15 Interesting And Fun Facts About Warsaw, Poland [Explained]

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Poland is famous for its cool capital, which has suffered a lot in the past. Warsaw is also Poland’s largest city. You can learn many great Warsaw facts by touring museums, old ruins, and many more here.

You can also explore the Polish capital on guided tours. If you want to learn a few extra things before your trip, you don’t have to look far. Here are our top facts about Poland’s capital city.

Historical Facts About Warsaw

Warsaw Is Also Called The ‘Phoenix City’

One of the interesting facts about Warsaw is how World War II left more than 85% of its historic center destroyed. The war razed many important structures, including the Old Town Market, the Royal Castle, townhouses, and the city walls. 

After the war, the locals started a campaign to reconstruct the Old Town. It took five years to bring the historic center back to its former glory. Warsaw gained the nickname “Phoenix City” because of this remarkable rebuilding effort. 

The Tallest Building Of The European Union Is In Warsaw

You can discover many more Warsaw facts by visiting some of the tallest buildings in the city. The Varso Tower was completed in 2022 and enjoys a great height of 310 meters (1,017 feet). It is the tallest building in Poland and the European Union.

The building has 53 storeys, an observation deck, and rooftop dining. So, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city while savoring a sumptuous meal. 

The First Female Nobel Prize Recipient Was Born Here

Marie Curie was a Polish scientist who was born in Warsaw in 1867. She mainly conducted research on radioactivity and won a Nobel Prize for discovering polonium and radium. Both of these elements are highly radioactive with no stable isotopes.

Curie is also famous for her research on radium that contributed to cancer treatment. Her valuable work opened the way for many more scientific discoveries later on.

Cultural Facts About Warsaw

14% Of The City Is Woodlands

One of the fun facts about Warsaw is that it’s a greener city than most people would expect. About 38,544 (over 95,000) hectares of forest area surround Warsaw. There are also more than 1,400 plant species that you can discover in the city.

With over 80 parks, Warsaw offers tons of options. One of the most impressive landmarks in Poland, Łazienki Park is the largest in the area. If you want to visit something similar to America’s Central Park, then head to the Pole Mokotowskie Park.

Kotlet Schabowy Is Warsaw’s Main Dish

Kotlet schabowy is a famous Polish food, which is made using pork chops. The meat is covered with egg and breadcrumbs for easy frying. It is mainly served with beetroot or mashed potatoes.

The culinary history of this traditional dish dates back to the 19th century. Many food tours in Warsaw will teach you interesting facts about this delicious meal.

Warsaw’s Old Town Is A UNESCO Heritage Site

Some cultural Warsaw facts will reveal tidbits about the city’s turbulent history. The city’s Old Town dates all the way back to the 13th century and is now a UNESCO site.

The Old Town gained UNESCO Heritage status in 1980 after much of it was rebuilt to overcome damage caused by Nazi troops.

Simple Facts About Warsaw For Kids

Mermaids Are A Symbol Of This City

One of the best things to do in Warsaw is to check out all the cool statues of the Mermaid of Warsaw. This symbol appeared for the first time in a 1400 document. It also graces the city’s coat of arms. 

You can visit the Mermaid Monument in Powiśle, a neighbourhood in Warsaw, to learn more about the symbol’s history. This statue was also the last statue that was installed in Warsaw before World War II. Another mermaid statue can be found in the market in Old Town.

There Is A Royal Residence In Warsaw

The Royal Castle is a state museum and national historical monument that allows you to learn more about the city’s art culture and fascinating history. You can also browse and admire original paintings and other exhibits.

The castle served as a royal residence in the past. Along with the throne, you’ll be able to view all the royal apartments to get an insightful glimpse into Warsaw’s royal history.

The Palace Of Culture And Science Is An Excellent Place

The Palace of Culture and Science is a 237-meter (nearly 8 feet) tall building. It is the second-tallest building in Warsaw and in all of Poland.

The site has many theaters, cinemas, libraries, and more to offer a memorable visiting experience. Many sculptures that represent the old culture of the city can be seen around the building.

The World’s Narrowest House Is In Warsaw

One of the facts about Warsaw ghetto is that its buildings have set various records. For instance, Keret House is the narrowest house in the world. It is only 152 cm (around 5 feet) at its widest point.

The art installation is open to the public. However, its patron chooses who can get to stay there temporarily.

Useful Warsaw Facts For Travelers

The City Experiences Long Congested Periods

Travel time can be up to 89% longer in the morning from all the traffic congestion. The city has poor road infrastructure, which is why it can take hours to get from one place to another.

The Best Way to Get Around Is By Foot

Due to Warsaw’s traffic congestion issues, walking is the easiest way to get around. Traveling by bus and cabs can also be expensive due to the different rates.

Saxon Palace Was A Distinctive Building In Warsaw

Saxon Palace was a beautiful landmark that was destroyed by German forces. It has not been rebuilt as of yet. Fortunately, the government has plans to reconstruct the palace by 2030.

Szczęśliwicka Hill Is A Popular Attraction That Was Artificially Created

Szczęśliwicka Hill is a skiing point that attracts many visitors every year. Not only is it the highest hill in Warsaw, at 152 meters (499 feet) above sea level, but it has also been created artificially.

Warsaw Is A Haven For Vegan Travelers

It’s not always easy to find vegan options when you travel, but Warsaw is different. Here, you’ll find plenty of choices not only in terms of food but in your other needs as well. The center of all the vegan action is in Southern Downtown (Śródmieście Południowe).

Vegan food offerings range from burgers and pastries to sushi and ramen to seafood and dessert. If you tire of restaurant fare, there are also wholefood coops and cafes as well as a fully vegan grocery store. There’s even a vegan wine shop, shoe store, and nail salons. It’s truly a vegan traveler’s paradise.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Warsaw

These are all of our fun facts about Warsaw, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can learn so much more when you visit Warsaw for yourself. Explore historical buildings and go on food tours to see this amazing city with a whole new perspective.



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