passengers inside so that everyone can fit in.

It is one of things Tokyo is famous for since the capital city is the most populated city in the world. The bustling metropolis is also a business hub, you can only imagine what the human traffic is like during peak hours.

Gambling Is Illegal, But People Can Play Pachinko


While gambling is illegal in Japan, there is a loophole that allows people to gamble and win money with ease. The loophole is known as pachinko which enables players to try their luck and win money. Even tourists can play pachinko, take the chance to try it out when you are in Japan. However, practice good financial thinking and don’t get addicted.

The Country Has The Oldest Construction Company Worldwide

The oldest construction company in the world exists in Japan, and it is known as Kongo Gumi. The company was established in 578 AD and it specializes in constructing shrines and temples. An immigrant found the company, as he was commissioned by Prince Shotoko to build a Buddhist temple.

Male Geishas Came Before Females


It is a common misconception among people that the first geishas in Japan were females; they were actually men. They are known as houkan and taikomochi. Two decades after the male geishas came, the female geishas outnumbered them, and you can still visit geishas here.

Facts About Japan For Kids

All kids should have some info about Japan because it is one of the top countries in the world. If you want to provide kids with Japanese trivia, you are in the right place. Here are some interesting facts about Japan for kids to get them to learn more.

The Country Has The Most Vending Machines In The World


There are more than five million vending machines in Japan, which means there is one vending machine for every twenty-four people. The best part is that these machines stock everything. These include flowers, umbrellas, ramen, sake, batteries, and much more.

You can get all sorts of peculiar and convenient things from vending machines in Japan. It is always fun to take a peek at what a vending machine offers when you pass by one.

Video Games Are A Major Industry


Japan has always led the world in terms of technology, especially in the gaming industry. That is because Nintendo arcade and classic Saga games were created in Japan. Besides that, even some of the biggest games for PlayStation 2, such as Resident Evil and Final Fantasy were created in Japan.

Manga And Anime Are Highly Popular


Manga and anime are highly popular in Japan, and manga is much more popular. As you visit, you will find many manga shops, and they will be flooded with people at all times. These two things are an important part of Japanese culture, and you will not escape their influence no matter where you are in the country.

One of the exciting facts about Tokyo for anime fans is the existence of an anime hub – Akihabara. It’s a district featuring all things electronic and anime.

Facts About Japanese Food

The food of any country represents the land, culture, and people. Because of this, it is crucial to know the various facts about Japanese food that make the country unique.

Fortune Cookies Originated In Japan


The origin of fortune cookies lies in Japan. That is because a few centuries ago, many small family bakeries began making these cookies by hand near a temple outside Kyoto. Ever since then, fortune cookies have become an important part of the food culture in Japan.

Sushi Was A Means Of Preservation


Many people don’t know these facts about Japan, but Sushi was originally created as a means of preservation. Fermented rice was utilized to store fish for a year.

The process was known as narezushi, and when people wanted to consume the fish, they used to throw the rice away once its purpose had been fulfilled.

Never Stick Chopsticks In The Food


An important food etiquette you should know about Japanese culture is that you should never stick chopsticks into your food. That is because if you stick chopsticks upright like this, it resembles the incense when praying.

Such an act is traditionally done at funerals, which is why you must never do this at any food establishment in the country. It will be seen as a sign of disrespect.

Japan Ranks Second Behind France For Having The Most Michelin Star Restaurants

Japanese food is incredible, and you will know this because it ranks second behind France in having the most Michelin-star restaurants. There are more than 400 restaurants that have earned a Michelin star here.

Of course, you are unlikely to visit them all, but be sure to visit some of them to understand the best of what Japanese food has to offer.

Japan History Facts

Japan has a long and rich history that includes ancient traditions and customs. These have been an important part of the culture and you can still the reflections of it today. Here are some Japan history facts that will help you understand how the past of the country has shaped the present.

