10 Best Pizza Tours In Chicago For Pizza Fans [2023]

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Chicago is known for its amazing architecture, dynamic music scene, and iconic neighborhoods. The city also has a bubbling food scene, including some of the world’s best deep-dish pizza. One of the best ways to explore them is through the vibrant pizza tour in Chicago.

Leverage the wealth of knowledge of your local guide and revel in the history and culture of the city while sampling different types of pizzas. From crust, toppings, and sauce, you get to enjoy a dynamic food journey while experiencing one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

These are some of the best pizza tours in Chicago to experience the signature food in Chicago.

Best Chicago Pizza Tour [πŸ…Top Pick]

Chicago Pizza Tour By Coach

Photo Credit: Chicago Pizza Tour, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (300+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

How about this for an exciting pizza tour in Chicago? It’s no secret that deep-dish pizza is an important part of the city culture, but that is not the only style of pizza that thrives in Chicago.

Your knowledgeable guide walks you through and educates you about the thought behind the baking and ingredient selection process as you sample some of the best pizzas in Chicago from historic pizzerias.

In addition, you get to tour the neighborhoods of Chicago in a relaxing manner while learning about the culture.

We had a blast, ate way too much, and were pleasantly surprised by some of the flavors of pizza offered. I would highly recommend this tour for any one visiting the city or even those who live here, you won’t be disappointed.

Kristy (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of The Chicago Pizza Tour By Coach:

  • Free transport tour by a mini-coach. 
  • 4 to 5 stops where you savor some of the best pizza slices in Chicago.
  • A decent group of travelers with a maximum of 20 people.
  • A friendly and professional guide telling you about the history of Chicago’s historic pizzas.

Chicago Pizza Tour On Bus

Saturday Chicago Pizza History And Tasting Bus Tour

Photo Credit: Pizza City USA Tours, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

This is one of the best food tours in Chicago, focusing on sampling some of Chicago’s best and most popular pizza dishes. Foodies will enjoy this tour as you sample at least four of the ten different pizzas Chicago is known for.

If you have yet to conclude which city has the best pizza, whether New York or Chicago, this is the tour for you.

This tour promises a lot of fun and is tailored based on the award-winning book, β€œPizza City, USA.” Beyond sampling different varieties of pizza and learning about all ten pizza types from your guide, you gain exclusive access to the pizza kitchen on your tour.

Getting to meet the business owners and hear their stories and passion for pizza was an extra special treat. Learning interesting facts about Chicago on the bus ride was great as well. All four pizzas were delicious and different styles. Highly recommend this tour!

Rhonda (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of The Chicago Pizza History And Tasting Bus Tour:

  • Enjoy live commentary as you travel on the Pizza Bus.
  • Learn about Chicago’s food culture while on this tour.
  • Options available for vegetarians.
  • A maximum number of 24 people per tour group.
  • Round-trip as the tour ends at the designated place where it began.

Walking Pizza Tours In Chicago

Downtown Chicago Walking Pizza Tour

Photo Credit: Chicago Pizza Tour, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 2.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

If you want to explore some of the most iconic dishes in Chicago, this downtown Chicago walking pizza tour is one to consider. On this tour, you will experience the local Chicago pizza culture.

With a small group that allows close access to your guide, you can ask questions and learn more about pizza and other fun food tours in Chicago. You have different styles of pizza available for you to sample; you will want to watch out for the grandma-style and Roman-style pizza, which offers a new dimension to enjoying your pizza.

Me and my husband were so impressed with the information that Jon knew about pizzas. Cheese, sauce, the dough. He gave information how each pizzeria was created, and so interesting to hear about each one. We loved the variety of pizza he takes you to. We were in Chicago eating pizza that was recommended to us, but where he took us was hidden gems, way better then where everyone says you have to try. Loved the tour. Soo worth it!!!

Sara (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of This Downtown Chicago Walking Pizza Tour:

  • 2 to 3 stops and pizza tasting at different pizzerias.
  • A small group of a maximum of 16 people.
  • Walk through the River North.
  • Good commentary from a knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Chicago West Loop Pizza Crawl

Photo Credit: Pizza City USA Tours, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

West Loop is one of the dynamic districts in Chicago with an established culinary scene, and of course, pizzas are part of it.

Revel in the Pizza culture of Chicago by embarking on this tour de force of all the pizza styles in Chicago. With a fun and likable guide leading you with insightful commentary about all these dishes, there is a lot of excitement for pizza fans on this tour.

