7 Popular Russian Street Food And Snacks In Russia To Try

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Russia is a massive country that crosses two continents, yet sometimes the culture is misunderstood. Russia is a food-centric country that has many delicious and unique custom dishes, but none are as irresistible as the snacks you find from Russian street food vendors.

Russian snacks and street foods hit every texture and flavor note you could want, all with the added bonus of being super accessible. Get lost in the wonderful world of delicious Russian food

Most Famous Russian Street Food

Chebureki (Fried Turnover)


This beloved Russian street food can be found at vendors throughout Moscow. It is eaten by Russian locals all the time as a grabbable snack or lunch. Chebureki were invented in Crimea, but they have taken Russia by storm.

Chebureki are made up of a delicious pastry dough stuffed with sensational fillings. The fillings are what make these Russian snacks so great. Common fillings include lamb, beef, onions, mushrooms, and cheese. They are deep-fried and made hand-sized so they are just right to grab on the go.

Traditional Russian Snacks And Street Food

Pechenyy Kartofel (Baked Potato)


Russians love potatoes. They are the perfect food to grow in this harsh climate and they can be transformed in so many ways. One Russian street food classic is the simple baked potato.

Baked spuds make the perfect street food because they are easy to customize and take on the run. Often chefs prefer to slice the potatoes before baking which makes for extra crisp bites of delicious potato.

Dress this classic Russian snack up with sour cream, butter, or cheese for the perfect bite!

Kukuruza (Corn)


Much of Russian street food is all about delicious favorites that happen to be easy to eat while out on the town, like Kukuruza or corn.

Ears of corn are so much more than just Russian staple foods, rather they’re stars of the snack scene. Street vendors throughout Russian cities sell whole ears of corn, buttered, and ready to eat.

This simple yet delectable snack is just the thing to hold you over between lunch and dinner of delicious Russian dumplings!

Shaurma (Shawarma)


While Shawarma may not be Russian in origin, Russians eat it all the time! This Russian street food staple can be found at small restaurants and street vendors throughout all of Russia’s major cities.

It is a rotisserie-style meat dish where marinated slices of lamb, or sometimes beef, are stacked on a vertical rotisserie to cook. The meat is shaved off the spit and commonly served on pita breads. This imported snack is a must-try when you are craving indulgent food in Russia.


Shashlik (Russian Kebab)


Kebabs are an international street food favorite, and Russia is no exception. All across Russia locals love to eat this simple but delicious meaty snack.

This favorite Russian snack is made with cubes of meat that are skewered and then grilled. The meat is usually marinated first to add even more depth of flavor.

The grilling gives this Russian street food an irresistible crispness and savory flavor that you will adore! Russians eat shashlik as a fun street food-style snack all the time!

Ponchik (Donuts)


Locals in Russia love donuts! Ponchik, Russian donuts, are one of the locals’ favorite sweets and street foods. These amazing Russian street vendors know just how to craft the most irresistible treat!

Ponchik are made with the perfect yeasted dough that gives them pockets for luscious plum jam. Other types of filling are great, too, but plum ponchik is the Russian street food tradition!

The donuts are usually dusted with sugar for extra sweetness and crunch. They serve well as desserts in Russia, and are also the perfect treat as you explore the streets of Moscow!

Sosiska v Teste (Sausage Roll)


This Russian street food may just be the perfect food. It is easy to eat, crunchy, fluffy, meaty, and so tasty! Sosiska v teste is the classic snack of sausage rolls. The Russian snack favorite uses a delicious hotdog-like sausage spiraled in a strip of airy pastry dough.

You can find this meaty treat all over Russia’s cities and they are just too nostalgic and delicious to resist. Try this tempting snack plain or dipped in mustard for the perfect light lunch or on-the-go food in Russia!

Discovering Traditional Russian Street Food

Russian snacks, while simple, offer a plethora of flavors. From salt to sweet to crunch there is something for every craving to be found in Russian street food.

Allow yourself to wander through the streets of Russia’s culinary scene and understand more about this often misperceived food culture. Get hungry and indulge in some delightful Russian snacks and street foods!



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