29 Statues And Landmarks In Liverpool

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Liverpool city is one of the most popular travel destinations in the United Kingdom, filled with many landmarks and monuments. It is an attractive location for tourists due to the illustrious football club Liverpool F.C and various famous landmarks in Liverpool.

These are some of the interesting and historical Liverpool landmarks and monuments to check out when visiting the city. Most of these landmarks are so grand that just one look and they are imprinted into your mind. Anfield Stadium definitely fits this description.

Most Famous Landmark In Liverpool City

Anfield Stadium

Since Football is a prevalent sport in this current time, it adds a huge flair to this landmark. Anfield stadium is home to Liverpool Football Club one of the biggest clubs in the English Premier League. It was previously owned by Everton but switched owners after a dispute.

Many travelers come to Liverpool to visit this iconic football club and stadium. It would be optimal to catch a live match but tickets can be hard to come by last minute. Nonetheless, you can always visit the museum and stadium for a behind-the-scenes look at this famous football club.

This famous landmark in Liverpool has been available since the 1800s till date and is described as one of the best places to enjoy a football match. Anfield Stadium has a sitting capacity of about 53,000+ making it also one of the largest stadiums in England.

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Religious Landmarks In Liverpool City

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral


Also known as Patty’s Wigwam, the famous Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral building is one of the famous Liverpool landmarks. it houses the archbishop and the Lutyens’ crypt, which is the remains of the prevailing cathedral built in the 19’s.

Costing about $5.6 – 5.7 million, this famous Liverpool building was meant to hold about 3 million people. However, its capacity was reduced to 2 million. The magnificence of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is breathtaking and one that shouldn’t be forgotten. 

It is one of the largest cathedrals in London and Europe at large. Nonetheless, the first building plan that was halted by the war was supposed to be the second largest cathedral in the world.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Built after the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, this popular landmark in Liverpool is the largest cathedral in Britain and the eighth largest in the world.

Popularly called the Cathedral Church of Christ, it is open on all days of the week except Wednesdays. However, even though it is open daily, you have specific timings for visiting this Liverpool landmark.

Despite this, the famous landmark is a popular tourist attraction center and offers an eagle-eye view of the city from the top of the tower. 

Historic Landmarks And Buildings In Liverpool City

Liverpool Town Hall

The Liverpool town hall is used by the city council and city Lord. It is a very grand building with an ancient Georgian look to it. Looking at the building, one feels like they have been thrown back to the 1700s or 1800s.

The famous landmark in Liverpool has been standing since 1754 when it was first built and renovated in 1802. Due to its importance to the council, the Liverpool town hall is not always open to the public, but sometimes its doors are open for sightseeing.

A large double staircase is seen inside with the arms of Liverpool and other statues which add to the ancient feel of the building. It’s a very grand sight for tourists and one of the best attractions in Liverpool.

Liver Building


Liverpool’s famous building, the liver building sits beside the waterside along with the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool building.

Notably, the liver building was the first skyscraper with a distinguishing figure of two copper birds on its two towers. The birds have been the iconic sign of Liverpool for over 500 years.

Surrounded by shops, bars, and lots of other attractions, the famous landmark in Liverpool is one of the best tourist centers. One feature of the building that attracts tourists is the wide and awesome view of the city. 

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St. George’s Hall

This famous landmark in Liverpool was built in a Roman and Greecian style. It was used as the city hall and the court of law until its deterioration during the second world war.

Currently, the landmark has been revived and its imposing figure and impressive pillars have been reformed. It now holds entertainment events such as jazz and comedy shows.

At night, this famous Liverpool landmark is a sight to behold, the bright colors used to illuminate the building attract people and tourists to whatever event that is being held at that time.

If you are interested in Liverpool’s role in World War II, you can also visit the secret bunker under the streets of Liverpool.

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Isla Gladstone Conservatory and Stanley Park

The Liverpool landmark, Isla Gladstone Conservatory is close to Stanley Park. They were built together in the 1800s but sadly deteriorated very quickly.

In the early 20th century, renovation projects were finally completed. The Stanley Park is currently a wide open space that is used to host events, weddings, and celebrations. The Isla Gladstone Conservatory made almost entirely of glass is now a restaurant and cafe.

If you want to experience the pleasure of a good afternoon tea or a British meal, the conservatory and park is the spot for you. 

Goodison Park

Another famous Liverpool landmark is the Goodison Park. Goodison park is the official location of another renowned premier league club, Everton. It is located quite some distance from Anfield Stadium.

The club occupied Goodison Park after its completion and has used it as a base since then. The park has held several events and sports competitions. You will be allowed to tour the landmark for ninety minutes or watch Everton in their home stadium.

Royal Albert Dock


The Royal Albert Dock comprises of docks and warehouses built with non-inflammable stone, iron, and bricks. It was used as a loading and unloading site for ships and later changed to a site for global trade which excelled.

Eventually, due to the reduction in the usage of ships, the famous landmark has gotten another use as a base for galleries, museums, bars, restaurants, and event centers.

