Experience Review: Hamburg Hotel Superbude Altona Paradise

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A colorful and fun hotel nestled within the Altona district of Hamburg, Superbude Altona Paradise might not be an obvious choice for tourists since it is not within the city center. However, it is still relatively easy to get to with a direct bus ride from Hamburg Altona station.

In fact, one of the perks is that you will be drawn to check out the Altona district which is full of bars, restaurants and cafes as well. This area is charming in its own right. 

You can also easily reach the city center using the S-Bahn trains from either Altona or Bahrenfeld station. In addition, the hotel also offer bike rentals if you prefer to get active.

If you are staying here, a Hamburg Card will be great to have as it provides you with free unlimited public transportation for the duration (1-5 day options available). In addition, you also get up to 50% discounts to key attractions.

While the immediate area around the hotel is considered a business district, it is also a neighborhood where locals live. You will find convenient amenities like supermarkets, pharmacy and some well rated restaurants right next to the hotel.

Overall Hotel Vibes 


The exciting theme of the hotel was immediately clear from the colorful art painted on the building, and the entrance which sticks out with the neon and retro signs/displays.

The spacious lobby is segmented into various spaces that are all fun and interesting to check out. It felt to me like I’ve entered a childhood arcade with all the funky and happy stuff around. 

Even the stairway is decorated with interesting art pieces and remember to spot the hand drawings on the walls that make use of the steps.

Fun Zones 


One of the visually striking area at the lobby is the colorful sitting area with a tropical theme. You definitely won’t miss it while heading to your room.

It’s eye-catching and a great setup for photos. Right next to it, you find a literal candy cart with all sorts of gummies and sweets. 

They are a really fun touch and you can actually buy them in individual pieces. Grab what you like and make payment by just placing the corresponding amount unto the cash plate.


It’s easy to satisfy your sweet cravings and relive some childhood memories. Certainly also an impulse purchase spot 😉

An amusing irony is that next to the sinful sweets cart, you have a chiller filled with bunch of healthier food options including fruits, juices and sandwiches.


At another corner of the lobby, you will also find a small “shop” with various products and nick nacks for sale. It is fun to look around even if you are not planning to buy anything. I saw some interesting vintage looking items and also your classic souvenirs.


There is also a mini bar right next to the reception where you can find snacks and beverages to purchase. So if you want to grab quick bites for your late movie night, fret not!

Room Review: Double Room M

The same fun urban jungle theme you see throughout the hotel is equally evident in the room

From the fun mosaic tiles to the trinkets hanging on the wall/ceilings, and the main light covered by a kiwi umbrella, it’s all amusing and artful at the same time.

Definitely not you regular looking hotel room. Creatives will love it here.


The first thought that struck me though was how spacious and loft-like the center area is. I could even do my inversions there

Apart from that big center floor space, the huge windows panels contribute immensely in making the room look kind of lofty.

The bath is also a more open concept which makes it very airy. While the areas are clearly segmented, they wasted no space with wall divisions.

It is a clever setup, and also very functional with huge storage spaces right by the door.

Remote Work Features



Superbude Altona Paradise has a strong wifi speed of 70+/60+ mbps (download/upload) which is great for all sorts of tasks. Signal reception was good throughout the hotel as well.



The room has a long work desk which makes it convenient to lay everything out. It easily fitted my laptop and portable screen even with a bunch of my snacks on the side. 

Although the central lighting of the room is covered by a funky kiwi umbrella which contributes to the room’s relaxing ambience, much of the room are powered by spotlights and a strong desk lamp. 

In addition, the huge window panels easily welcome natural lighting into the room. This makes it great for both day time working and nigh time relaxation. 

What I’m really missing is a projector where I can cast Netflix or some movies from because there’s a real vibe for that. 

Common Spaces

In addition, there are two other areas within the hotel which is great for working.


One is the hotel’s in-house bar/restaurant – Bamboole, where you can grab a drink and getting your work mojo on. They also have a good selection of dishes including vegan and healthy options.

There are sitting here that looks out into the streets if that’s what you prefer (like I do). During the warmer season, they even setup the outdoor terrace. It is a great place to hangout with other travelers.

Secondly, there’s the breakfast or lounge area where you have big spacious desks and.comfy sofa chairs. 


My favorite spot is the one right next to a fireplace at the back. There’s a cozy feel about being next to the fireplace and I like to get warm whenever I can during the windy winter. 


Now speaking of breakfast, the hotel offers a nice buffet spread in the morning.


The breakfast area is divided into zone with areas for coffee, tea & juices, the main food area and they also have a waffle station. 

There’s a bunch of cold cut meats and cheeses to choose from, along with plenty of ingredients to create your own salad or muesli bowl; even vegan options! So if you are staying for a few days, you can have some variations in your breakfast.


I loved the tea station which features a wide selection of loose tea leaves. You then package them into the tea bag that they provide. This means you can even mix and match different ones to form your own concoction. 

And if you have want a touch of ginger to sooth yourself from winter cold, they have fresh ginger you can cut from as well.

Staying In Hamburg


The Superbude Altona Paradise is an interesting accommodation option, which is different from the typical business hotels. The creative spin adds a unique experience to a stay, making it more them just a place for sleeping. 

If you are looking for a place with personality and not stuff with the crowd in the city center, this is definitely one hotel to consider. The Hamburg Altona station also connects well to the rest of Germany. I arrived and departed from Hamburg via that station.

Disclaimer: Part of my trip was hosted by Hamburg City and Tourism Board. All opinions are my own.


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