20 Famous Landmarks In Montreal, Canada [Not To Miss]

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Montreal is located in Quebec, Canada. Landmarks in Montreal are known for their rich historical background and beautiful architecture. This includes McGill University, the Notre Dame Basilica, and more. Additionally, many Montreal landmarks are found close together in the squares and avenues. That is great news for visitors as you can access many interesting sites in one day!

Visiting Montreal Landmarks- Useful City Passes

Most Famous Landmark In Montreal

Old Montreal


Old Montreal is a beautiful neighborhood. Here, we can find several Montreal landmarks. For example, it houses the famous Notre Dame Basilica you should visit for its marvelous infrastructure. Additionally, there are museums that specialize in fine arts, innovative technology, astronomy, and sculptures.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in social activities, the nightlife is alive. Casinos, bars, and pubs are just a few examples of the wide array of events in Old Montreal. The cobblestone streets magnify just how old the neighborhood is, in contrast to the modern buildings.

Religious Landmarks In Montreal

Notre Dame Basilica


The Notre Dame Basilica is found in Old Montreal, another one of the famous landmarks in Montreal. It is popular largely due to its gothic revival architecture, which has a majestic and grand feel to it.

Although many artists worked on the design of the building, it is cohesive and reflects sophistication. This is due to the intricate altarpiece, winding staircases, and tall columns. The stained glass windows are another great example of this.

Aside from the beauty of the building, it is also famous worldwide. This is because it is the oldest Church in Montreal, and therefore worth visiting.  

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal


Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal is a Catholic Church. The basilica is an important religious and historical landmark of Montreal because it is classed as the biggest Church in the city!

It was built in 1904 but was enlarged at many points throughout history to become its size today.

 Currently, it stands at 63 meters and has a capacity for 1,000 people.

It is also worthwhile to note there are beautiful natural features nearby, such as nature reserves and gardens.

Natural Landmarks In Montreal

Mount Royal Park

Photo Credit: bakerjarvis/Depositphotos.com

Mount Royal Park is a huge park with many things to do. It is named after Mount Royal, the mountain part of Monteregian Hills. The park itself is a large expanse of greenery, cafes, and picnic areas. This is a great landmark in Montreal to visit with family.

Aside from the basics like walking and cycling, there are some special activities you can partake in. In the winter there is ice skating, whilst in the summer the lake is perfect for rowing. The viewpoint balcony is also important to mention, as you can see a panoramic view of the city.


Photo Credit: packshot/Depositphotos.com

If you are searching for a unique experience and making unforgettable memories, the biodome is the ideal place to visit.

Essentially, it is a large facility that houses various ecosystems under one roof. This includes animals from Tropical Rainforests, Labrador Coast, Laurentian Maple Forest, Sub-Antarctic islands, and St Lawrence.

Additionally, there are over 800 species of plant! Whether you are making the trip with friends, traveling solo, or taking your children, the biodome has an interest for everyone. Overall, it is one of the interesting landmarks in Montreal.

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden of Montreal is a large garden composed of different sections. You do not have to be heavily interested in plants to enjoy this attraction, as there are many areas of attraction that may entice your curiosity.

An interesting example is the toxic plants garden, where you can learn about dangerous flowers and their effect on the human body. There is also a food garden, which demonstrates how different cultures use plants. Overall, there are over 20 gardens to explore.  

Historical Landmarks In Montreal

Jacques Cartier Bridge


The Jacques Cartier Bridge crosses the famous Saint Lawrence River. Accordingly, it was built in memory of Jacques Cartier. Cartier was an explorer in the 1500s, who made several voyages throughout his lifetime.

His most significant achievement was being the first European to explore Canada. As a result, there are many landmarks in Montreal built in his honor. In addition to the bridge, there is a park, a river, and several monuments.  

Mcgill University

Whether you are thinking of applying to McGill or simply want to admire the grounds, it is a brilliant university to visit. Not only is it Canada’s oldest university, but it is extremely prestigious and holds lots of cultures.

Another impressive element is the scenery, as the tall buildings in combination with the large expanses of greenery can be distinctly recognized. Furthermore, the location of the university is in proximity to some of the best landmarks in Montreal. This includes the McCord Stuart Museum and Mont Royal Park.

Vieux Port


Vieux Port, also known as Old Port, is a collection of some of the top Montreal landmarks. Children especially love Vieux Port as there are captivating activities targeted for them. Examples include Sea Lions 3D, Clock Tower Beach, and even ziplining!

For adults, there are fine dining restaurants of dainty boutiques along the quay. Additionally, there are seasonal events ranging from festivals to boat shows, depending on the time you decide to visit. Some of the food tours in Montreal also visit this area to hunt down some of the top cuisines in Montreal.

Famous Landmarks In Montreal – Avenues, and squares

Le Plateau Montreal


Whilst many Montreal landmarks are specifically designed around tourism, Le Plateau is a more local and homely neighborhood. Immersing yourself in Canadian culture here is easy, as there are many independent stores and pieces of art to explore.