Being one of the oldest buildings in Liverpool, and also the first non-combustible one, the landmark in Liverpool is very important and iconic. One that still holds the glory and remenants of the past while being in the present.

One of the many interesting facts about Liverpool is that the Albert Dock was central to the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Cunard Building


The famous Cunard building is one of three neighboring buildings in Liverpool lining the waterfront. Sitting in the center of the trio, the Cunard building is quite a magnificent structure. It is built with an Italian and Greek theme and offers tourists an experience of those countries.

First used as a shipping company, the Cunard building is currently owned by the city council and is used as a base for both public and private firms.

Port of Liverpool Building

Out of the three magnificent buildings lining the waterfront, the port of Liverpool building is very available to the public. Tourists and citizens can step inside to enjoy the view of the grand famous landmark and take pictures of its marble walls, domed ceiling, and impressive staircase.

It was built before the Liver building and Cunard building. Previously, it was considered the largest building in Liverpool and was used as a dock office.

Mersey River


Flowing through the city of Liverpool is a river called the Mersey River. The river is about 35 kilometers long and is one of the most famous landmarks in Liverpool.

The Mersey River has been a source of inspiration for many artists and has been a place of recreation for many citizens. There are several tourist spots along the river.

You can take a sightseeing tour of the river on a Mersey Ferry or even go on a cruise. The experience is definitely one to remember and the view from the water is very refreshing.

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Famous Museums In Liverpool 

Museum of Liverpool

This Liverpool Landmark is a unique and meaningful one as it keeps the historical records of Liverpool and its citizens. It is a conspicuous building located in Pierhead.

One of its most famous attractions is the large spiral stairs running through the museum. The building has a look that makes it seem like it was stretched. It has a children’s area (which makes it suitable for families) and glass windows that offer an impressive city view.

In addition, a restaurant can be found below the museum which serves good British food, thus enhancing your tourist experience. 

The Beatles Story Exhibition Museum

This is one of the most popular landmarks and attractions in Liverpool. It is located in the Albert Dock and tells the story of the Beatles, one of the most famous bands in history. This is said to be the largest permanent exhibition of the Fab four.

The tour covers their upbringing, how they got famous, and their time as a band. The museum has many interesting displays such as clothes worn by the band members and instruments used by them.

If you want to know more about the history of the Beatles and their influence in Liverpool, this is definitely the place to go.

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Liverpool Beatles Museum

And if you still can’t get enough of the Beatles, continue your journey at this museum located in the world-famous Mathew Street where the Cavern Club is also situated.

The Cavern Club is a music club that was popular in the 1960s and is where the Beatles first performed. The Liverpool Beatles Museum contains displays of photos, clothing, instruments, and other objects related to the band. It also has a performance stage where live music is played.

With so many Beatles-related attractions, you can see their impact on Liverpool. This is another great place to visit if you want to learn more about the iconic band.

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British Music Experience Museum In Liverpool

If you want to know more about British music and its history, this is the place for you. The British Music Experience is located in the Cunard Building.

It has interactive displays and exhibits that tell the story of British music from the 1950s to the present day. From handwritten lyrics and past outfits of famous singers, travel back in time with music history. There are also opportunities to try out instruments and play along to famous songs.

This is a great place for music lovers and is perfect for those who want to learn more about the musical culture of Liverpool and UK.

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Famous Monuments In Liverpool City

Monsignor James Nugent

The iconic statue of the great philanthropist and priest Monsignor James Nugent is in Liverpool. It is one of the most popular Liverpool statues which depicts the priest’s support of children and charity. 

Before he was granted the title of Monsignor by the pope, Sir James had opened a school and was running an operation for poverty alleviation and social reformation.

The iconic monument is a subject of great respect to many tourists who try to get a glimpse of the famous Monsignor during their visit to Liverpool.

Titanic Memorial

Also known as the Memorial to Heroes of the Marine Engine Room. This famous monument is a memorial to the engineers who died during the fatal Titanic ship sinking in 1912. The titanic had a relationship with Liverpool, it was the location where the vessel was registered.

Seen as a tall Liverpool landmark in St. Nicholas place, the monument was also dedicated to marine room engineers. These engineers lost their lives during the world war. The huge imposing monument is a shocking sight to behold and a very good tourist location.

The Beatles Statue


This is one of the most visited Liverpool statues because The Beatles is arguably top of the many things Liverpool is famous for.

The world renowned band which is responsible for the evolution of modern music has a statue depicting its four members in Liverpool. In the statue, the four popular artists were striding down the pathway.

This famous landmark of Liverpool was used to mark the Beatle’s last performance and also mark their 50th anniversary. The iconic monument is a very good spot for pictures and quick selfies and it is available to the public at all times. 

All Together Now

Sculpted by famous sculptor Andrew Edwards who is also the sculptor of the Beatles statue, the Liverpool monument depicts two people shaking hands in agreement. It marks the Christmas day truce agreement of the first world war.