Japan Used To Have An Isolationist Foreign Policy For 265 Years

Japan used to have an isolationist foreign policy known as Sakoku. During this time, the relations and trade between Japan and the rest of the world were incredibly limited. The policy and this period lasted for 265 years in the Edo period.

The good thing about this policy was that there was little influence from outside cultures, which meant Japan created its unique culture. Many things came out of this isolation period, which include painting, architecture, sculpture, tea ceremonies, sumo wrestling, and much more.

The Traditions Are An Important Part Of The History

The ancient traditions are an important part of history because they also dictate the present state of the country. Some of the most important traditions include tea ceremonies, bonenkai parties, public sleeping, and much more. It is crucial to respect these traditions when you visit the country as a tourist.

In 1860, Over 70 Samurai Visited The USA


Over 70 Samurai visited New York in 1860, and this is perhaps one of the strangest events in history. That is because 76 samurai took a diplomatic tour of the USA. This happened when the Edo period was ending and Japan was not that isolated any more.

Keep in mind that this was an official delegation and visiting samurais had also become popular in the US. There were also songs and theater performances about them in the US.

Japan Geography Facts

The geography of any country dictates the various landscapes and places you can visit. Japan has some incredible landscapes and natural beauty that you must not miss while you are in the country.

Here are some geographical facts about Japan that will help you understand what the country has to offer.

There Are Close to 7,000 Islands In Japan


There are around 6,852 islands in the country. The four main islands of the country include Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu, and Hokkaido. Besides that, there are also four thousand smaller islands in the country.

Keep in mind that these islands were originally attached to Asia’s eastern coast. However, tectonic activity caused them to split, which created the Sea of Japan around fifteen million years ago.

Mount Fuji Is The Highest Point In Japan


4/5th of Japan is covered in mountains, and the highest point is Mount Fuji, which comes to 12,338ft. The mountain is also considered sacred by many people. It is known for its beautiful conical shape and you will find shrines and temples all around the volcano.

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Japan, and you can see photos of the landscape in many postcards.

Weird Facts About Japan

There are some peculiar and unique things that you will find only in Japan. Here are some of the weird facts about Japan you need to know.

Japan Has A Huge Rent-A-Family Industry

Yes, people can hire families for rent in Japan. For example, people that don’t have many relatives can hire a mother, grandson, husband, and much more. You can hire them as actors for social events such as parties or weddings.

When You Are Born In Japan, You Are One Year Old

Many people don’t know this about Japanese culture, but you are one year old when you are born in Japan. This is known as kazoedoshi. However, this system was made obsolete in the 1900s.

Close to 700 Kids Were Rushed To Hospitals In Japan In The Late 90s

There is a Pokémon episode that has been banned in Japan because it sent 700 children into a seizure. This is probably one of the more mysterious and weirder facts about Japan.

These children were rushed to the hospital as they were suffering from irritated eyes, vomiting, convulsions, and much more. This took place just thirty minutes after the episode aired, and this is an important event in the history of Japan.

Ever since then, the cartoon industry has been careful about the kind of episodes they produce. It is safe to say that everyone avoids the technique used in this specific Pokémon episode.

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Other Cool Japan Facts

The Flag Has Been In Use Since The 14th Century


Here is an interesting fact about Japan’s flag that makes it unique. The rising sun flag in Japan has been used as a national and traditional symbol since the Edo era. The white stands for integrity and purity while the red stands for warmth, brightness, and sincerity.

Baseball Is A Highly Popular Sport


Baseball was imported from the US in the 19th century, and it has become the national sport of Japan. Even primary schools have baseball teams and competitions. Besides that, the high school teams are incredibly competitive and fierce.

Discovering More Interesting Japanese Facts

These are just some of the fun facts about Japan that are both important and surprising to know. It is one of the most interesting countries that combine technology and tradition. Nothing beats a trip to the land of the rising sun yourself. There is so much to experience and you can uncover lots more interesting facts about Japan.



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