15 Popular Scottish Breakfast Foods In Scotland

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Scotland is a bold and bountiful land with lots of great history, culture, and scenery to enjoy. Here you find the perfect marriage of old traditions and new ideas. This is a place of hardy, friendly, and creative people, and wherever creative people thrive you can be sure there is great cuisine to be found.

Scotland is home to unique and traditional Scottish foods that will satisfy all types of appetites. However, one meal that they have really mastered is breakfast. Traditional Scottish breakfast is hearty and full of nutrients to start out the days in this sometimes brutal place. 

What Is Special about Scottish Breakfast?

The Scots do not skip out on anything when it comes to breakfast! Scottish breakfast foods are a celebration of the great ingredients that can be found in Scotland. Their rustic breakfast favorites feature rich meats, abundant grains, and bright local fruits.

Starting out the day with a Scottish breakfast will energize you, but it will also connect you to the culture. The breakfasts here are big because this is a traditionally hard-working and cold island climate. People in Scotland need a good meal to get them going!

When you’re in Scotland, you have to try starting your day the Scottish way, with a big breakfast full of local flavors! This will set you up well to explore the many famous landmarks in Scotland.

The Traditional Scottish Breakfast

Full Scottish Breakfast


The Full Scottish Breakfast is one of the most iconic dishes in all of Scotland. This abundant dish has it all, literally; it’s the perfect dish to give you a bite of many different Scottish breakfast favorites.

This over-the-top sampler was once a traditional morning offering for those entertaining and wanting to display wealth. Even today a full Scottish breakfast is a really impressive feast!

This breakfast platter packs in all the flavors of Scotland! It starts with local Lorne sausage which is a Scottish favorite made from beef, twice-baked bread, and spices shaped into a rectangle. The meats continue with black pudding or Scottish blood sausage, sausage links, and an extra fatty type of strip bacon.

On top of all that meat, there are plenty of vegetable sides! Baked beans, fried mushrooms and tomato, and potato scones all join the plate. The final touches are a fried egg and toast corners. 

A Full Scottish Breakfast may seem like a lot, but it will certainly set you up for a great day of Scottish sightseeing! Split this behemoth breakfast with someone to make it more manageable, but be sure to try a bite of everything for a full taste of Scotland.

Popular Scottish Breakfast Foods

Scottish Breakfast Tea


No day’s start is complete without a cup of tea! The official tea of Scotland is Scottish Breakfast Tea; it’s a nicely caffeinated tea, so it is the perfect cup to get you started.

Scottish Breakfast Tea is a strong black tea rounded out with notes of wood and smoke. It is made strong due to Scotland’s notoriously soft water. Some varieties include notes of citrus and flowers.

Pour in some milk and grab a digestive biscuit for a truly Scottish sip! The breakfast tea also goes well with all types of Scottish desserts, cookies, and treats.



Bannocks are a Scottish breakfast favorite! They are filling and easy to make, so it’s no wonder that you can find these oat cakes all over Scotland. The Scottish bannock uses a basic recipe of flour, leavener, milk, salt, and of course oats, and it’s baked in a griddle and then sliced into triangles.

This tasty and rustic bread is toothsome and filling. Bannocks topped with Dundee Marmalade or jelly are a Scottish breakfast delicacy!

Scottish Porridge


Scottish oats are known around the world for their quality and flavor. So many iconic Scottish foods use oats, but the country’s favorite oat dish may be the humble Scottish porridge. It’s a perfect celebration of Scotland’s love of their local oats.

Traditional Scottish porridge is a marriage of oats and cream and it’s sweetened with golden syrup. This filling porridge will hold you over on its own, but it is beautiful when topped with Scottish raspberries.


The oat reigns supreme when it comes to Scottish breakfast. Brose is a unique local dish that features the staple food of Scottish oats.

Brose is basically made from oats that have not been fully cooked. They’re mixed with dairy to make an oat porridge. Some variations include barley or other grains in addition to the oats. This is an even more filling way to consume delicious Scottish oats.

Meats For Breakfast In Scotland

Finnan Haddie


Scotland’s bountiful coastline makes seafood common at every meal. One traditional Scottish breakfast fish is Finnan haddie. Haddie is shorthand for haddock, a mouthwatering local fish.

Rich and flakey haddock is smoked using green wood and peat to give the fish an earthy and woody flavor. This deliciously smoked fish is common to see on Scottish breakfast tables alongside toast, tattie scones, or morning rolls.

White Pudding


A meaty breakfast staple that packs in all the flavors of the highlands. This traditional Scottish breakfast meat is sometimes used in a Full Scottish Breakfast or served as the star alongside toast and beans.

