15 Famous Landmarks In Edmonton, Canada To Visit

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Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta in Canada. There are many interesting landmarks in Edmonton, but the most famous are those which hold both history and beauty. The city is celebrated largely for its nature, such as Fort Edmonton Park and Elk Island National Park.

Additionally, Edmonton landmarks are renowned because they not only showcase the attractions of the city but also encourage education on their heritage. You will find that the engaging museums and galleries in Edmonton demonstrate this.

Most Famous Landmark In Edmonton

Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park is a family-friendly and adventurous hotspot to visit with your loved ones. It is one of the Edmonton landmarks which is enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

The park is separated into five segments: the indigenous era, the 1846 fur trading era, the 1885 settlement era, the 1905 municipal era, and the 1920 metropolitan era. This way, you can explore and discover interesting facts about the history of Canada in an interactive, fun way.

Whilst it is educational to hear about the different perspectives, experiences, and cultures, there are also entertaining attractions for the little ones. This includes rides like the Ferris wheel and train ride.  

Historic hardware store at Fort Edmonton Park

Religious Landmarks In Edmonton 

St Josaphat Cathedral

St Josaphat is a Ukrainian Cathedral. Construction started in the early 1900s and was completed decades later. It has since been a major landmark in Edmonton.

The exterior is a scenic mixture of red brick and stone, complete with seven unique tall domes which can be seen from the surroundings. Similarly, the interior is filled with rich murals and paintings.

When you are done exploring the cathedral, there are several modern Edmonton landmarks nearby, including a theatre and shopping mall.

Natural Landmarks In Edmonton

Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park is the ideal place to go on a romantic stroll or take your children to exhaust some energy. The best landmarks in Edmonton are those where you can connect with nature, which you can easily spend all day doing here.

Bison, elk, beavers, and bears are just an excerpt of the wildlife here, in addition to greenery and fish. There are also hiking trails, ice skating, and canoes if you are interested in sporting activities.


Keillor Point

Keillor Point, also known as the End of The World, is an observation point on Saskatchewan Drive. Essentially, it is a viewing area where you can see multiple Edmonton landmarks and sites.

A landslide took place here in 2002, destroying a majority of the road. What’s left behind are lots of rubble and a few pillars. Nowadays, the area is safe as there are plenty of precautions taken, but daredevils still yearn to visit. The view is spectacular, overlooking the River Valley.


Historic Landmarks In Edmonton 

Alberta Legislation Building

The Alberta Legislation Building is a monumental building built over one century ago. It is designed in a Beaux-Arts style. This is demonstrated by the six main columns, balustrades, and cornices.

Additionally, it is home to several monuments in Edmonton. These include the Lois Home Memorial Garden and the Crowfoot Memorial. If you have time, you should consider taking the informative tour, whereby you can explore the building with a trained guide.


Rutherford House

The Rutherford House is a provincial historical house and museum. It is located at the University of Alberta. This Edmonton landmark is named after Alexander Rutherford, who was the first-ever premier of Alberta. He lived in this house for 30 years with his wife whilst governing the province.

As he studied law, there is also a scholarship in his name at the university. The Rutherford House is a great place to learn about the history of the house and its significance. There is also a gift shop and restaurant.

Famous Landmarks in Edmonton – Squares and Avenues 

Whyte Avenue

Whyte Avenue, known amongst the locals as 82 Avenue, is a large busy street in Strathcona. It is surrounded by Edmonton landmarks such as the Strathcona flea markets, the University of Edmonton, and more. If you are interested in shopping, this is the ideal hotspot.

The street is home to many different stores, from large chains to independently-owned businesses, so there are interests for everyone. This area is especially recommended if you are visiting with friends, as there are several contemporary nightclubs and bars.

Manchester Square

Manchester Square on 107 Avenue is one of the best landmarks in Edmonton to stroll around and lose yourself in. Whether you are looking to shop or simply wander, the large complex will leave you satisfied.

There are charming attractions such as a promenade, fountains, and more. Stores here are diverse and managed by friendly keepers, so you can enjoy browsing the businesses here. There are also a handful of local cafes and restaurants to consume a hearty meal after a long day of shopping!

Famous Landmarks In Edmonton – Museums And Galleries


Art Gallery of Alberta

The Art Gallery of Alberta is a museum with a distinct collection of art pieces. The gallery is well-established and has been around since 1924. Since then, thousands of pieces have been attained.

Despite this, the art on display here is a mixture of historical pieces and modern works. As a result, it is so popular with all generations.

Famous artists include Allen Ball and Marlene Creates. In addition to this, the gallery organized various events throughout the year. There are various talks, live performances, and temporary exhibitions depending on the themes at the time.

TELUS World of Science

TELUS World of Science is a science center helping to both educate and inspire children. With this being said, adults also find the activities interesting!

The complex hosts a variety of programs from South Pacific Adventures to the Mysteries of China. Like many landmarks in Edmonton, they aim to inform whilst encouraging fun during the exhibits.

The exhibits are not limited to science, yet also include history, geography, anthropology, and social studies. Furthermore, they range in difficulty levels. This means that there is an opportunity for everyone, of all ages, to learn.

Photo credit: sainaniritu/Depositphotos.com

Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum is a history museum. It is one of the biggest museums in Canada and is open from Wednesday to Sunday. The main reason the Royal Alberta Museum is one of the most popular landmarks in Edmonton is because of the diverse and enthralling collections on display.

If you are interested in biology, the botany and zoology exhibits may appeal to you best. On the other hand, indigenous studies or government history may be more exciting for history geeks. Either way, there is an exhibition for everyone to enjoy!

Famous Buildings In Edmonton


Commonwealth Stadium

The Commonwealth Stadium is a huge multi-purpose stadium. This is one of the most famous landmarks in Edmonton as it is home to the Edmonton Elks. Professional football is a popular sport here and treasured by the locals, so it is worth considering visiting.

In addition to this, there are various concerts and sporting events such as rugby and soccer. As the seating capacity is over 56,000, it is especially enjoyable if you are visiting with friends or family. There are food and drinks available at the venue.

Edmonton City Hall

Edmonton City Hall is a pivotal element of the landmarks in Edmonton. This is because it is historic, communal, and has an excellent design. Because of this, it stands out from other buildings and is worth visiting.

The main structure making it unique is the tall, glass pyramids projecting from the top of the hall, and the pillars in front of the entrance. The venue hosts a variety of events regularly, ranging from concerts to temporary displays.


Famous Monuments In Edmonton

Giant Baseball Bat

The Giant Baseball Bat on 118 Avenue is a 15-meter-tall aluminum baseball bat of monumental size. Until 2014, it was the biggest baseball bat statue in Canada, until it was overtaken by a newer bat in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The sculpture is symbolic of the long history of baseball in Edmonton, which they are proud of. Examples include the Edmonton Trappers, who no longer play, and the Edmonton Prospects.

Ksan Totem Pole

The Ksan Totem Pole is one of the most important monuments in Edmonton. It is located in front of the Royal Alberta Museum and stands 11 meters high.

The striking monument consists of a symbolic carving that shows appreciation to the indigenous people of Skeena, British Columbia. It is made of red cedar wood, and prints carving of different animals such as a human and a beaver.

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Discovering Famous Landmarks In Edmonton

The landmarks in Edmonton are diverse and offer plenty of opportunities to explore the city area. Some may prefer natural spots such as the Elk Island National Park, while others favor shopping on Whyte Avenue. Either way, there is a range of experiences for you to partake in based on your preferences.



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