You also have the luxury of sampling four different styles of pizzas off the ten that Chicago is famous for while enjoying some of the most interesting stories about Chicago’s culinary history.

We not only learned about the different types of pizza, but we also learned how it’s made and we learned a bit about the history of the restaurants we were going to. Come with a big appetite and remember it’s a marathon not a sprint! Don’t fill up too early!

Jessica (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of The Chicago West Loop Pizza Crawl:

  • Taste at least 4 different types of Chicago-style pizza.
  • Journey through different neighborhoods in Chicago.
  • A maximum number of 16 people per group.

Chicago Bucktown-Wicker Park Pizza Crawl

Photo Credit: Pizza City USA Tours, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

This Chicago Pizza tour takes you through the vibrant and hip neighborhoods of Bucktown and Wicker Park where you get to immerse yourself in the area’s history and culinary culture.

Designed by an award-winning food journalist, “James Bear,” you get other specs beyond deep-dish pizza as you enjoy a bounty of pizza Chicago has to offer. You might even get a chance to speak with some of the masterful chefs behind the tasty dishes you are sampling.

Our Tour Guide Mike was amazing- knowledgeable, engaging and just a delight. Being from New York, it was fun and informative learning about the evolution of pizza and also noteworthy facts about Chicago. This tour is not just about Pizza!

Anita (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Chicago Bucktown-Wicker Park Pizza Crawl:

  • Meet with Chefs and learn some of Chicago’s culinary traditions.
  • Sample different pizza slices at four of the best local loved pizzerias.
  • If you have any dietary preferences, you can inform them beforehand, and your preference will be catered to. 

Popular Chicago Food Tours With Deep Dish Pizza

If you are looking to try the signature deep-dish pizza, but also other iconic dishes in the city there are several fantastic Chicago food tours to check out. These are some of the most popular.

Chicago Food, History, and Architecture Walking Tour

Photo Credit: Intrepid Urban Adventures, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (500+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

If you are about to embark on a compact sightseeing and food tour in Chicago, this is an excellent choice. This tour gives you a comprehensive overview of the city and what it’s known for, from food to side attractions.

You start your tour at the Chicago Theatre and walk your way through to Chicago Pedway (a classic network of underground tunnels locals use to commute). Enjoy the beautiful scenery while you taste some popular foods Chicago is known for.

Skyscrapers, Tiffany’s, mosaics, art deco, wrought iron facades, The L, The Bean, deep dish pizza, a Chicago dog, Italian beef, mint chocolates, and cheesy caramel corn. Whether hungry for trivia, sights, or comestibles, this was a fast way to fill you up. Guide even provided gear for the weather.

Maria (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Chicago Food, History, And Architecture Walking Tour:

  • 5-7 stops where you sample different foods at historic sites in Chicago.
  • Revel in some amazing architectural and historical buildings along Chicago Riverwalk.
  • A small group with a maximum of 10 participants.
  • Reliability and flexibility, you can get a full refund when you cancel 24 hours in advance. 

Chicago Favorites Ultimate Food & Walking Tour

Photo Credit: Bobby’s Bike Hike, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (800+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

This ultimate food tour avails you the opportunity to explore some of the iconic dishes of Chicago. It ranks as one of the best travel food tours since 2002.

You enjoy a cozy tour with your guide while walking through downtown Chicago and visiting some of the city’s landmarks, including Millennium Park.

Sample some tasty Chicago foods like deep-dish pizza, pastries, hot dogs, and chocolate. Walking and covering a decent area of around 2.4km is good and helps elevate fitness levels.

Really great tour led by a humorous and charismatic guide. Great way to meet folks from all over, see Chicago’s downtown area and learn a bit more about its history along with eating some delicious classic Chicago dishes.

Cesar (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Chicago Favorites Ultimate Food And Walking Tour:

  • 6+ stops and tasting of different iconic Chicago dishes.
  • Walk through the city while feasting your eyes on some amazing landmarks like Millennium Park and the Chicago River.
  • Learn the history of Chicago from your local fun and interesting guide.
  • A decent group of a maximum of 16 people.

Chicago Walking Food Tour

Photo Credit: Secret Food Tours, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (360+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 3 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Explore the vibrant food scene in Chicago with a small group while uncovering several gastronomical gems and listening to your tour guide’s historical stories about the city.

You also enjoy tales of how immigrants unitedly built the city and its dynamic food scene, giving rise to some of the iconic dishes Chicago is known for. There is a lot to savor, from dipped Italian beef sandwiches to deep-dish pizza. There is even a special treat that you will only find out about on your tour.

