10 Typical And Traditional Welsh Breakfast

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Wales is such a beautiful country but life in Wales can be kind of rugged. With the sea and the mountains all around people in Wales need a hearty Welsh breakfast to set them up for success. Discovering the bounty of the Welsh breakfast table is a delicious endeavor that helps reveal so much about Welsh culture and life.

What Is Special About Welsh Breakfast

Breakfast in Wales is important to combat the cool coastal weather. Eating a hearty breakfast helps to chase away the cold on Welsh mornings and locals love to go all-out on big breakfast options. A fulfilling meal is a big part of traditional Welsh food and cuisine.

Bring your appetite in the morning because breakfast in Wales has you covered before you go explore all the famous landmarks.

Common features of Welsh breakfast are local pork and cheeses. Pigs thrive off the lush land in Wales and their bacon is a frequent addition to Welsh breakfast plates. The Welsh tradition of cheesemaking dates back centuries so it is no wonder that cheese often makes an appearance at the morning meal.

Most Famous Welsh Breakfast

Full Welsh Breakfast


This exceptionally satisfying Welsh breakfast takes the classic English breakfast and levels it up with uniquely Welsh flavors. This show-stopping breakfast has a little bit of everything to get your day in Wales going on the right foot.

From protein to starches to veggies this breakfast gives you a little bite of everything and is a great way to sample all the delicious flavors of Welsh breakfast.

A full Welsh breakfast is a veritable feast for your eyes and stomach, the platter is topped with so many elements your stomach will groan with anticipation. This basic formula includes pork sausage, bacon, blood sausage, beans, a fried egg, and tomatoes, and then there are some distinctly Welsh additions.

The full Welsh breakfast also includes extra bites like laverbread, cockles, and Glamorgan sausages. Finish the meal with a hot cup of black tea for the most extravagant start to a day in Wales.

Traditional Welsh Breakfast

Wyau Sir Fôn (Anglesey Eggs)

This iconic egg dish is beloved by locals to dine on at any time of day but it makes a sensationally rich Welsh breakfast for special mornings. Wyau sir fôn, also known as Anglesey eggs after their birthplace, is a delicious egg, leek, and potato dish.

This hearty bake combines the famous Welsh leek with warm potatoes in a creamy Caerphilly cheese sauce then tops the whole casserole with rich boiled eggs. The flavors of this dish are distinctly Welsh and delicious!

Rarebit gyda Bacwn (Rarebit with Bacon)


The Welsh rarebit is one of the most common dishes in local cuisine and has been adapted in so many delicious ways. One morning-friendly version of this classic Welsh dish is rarebit with bacon.

This savory breakfast is a local favorite for its convenience and ease. Rarebit with bacon is a delicious toast topped with rich cheese sauce often made with local cheese, then finished with streaky bacon. It’s a beautiful variation on the classic and rarebit with bacon making the perfect fast breakfast in Wales.

Quiche Madarch a Chig Moch (Mushroom and Bacon Quiche)


This delectable Welsh breakfast makes a mouthwatering display at brunches and has what it takes to satisfy even the biggest appetites. The beautiful Welsh quiche celebrates the locals’ love for all things bacon by combining it with mushrooms in a delectable egg pie. This hearty breakfast is great on cold Welsh mornings or even as a rich early lunch.

Brechdan Bacwn (Bacon Sandwich)


Some locals call this a bacon buttie but it’s all the same delicious Welsh breakfast of bacon on bread. This humble breakfast is a grab-and-go favorite of Wales.

A bacon sandwich is simply bacon on bread or a white roll, sometimes with butter and/or tomato. This basic breakfast in Wales has been satisfying residents’ morning hunger for years and you will love it, too!

Buck Rarebit (Rarebit with Eggs)

This delicious breakfast-inspired variation of the national favorite, rarebit, is a perfect slice of Welsh breakfast.

Buck rarebit is a traditional Welsh rarebit with a decadent fried egg. The toast is topped with a creamy cheese sauce made from local varieties of cheese, like caerphilly, and baked to perfection then topped with a perfectly fried egg.

This breakfast is served for breakfast in Wales everywhere from dinners to high-end restaurants. The ultimate beauty of this breakfast dish is that it can be enjoyed at any time of the day!

Bara Ceirch (Oatcakes)


Oatcakes are a traditional Welsh breakfast favorite. They are hearty and filling enough to satisfy an adventure to the Welsh coast or mountainside. Typical oatcakes combine bacon fat with oats to make a deliciously toothsome batter.

The cakes are pan or griddle fried until they have a wonderfully crisp exterior. These crumbly cakes are a humble harken to times past, but they still make a deliciously filling breakfast in Wales today!

Bara Lawr (Laverbread)

Laver is a type of seaweed indigenous to the shores of the United Kingdom. The seaweed grows in almost sheetlike forms and locals love to use this powerful plant in their cuisine. The laver’s flavor is likened to olives and oysters and it is absolutely delicious on toast.

For breakfast in Wales, locals love to spread laver on toast or oatcakes for a hearty and plant-protein-packed way to start the day. Laverbread makes a great side to fried eggs or bacon but don’t forget the hot cup of breakfast tea!

Sweet Breakfasts In Welsh

Uwd a mêl Cymreig (Porridge with Welsh Honey)


Throughout the summer season, oats are harvested from the highlands in Wales. These oats are turned into one of the most comforting dishes for breakfast in Wales, porridge, and honey.

The local oats have the perfect level of nuttiness and grain for a smooth and creamy porridge. Topping this breakfast dish with local honey is positively luxurious.

The honey in Wales is sweet, floral, and bright making it the perfect mate for rich, oaty porridge. One bite of this Welsh breakfast and your stomach will feel warm and welcomed to the culinary paradise that is Wales.

Crempog (Pancakes)


This sweet bite of Welsh breakfast has been delighting locals for ages. Crempog is the Welsh take on pan or griddle cakes. They are gloriously airy and light and use a few clever additions to make their flavor and texture just right.

Crempogs often use vinegar to add a touch of acid that works so well in these flat-fried cakes. Top this Welsh breakfast treat with butter, syrup, fruit, or local mêl (honey). They can also serve as dessert in Wales.


Discovering Traditional Welsh Breakfast

The green grass and sandy coast of Wales are sure to enchant but to explore you need to eat! Adventuring through Wales can be a life-changing experience but it should always begin with a delicious serving of Welsh breakfast. The morning fare here is so decadent and delicious you will never want to go back so bring your morning appetite to discover the wonders of breakfast in Wales.



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