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When it comes to unique hotels in Lyon, the MOB Hotel is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive, and you can see why just from its exterior architecture. 

The visually striking building resembles a 3D printed bird nest and is hard to miss even though there are several aesthetically interesting structures in the area.


Situated near the iconic confluence where the Rhone and Saone river converge, the MOB Hotel is an interesting place to stay when visiting Lyon. 

Overall Hotel Vibes

The hotel has a creative and fun ambience throughout. From the setup to interior decoration, it has a unique personality that stands out. The staff adds to the overall theme with their cheerful attitude and friendly service, making it a vibrant place.


MOB hotel also organizes many events, particularly during the weekends. These are open to the general public, and some of them are even free to attend. Even if you are not staying here, this is a good venue to participate in some fun activities. 


Events can range from shows to workshops and even group sports activities like yoga and running. The hotel is typically bustling during the weekends, as is the surrounding area. This district is a cool hangout spot for locals. 

Master MOB Room

The Master MOB room is airy and spacious, with the capacity to fit a family. It does feel kind of homey; and for a single person, it even resembles a studio apartment, just without a kitchen.


The rustic concrete wall with the wide space makes the room feel sort of like a loft; it is well complemented by the colorful interior decor that gives off a bohemian vibe. With a fun boutique accommodation like MOB, you find interesting elements that you don’t typically see in your standard hotels. 


The room comes equipped with a double bed and two sofas, both which can comfortably serve as a bed. I would know, since I spent a good amount of time just lounging on both of these cushy spaces after exploring the city.

Similar to the living area, there is plenty of space in the bathroom. While it is simply decorated, you will find all the necessary amenities.

Photo Credit: Mob Hotel Lyon

There is no TV in the room, but instead there’s something even better; you actually get a projector screen which is perfect for a movie night if traveling with friends or family. The living room desk that comes with short colorful chairs are great for families with kids. 

Photo Credit: Mob Hotel Lyon

There’s even a full size fridge standing at the corner which I don’t think I’ve ever encountered in any hotel room.

Despite visiting during winter, my favorite part still had to be the outdoor balcony which showcases a refreshing river view. There are two doors which lead out to the balcony; that indicates how big the room is.


Remote Work Features

Hotel WiFi


The confluence hotel boasts a stable wifi with 50+/10+ download and upload speed, which is more than sufficient for most day-to-day work.


Since the room is big with more furniture than your regular room, there are several options for working within the room. There are three desks in total around the room with varying sizes. And also a huge sofa which you can lounge and work on. 


I spent most of my time on the sofa when in the room, doing some casual work. But my favorite working area in the hotel would actually be the restaurant/bar.


The hotel has a spacious restaurant/bar which is beautifully decorated. At one corner is a nice library area, and there are tables here which you can work from. 


With the large, full length windows, the space receives a good amount of sunlight giving it an energetic feel.

And in the evenings, the bar really gives off the vibes with the fireplace lit up, and the warm, dim lighting. If you like background ambient noises while you work, this is actually a good place to grab a drink, listen to some music while you get productive.

And of course, it’s a great spot to unwind and relax if you don’t want to head out to the city. 


Co-working Space

In addition, the hotel does have a paid co-working space/room that comes with its own mini pantry of snacks and coffee. It is open to both hotel guests and the public, and costs around €15/€35 for the day, depending on the package.

Hotel Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast at the confluence hotel will certainly satisfy the sweet tooth. While they do have the usual cold cuts and cheese, what stood out were the added variety of cakes, pies, cookies and muffins in addition to bread and croissant.


You also get to boil your own eggs to your preference, and customize your own muesli bowl. There are a variety of fresh fruits that add to the healthy breakfast options. And of course, there is the usual selection of juices, coffee and tea available. 

One of the best things about the restaurant is that it gets a lot of natural light in the day. It’s nice to have a view of the river and park while enjoying a morning meal.


Fitness Facilities

While there is no gym in the hotel, the area in which the hotel is located is great for exercising outdoors. The riverside is a beautiful spot to run or cycle along and you will see many locals doing so. 


In addition, right next to the bus station/car park nearby, there is a fitness corner which is good for calisthenics and other workouts. 

The Confluence Mall also has both your regular gym and a climbing gym. While these businesses might change/move, I expect there will always be fitness facilities in this district due to its modern nature and the resident demographic that it will attract.

Hotel Location – La Confluence


That said, the location of the hotel is particularly interesting, especially if you’ve never visited Lyon and are just looking on Google maps. It is situated in the La Confluence district that might seem rather off course from the city center.

However, this is actually an up and coming district that the city is developing into an innovation and new tech hub. It’s a growing and modern part of the city with a very interesting architectural landscape. You can find a variety of amenities, restaurants and shops at the Confluence Mall near the hotel.


Some of the key highlights in the area are the riverfront by the hotel, and the Musee de Confluences located right across the road. As the most visited museum in France, outside Paris, a trip to Musee de Confluences is definitely one of the main things to do in Lyon.

This area is also a popular spot among locals during the weekends. You will see families coming out to enjoy the riverside, the park and the museum. 


Therefore, the district is relatively well connected with frequent transportation. I recommend getting the Lyon City Card that covers the city public transport network, making it convenient to travel around. 

A Hotel With Personality


The MOB Hotel was an enjoyable place to stay in Lyon that’s full of character. The creative, fun vibe and friendly staff made it a lively and vibrant accommodation.

While it’s not in the city center, the La Confluence neighborhood has its own share of gems to discover.

If you want something a bit different from a standard chain hotel, with a fun bohemian vibe and a lot of personality, the MOB is definitely an option to consider when traveling in Lyon.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of MOB Hotel Lyon and Lyon Tourism Office. All opinions are my own.


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