20 Best Travel Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

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Finding gifts for outdoorsy women does not have to be hard. There are tons of practical and fun gift options that many women would love to receive. The best outdoor gifts for women don’t take up a lot of space in her car or camper and have very practical uses. There are gifts that are necessary for safety, for organization, or just to make her trip feel a lot more like a home away from home.

Here are the top 20 gifts for outdoorsy women in your life.

Gifts for Outdoors Life Comfort

Whether they stay in a camper, van, or even a tent, here are some gifts that will make the space feel like a home away from home.

Shower Steamer

This is great for a woman with a shower in her camper, or someone just likes to be rejuvenated when she comes home. Aromatherapy shower steamer tablets release essential oils that let you unwind and feel relaxed.

Organization Cube

It is very helpful to have an organization pack to help carry toiletries in one spot. And they are compact, so they’re perfect for a small space! 

Portable Bidet

We all go to the bathroom, might as well enjoy it when you’re camping! Any outdoorsy woman would love to have a portable bidet that she can discreetly hook onto her backpack and take with her and she adventures outside.

Quick Dry Towel

Quick dry towels are not only more convenient for those using shared bathroom spaces. But, they are also known for being more compact and easier to stow away when not being used.

Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

Running on a battery or USB plug, having a sleeping bag liner that heats her up means spending less on electricity setups. Plus, this is great for that person who is always asking to turn the heat up!

Satellite Radio

You never hope that a woman in your life who is adventurous will need to use a satellite radio on a hike. But sometimes accidents happen and gifting a satellite radio that can be used to contact help will give you peace of mind as she heads to more remote places.

Biodegradable Soap

Your outdoors woman is probably mindful of the environment that she is visiting on her adventures. For that reason, gifting her with biodegradable soap is an excellent way for her to have clean hands and be friendly to the environment.

Cooking Utility Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Being on the road means having to adjust some things we’re used to. Here are some gifts that will make any outdoorsy kitchen feel like the one at home:

Coffee Press

You can expect an outdoorsy woman to go without her coffee! A coffee press that is also an insulated mug limits how many dishes you dirty in the morning and keeps you gong throughout the day.

Collapsible Items

When traveling in a compact home, you don’t want to have anything that will take up too much space. That’s why collapsible measuring cups, bowls, and cups are very convenient gifts for outdoor women.

Chocolate Bars

When isn’t there a good time to treat yourself to a chocolate bar? Chocolate bars that are guilt free–gluten free and vegan–are a great treat after a long day hiking or getting to your campsite.

Freeze Dried Meals

The expectation of freeze dried meals has been elevated. It is now easy to find full courses of meals that just need hot water added. And they taste amazing too!


Boiling water for meals or tea and coffee is a lot easy when you’re using a Jetboil. It boils water in less than two minutes and comes with a measuring cup and bowl.

Water Purifying Bottle

It is safe practice to get used to having a water bottle gets all of the bacteria out close by in case you can’t find purified water to buy. And you’re limited how many one time use plastics you’re using by having a convenient water bottle close by.

Gifts for Outdoor Entertainment

Whether it be a fireside game night or hiking the next trail, these are outdoor gifts for women that will be a home run.

Wine Tumbler

Sit by the fire at the end of the day and sip on a well-deserved drink from an insulated mug. These sturdy tumblers can handle being used on the go, and a lid keeps pesky bugs out.

Portable Campfire

Sure, there may have a fire pit at a campsite. But having a small, portable campfire keeps the excitement and adventure of camping going when you’re somewhere else.

Multiweather Headbands

Sometimes, tying your hair back won’t cut. Having access to a headband keeps your outdoorsy woman happy as she won’t have hair in her eyes. And in the winter, it can help her ears brace the cold winds.

A Durable Backpack

Backpack designers have been building backpacks that specifically fit women’s frames. A great gifts for the outdoors woman is a backpack that has plenty of organizational space, ventilation, and padded straps for her next trip.

Camping Slippers

It isn’t the best feeling to be stuck wearing hiking boots when back at camp. Having cozy camping slippers with the right sole lets her be comfortable while she relaxes by the fire.

Hiking Leggings

These leggings are different than other ones that your outdoorsy woman may have. They have SPF 50 built in so she doesn’t have to worry about her legs getting burned on sunny hikes.


Getting a hammock that can be stowed in a compact travel bag can make or break a trip. It is a great way to relax after a long hike and easy to put together on her own.

Portable Speaker

Music is always an awesome addition! A waterproof speaker that connects to your phone via Bluetooth is great for campsites or when you’re going on hikes.

Picnic Kit

A picnic kit is one of the fun camper van gifts if you’re shopping for someone who also enjoys light hiking. The kits come with everything you’d need–place settings for four, plastic cups, and a blanket all in a waterproof basket.

If the person you’re shopping for typically goes on longer hikes, there are similar picnic kits that come in a backpack. This can be more convenient for longer distances.

Gifts for Outdoors Women

Whether she is a long weekend camper or someone who pitches a tent in the middle of nowhere, the outdoorsy women in your life will love any of these practical and fun gifts when they travel!



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