25 Famous Irish Landmarks Of Ireland To Visit

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Ireland is a land steeped in history and culture. From its ancient monuments to its modern buildings, landmarks of Ireland offer a window into understanding more about this unique country.

Whether you are interested in geeking out on history or immersing yourself in stunning nature, Ireland has something to offer. Here are some popular and famous landmarks in Ireland that you can check out. These can serve as guides in planning your trip and see what intrigues you.

Most Famous landmark in Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher is one of the most popular landmarks in Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are arguably the most famous landmarks in Ireland. They are located in County Clare, on the west coast of Ireland.

The Cliffs of Moher are estimated to have formed over 320 million years ago. The cliffs are 214 meters (702 feet) high and stretch for about 14 kilometers (nine miles).

It is not surprising that you can get stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. This is one key reason why they are such a popular tourist destination, attracting hordes of visitors each year.

In addition to sightseeing, there are many other activities that you can enjoy at the cliffs. You can go for a walk or hike on the trails that run along the cliffs, catch more great views at O’Brien’s Tower or take a guided tour.

There is also a visitor center where you can learn more about the history and geology of the cliffs.

Dublin, Ireland Landmarks

As the capital city with years of history, and the most touristic city in Ireland, Dublin is home to many of the most famous landmarks in Ireland.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle is a beautiful and imposing structure gracing the city of Dublin.

The castle was originally built in the 12th century by the Anglo-Normans as a strategic fortification to control the local population. Dublin castle has been rebuilt and expanded over the centuries, and today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dublin.

The castle is open to visitors year-round and features several interesting historical exhibits, including a replica of the Irish Crown Jewels.

There is also a great view of Dublin from the battlements of the castle. You can find the castle in the heart of Dublin. It is within easy walking distance of all the major tourist attractions and landmarks in the city.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

The St Patrick Cathedral in Dublin is an impressive religious landmark in Ireland

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the tallest church in Ireland, and one of the most famous religious landmarks of Ireland.

The cathedral was first built in 1191, but the current structure was constructed in the mid-1800s. The cathedral is known for its beautiful architecture and stunning stained glass windows.

It’s also home to the famous Whispering Gallery, where you can hear a whisper from across the room.

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

The Guinness Storehouse is a famous landmark in Ireland that was originally built as a fermentation plant for the Guinness Brewery in 1904.

It was designed by Arthur J. Scott, who is also responsible for the Dublin General Post Office, another famous landmark in Ireland.

The Storehouse was closed down in 1988 and it wasn’t until 1997 that it was reopened as a tourist attraction. Today, it offers visitors a chance to learn about the brewing process and the history of Guinness. There is also a bar on the top floor with some of the best views of Dublin.

When it comes to beers, it is not surprising that this is one of the most famous landmarks in Ireland for tourists. The Guinness Storehouse attracts over a million visitors each year.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

Kilmainham Gaol is a former prison in Kilmainham, Dublin that serves as a museum today.

Many famous Irish revolutionaries were imprisoned and executed in Kilmainham Gaol, including Robert Emmet, Charles Stewart Parnell, Thomas Clarke, Padraig Pearse, and James Connolly.

The jail has also held many leaders of the Easter Rising, including Patrick Pearse and Joseph Plunkett. It was also used to imprison British soldiers during the Irish War of Independence.

This is one of the landmarks in Ireland with a darker history but gives you a glimpse of the hisotry of conflicts in Ireland.

Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College is a world renowned institution and a proud landmark of Ireland

Trinity College is a famed and renowned university in Dublin. It was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592.

The college has a rich history and boasts many famous alumni, including Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. Trinity College is the oldest university in Ireland and one of the oldest in Europe.

It is also one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The campus is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit for any traveler to Dublin. This is certainly one of the proudest landmarks of Ireland.

Rathfarnham Castle and Gardens

The Rathfarnham Castle is a 16th century historic castle in Rathfarnham, Dublin. After passing through different ownerships throughout the years, the castle is a National Monument today. This historic landmark in Ireland is a Heritage Site since 1991.

The gardens at Rathfarnham Castle are among the most beautiful in Ireland. They were originally laid out in the 17th century and have been restored to their original glory. The gardens include a walled garden, an orchard, a rose garden, and a water garden. There are also several walking trails through the gardens.

The castle is in Rathfarnham, a suburb of Dublin. It is on the banks of the River Dodder and surrounded by parkland. The nearest train station is Rathfarnham Train Station.

County Kerry, Ireland Landmarks

The Ring of Kerry


The Ring of Kerry is an area in the southwestern tip of Ireland. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and landmarks.

The Ring of Kerry was originally a horse-riding route used by the military. It is now a popular tourist attraction, with visitors coming to see the stunning views and landmarks of Ireland.

Some of the most famous Irish landmarks in the Ring of Kerry include the Gap of Dunloe, Ross Castle, and Muckross House.

