20 Interesting And Fun Turkey Facts About Turkish [Explained]

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Turkey is one of the most beautiful destinations you can visit. It consists of majestic beaches, historical sights, grand bazaars, rich heritage and history, and much more. Of course, you have to know the different interesting Turkey facts to make your experience memorable in the country.

There is much more to Turkey than what meets the eye, so be sure to get as much information about Turkey as you can. If you are planning a visit, you have come to the right place. Here are some useful and fun facts about Turkey to know!

Historical Facts About Turkey

Turkey has a rich history, as it has been home to the Greeks, Romans, and many other people. Because of this, a basic understanding of the country’s history will be very helpful when visiting. Here are some top historical facts about Turkey you need to know.

Istanbul Was Built On Seven Hills

Rome is not the only place built on hills, as Istanbul has also been built on seven hills. The reason for this was that the Byzantine Empire wanted to declare Istanbul as the new Rome at that time. Of course, all of these hills are historical, and you will find incredible palaces and mosques within them.

It Is The Birthplace Of St. Paul, Herodotus, And Aesop

Many historical figures were born in Turkey, which includes St. Paul, Herodotus, Aesop, and many others. Herodotus is said to be born in Bodrum, and Aesop is said to be born along the Nesebar. Finally, St. Paul, the Apostle, was born in Southern Turkey in Tarsus.

Early Christians Hid In Cappadocia From The Romans


Early Christians hid in the underground caves and cities of Cappadocia when they were trying to flee from the Roman Empire. In fact, you can still visit some of these marvelous underground caves today. When you visit, you will also find a lot of religious murals on the walls that have been preserved.

Cultural Facts About Turkey

The culture of Turkey is a mix of many things because of the various ethnicities and people who live here. However, there are some cultural elements that everyone shares. Here are all the fun Turkish culture facts to know.

People Love Tea


If there is one thing that people love more than anything in Turkey, it is tea. Almost the entire population drinks at least one cup a day. You have to try Turkish tea when you visit, as it is served in small glasses shaped like tulips. It goes very well with all the Turkish desserts and sweets.

Every Meal Comes With Ekmek (Fresh Bread)


You will notice that every meal in the country comes with ekmek (fresh bread). It is a rite of passage to soak up all the oils and juices of your dish with this bread. The reason for this is that Turkish people believe that bread sustains life, which is why they never waste it and enjoy it at every meal.

Be sure to enjoy some delicious traditional Turkish food on your trip!

There Are More Than Thirty Languages Spoken Around The Country

Turkey is a mix of many cultures and ethnicities, which is why a lot of languages are spoken by people throughout the country. Turkish is the official language, but around thirty other languages are spoken. Some of them include Zazaki, Arabic, Kurmanji, and many others.

Interesting Facts About Turkey For Kids

Turkey is so rich in history and culture that all kids should know some information about Turkey for trivia and knowledge. You can teach kids about this fascinating country that is both part of Europe and Asia. Here are some top Turkey facts for kids.

Santa Claus Comes From Turkey


The historical figure behind Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, and he was born in Patara, Turkey. The people believed that he used to perform miracles when he was alive. Besides that, he was also incredibly generous, which became the foundation for the legend of Santa Claus.

There Is An Area For Sea Turtle Nesting


Yes, there is a big breeding ground in Turkey for loggerhead sea turtles. These turtles come between May and October and plant more than three hundred nests each year. This happens in Iztuzu Beach, and you can visit this area as the government has conserved it while also making it accessible to tourists.

The Word Turquoise Comes From Turkey


When you translate turquoise, it translates to Turkish stone. The beautiful stone came to Europe through Turkey, and it is one of the oldest and most beautiful stones you will find. When these stones were introduced, they were used by Turkish soldiers as amulets.

Fun Turkey Facts For Travelers

You will find everything in Turkey, from beaches to mosques, historic sites, incredible nightlife, and much more. Because of this, it is the ideal destination for every traveler. Here are some fun facts about Turkey that you must know while traveling.

