15 Amazing Things Bristol Is Famous And Known For

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When considering what is Bristol famous for, it is vital to remember the history behind its most prominent landmarks. Situated in South-West England, The River Avon which surges through the large, historic city gives rise to many of these. From bridges to churches, the attractions were dreamed up by the most important designers of the time.

What Is Bristol Famous For? 

Bristol is known for its maritime history, hot air balloon festival, creativity, and inventive spirit. From street artists like Banksy to the immaculately-designed historical landmarks, the city is overflowing with culture. In addition, Bristol is known for its sustainability, supported by the efforts of its residents.

History, Culture, And Traditions Bristol Is Known For

European Green Capital


Bristol was the first European Green Capital of England, an annual achievement based on each city’s sustainability. It is compared to Vienna and Bern in terms of the eco-friendly amenities and behavior of its residents. 

Aiming to be carbon neutral is just one of the policies that Bristol has implemented. Furthermore, clean transport is encouraged and renewable electricity providers are preferred. As a result, you will find that the air is lighter, the streets are leafier and the sky is brighter. 

Hot Air Balloons 


A fun fact about England, specifically Bristol, is that it is the largest producer of hot air balloons in the world. Developed in France, the idea of travel via a wicker basket and envelope spread like fire. 

Since the 1700s, the people of Bristol have had an avid interest in balloon aviation. They even host an annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta to celebrate that heritage. This global event that Bristol is famous for attracts over half a million guests from all over. 

This goes hand in hand with the sustainability that Bristol is famous for, as the balloons are powered by environmentally clean propane.


Perhaps the most famous pirate in the world is Blackbeard, who is recognized for being menacing and fearless. Despite the legends, Edward Teach (his real name) is actually a real person who was born in Bristol in the 17th century. 

Although Blackbeard was famous in England, nobody knew his real identity for a long time due to the mystery of pirates. 

He served in the Royal Navy and was infamous for being a talented robber. As a result, the legend of his buried treasure is relentlessly talked about, yet has never been found. 

On the Blackbeard to Banksy Walking Tour, you can learn the true history behind the stories and famous personalities that Bristol is known for.

Districts And Areas Bristol Is Famous For

City Center 


The City Center is undoubtedly the most popular part of Bristol. It is lively, cultural, and packed with landmarks. 

At the center, you can find the O2 Academy where Kendrick Lamar and Amy Winehouse have played. It is also worth visiting the Castle Park ruins of St Peter’s Church. Similarly, the Old City offers churches, markets, and breweries.

One of the most famous people from Bristol is Banksy, and you can explore his work that is speckled along the streets.


Clifton is a suburb, and along with the city center has some of the best landmarks that Bristol is famous for. The most visited attraction here is the Clifton Suspension Bridge over the Avon Gorge, dangling 100 meters above the water. 

The Clifton Observatory offers a panoramic view of the surrounding greenery. This 18th-century windmill is one of the only ways to reach the limestone Giant’s Cave that’s found underneath.

Furthermore, there are arcades, shopping centers, and boutiques in the area for some modern exploration.


Redland is, rightfully so, named after the red soil on the land. In addition, many of the buildings are Georgian and built of tinted red sandstone.

The neighborhood is known for its abundant amenities ranging from schools to churches, including the 18th-century Redland Chapel. Much of the food that Bristol is known for, such as pub classics, can be found here. 

Immerse yourself in British culture and indulge in afternoon tea, made up of sandwiches and scones.

Landmarks And Architecture Bristol Is Known For

Bristol Cathedral 

Bristol Cathedral was built as early as 1220 in a Romanesque style, originally known as St Augustine’s Abbey. However, it was later rebuilt with Gothic elements due to bombings, riots, and fire. 

A fun fact about Bristol is that it is haunted by a monk ghost. The Bristol Ghost Tours start at the cathedral, where you can learn about the haunted history of the paranormal that is said to reside in the building. 

