10 Best Things To Do In Poznan, Poland

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Poznań is one of Poland’s hidden gems that is often overshadowed by more touristic cities like Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, etc. Best known for its picture-perfect scenery and old town renaissance feel, there are actually interesting things to do in Poznan.

The city is Poland’s fifth-largest city and packs a powerful punch. This metropolitan area has become a hub for trade, technology, sports, academics, and tourism. 

Best Thing To Do In Poznan, Poland

Headbutting Billy Goats At Town Hall


First up on the list is Old Market Square’s Renaissance beauty, the iconic Town Hall. The 16th-century building is located in the center of Market Square and was once an administrative building in 1253. 

Today, it houses some of Poznań’s infamous museums depicting the history of the ever-growing city. From 07:00 to 21:00, visitors can tune in with the traditional bugle call. 

A live trumpeter appears at noon on the dot, signaling the upcoming recurring battle between two headbutting mechanical billy goats that serve as symbols of Poznań. The goats will collide with one another a total of 12 times and have been since 1551. This is definitely one of the more fun things to do in Poznan.

Cultural Things To Do In Poznan

From the country’s largest industrial fair, delectable croissants, whimsical traditions to renowned landmarks, there’s no shortage of amusing things to do in Poznań. 

City Of Poznań History Museum


Situated in the Old Town Hall is the City of Poznań History Museum since 1956, featuring fascinating exhibits with exquisite interiors.

Specifically, the ornate Renaissance Hall on the first floor, Prussian/German artifacts on the second floor, and a stunning mantel clock preserving the city’s coat of arms from 1575. One of the museum’s greatest attributes is the adorned Grand Vestibule that has been well kept since the 16th century. 

The Royal Castle Of Poznań

When in Poznań, visit the Royal Castle and admire its decorative residence originally built in the 13th century. After World War II, it was reconstructed into what it is today. 

Today, it houses the Museum of Applied Arts and offers some of the best views of the old town seen from the castle’s tower. The castle is free to visit while the museum starts at 15 zł, making this one of the budget-friendly things to do in Poznan.

The Beauty Of The Merchants’ Houses

Behold the beauty of the Merchants’ Houses in Old Town Square. The residences showcase medieval commercial architecture and include one-of-a-kind townhouses making it one of the most celebrated things to do in Poznań. 

Each house exudes vibrant colors and distinct architecture like no other. What once was plain wooden stalls transformed into some of the city’s most cherished artistry. 

The townhouses host small shops on the first floor and rooms upstairs. 

Croissant Museum

Opposite to the Old Market Square’s Town Hall sits the highly sought-after Croissant Museum. 

One of Poznań’s notable delights is the St Martin’s Croissant, a tasty tradition that dates back to the 19th century. It all began when one day, many years ago, a baker with a big heart donated three batches of croissants to the city’s less fortunate, marking November 11 as St Martin’s Day. 

The pastry is made with a sugary filling created from white poppy seeds and topped with succulent icing. It has become a staple of the city, resulting in a whole museum dedicated to it. A trip to the Croissant Museum is one of the most fascinating things to do in Poznan. 

If you are foodie traveler, don’t forget to also give traditional Polish food a try!



Palmiarnia Poznańska (Poznań Palm House)

The Palmiarnia Poznańska is a growing ecosystem of over 1100 plant species spanning across 4,600 square meters. Many consider it an oasis to escape from the hustle and bustle in the streets of Poznań. 

Additionally, it’s the largest venue of its kind in the country. It shelters at least ten pavilions that are open to visitors, including an aquarium with over 170 fish species and 50 aquatic plant species. 

Its most notable features are the enormous greenhouses with walkways that guide you through the tropical setting. If you’re looking to experience the jungle without actually going to the wilderness, the Palmiarnia Poznańska is a great place to start. 


Cheap And Free Things To Do In Poznan

Freedom Fountain

To spice Poznań, a large and intriguing fountain was designed as a statement piece for the city. The monument originated from a contest conducted by city authorities where artists could enter their structural masterpieces. 

The winning piece resulted in a 9-meter-tall geometric fountain made out of glass, metal, and LED lights. The fountain has water pouring down its two wing-like panels that enclose a wooden pathway for guests to pass through, admiring the fountain and its uniqueness. 


Lake Malta

For a piece of solitude, check out one of Poznań’s many bodies of water and the most popular, Lake Malta. The artificial lake was initially formed in 1952 and is located east of the city center. 

Open all year round, it has become a hotspot for rowing, mini-golf, and winter sports such as ice skating and skiing. Not to mention, it’s just a short walk to Poznań’s New Zoo. Lake Malta is the largest artificial lake in the city spanning about 2.2 km long. 

Strolling and even chilling by the lake is one of the most relaxing things to do in Poznan.

The Pink Church of St. Stanislaus the Bishop


The Church of St. Stanislaus is one of the largest churches in all of Poland. The pink church originates back to the 17th century and has served as one of the prime examples of Polish Baroque architecture. 

The church is also interestingly pink, making it a swoon-worthy spot for the perfect photo. Guests can admire old paintings, sculptures, and an antique organ with over 2,000 pipes inside. 

Things To Do In Poznan At Night

Old Town


Being one of the country’s oldest cities, Poznań has its own Old Town centered on Old Market Square. Old Town is an iconic representation of the foundation that Poznań was founded on since 1253. 

For a taste of Poznań nightlife, Old Town is a sight to behold during the late hours. Nightlife in Poznań is most famous for its fascination with electro and dance music. 

The city offers a lively atmosphere filled with various venues for a great night out. Hit up the historic center to uncover some fun things to do in Poznan in the evening.



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