The food was great, the guide was great, the tour was great! This was my first food tour and I would definitely do one again! I liked that we saw sights and learned about the city in addition to food sampling. The guide was knowledgeable and the food samples were delicious…

LauraM (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Chicago Walking Food Tour:

  • Secret special dish at the end of the tour.
  • Learn interesting tales of how the city and its food scene were built. 
  • A decent group with a maximum of 12 people.
  • Sampling some iconic Chicago dishes. 
  • Sightseeing some renowned architectural landmarks Chicago is known for.

Chicago’s Signature Dishes Bike Tour

Photo Credit: Bobby’s Bike Hike, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (480+ reviews) | ⏳ Tour Duration: 4 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

How about this for a fun food tour in Chicago? It’s not often that you get to experience a tour while riding a bicycle and sampling some amazing foods.
Cupcakes, craft beer, Chicago dogs, and deep-dish pizza are items you can enjoy on this food tour in Chicago.

Covering a total area of around 20+km with an experienced and professional guide walking you through, you get to enjoy iconic dishes, learn the city’s history, and also burn off those calories.
With visits to certain renowned Chicago landmarks and stops at a downtown bakery, breweries, and pizza shops, you are literally in for a ride.

I absolutely loved the evening bike tour. The food was amazing, our group was amazing, and Paul was an excellent guide that knew a lot about the history of Chicago and it’s iconic foods. I am definitely looking forward to going back. Now I want to do all the tours! LOL

Shauna (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Chicago’s Signature Dishes Bike Tour:

  • Bike tour covering major Chicago neighborhoods.
  • 20+ stops where you sample different foods and sightsee different landmarks.
  • Learn cultural and historical facts from your native guide.
  • Small group with a maximum of 16 people.

Chicago Signature Dishes Bike Tour

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Cooking Class

Photo Credit: Traveling Spoon, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | ⏳ Tour Duration: 1.5 Hours | πŸ˜‹ BOOK NOW

Can’t travel? No problem, Chicago-style deep-dish pizza cooking class offers a unique experience for everyone who wants to learn how to make Chicago-style pizza from anywhere in the world.

This package allows you to enjoy a private online cooking class where you learn how to make Chicago-style Nancy recipe deep dish pizza from the comfort of your home.

With a topping of cheese and chunky tomato sauce, you are in for a treat. This is a fun way to experience Chicago’s famed native pizza virtually.

Loved the recipe & private class! We are going to make this many times! Instructor was so fun! Not intimidating at all!

Shonda (More Reviews)

πŸ‘ Highlights Of Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Cooking Class:

  • Learn how to make traditional Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.
  • Private one-on-one cooking class with a dedicated Chicago native tutor.
  • Flexible and reliable, you can cancel at least 24 hours before the class.
  • You can customize your class to suit your dietary preference. 

What To Expect In Chicago Pizza Tours?

Although Chicago is most known for their deep-dish pizzas, that is not the only style of pizza on offer. The pizza tours in Chicago are great ways to uncover the rest of them which are fully capable of carrying their own weight.

Depending on the tour, the mode of transportation might be different. Bike tours and walking tours are very common. These often require a certain basic level of fitness. Others move from point to point on a bus or coach, and they are often more relaxing and less weather dependent.  

Most of the time, you need to get to the designated meeting point because your tour package might not include transport. There are also bus and coach tours that include pick-up from hotels. With the variety of options available, pick what works best for you. 

Start & End: Depending on your tour choice, everyone assembles at a designated starting point, where your tour guide briefs you about your tour before the whole experience begins. 

The tour also ends at a designated location. It is good to plan ahead and see if there are other things to do in the neighborhood, so you take advantage of being in the area.

Discover The Food Culture: Food tours are not just about the taste of the food. Another interesting aspect of it is really the origins of the dishes, the history of the restaurant/stall, or even the inspiration for the chef. These different stories form the whole food experience.

You will also learn a lot about how different cultures united to create Chicago’s cuisine and how it has shaped the food scene in Chicago.Β Β 

Explore The City: Chicago pizza tours are not all about pizza; you often also get to explore the city throughout the journey. Beyond sampling pizza, your guide has adept knowledge about the city to tell you tales and facts about all the prominent Chicago landmarks as you stop or pass by them.Β 

Other Experiences:Β While walking pizza tours are the norm in Chicago, don’t overlook the other food experiences. These online cooking classes, bike, buses, and other specialty food tour experience brings out the best in the culinary scene of Chicago.



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