10 Tasty Sri Lankan Snacks In Sri Lanka To Try

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Sri Lanka has an executive variety of short eats. These are usually eaten on the go, and are popular in the evening. The Sri Lankan snacks mostly consist of fried food, coated with breadcrumbs and stuffed with delicious fillings.

This tear-shaped island country will give you a completely different culinary experience. Snacks in Sri Lanka are served at all events, like weddings and parties or to guests when they visit at home. You will be surprised by the scrumptious flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine

Fried Sri Lankan Snacks

Mutton Rolls 

These are very flavorful and mouth-watering snacks in Sri Lanka. Mutton rolls are just like spring rolls. But instead of a crispy and crunchy external layer, the filling is wrapped in a pancake with a pastry texture. 

The filling of these rolls consists of tender pieces of mutton, potatoes, spices, and onions. The pancakes are prepared with eggs, milk, flour, and water. Once the filling is wrapped in pancakes, they are dipped in a batter, coated with bread crumbs, and deep-fried. 

Mutton rolls are best served steaming hot with a chili sauce. It is a perfect snack when you want something savory and delicious. You might find this Sri Lankan snack in the appetizer menu of many restaurants. 



While visiting Sri Lanka, never miss the chance to taste this heavenly delicacy. These Sri Lankan snacks make for the best short eats, appetizers, and side dishes.

Cutlets have a round and disk-like shape and are usually made with a mixture of tuna, garlic, potatoes, onions, and local spices. The mixture is coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried in hot oil. 

They are not only delicious but also very filling. You can find a lot of varieties of these snacks in Sri Lanka, but fish cutlets are the most popular ones. 

Murukku (Black Gram Split Snack)


Murukku is one of the most popular curry-flavored Sri Lankan snacks. Its name is derived from the Tamil word that means twisted. The name is given due to its signature spiral and twisted shape. 

These crunchy snacks in Sri Lanka are prepared with fried urad dal (black gram split), chickpea, and rice flour. It is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, giving a texture similar to Spanish churros.

There are many varieties of this snack including a combination of sweet and savory, in which it is coated with sugar. Similarly, you might also find salty and spicy murukku. 

Chinese Fish Roll 

Chinese fish rolls have significant importance among Sri Lankan snacks. Although the name refers to a Chinese dish, there is nothing specifically Chinese in it. These deep-fried Sri Lankan snacks are equally loved by young and old natives.

Chinese fish rolls have a fish filling wrapped in a pancake. The thin fish rolls are dipped in the beaten egg, coated with breadcrumbs, and fried till golden. The dish is served at almost every special event, from birthdays to anniversaries and weddings to funerals. 

Sri Lankan Snacks – Pastries And Patties 

Samosa (Stuffed Pastry)


Samosas are a very popular delicacy in Sri Lanka. It is rated one of the best Sri Lankan snacks and street foods. 

These are triangle-shaped snacks stuffed with a variety of fillings. You can select any filing depending on your taste preference. The most popular samosas are the ones stuffed with the savory flavors of meats or vegetables. 

Samosas or stuffed pastries are deep-fried in hot oil, giving a crunchy texture. You can find it on almost all streets in Sri Lanka. These snacks in Sri Lanka are served with green chutney (sauce) or chili sauce. 



Although patties are a British food, it is well-loved in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans have claimed to add their flavors and cultural influence to this delicious snack. 

Sri Lankan patties are flaky stuffed pastries with a half-moon shape. You can find fish, vegetables, beef, or chicken patties in Sri Lanka. These are either baked or deep-fried. 

These Sri Lankan snacks are stuffed with slightly spicy filling with balanced seasoning. They are served with sweet and spicy sauces for a more flavorful experience. 

Issu Wade (Prawn Patties)

Issu Wade is one of the most famous snacks in Sri Lanka. You should not miss this delicious delicacy whenever you visit the country. They are equally popular and well-loved among natives and visitors.

Issu Wade are oval-shaped, red-colored prawn patties. They are flat and have two or three prawns pressed in each with intact heads. These are prepared from a combination of prawns, chilies, gram flour, and spices.

Issu wade has a flavor of tart, lime, onion, and crispy prawns. These Sri Lankan snacks are also considered one of the best street foods in Sri Lanka. They are commonly served with a sauce made from green chili, carrots, lime, and onions. 

Dhal Wade And Ulundu Wade (Lentil Patties And Lentil Donuts)


Both Dhal Wade and Ulundu Wade are classic snacks in Sri Lanka that contain lentils, chilies, onion, curry leaves, and spices. 

Dhal wade resembles an oatmeal cookie in appearance. The external texture is round and crunchy, while the inside is tender, warm, and moist. On the other hand, Ulundu wade has a donut-like shape with a soft and gooey texture on the inside and crunchy on the outside. 

Regardless of which shape or format you prefer your Lentil snack in, they are simply delicious. These savory and spicy Sri Lankan snacks are served with coconut chutney or ketchup. 

Stuffed Snacks In Sri Lanka

Stuffed Miris (Stuffed Chilies)

Many Sri Lankan snacks consist of spicy fillings with chilies and peppers. However, chilies are not only used for adding to meals, Sri Lankans also love fried stuffed chilies. 

Stuffed miris or stuffed chilies are traditional snacks in Sri Lanka. If you love spicy food, these are perfect for you. 

Sri Lankan stuffed chilies have a mushy filling of beef, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and local spices. The chilies are battered and deep-fried to give a crispy and delicious short eat. 

Malu Paan (Fish Bun)


Malu Paan is among the traditional Sri Lankan snacks. These soft fish buns are a complete package of steaming hot flavors to satisfy your savory cravings. 

The savory snack is a semi-triangular soft bun filled with tender and juicy fish, classic Sri Lankan spices, and potatoes. The bread is light and tasty with a zingy and salty filling.

These snacks are also eaten as breakfast in Sri Lanka or as a side dish with tea.

Discovering Delicious Snacks In Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is a paradise for foodies. From the savory samosas to the spicy stuffed chilies, there’s something delicious and unique waiting around every corner. The snacks in Sri Lanka comprises a diverse variety which you can taste on local food carts or in expensive restaurants.

Some of them even serve well as desserts and sweets in Sri Lanka that is perfect for concluding a meal.

The next time you visit this beautiful country, be sure to explore its many flavors by trying out some of these amazing traditional Sri Lankan snacks! They are great for refreshment breaks while exploring all that Sri Lanka is famous for.



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