There Are Close To 83,000 Mosques In The Country


Turkey is home to thousands of beautiful mosques you will find all over the country. That is because 99% of the population includes Muslims, which is why mosques are everywhere. One of the most beautiful mosques you will find is the Sultanahmet Mosque, which is also known as the Blue Mosque.

Featuring grand and intricate architecture, this is one of the famous landmarks in Turkey. You can admire the exterior but definitely also visit the interior to witness all its details.

There Are More Than 3,000 Stores In The Grand Bazaar


The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul originated in the 14th century, and it is almost a maze of streets and shops that you will enjoy exploring. You can easily get lost for hours in here, just wandering through the different colorful fares on display.

One of the most exciting facts about Istanbul is that there are more than 3,000 shops throughout this market. You can really find all sorts of goods here from handicrafts to tasty delights, and many items can make for great souvenirs.

Despite it being a hotspot for tourists, you will still get plenty of local vibes here. It is one of the best things to do in Istanbul.

The Black Sea Coastline Stretches For More Than A 1,000 Km


Anyone can enjoy an incredible coastal holiday in Turkey as the coastline goes on for more than a thousand kilometers. You will find some incredible beaches, resorts, and much more to make your stay memorable. So, whether you visit with friends or family, be sure to hit all the beautiful beaches in Turkey.

The Tunel Funicular Is The Oldest Underground Railway In Europe

The Tunel Funicular in Istanbul opened in 1875, connecting Beyoglu and Karakoy. It is the oldest operational underground railway in Europe, and only the London Underground beats it. The tunnel goes six hundred meters uphill, and you will almost definitely get a chance to use it as you explore the city.

Common Facts About Turkey

There are some general Turkey country facts that most people already know. However, here are some that you might have missed.

The Demographic In Turkey Is Young

The largest young population in the EU resides in Turkey. That is because the average age of people in Turkey is only thirty-one years old. Besides that, less than 10% of the population in the country is above the age of sixty.

People Love Playing Oil Wrestling

Oil wrestling is also known as grease wrestling, and it is one of the oldest sports. The aim of the sport is to lather yourself in oil and then fight the opponent. This is also the national sport of the country.

Turkey Supplies Around 70% Of The World’s Hazelnut Production


Around 75% of the world’s hazelnut supply comes from Turkey, and it is one of the top exports of the country. The country has the perfect weather conditions for its growth. All along the Black Sea coastline, you will find stretches of hazelnut fields. Be sure to try some when you are visiting.

Other Interesting Facts About Turkey

Here are some other interesting facts about Turkey that make it a unique place to visit.

The Best-Selling Souvenir Is The Evil Eye


The evil eye is the best-selling souvenir in the country, and you will find it almost everywhere. The tradition behind the stone dates back thousands of years, as it is worn as protection from evil. The color is said to protect the wearer from negative energy. It is one of the things that Turkey is famous for.

Turks Brought Coffee To Europe In The 16th Century


Coffee did not originate in Turkey, but the Turks brought coffee to Europe during the sixteenth century. When you visit, don’t forget to try the classic mocha coffee.

The Istanbul Airport Is A Significant Hub For Aviation


Istanbul Airport is one of the best airports to visit as all the airlines fly to destinations worldwide from here. Just Turkish Airlines flies to over 255 destinations. The airport is a well known transit hub sitting between Europe and Asia, featuring a good amount of world class facilities.

It Is Illegal To Wear A Fez


It is officially illegal to wear a Fez in Turkey as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk banned it in the twentieth century. That is because it was a symbol of the Ottoman Empire. The law still remains, but it is highly unlikely that you will be penalized for wearing it.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Turkey

These are just some of the interesting Turkey facts for a unique experience within the country. From the ancient tradition of oil wrestling to its impressive hazelnut production and iconic evil eye souvenir, there’s plenty to explore in Turkey.

A first-hand visit is the best way to discover more interesting facts about Turkey and its fascinating offerings. Whether you’re looking for an exciting holiday or just want a change of scenery, make sure that Turkey makes your bucket list!

From cultural activities and culinary delights to beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, there is much to discover. Grab a fulfilling Turkish breakfast and get exploring.



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