20 Interesting And Fun Facts About The Philippines [Explained]

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The Philippines is a popular country for tourists across the world because of its various islands and beautiful scenery. You can visit the nation to enjoy a family trip or a romantic getaway with your partner. Of course, knowing some facts about the Philippines will help you plan better and make the most of the trip.

If you want to find out more about this Asian paradise, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the fun Philippines facts to learn about.

Historical Facts About The Philippines

Sitting in the middle of South East Asia, the country has experienced its fair share of interesting stories. Here are some facts about the Philippines’ history to increase your knowledge.

The Country Had A LGBTQ+ Political Party


Ang Ladlad was the first LGBTQ+ political party in the Philippines. It was founded in 2003 to fight for the rights of all queer communities. This country was the first nation to have a political party for the LGBTQ+ community.

However, due to a lack of funding and the voting rules of 2016, the party was disqualified from elections. Of course, this does not negate the fact that the Philippines made history by including the LGBTQ+ community in politics.

It Is Home To The First Basketball League Of Asia


NBA is the top basketball league across the globe because of its championships and popularity. Meanwhile, the Philippines is home to the first basketball league in Asia, which also produces many good players.

Many people consider this league worthy to watch because of the skilled players and hype in the Philippines. This is why you may find a lot of locals playing basketball in the country.

Positioning Of The Philippines Flag Show The Country’s War Status


This is one of the interesting facts about the Philippines flag. The country’s flag can tell you whether it is at war or maintaining peace. This is determined by the way the flag is flown. When the country is at peace, the flag will have a blue strip on top of the red.

Conversely, if the country is at war the red stripe will be on the top. So you can easily find out whether the nation is safe for traveling or not through this pattern.

Boracay Closed In 2018 Because Of Tourist Overflow

A trip to any country should always be done responsibly. Boracay, along with many other beach destinations in Asia, has always been a major tourist location. However, it was closed in 2018 for six months due to an overflow of people and trash.

Environmental consideration is increasingly a concern for government and tourism boards. Be sure to practice ethical and responsible behavior when visiting.


Cultural Facts About the Philippines

Knowing some facts about Filipino culture gives you insights into the people and local traditions.

The Only Christian Country In Southeast Asia


One of the fun facts about the Philippines’ history is that it is the only country in Southeast Asia that predominantly follows Christianity.

The primary Asian regions mainly believe in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism. That is why people mistake the Philippines to follow one of these religions.

However, the country has deviated from the norm and most people in this nation are Catholics. This religion has a major influence on various offerings in the Philippines.

Jollibee Is The McDonald’s For Filipinos

Jollibee is the primary fast food chain in the Philippines, which is considered at the same level as McDonald’s. The restaurant serves burgers with bacon and pineapple, tuna pie, and much more.

Filipinos prefer to visit Jollibee instead of Mcdonald’s because the chain allows them to enjoy their cuisine better. If you want to enjoy Filipino fast food when visiting the country, give Jollibee a try for a more local version.

There are also many delicious street foods in Philippines that makes for a fulfiling and quick meal.

13 Is An Unlucky Number


A fun trivia about the Philippines is that 13 is considered an unlucky number in the country. The fear of this number started because of religious reasons. Jesus shared his bread with 12 apostles and the 13th person in the room who got a piece was Judas.

Judas betrayed Christ later in Christianity. Since this is the predominant religion in the country, people tend to also avoid the digit 13. Many buildings in the country do not have 13 floors because of this superstition.

Filipino Cuisine Is Developed From Various Cultures


One of the cool facts about the Philippines’ culture is that its cuisine is derived from various other cultures. The dishes you will encounter in the country are mixed. However, many people can agree that Adobo is the favorite Filipino dish of most locals.

This stew of pork or chicken is mainly made with soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, and pepper corn. Spanish culture has influenced Filipino cuisine significantly.


It Is Called The World’s Texting Capital


Social media is the primary source of communication in the Philippines. The nation is called World’s Texting Capital because of the number of texts that have been sent out of this country.

On average, Filipinos send 400 million texts daily, which increases the total to up to 142 billion messages yearly.

