Experience Review: Pullman Paris Montparnasse Hotel

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With an established brand like Pullman, you know you can expect a quality of service, and it is certainly no different at the Pullman Paris Montparnasse Hotel.

Despite the large number of guests and also events going on, the staff is always friendly and ready to help. They make an effort to greet or smile at you in the corridors even if they might be engaged in other tasks.

Overall Vibes

Although I arrived on a gloomy, rainy day, the Pullman hotel had a vibrant and energetic feel, bustling with activity. The hotel is tastefully decorated and has a modern, upscale aesthetic.


My room was ready on arrival but since I wasn’t in any rush, I took the opportunity to enjoy the privileges of the VIP area. They have a locally crafted beer “Kiki de Montparnasse” which I definitely recommend trying. You can also get this in the Filia restaurant bar at the lobby.

Executive Deluxe Room

Checking into the Executive Deluxe room, the living space has the standard layout with a king size bed and a spacious working desk right in front of a massive TV. This is complemented by a sofa and small desk by the side.

A long desk that fits all my work gear

You will be pleased to know that the TV does have a casting function, so you can stream your Netflix, YouTube or other apps on it.

The hotel is a huge, tall building and my room was located on the 20+ floor. It has an incredible view of the city which is a superb backdrop when I’m doing my morning yoga in the room. 

Amazing view of Paris from the room

The bathroom is spacious with a wide sink that minimises splashing and also features a rainfall style shower. It is segmented from the bedroom by a full mirror wall/door which makes the room look even bigger visually.

One of the advantages of staying with an international brand like Pullman is the comprehensive suite of amenities provided within the room, including ironing board, bathrobes etc without having to ask for them. 

Photo Credit: Pullman Paris Montparnasse

In addition to the minibar which contained water and sodas, the welcome lemonade and chocolates was a nice touch.

The room is also equipped with a nespresso machine which is just great for my late night work. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that when I asked for extra decaf capsules, they sent an entire pack of 10 to my room which is the first I have experienced in any hotel. 

A Nespresso machine is always a plus

Sure, I didn’t need 10 and it’s not like coffee capsules are anything very premium, but it’s these generous gestures that make a good impression on the guest. 

Convenient Location

One of the prime advantages of the Pullman Montparnasse is its exceptionally convenient location. It is situated adjacent to major amenities that you might require.

Montparnasse train station also has shops and food places

For one, the Montparnasse train station is right across the street. So if you’re arriving or leaving from there, you’re in luck.

Otherwise, the area is replete with a plethora of restaurants, bars and cafes, so there is an abundance of food and entertainment options right at the footsteps. Adjacent to the hotel, there is a mall with shopping and an energetic food hall. And if you need anything from a supermarket, you have a selection of different brands within a 3-5 mins walking radius. 

A vibrant neighborhood both during the day and at night

From the other exit of the mall, you will find the Gaîté metro station. Even if it is rainy, you can get to this station staying mostly dry. The Edgar Quinet station is also a brief 5-min walk away. With these two lines, you can essentially get access to North-South and East-West of the city area respectively.

A food hall right next door to the hotel

The hotel is also of walkable distance to notable landmarks such as the Jardin du Luxembourg. And there are several museums in the vicinity, such as the Bourdelle Museum and Musée de La Poste.

Remote Work Features

As a popular location for not just accommodation but also events, Pullman Montparnasse boasts great facilities for any work-related needs.


The hotel features a robust wifi, with the speed of 20+ mpbs upload and download. Despite the hotel’s vast size, I found that connectivity remained stable and strong throughout different areas.



With a big brand like Pullman, you can confidently expect a standard, functional layout. This means the room has a proper work desk setup that includes a long desk and comfy chair. 

There is a nice muted round desk lamp that provides ample brightness for work without causing eye strain. This is ideal for working at night, particularly if you have a partner who is sleeping.

They also have a row of power sockets catering to various plug types, so if you did not bring a travel adapter, you actually won’t need one here.


Lobby Area

In the main lobby area, you will find plenty of people working there during the day since the hotel also hosts events and conferences. Therefore, attendees may relax or work there between sessions. 

If you like some ambient noise while working, this is an excellent spot to be. There are a variety of seating options here. Power sockets are also available around the area, along with a mobile charging station if needed.

In addition, the Filia restaurant right by the lobby is another appealing option with its vibrant interior. It serves as both a bar and restaurant and offers comfortable sitting. The seats in the back row have power sockets, so you can grab a drink and work here as well.


Food and Beverages 

That said, right within the hotel itself you have several F&B options which makes it incredibly convenient if you don’t want to head out. They are open to both hotel guests and the general public.

Filia Restaurant: This is a restaurant bar that serves Italian cuisine with Mediterranean influence. It is rather popular during the day with people engaging in drinks and discussions. 

Skybar: This is a rooftop bar with a view of the Eiffel Tower. You will need a reservation in order to get in, so make sure to book in advance.


Grab & Go: Right by the Filia Restaurant, there is a Grab & Go corner with all sorts of handy snacks, food and beverages. If you are in a hurry, this can be a good option to grab something quick for the road.


Umami Burger: As you can guess from the name, this is a burger restaurant serving some American classics, with vegan and vegetarian options as well! 

If you are staying at the hotel, this is where the morning breakfast buffet is served. 

Breakfast In Hotel

Breakfast at Pullman Montparnasse is a real spread. The fact that it takes over the whole restaurant shows how popular the hotel is even during the winter season. 


There is a wide selection of hot and cold dishes, certainly one of the most extensive spread I’ve seen across different hotels. From grilled and fresh veggies to hearty bacon and sausages, there’s plenty to choose from; even a chef to prepare your choice of eggs.

One of my absolute favorite is the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that they provide. Pullman Montparnasse makes it incredibly easy to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling breakfast if you are health conscious. 


Of course, you cannot forget the sweets and pastries while in France, and Pullman does well to showcase several of them including crepes and pancakes. The muesli bar has an absurd amount of selection, but I didn’t manage to get to it despite staying for 2 nights.


The stations are lined up through the full length of the restaurant from the fresh fruits and juice on one end, to the cold cuts on the other. So take a stroll around when you enter to see what’s on offer. I’m sure you won’t be able to try everything in a single sitting.

Power Fitness Gym

One of the most impressive features of the hotel for me was undoubtedly the gym – the sheer size of it. It is one of the biggest and most well equipped gyms I have seen in a hotel.


Even with the full set of weights, strength and cardio equipment, punching bags etc, there’s plenty of space to move around for all sorts of training. Some of the stations are also equipped with workout routine videos, so if you don’t have your own regimens, you can easily follow one.

It’s always a bonus that the gym has stylish lighting and interior that gets you going.


And if you want to do some workout in your room, you can ask for an in-room fitness kit, which includes a mat and equipment for stretching and recovery, such as foam rollers. I only asked for a mat since that’s just what I needed. 

Comfortable And Convenient Stay

All in all, Pullman Montparnasse hits the right spot for me. With its sweet location near so many cool spots and amenities, it made my time in Paris a breeze.

Whether I wanted to grab a quick bite, hop on the metro, or just chill in a cool neighborhood, it’s all within easy reach. The hotel itself had many convenient features like the gym, work spaces, and quality eats right on site that help me keep up with a healthy and productive lifestyle even while on the road.

After a day out exploring, it is just nice to come back to a modern and stylish room with great views to relax in. Regardless if you are traveling for work or leisure, it’s a solid option with attentive service and quality amenities. 

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Pullman Paris Montparnasse. All opinions are my own.


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