The area is also home to many beaches, such as Inch Beach and Rossbeigh Beach. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as hiking, cycling, and horse riding.

Many tour operators offer tours of the Ring of Kerry, which makes it easy for visitors to explore the area. The Ring of Kerry is in County Kerry, close to the city of Killarney.

Torc Waterfall

Ireland is home to many beautiful natural landmarks

Torc Waterfall is one of the most popular natural landmarks of Ireland. The waterfall is situated close to Killarney National Park and falls from a height of over 100 feet.

You can walk to the bottom of the waterfall or take a short hike to see it from above. Torc Waterfall is an impressive sight and certainly worth a visit.

Carrauntoohil, Kerry


Carrauntoohil is the highest mountain in Ireland. It is located in County Kerry, Ireland. The mountain is 1,041 meters (3,415 feet) high.

Carrauntoohil was formed as a result of an extinct volcano, and the mountain is part of the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks range.

The beautiful landscape with green hills and valleys makes this a popular spot for nature lovers. Hiking, climbing, and camping are all popular activities at Carrauntoohil.

The Devil’s Ladder Trail is the most common trek that hikers like to do. The views are the summit are just spectacular.

Skellig Islands, Kerry


The Skellig Islands are located off the coast of County Kerry in southwest Ireland. The islands are world-famous for their rugged beauty and for being one of the filming locations for the popular Star Wars movie series.

The main island, Skellig Michael, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to a monastery that was founded in the seventh century.

The monastery is perched on the edge of a cliff and offers stunning views of the surrounding ocean. Visitors can reach Skellig Michael by boat from the town of Portmagee or by helicopter from nearby Kerry Airport.

Other Famous Landmarks of Ireland

Cahir Castle, Tipperary

Cahir Castle in County Tipperary, Ireland is a well-preserved and restored medieval castle that was built in the 13th century.

This is one of the largest castles in Ireland and has been well preserved due to its use as a military barracks up until the 19th century.

The castle features a wide range of interesting architecture, including a keep, a curtain wall, a hall, towers, and a chapel. it is open to visitors year-round and offers guided tours of the facilities.

The nearest city is Cashel, which is about a 15-minute drive away from the castle. Admission into the castle costs €12 for adults and €11 for students. There is also a family ticket that costs €36 and includes admission for two adults and three children.


Rock of Cashel, Tipperary


The Rock of Cashel, also known as St. Patrick’s Rock, is a historic site in Cashel, County Tipperary. It is one of the most popular tourist landmarks in the country.

The Rock of Cashel is an old fortress that was once the seat of the Kings of Munster. The structure dates back to the 12th century, and there are many interesting historical and archaeological features to be seen here.

For visitors, there is also a museum on-site with exhibits on medieval life and Irish history. The Rock of Cashel is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm (8 pm in summer), and admission costs €7 for adults and €4 for children.

It is about 30km south of Cork City, and you can get there by car or bus.

Newgrange, Meath

Newgrange is an ancient monument in Ireland that is older than the pyramids of Egypt. It is a 5,000-year-old megalithic passage tomb located in County Meath.

The mound was constructed in 3200 BC making it older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza. The passage and chamber are illuminated by the winter solstice sun, and on the day of the winter solstice, the sun rises in line with the entrance of the tomb.

It is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations and prehistoric landmarks.

King John’s Castle, Limerick


King John’s Castle in Limerick Ireland is a popular tourist destination, though it has fallen into disrepair. The castle was built in 1200 by King John of England and was the site of many battles during the Irish Rebellion of 1641.

The castle is now open to the public for tours and has a museum on the history of the castle.

The Hill of Tara, Meath

The Hill of Tara is a Neolithic archaeological site in County Meath. It was home to the High Kings of Ireland for centuries and is said to be the birthplace of Irish kingship.

The site features a number of ancient landmarks in Ireland including the Mound of the Hostages, the Lia Fáil (Stone of Destiny), and Tara Brooch.

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, Clare


Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is a popular tourist destination in Ireland. The attraction is made up of Bunratty Castle and Bunratty Folk Park.

The castle was first built in the 14th century and has been restored several times. It is now open to the public as a hotel and tourist attraction.

The folk park is a recreated village from the 19th century with over 30 buildings that have been brought in from around Ireland. There is also a traditional farm, museum, petting zoo, and playground on the grounds.

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park are in Bunratty, County Clare. It is about a 20-minute drive from Shannon Airport.

Titanic Quarter, Belfast

The Titanic Quarter in Belfast, Ireland is a must-visit for any traveler.

The quarter is home to the famous and now-defunct RMS Titanic shipyard, as well as the luxurious Titanic Hotel.

The shipyard was where the RMS Titanic was built and launched in 1912, and today visitors can explore the restored buildings and learn about the shipyard’s history.

