10 Best Chocolates From Italy and Italian Chocolate Brands To Try

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When you think of Italian cuisine, you probably think of savory dishes like pasta or pizza. But, did you know that Italy is also known for their incredible Italian chocolate? They may not be as famous for their chocolates, but they should be! 

Once you get a taste of Italian chocolates, you will see just how much of a hidden gem the chocolate is. Most Italian chocolate is from the region of Piedmont, so many brands on this list hail from that region. 

There are plenty of chocolates from Italy that you may not be sure where to start. Here are some of the best Italian chocolate brands, so you can find which you like the best!

What Makes Italian Chocolates Special?

Each brand of Italian chocolate has their own unique taste. But, chocolates in Italy tend to be creamier and sweeter than other European chocolates. They also tend to be filled with nuts and dried fruit. At least you’ll feel a bit healthier after trying all the chocolates from Italy!

International Italian Chocolate Brands


No matter where you live, you have likely seen these bonbon chocolates delicately wrapped in gold foil. Ferrero chocolates have been loved not only for their looks, but for their delicious taste. From its crunchy outer layer to its creamy chocolate interior to its famous hazelnut in the center – what’s there not to love?  

Ferrero started producing chocolates in 1942 in the region of Piedmont, and has now grown into the world’s second-largest producer of chocolate! Though they have grown so much, the quality of this Italian chocolate has not dwindled. Buy a box of this elegant chocolate and share it with your closest friends and family!

The Italian chocolatier doesn’t only make the elegant Ferrero Rocher. But also makes Kinder Bueno! The classic milk chocolate bar has a thin, crispy layer of wafers followed by a delicate hazelnut filling. Though it sounds extravagant, it is gentle and light. Its unique shape makes it perfect for sharing with friends and family.


This Italian chocolatier is one of the most famous and popular chocolates in Italy. Caffarel originated in Turin all the way back in the 1800s. The rich chocolate is known for using local ingredients and classic chocolate-making techniques.

Even though Caffarel continues to make chocolates today, they still use these traditional methods. It gives the chocolate from Italy a classic taste and feels like a blast from the past. Its connection to the past has made Caffarel one of the most popular chocolate brands in Italy.

Cioccolato Venchi

Similar to Caffarel, Cioccolato Venchi is one of the oldest Italian chocolate brands. Created in the late 1800s, Cioccolato Venchi sells some of the best chocolates in Italy. From chocolate bars to pralines, there is a range of choices to try from this brand. Though there are many different chocolates to try, Cioccolato is most famous for their dark chocolate bars. They have the perfect balance of sweet and bitter that will leave you wanting more.

Their cacao comes from South America which gives the chocolate a rich and creamy taste. Many of their chocolates are filled with nuts like hazelnuts and almonds, even pistachio – all locally sourced! If you are not sure which chocolate to buy from this popular Italian chocolate brand, it’s best to get the variety pack. That way you can try many offerings at once!


Many of the chocolate brands on this list have been around for quite some time, but Domori is the exception. Domori is one of the youngest Italian chocolate brands, having only started in 1997. Another unique fact about Domori is that they uses powdered cocoa as a main ingredient in their chocolates. This gives their chocolate bars a stronger aroma and sweeter taste. 

These are well-loved chocolates in Italy, and will likely grow to be adored outside of Italy as well. Try their classic chocolate bars, or go for something more unique like their chocolate pistachio bars. Whichever you decide to buy, there’s no going wrong with Italian chocolate, Domori.


Similar to its name, Perugina comes from Perugia, Italy. Though it is now owned by Nestle, it was first a small Italian chocolatier. These days you can find Perugina in most supermarkets in Italy, or online. Though, this isn’t why they became famous. Perugina is actually known to be romantic chocolate in Italy and is usually given as a gift to a partner. 

This is all thanks to the Italian chocolate brand’s Baci line. The word “Baci,” means “kiss,” so the two things eventually became intertwined. Perugina has proudly taken this association and run with it. Now you can find love notes written inside the wrappers of each Baci, which your partner will surely love. If you’re not looking for all that romance, Perugina’s regular chocolate bars are just as delicious.

Artisanal Italian Chocolates in Italy

Baratti & Milano

The story of Baratti & Milano is pretty interesting. The now Italian chocolatier was first a cafe in Turin. As the cafe grew in popularity, Baratti & Milano decided to expand their selection of goods. One of those goods being chocolate! The locals fell in love with these chocolates from Italy, and the cafe has now transformed into a chocolate company! There is a large range of chocolates to choose from, but the classic chocolate bar is a great place to start.

If you love these chocolates after trying them, then you should check out the original cafe! Baratti & Milano still have a cafe and restaurant in the area of Turin that you can visit. It’s a great way to try the chocolate first hand.


Strega Alberti

Alberti is one of the few remaining family-owned Italian chocolatiers in the country, even though it’s been around for more than 150 years. Today, Alberti is a beloved Italian chocolate brand in Italy, but it started out as a liqueur producer. Specifically making Strega, a minty and fennel flavored alcohol. 

These days Alberti is known for its chocolates, but the chocolates from Italy still incorporate this liqueur into their chocolate recipes. So, each bite of Alberti chocolate has a hint of booziness. It is exquisitely decadent chocolate! Their famous treat is likely their bonbons, which are lovely bites of creamy chocolate infused with Strega. If you’re looking for unique Italian chocolate, then give Alberti a try.

Novi Cioccolato

Many Italian chocolate brands on this list are a bit on the expensive side, but Novi is an awesome and affordable brand. Their best chocolates are combined with hazelnuts, giving them a decadent and nutty flavor. Novi is smooth in texture and is delightfully sweet. These chocolates from Italy come in many different flavors, but definitely try Novi’s pralines. The small bites of chocolate are filled with nutty goodness that makes them highly addictive. 

 A variety pack of Novi chocolates is always a good choice as well. That way you can figure out which chocolate you like the best! Taste chocolates from Italy without having to break the bank.

Luxury Italian Chocolate Brands

Amedei Chocolate

Originating in 1990 in Tuscany, Amedei chocolate has become one of the most well-loved luxury chocolates in Italy. They are most known for their pralines which are made from their own cocoa beans! Though the brand is still growing, it will surely become larger on an international scale soon enough. Amedei chocolates are known for their high-quality ingredients which you can taste in each bite.

The best Amedei chocolate to try is their nine-blend chocolate bar. It contains nine different types of cocoa beans which gives it various layers of flavors that perfectly blend together. Try this Italian chocolate before others catch on!


Founded in Sicily, Sabadi Chocolates focus on making the region’s signature Modica chocolate. It has a crumbly texture but is sweeter and butterier in taste compared to Turin chocolates. This chocolate in Italy is a bit fancier than some of the others on the list, but the price is well worth it. If you are visiting Italy, you will likely find Sabadi in smaller chocolate boutiques over supermarkets. 

The Italian chocolatier is well known for their delicious flavors. Each flavored chocolate bar provides a different experience. From cinnamon to lemon, there is a unique range of Sabadi chocolates to try. Buy a variety pack and explore which chocolate flavor you enjoy best.

Indulging In Italian Chocolate In Italy

You’re probably craving some delicious chocolates after this! Some of these Italian chocolates are available online so you can try and see just how good their chocolate is.

However, nothing beats visiting in person. If you are traveling in Italy, make sure to give these Italian chocolates a try, and you will likely grow to fall in love with the chocolates in Italy.

Rather than only thinking of pasta when it comes to Italian cuisine, it’s time to think about chocolates as well. Their use of high-quality ingredients really shines through with each bite!



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