25 Things Ecuador Is Known And Famous For

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Ecuador is known for its breathtaking natural wonders, rich cultural heritage, and delicious Ecuadorian cuisine.

Ecuador is a beautiful country in the heart of South America, known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscape, and energetic people. The nation shares borders with Colombia to the north, Peru to the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Ecuador has diverse experiences and attractions that attract tourists worldwide, and you want to see what it offers.

What Is Ecuador Known For?

Ecuador is known for its breathtaking natural wonders, rich cultural heritage, and delicious Ecuadorian cuisine. The Galapagos Islands, located off the coast of Ecuador, draw visitors with their unique wildlife and pristine beauty. The Amazon rainforest in Ecuador is a biodiverse area where you can explore the rainforest and learn about indigenous communities.

Ecuador’s Andes Mountains offer snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and ancient Incan ruins to explore. Ecuador is also famous for its vibrant and colorful festivals, such as “La Diablada,” which honors the Andean culture and Spanish colonial history.

The country has a diverse population with indigenous, Spanish, and African ancestors, resulting in a distinct cultural blend. Ecuador is known for its handcrafted goods, such as pottery, jewelry, and woodcarvings, which showcase the country’s rich artistic traditions. The friendly locals add to the country’s charm, making you feel welcome and at home.

History, Culture, And Traditions Ecuador Is Famous For

The Pllaro Diablada

Ecuador is known for La Diablada de Píllaro, an exciting and colorful celebration held annually in Píllaro, Ecuador.

Participants in the festival dress up in elaborate masks and costumes to dance and parade through the streets, celebrating Andean culture and Spanish colonial history. The Spanish conquistadors and the region’s indigenous peoples influenced the costumes, resulting in a unique cultural fusion.

The event is a true spectacle, with music, dance, and fireworks lighting up the town. It comes with beautiful traditional costumes, and the energy of the celebration makes for an unforgettable experience.

La Diablada de Plaro is a cultural festival and an opportunity to experience Ecuador’s warmth and hospitality.

Dia de Los Difuntos

Dia de Los Difuntos, also known as The Day of the Dead, is a traditional Ecuadorian holiday where families gather to remember and honor loved ones who have died. The ceremony is held on November 2, the day after All Saints’ Day, and is a time to commemorate the deceased.

Families visit cemeteries on the Day of the Dead to clean and decorate the graves of their loved ones. They also leave food, flowers, and candles as offerings to help guide the spirits.

It’s an eye-opening experience that lets you witness a heartfelt celebration of life and death while learning about the country’s rich cultural traditions.

Kichwa Tribe

The Kichwa is Ecuador’s largest indigenous group, with a population of over one million people. They have a rich culture and speak the Kichwa language, officially recognized in Ecuador. It is said to be the ancestor of many famous Ecuadorians.

Their traditional dress distinguishes them with brightly colored capes, skirts, and hats adorned with intricate embroidery and patterns. Visiting Kichwa communities is a meaningful and insightful experience. It allows you to learn more about their way of life, participate in cultural activities, and support their sustainable tourism initiatives.

Salsa Music


Salsa music is a popular genre in Ecuador that has evolved to incorporate a variety of musical styles over time.

The upbeat tempo, infectious rhythms, and catchy melodies distinguish Ecuadorian salsa. It includes brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones, contributing to the genre’s lively sound.

Salsa music is an important part of Ecuadorian culture and is celebrated throughout the country at festivals and dance clubs. You can sometimes even see a group of locals just engaging in it at public squares.

Attending a live performance or taking a dance class will allow you to feel the excitement of salsa music firsthand.

Crafts And Art


Ecuador is known for its diverse art and crafts and rich artistic heritage. The country’s artistic traditions include textiles, pottery, jewelry, woodcarvings, and paintings, to name a few.

Indigenous communities play an important role in creating Ecuador’s beautiful textiles, while the pottery features intricate designs that reflect the country’s flora and fauna.

Ecuadorian art and crafts pay honor to the country’s cultural heritage and offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to appreciate and bring home a piece of the country’s artistic traditions.

Whether you’re looking for textiles, pottery, or jewelry, Ecuador has a diverse range of beautiful handmade items that delight and inspire you.

Cities And Travel Destinations Ecuador Is Known For



Guayaquil is a vibrant and bustling city that anyone visiting Ecuador should visit. As the country’s largest city, it has diverse attractions, from modern architecture and a thriving commercial center to a vibrant nightlife scene.

The Malecón 2000, a beautiful waterfront promenade lined with restaurants, shops, and attractions, is one of Guayaquil’s main attractions. You can walk along the boardwalk, admire the views of the Guayas River, and see famous Ecuadorian landmarks such as the Rotonda Monument.


Loja is a charming city in the southern region that Ecuador is known for. Featuring beautiful architecture and cultural events. Loja provides a unique and authentic experience.

However, the city of Loja is best known for its vibrant music scene. In fact, many consider it the music and cultural capital of Ecuador.

You can also visit the nearby Podocarpus National Park, which has incredible hiking trails and stunning scenery. Loja should be on your list of places to visit if you want an authentic Ecuadorian experience with a blend of culture, music, and nature.



Cuenca is a beautiful colonial city in Ecuador’s southern Andes. It is famous for its cobblestone streets and stunning churches. The city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site for its well-preserved colonial architecture.

Explore the city’s historic center and marvel at the stunning colonial-era architecture and churches, including the famous Cuenca Cathedral. You can also visit several museums, art galleries, and cultural events in the city.


Manta is a vibrant coastal city in Ecuador known for its beautiful beaches, fishing industry, and delectable seafood cuisine. Its stunning coastline is ideal for water sports enthusiasts, providing excellent surfing, kiteboarding, and fishing opportunities.

