20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Malaysia [Explained]

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Malaysia is known for many things; some of the famous attractions include the Petronas twin towers and Batu caves. However, there is much more to this incredible country than what just meets the eye when you look at it on the internet. Here are some interesting and fun facts about Malaysia to learn about this South East Asia gem.

Historical Facts About Malaysia

Malaysia is a relatively young country compared to many others. However, its history still has many fascinating instances and events that will blow your mind. Here are some great Malaysian history facts.

There Was A Contest To Design The Flag


The contest to design the flag was held when the Federation of Malaysia was replaced by the Malayan Union. A 29-year-old architect, Mohamad Hamzah, designed it, and he won this contest in 1963. He worked on two designs in a span of two weeks, and one of them became the Malaysian flag you see today.

The Old Name Of Malaysia Was Aurea Chersonesus


Malaysia was not always called Malaysia, as it used to be known as Aurea Chersonesus. This translates to the peninsula of gold, and Plotemy gave this name to Malaysia in his book Geographia. He wrote the book in 150AD, and it is one of the old names of Malaysia that you will not hear anymore.

The Sultanate Of Kedah Is One Of The Oldest Sultanates

One of the oldest sultanates in the world is the Sultanate of Kedah. It was established on the Malay Peninsula in AD 1136. You will find it in… you guessed it…Malaysia! Best of all, it is open for public to visit.

Cultural Facts About Malaysia

The culture of Malaysia is reflected by the food, people, architecture, and everything else that is part of this beautiful place. Because of this, it is important to understand the various Malaysia culture facts that make up the country.

It Is One Of The Top Multicultural Countries In Southeast Asia

Malaysia is the hub of many cultures throughout Southeast Asia, as people from all over the world live here. The best part about the country is that no matter what your background is, people learned to live and get along with each other despite cultural differences. The top three races you will find in Malaysia include Malays, Indians, and Chinese.

Caning Is A Form Of Punishment By Law

Yes, this might sound ancient, but caning is still a form of punishment by law in Malaysia. The maximum number of caning strokes that one can order is 24. Besides that, boys under ten and men over 50 years can’t go through this punishment unless they are guilty of rape.

Nasi Lemak Is The Most Important Dish In Malaysia


Malay food incorporates many elements that you might not find in other cuisines. One of the most important and famous dishes in Malaysia include Nasi Lemak. This is a dish that contains fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and then served wrapped inside a banana lead.

If that already sounds delicious, you are in for a treat. Malaysian food is incredibly tasty and diverse, this is in no small credit to the mix of cultures here. Be sure to try some of the iconic foods in Malaysia when you visit.

Pregnant Women Are Not Supposed To Kill Or Tie Anything


Pregnant women are not allowed to kill or tie anything because it is believed to bring birthmarks or deformities to the newborn baby. Besides that, it is also thought best that women should refrain from watching anything scary or ugly while they are pregnant.

Of course, these are part of the superstitions that such things will affect the baby.

Interesting Facts About Malaysia For Kids

Help kids to learn more about this country through fun Malaysia trivia. Here are some interesting facts about Malaysia for kids that are easy to remember and will boost their knowledge.

The Country Is A Major Exporter Of Tropical Fruits


One of the top exports of Malaysia is tropical fruits that bless the country throughout the year. A good portion of these fruits is exported to other countries because of their abundance.

Some of the top tropical fruits this country exports include papaya, mangos, dragon fruit, lychee, and much more. If you are from another continent, some of these might sound unfamiliar. But trust us when we say they are worth hunting down for a taste.

It Is The Home Of The World’s Largest Flower


Malaysia is home to some of the most beautiful flower species in the world. One of the most unique flowers in the world also grows in Malaysia. The flower is produced by a plant called Rafflesia Arnoldii which; due to its pungent smell, is more commonly known as the Corpse Lily.

Another extraordinary thing about the Corpse Lily is that it is the largest flower in the world which can sometimes grow over 3 ft. tall.

The Locals Use “Lah” In Almost Every Sentence

If you have ever talked to Malaysians, you might have noticed that they use the word “lah” quite commonly at the end of sentences.

The word is used as an exclamation, as people use it to exaggerate a statement. So, if you also want to exaggerate something you want to say, you can always use the word lah.

Useful Malaysia Facts For Travelers

If you are traveling to Malaysia soon, here are Malaysia fun facts for travelers:

It Is Home To The Tallest Twin Buildings Worldwide


The Petronas Towers is the tallest twin building in the world. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most famous landmarks in Malaysia.

The impressive structure stands at more than 1,400 feet, and it used to be the tallest building worldwide. Although that is not the case anymore, it is still the tallest twin building.

It Has 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. These include the Gunung Mulu National Park, Kinabalu Park, Melaka, and George Town, and the Archaeological Heritage of the Lenggong Valley.

Make sure that you visit at least one or two of these sites when you get the opportunity. From rich local culture to beautiful nature, these sites provide a glimpse of what Malaysia has to offer.

Mount Kinabalu Is The Highest Point And Is Considered To Be Sacred


The highest point in Malaysia is Mount Kinabalu, and it is also considered to be sacred to the Kadazan Dusun people. These people believe that when they pass away, the soul travels upwards to the creator, but they wait on the peak for emancipation. If you are hiking the peak, you should do it with respect.

The Largest Cave Chamber In The World Is In Malaysia


The Sarawak Cave Chamber in Malaysia is a unique cave formation located within Gunung Mulu National Park. It is the biggest single cave chamber in the world, measuring approximately 600 meters long, 415 meters wide, and 80 meters high.

The chamber is filled with stunning stalagmite and stalactite formations that glisten due to their calcite deposits. Many of these impressive formations are lit up with colored lights, making for an amazing sight to behold. It truly is one of nature’s most captivating wonders!

Common Facts About Malaysia

Here are some general Malaysian facts that is good to know before visiting.

Ethnic Malays Only Make Up Half Of The Population

Malays only make up half of the population. The rest of the population consists of Indians, Chinese, and other indigenous groups in the region.

The Name Of The Currency Means Jagged

Ringgit is the national currency of Malaysia, and it means jagged. This is in reference to the jagged edges of the Spanish silver dollar. These were used back in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Third Largest Island In The World Is Also In Malaysia


Borneo Island is the third-largest island worldwide, and you will find it in Malaysia. Three other countries share this island. This includes Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Other Interesting Facts About Malaysia

Here are some other fun facts about Malaysia to know about

Jimmy Choo Was Born In Malaysia

Jimmy Choo was born in Malaysia, and you will find a lot of street art inspired by Jimmy Choo throughout Penang. That is because he was born to a family of shoemakers that resided in Penang.

The Locals Love Drinking Pulled Tea


Pulled tea is also known as teh tarik, and people love drinking it. The tea is thrown from one cup to another without spilling, almost as if the person is pulling the tea. It is similar to milk tea, you will find it in many eateries and restaurants within the country.

Some Of The Buildings In Malaysia Call The 4th Flour 3A

You will notice that some of the buildings in Malaysia call the fourth floor 3A. That is because the sound of the number four resembles the sound of death in Chinese. Some buildings even omit the level altogether. Don’t be shocked if you notice that there is no fourth floor in some buildings in Malaysia.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Malaysia

These are just some of the interesting facts about Malaysia that make the Asian country interesting. The country is incredibly diverse when it comes to landscapes and attractions which is why many people visit it every year.

From cultural neighborhoods and delicious food to rugged mountains and beautiful coastlines, be sure to check out the country yourself and uncover more fascinating facts about Malaysia.



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