5 Best Mongolian Desserts And Sweets You Have To Try

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While Mongolian desserts are not as well known as the traditional Mongolian main dishes, they also reflect the nation’s traditions and culture. Through the delicious desserts in Mongolia, you will get a glimpse of the geography and customs of the country.

The fact that Mongolia is a nomadic country also influenced the local cuisine. As a good population of Mongolians are nomadic herders, there is a lot of food comprising dairy products and red meat. 

What’s Special About Mongolia Desserts? 

Desserts in Mongolia usually consist of animal fats and dairy products. Poppy seeds are also a significant part of Mongolian sweets. There are rarely any vegetables or fruits used in recipes except apples. 

In Mongolia, desserts are usually prepared at home with ingredients from family farms. These delectable treats are served after dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are some of the best Mongolian desserts that you can try in the country.

Most Famous Mongolian Dessert

Aaruul (Curd Cheese)


Mongolia desserts are known for a variety of dairy product options. Aaruul is also one such Mongolian sweet, and it is prepared through a meticulous process. 

These traditional Mongolian desserts are made from boiled yogurt. The resultant is a curd with high nutritional value. You can consume lots of proteins and calcium while enjoying this Mongolian delicacy. 

The dessert has a sour taste, making it an acquired taste for some people. Therefore, some places add more sugar and vanilla to give it a sweeter hint. Despite its sour and unique flavor profile, aaruul is a healthy food. 

Puddings For Mongolian Dessert

Mongolian Rice Pudding 


Mongolian rice pudding is a popular dessert with an unbeatable taste. It was brought to the country by Central Asian settlers years ago. Now, it has become a crowd-pleaser in the largest landlocked country.

Rice pudding is one of the famous Mongolian sweets made from rice, sugar, dry fruits, and milk. The rice boiled in the milk along with almonds gives a tasty treat with a thick texture. 

These Mongolian desserts are a winter delicacy to enjoy on cold days after dinner. It is rich and creamy with a slight sweetness, and best served slightly warm. 

Khailmag (Caramelized Clotted Cream)

Similar to other Mongolian sweets, Khailmag is also a unique item. It is one of the delicious staple Mongolian desserts that has remained a favorite amongst locals. 

Some people said it tastes similar to creme Brulee with a thicker and rough texture. Overall, the heavenly treat is sweet and savory. The caramelized rum, sugar, and flour create a divine combination in your mouth. 

Most people like to enjoy it with their loved ones during special events. You can order it after having a hearty meal from any restaurant. Enjoy it like pudding with a small spoon.

Cakes For Mongolian Desserts

Ui Boov (Shoe Sole Cake)

Ui Boov is a unique traditional Mongolian cake with a distinct appearance. These Mongolian desserts always remain a significant part of celebrations such as Tsagaan Sar. You will know why it is known as shoe sole cake when you see it.

The towering dessert includes layers of fried cake one after the other. It is made from sheep fat to give it a smooth texture. On the top, the tower is crowned with sugar, wrapped candies, aaruul, and sweet hard cheese. 

Ui boov feels soft on the palate. This tasty treat melts in your mouth easily, and you can enjoy it on its own or with any warm drinks.

Cookies In Mongolian Desserts

Boortsog (Butter Cookies)


Boortsog is a delicious butter cookie from Mongolia similar to doughnuts. These Mongolian desserts are served as a sweet treat and can be enjoyed with tea. Although it is a holiday snack, you can find it in almost every season. 

Like other cookies, it is made with flour, milk, yeast, egg, butter, and other spices. When consumed, they feel like thick and fluffy Mongolian pastries. 

You can enjoy this popular fried Mongolian food with the sweetness of honey. It also goes well with sugar, jam, or butter. Boortsog is also a perfect dessert after having a heavy meat dish. 

Discovering Delicious Mongolian Desserts

Traditional Mongolian desserts are very satisfying and tempting. The sweets consist of dairy products and meats, which depict the Mongolian lifestyle. Even if you see a lot of influence from other countries, there is still a unique local touch in all Mongolian desserts. 



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