Interesting Facts About the Philippines For Kids                      

Here are fun facts about the Philippines for kids to help them learn more about the country.

There Are Chocolate Hills In the Philippines


Chocolate hills in the Philippines are common topics in Filipino trivia because of their popularity. They are located in Bohol, forming mounds of grass that resemble the shape of Hershey’s Kisses. Of course, remember these hills do not contain any chocolate.

The primary reason behind their name is that the hills turn brown during the dry season. So they look like chocolates, getting them their official name.

Schooling Is Mandatory For Kids Above 12

One of the facts about the Filipino education system is that it has made high-school education compulsory for all students. Kids of age 12 and above must go to school to obey the law.

The rule is loved by various people across the globe because education is a basic right of every child. Of course, not all countries allow their young ones to receive a quality education.

The Country Has 500 Bird Species


The Philippines is known for being the home to 500 bird species. What’s interesting is that most of these birds are not found in other parts of the world. If you’re interested in these creatures, the Philippines is the top place to visit for seeing and learning more about birds.

Fun Philippines Facts For Travelers

When traveling in the country, these are some useful facts about the Philippines to know.

The Philippines Is The World’s Second-Largest Archipelago


The country is home to more than 7,000 known islands, making it the second-largest archipelago in the world. This is second only to Indonesia, which also sits in the same region.

The Philippines have gotten this status because it has more islands than towns. This is why there are many opportunities for a fun vacation in this nation.


The Philippines Has The Largest Underground River

Many people visit the Philippines because of its cultural history of famous water bodies. In fact, this nation is home to the largest underground river. It is located in Puerta Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

The river is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An excellent thing is that you can explore the cave systems of the river. There are many famous landmarks in the Philippines that will amaze you.

Jeepneys Are Used For Transportation

Many Asian countries use tuk-tuks for transportation. They are common in the Philippines, but the primary mode of traveling in this country is through Jeepneys. These cars are designed in vibrant colors and can hold up to 20 people.

Many travelers like to transport from one place to another through Jeepneys to blend in the local Filipino culture. Of course, you must keep your valuables in zipped bags or pockets to avoid getting robbed by pickpockets.

3 Out Of The 10 Largest Shopping Malls Of The World Are In the Philippines

One of the fun facts about the Philippines is that the locals love shopping malls. This is why some of the largest shopping centers across the globe are situated in the Philippines. Many tourists visit them to get fashion accessories, handicrafts, and much more.

Typhoons Occur In the Philippines Annually


One of the important facts about the Philippines to know as a traveler is the typhoon season. The country experiences harsh weather conditions every year because of its proximity to the sea. This is why typhoons occur annually in this country.

These natural disasters wreak havoc and destroy important structures. If you are planning to visit coastal areas, you want to avoid the typhoon season which occurs mainly in August and September.

Other Fun Facts About The Philippines

It Is The Largest Supplier Of Nurses


The country is the largest supplier of nurses worldwide. Many women who graduate as nurses in this nation migrate overseas for work. The nursing education program in this country also provides high-quality education that meets American standards.

Filipinos Are Very Polite

A common fact about Filipinos is that they are very polite to tourists. The locals mainly use “sir” for referring to male travelers. The friendly behavior encourages more people to revisit the country every year.

Filipinos Have 3 To 4 Meals Daily

Most countries have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many people also skip the morning meal due to a lack of time. However, in the Philippines, three to four meals are consumed daily. Remember snacking is not counted in these meals.

If you are a traveling foodie, this is one country where you can indulge in different cuisines and have a legit excuse to do so. There are plenty of delicious Pinoy food in the Philippines waiting to be discovered.

Discovering More Fun Facts About The Philippines

These are just some of the interesting Philippines facts to know, and there are plenty more that can be discovered by visiting this beautiful country. The Philippines is a nation full of fascinating people and cultures.

The country is a major tourist attraction because of its beaches, islands, outdoor activities, and indoor offerings. A trip to the Asian paradise will also allow you to learn more hidden facts about the Philippines that only the locals can tell.



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