The Titanic Hotel is a modern luxury hotel that overlooks the shipyard and pays tribute to the RMS Titanic. The hotel has an indoor pool, spa, and fine dining restaurant.

Titanic Belfast is the world’s largest Titanic visitor attraction and it is located in the heart of the Titanic Quarter. The attraction tells the story of the RMS Titanic, from its construction to its fateful journey and sinking.

Visitors can explore the nine interactive galleries, ride in a replica of the doomed ship’s maiden voyage, and even walk on the wreckage.

Blarney Stone and Castle, Cork


The Blarney Stone is one of the most famous landmarks in Ireland. It is a magical stone in Blarney Castle in the town of Cork. According to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of gab.

The castle was built by Cormac Laidir MacCarthy, King of Desmond, in 1446. The Blarney Stone is located at the top of the castle tower. Visitors must climb over 100 steps to reach it.

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Dún Aonghasa, Galway

Dún Aonghasa is located on the island of Inishmore, one of the three Aran Islands off the coast of Galway, Ireland.

The ancient structure is a prehistoric fort from over 3,000 years ago. The fort features a stone wall surrounding it that is over three meters high in some places.

One of the key highlights of this Irish landmark is the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean as it sits on the edge of a cliff. The fort is open to the public and can be reached by a number of walking trails.

Natural Landmarks of Ireland

Ireland is a country to which many people are drawn. They come for the Irish culture and quaint towns scattered throughout the countryside. But they also come to see the natural landmarks of Ireland – those places that make Ireland unique in this world.

Giant’s Causeway, Antrim

The giant causeway is a stunning natural formation

The Giant’s Causeway is another famous Irish landmark in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It is made up of around 40,000 interlocking basalt columns created by an ancient volcanic eruption over 60 million years ago.

The basalt columns are an interesting sight to behold as they are a result of the lava cooling as it flowed over the water.

The Giant’s Causeway is also said to be where Irish giant, Finn McCool, built a causeway to Scotland so that he could fight the Scottish giant, Benandonner.

The Giant’s Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Ireland.

Benbulbin, Sligo

The Benbulbin mountain is one of the most popular landmarks in Sligo, Ireland, that is famous for its natural beauty.

The Benbulbin mountain consists of a series of tall cliffs that rise up to 1,722 feet and is part of the Dartry Mountains.

Its iconic flat top and grass-infested slopes are what make it stand out and earn it the name of “Table mountain”. The cliffs are a popular spot for hikers, and offer some amazing views of the surrounding countryside.

The Dun Bristé Sea Stack is a natural wonder in County Mayo, Ireland. It is a large stack of rocks that rise out of the Atlantic Ocean and can be seen from quite a distance away.

Dun Bristé Sea Stack, County Mayo

The sea stack stands firm and steady as a natural landmark of Ireland

The stack is made up of three large rocks, which are said to resemble a woman, man, and child. The stack has been around for centuries and is a popular tourist spot.

Glenveagh National Park

Glenveagh National Park is the second largest national park in Ireland. It was established in 1981 and covers an area of over 16,000 acres.

The park is made up of rugged mountains, glens (valleys), lakes, and forests. It is also home to many red deers. The deers were introduced to the park in the 1880s. Visitors to the park can go on several treks, including the Lough Veagh Circuit and the Glenveagh Ridge Walk.

Glenveagh National Park is also a popular place for birdwatching. You can find a number of rare birds in the park, including the Golden Eagle and the Peregrine Falcon.

In addition, Glenveagh National Park is also to monuments and historic landmarks.

The Glenveagh Castle is a major Irish landmark in Glenveagh National Park and is open to the public. The castle was built in the 1870s by John Adair.

The gardens at Glenveagh Castle are also open for visits. The beautiful gardens were designed by James Fraser and include a walled garden, rock garden, and herbaceous borders.

Slieve League Cliffs, Donegal

For some impressive coastal views, visit the Slieve Cliffs

The Slieve League Cliffs located in Donegal Ireland are one of the most popular landmarks in all of Ireland. These cliffs are a part of the Slieve League Mountain and rise 1800 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. The views from the top of these cliffs are some of the best in all of Europe and make for an unforgettable experience for visitors.

You can access the cliffs by a number of routes, but the most popular is from Teelin Village. The walk to the cliffs takes about an hour, but it is well worth it when you reach the top and get to take in the views.

Discovering Landmarks of Ireland

These are just some of the famous landmarks of Ireland, and there is much more to discover in a country with rich history and unique culture.

When visiting landmarks in Ireland, you are not only seeing beautiful and historical sites, but you are also getting a glimpse into the Irish culture and way of life.

These places offer travelers an opportunity to learn about the people who built them, the battles they fought, and the myths and legends that surround them.

Each landmark has its own story to tell, and by exploring the diverse sites throughout Ireland, you can get a well-rounded view of Irish history and culture.



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