Also, the name of this monument was derived from the farm’s anthem and the statue was unveiled the same day the anthem was released.

The monument is a great tourist attraction site for football lovers as the truce started when the Britain and German football players played football together for the first time. 

Noel Chavasse

The statue of Noel Chavasse depicts the highly recognized British soldier assisting a fellow wounded soldier. The famous Liverpool monument was done in remembrance of the World War I hero.

Noel was awarded the victoria cross, one of the highest honors a soldier can receive twice. The statue has a lot of interesting history to it and depicts the unity and camaraderie of the British army to tourists.

It is one of the most iconic statues in Liverpool and a must-see for every tourist. 

Sir Arthur Bower Forwood

This monument depicts one of the previous presidents of Liverpool Sir Arthur.  He was a great politician and a hard-working businessman.

Also serving as the former president of the chamber of commerce, the iconic monument in Liverpool is very illustrious. The city allows visitor access to the memorial as it provides a glimpse of Liverpool’s history.

The Wheel of Liverpool

Another one of Liverpool’s very famous landmarks is the Wheel of Liverpool, located at Keel Wharf Waterfront. It costs a whooping £6 million to build and reaching up to 196 feet, it is quite an impressive structure.

It is a large Ferris wheel having 42 compartments for tourists and citizens who would ride atop the wheel. Due to its imposing height, the wheel offers a very good and impressive view of Liverpool city from the top, making it a very great source of tourist attraction as this is one of the main reasons why it was built. 

Famous Statues In Liverpool City

Johnny Walker

You could describe Johnny Walker’s staue as one of the most respected Liverpool statues. He is a World War II hero who fought in the battle of the Atlantic.

Frederick John Walker has a monument in memory of him right outside the Museum of Liverpool. He was close to retirement when the war was announced. Nonetheless, he proceeded to take part in the war and was very essential in the D-day landings.

Sadly, shortly after he returned home, he took his last breath. His statue gains a lot of respect from Liverpool citizens as he showed the true meaning of love and dedication for one’s country. 

Billy Fury 

Famous music star and actor Ronald Wycherly popularly known as Billy fury has a statue dedicated at the Royal Albert Docks. The popular musician, unfortunately, died at the early age of 42.

However, due to how famous and catching his singles were, even rivaling other famous musicians and bands like Elvis and the Beatles, he was widely celebrated in Liverpool and a statue was erected for him. Tourists, fans, and lovers of old pop music all go to the famous monument in memory of the old icon. 

John Lennon

Lovers of the Beatles will love this wonderful landmark in Liverpool. A popular member of the Beatles, John Lennon’s statue was erected in memory of him. The statue is leaning against a wall in a simple leather jacket and jeans.

John Lennon’s statue was erected for the popular singles he released. The musician was very talented and excelled in guitars, pianos, and singing.

This statue in Liverpool is always available to the general public and serves as a good background and partner for pictures and selfies. People and tourists still come to admire the statue from time to time.

Eleanor Rigby

This famous Liverpool landmark is as popular as picture-worthy sites. Many tourists visit it on Stanley Street to capture some fun, memorable pictures.

The statue depicts a woman sitting on a bench with a handbag, shopping bag, newspaper, bread, and a sparrow around her. The handbag is found on her with the shopping bag and newspaper on opposite sides of her. While the bread and sparrow are on top of the newspaper.

Behind her, there is a plaque that reads ‘To All the Lonely People’ which brings the thought that the statue was dedicated to people in different phases of loneliness. 

Kitty Wilkinson

Kitty Wilkinson earned her reputation as the Saint of the Slums during a cholera outbreak in Liverpool. She invited all who had infected clothes into her house for cleansing.

At that time in the neighborhood, she was the only one who had a working boiler. Wilkinson was dubbed the founder of public baths and warehouses in the United Kingdom. Eventually, public funds were gathered and the first public bathhouse was opened.

She received recognition from Queen Victoria and more than a century later, a statue was erected for her. The monument in Liverpool draws a lot of respect from the citizens, tourists, and all who hear of her past deeds and services.

Cilla Black

Cilla Black was a popular female singer, actress, and TV hostess. Two of her single pieces were very famous in the United Kingdom, reaching the rank of number one UK song.

While some others reached the top ten and top 50. Overall, she is said to be the number one female singer in the 1900s. Her statue was erected in front of the Cavern Clubs depicting her with her arms outstretched welcoming visitors.

She had close relations with the Beatles and once ran a comedy show. The monument of the famous musician in Liverpool which receives visitors daily is a great site for tourist attraction. 

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Discovering Famous Statues And Landmarks In Liverpool

These are some of the most popular landmarks in Liverpool that you can explore on your next visit. Each site has a rich history and story to tell. They are also great places to take amazing pictures.

The English city is filled with various attractions, statues, and monuments. It would be impossible to visit and enjoy every one of them in a day. It would be better to just relax, plan well and enjoy each of the amazing Liverpool landmarks. 



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