Rich and rustic white pudding is a sausage made from beef, suet, and oats. With local highland cattle in abundance, it’s clear to see why this no-waste meat dish would become a staple. It’s hearty, filling, and goes wonderfully with porridge, scones, and eggs. 



Starting off your day with a little protein is a great way to give yourself a boost. Scottish breakfast often features fish as the protein, because they have so much great fish available here.

One local breakfast favorite is kippers or herring. It is a locally loved variety of smoked fish, made from oily herring. These little fish are great as a quick bite breakfast on their own or perfect served on top of toast.

Scottish Breakfast Breads And Cakes 

Drop Scone


Some Americans may find this breakfast delight familiar because Scottish drop scones look a lot like pancakes. These sweet breakfast cakes are actually very similar in ingredients to American pancakes, as well, but where they differ is their size.

Scottish drop scones are traditionally very small airy cakes, until their larger cousin the pancake. Like pancakes, drop scones are airy, flavorful, and perfect for topping with honey, syrup, or delicious seasonal fruits.

Morning Rolls


Everyone loves the smell and taste of freshly baked bread! Morning rolls are the perfect basic bread to start your day. These tasty rolls are made from yeasted and enriched dough, so the resulting rolls are airy, yeasty, and buttery.

Gorgeously baked morning rolls will have a nice light crisp on the outside and a light and pillowy inside. They are perfect to eat on their own or topped with marmalade, but for a true Scottish breakfast, fill the roll with fatty bacon and enjoy!

Sultana Scones


Scones are synonymous with breakfast not just in Scotland but the whole United Kingdom. The Scottish take on this breakfast bread is a beautifully buttery scone with a texture similar to what Americans call biscuits.

Sultana scones are an iconic breakfast food in Scotland. They have a buttery and flakey texture and the added sweetness of locally-loved sultanas.

Sultanas are deliciously dried grapes, and they add a nice bite of fruit to the buttery scones. Try these treats with tea or coffee.

Digestive Biscuits


The Scots love these little biscuits! Digestive biscuits are used in baking recipes, to accompany tea, or just to eat on their own. They are a staple of any Scottish home kitchen.

Digestive biscuits are very lightly sweetened cookies that were originally designed to aid digestion. Today these cookies grace pantries across Scotland and are eaten at all times of the day.

If you’re not much of an early morning eater, try a couple of digestive biscuits with a cup of Scottish Breakfast Tea for a light take on breakfast.


Vegetables And Fruits Items For Breakfast In Scotland

Tattie Scone

Many Scottish foods have fun nicknames, like “tatties” which means potatoes. A tattie scone is a satisfyingly starchy potato flatbread. It is made very simply with basic ingredients like potatoes, flour, and butter, then they are baked or griddle fried into rich potatoey triangles.

Tattie scones are a mainstay of Scottish mornings, they are even used in the iconic Full Scottish Breakfast, but they are so much more than that. These rich scones pair well with just about any breakfast meat and even go well with sweets like jam. You just can’t go wrong with buttery potatoes!

Beans On Toast


Some days you want the Full Scottish Breakfast, other days you just want something simple!

Beans on toast are about as easy, inexpensive, and tasty as you can get for breakfast. This basic but sumptuous dish is exactly what it sounds like, baked beans served atop slices of toast. It may sound humble but it is really flavorful, and has enough food and protein to keep you going well into your day!

This is the type of food a Scottish mum might make before school, and for many Scots, it’s their favorite easy breakfast!

Dundee Marmalade


Scottish marmalade is world famous for its bright color and flavor, and the best place to find deliciously tart Scottish marmalade is in Dundee.

There are legends that say that a shipwreck led to a local confectioner finding crates of Seville oranges and then cooking them down into the citrus-filled spread enjoyed today.

Marmalade is sweet, tart, and bright and goes well on almost any baked roll or scone. It’s the perfect thing to add to a Scottish breakfast table for a little fun, sweet, and authentically Scottish flavor.

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Discovering Traditional Scottish Breakfast Foods

Scotland is a lovely and tough land, so starting your day with the right food here is essential! Traditional Scottish breakfasts offer plenty of sustenance and complex flavor to get you going in the right direction. 

Scottish breakfast is so much more than just a delectable way to get full, it connects you with tradition and modern culture. There is no better way to learn more about the great people that call Scotland home and the lives they lead than to eat like them.

Start out like a Scot with one of these beautiful breakfasts before heading out to explore the many things Scotland is famous for.



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