Each building is painted with distinct, cheery colors and the galleries are diverse, so there are lots to visit. Additionally, you should consider staying for lunch or dinner at the eateries. There are also microbreweries and distilleries.

Quartier des Festivals

Quartier des Festivals is a space that regularly hosts a wide array of events. This varies with season and time, therefore if you have been before, you can go again! The main reason it is so popular is due to the variety of entertainment available.

Often there are film festivals, but music is often played from several genres. Also, of all the landmarks in Montreal, it is the ideal place to visit alone. With so much atmosphere and buzz, there is so much to absorb!

Famous Landmarks In Montreal- Museums and Galleries

Museum of Fine Arts

Photo Credit: aetb/Depositphotos.com

The museum of fine arts, despite its name, is a museum of arts, history, science, and more. Like many Montreal landmarks, the museum was founded a long time ago, and therefore has a rich history. It was built in 1860 and has since then accumulated over 45,000 works.

The most significant paintings include Sirens by August Rodin and Young Girl With A Hat by August Renoir. If you are enticed by Picasso or Da Vinci, there are exhibits held for them too!

The museum is split into six important segments: international, modern, local, decorative, ethnocentric, and graphic. You can imagine there is plenty to explore.

McCord Stuart Museum

The McCord Stuart Museum is a poignant history museum, close to McGill University and nearby to other famous landmarks in Montreal. The main advantage is that exhibitions are temporary and therefore vary, so there is always something innovative to learn.

Generally speaking, the collections are made up of photography, textiles, paintings, and books. In contrast to other museums, the building is smaller and less busy, which is worth considering when traveling.

La Guilde

La Guilde is an art and history museum. The principles of the museum are primarily to display Inuit, First Nations, and Metis art to the public, and inform them of the culture behind the pieces.

The museum also serves as an art gallery, as you can buy select works which are appealing.

Both temporary and permanent exhibitions exist, allowing variety whilst upholding the core values of the museum. Additionally, there are often creative workshops and talks.

Famous Landmarks In Montreal- Buildings

Bell Centre

The Bell Centre is a large multi-purpose facility in Montreal. The driving factor for its popularity is the Montreal Canadiens, a prominent ice hockey team that loyal fans support. This makes it one of the most unique Montreal landmarks.

Due to the copious space of the stadium, the atmosphere is dynamic and unmatched. Although the main purpose of the venue is for games, there are many other attractions here. For example, there are five fine dining restaurants in the establishment where you can treat yourself to a luxurious meal.

There are also guided tours that you can take part in to better understand this iconic landmark in Montreal.

Place Ville Marie

Place Ville Marie is a 47-story skyscraper with a shopping complex and observation point. The observation point is the main attraction, where you can look out to see a panoramic view of the cityscape and the famous landmarks in Montreal.

This deck is on the last two floors of the building, and also features a restaurant with these magnificent views. Lower down, there is a shopping complex with many stores and boutiques. The complex also houses the headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada!

Olympic Stadium

Photo Credit: demerzel21/Depositphotos.com

The Olympic Stadium was built in 1976 so that it would hold the Summer Olympics of that year. At the time, it consisted of a stadium, pool, botanical garden, and boxing area. After the games had ceased, construction began again, so that more features could be added.

This now includes an observatory where you can see the skyline and enlarged stadium. It is famous for its characteristic circular shape, much like an ‘O’.

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Famous Monuments In Montreal

Maisonneuve Monument

The Maisonneuve monument was built in the late 1800s and therefore demonstrates the rich history associated with the best Montreal landmarks. The statue commemorates Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, the founder of Fort Ville-Marie which is now known as Montreal.

Of course, this makes it an important attraction in the city and is worth visiting for taking pictures. Whilst it serves little entertainment purpose, it is located in Old Montreal. This means that you can also visit other landmarks in Montreal which are nearby.

Mount Royal Cross

The Mount Royal Cross is located atop Mount Royal Mountain. It is one of the most prominent landmarks in Montreal as it can be seen from virtually every area in the nearby vicinity. This is due to its monumental height of 30 meters.

The cross itself has an interesting history, as it was designed by the order of Maisonneuve. This was done as he was praying, to reach God and earnestly plead for the flooding to cease. After you have visited this monument, you can stroll to Mount Royal Park or set up a picnic.

Sir George-Etienne Certier Monument

George-Etienne Certier was a Canadian politician who fought for Quebec into the Confederation. During his career, he made many significant modifications to the law which contributed to the greatness of Montreal today.

As a result, a monument was designed in his honor and erected in Mount Royal Park. The statue itself consists of Certier above four figures representing Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec. There are also two lions, a plaque, and other intricate designs.

Discovering Famous Landmarks In Montreal

There are a huge variety of landmarks in Montreal. Some are historical and hold cultural value, whilst others are fun and relaxing. All in all, you can find an activity for everyone.

Children may prefer the adventure of the Biodome or Mount Royal Park. On the other hand, the older generation is more able to appreciate the history of the Notre Dame Basilica and Museum of Fine Arts.



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