Clifton Suspension Bridge 


Clifton Suspension Bridge is one of the spectacular landmarks that Bristol is famous for. 

An interesting UK fact is that the first bungee jump in the world happened from this bridge. The extreme activity was successfully attempted by two men from the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club, and a professional climber.

The structure is over 100 meters tall over the underlying water, acting as a toll bridge. Isambard Brunel drew up the original design, and with the help of Barlow and Hawkshaw, it was finally built in 1864. It connects Clifton to Leigh Woods that’s just across the Avon Gorge. 

> Visit Vault Chambers At Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Observatory 

The Clifton Observatory is a treasured historic landmark and is considered Bristol’s pinnacle. Formerly the structure operated as a windmill, but now it serves as a lookout to the idyllic surroundings such as Clifton Suspension Bridge.

It is worth setting aside time to also visit the limestone Giant’s Cave via Clifton Observatory, one of the only few ways to reach it. The cave accommodates 20 people at a time, and you can get a different view of both the bridge and the powerful Avon Gorge.

SS Great Britain 

The SS Great Britain was an innovative steamship that captivated the residents of Bristol in 1843. 

Designed by Isambard Brunel, it showed true originality and beauty; reflecting why Bristol is famous for its creativity. Its purpose was to travel from Bristol to New York City, and the maiden voyage was completed in under 15 days.

Now a museum ship, you can find the SS Great Britain at the Great Western Dockyard. It is worth visiting with family or friends to see the live concerts, and even sample the unique Steamship cocktail. 

Food Bristol Is Known For

Bubble And Squeak 

Bubble and squeak is a characteristic 18th-century dish that is still enjoyed to this day. Initially, the recipe called for cabbage and potatoes, but modern twists often add meat. The cooked ingredients are mashed together before being fried in oil.

Often described as a peasant dish because of its affordable nature and simplicity, this home comfort is frequently served for dinner. The nostalgic and warm feeling derived from this dish is unreplicated anywhere else.

Toad In The Hole 


Toad in the Hole is another quick recipe that is adored by families in Bristol. It is a famous English food served in pubs or as a cheap meal at home in cold winters. 

Essentially, the dish uses a Yorkshire batter topped with pork sausages, adding the necessary protein for a hearty dinner. The meal is often served with cooked root vegetables such as onion and carrots, and a flavorful gravy.

Mothering Bun

If you ask any child what is Bristol famous for, they will undoubtedly bring up the mothering bun. This sweet snack is always served as a treat in schools, or by proud parents as a reward for good behavior. 

The soft buns are ladled with a sugary white icing before sprinkling with rainbow hundreds and thousands. As a result, the colorful dessert is a hit with people of all ages!

Famous People From Bristol

Russell Howard

Russel Howard is one of the most famous people from Bristol. In addition to television presenting, he is also a comedian and an actor. Beginning in the BBC, his career flourished after joining Mock The Week as a panelist. Later, Howard was awarded his show, The Russel Howard Show, nominated for The Best Ever BBC Three series.

In addition to entertainment, Howard frequently supports charities because of his platform. As well as running the London Marathon to raise awareness for epilepsy, he has partaken in Sport Relief and environmental campaigns.


Banksy is an alias for the street artist from Bristol who is yet to be identified. Whilst his democratic and thought-provoking art is thought of highly, Banksy remains a mystery. Initially, he remained anonymous because graffiti is illegal, but now this ambiguity piques the interest of the public.

The works of Banksy are often temporary and removed. Nonetheless, The Banksy Walking Tour shows the graffiti that has been left untouched, such as Grim Reaper and Paint-Pot Angel. As a result, Bristol is famous for preserving many of his first pieces, as it was his hometown.

Discovering More Things Bristol Is Known For

Bristol is famous for its innovative structures and creations, from the Clifton Suspensory Bridge to the SS Great Britain. It has always been ahead of its time, once for design and now for its eco-friendly approaches. The city buzzes with creativity, identity, and hygiene, which is especially reflected by its impressive suburbs.



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