Explore the city’s historic architecture, such as the Central Bank Museum, or stroll through the bustling local market.

Manta’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, scenic beauty, and rich culture make it a must-see destination for those looking for an authentic coastal experience. So, if you need a place to unwind, have fun, and eat some of the best seafood in South America, Manta is a great option.



This is a colonial city in the heart of Ecuador’s Andean highlands. Riobamba is a popular destination for travelers looking to immerse themselves in Ecuador’s rich history and culture, thanks to its stunning architecture, charming streets, and surrounding mountains.

Numerous colonial-era buildings in Riobamba’s historic center, including the impressive Cathedral of Riobamba and the Palacio de Los Leones. This beautifully restored mansion now houses a museum.

The surrounding mountains provide stunning views and opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities. Riobamba is also a hub for indigenous communities, and cultural tours and homestays allow you to experience their traditional way of life.

This is a must-see destination in Ecuador for history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and cultural explorers alike.

Landmarks And Architecture Ecuador Is Famous For

The Otavalo Market


The Otavalo Market is a popular place to experience the country’s thriving arts and crafts scene. It is one of the famous landmarks in Ecuador known for traditional textiles, handicrafts, and artworks. The indigenous market is located in the northern Ecuadorian town of Otavalo.

The market is open daily, but Saturday is the busiest and most colorful day, with locals dressed in traditional attire. Handwoven blankets, scarves, shawls, jewelry, pottery, and wood carvings are available.

The market is an excellent place to learn about the culture and traditions of the Andeans, interact with them, and purchase one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

The Andes Mountains


The Andes Mountains in Ecuador is a breathtaking natural wonder you should not miss if you visit the country. This majestic mountain range is the world’s longest, stretching over 7,000 kilometers and multiple countries.

As such, you can imagine it features some of the world’s most diverse and beautiful landscapes.

The Ecuadorian Andes are also filled with charming colonial towns, vibrant indigenous markets, and hiking trails that provide breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, cascading waterfalls, and beautiful valleys.

In these more rural regions, you can learn about the Andean culture, which has existed in harmony with the mountains for centuries.

The Amazon Rainforest


Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest is a biodiverse wonderland, home to thousands of plant and animal species found nowhere else on the planet. It is one of the world’s most ecologically significant regions and a fantastic destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Your trip to Ecuador will be complete if you visit the Amazon rainforest. It allows you to see rare species such as jaguars, anacondas, and pink river dolphins up close and explore indigenous cultures and the natural beauty of the Amazon.

While it may not be the easiest to access, a trip to Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest is a fantastic opportunity you should take advantage of.

Islands Of The Galapagos


The Galapagos Islands, located off the coast of Ecuador, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every tourist should have on their itinerary. It is probably the most expensive destination in all of Ecuador but there’s a reason why visitors are just awe-struck by the experience.

The islands are well-known for their incredible biodiversity, which includes many rare species. You can see giant tortoises, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, and other unusual animals in their natural habitats.

The volcanic landscapes of the islands are also breathtaking, with stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters ideal for snorkeling and diving. In addition, the islands provide opportunities to learn about ongoing conservation efforts to protect the fragile ecosystem.

To get the full euphoric experience of the trip, you can take tours around the island catering to different interests.

The Historic Center Of Quito


This is a key destination for Ecuador because it reflects the country’s rich history. The historic center in the capital city of Quito is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the best-preserved colonial-era towns in South America.

You will find an impressive collection of architecture, including Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance styles. In addition, you can also explore other historic landmarks simultaneously.

Check out the narrow cobblestone streets, historic churches, museums, and other aesthetic architectures, such as the Presidential Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, and San Francisco Monastery.

A walking tour is one of the best ways to get an introduction to the capital city. It will shed some light on Ecuador’s history and allow you to experience its colonial past.

Food Ecuador Is Known For



Llapingachos are a traditional Ecuadorian dish that you must try when in the country. These tasty potato cakes are made with mashed potatoes, cheese, and occasionally achiote, a spice made from annatto seeds. The cakes are fried until the outsides are crispy and golden brown, with a soft and savory interior. It can be served as a side or a main course.



The dish consists of raw fish marinated in lime juice and seasoned with onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. It produces a delicious and refreshing fresh and tangy flavor.

You can serve your Ceviche alongside crunchy plantain chips, which provide the perfect texture contrast to the soft fish. Take advantage of the chance to try this delectable South American cuisine.



Locro is a traditional South American dish from the Andean region, specifically Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. It is a hearty stew made with various ingredients, such as potatoes, corn, beans, meat, and spices. Some people even top it with avocado and cheese.

Locro has a long history dating back to pre-Columbian times when it was known as a sacred food by the Inca Empire. It has cultural significance, a savory flavor, and excellent nutritional value. You can find it in both high-end restaurants and Ecuadorian street shops.



This roasted pork dish is prepared with patience and served with potatoes, hominy, and a spicy sauce known as Aji. In Ecuador, it is a popular street food frequently served at festivals and special events.

Hornado is often marinated in a combination of beer and regional spices such as cumin, achiote, and cumin. That burst of flavor with the tender texture will leave your taste buds wanting more and provide an exciting experience.


Fanesca is a traditional Ecuadorian soup served at Easter. It’s made with grains, beans, vegetables, fish, or meat and topped with fried plantains, cheese, and hard-boiled eggs. The ingredients are cooked together to make a thick, creamy soup that represents the diversity of the country’s regions.

During Easter, families and communities enjoy the dish as a symbol of Ecuadorian identity. If you visit Ecuador during the Easter season, you will have the opportunity to try this meal.

Famous People From Ecuador

Antonio Valencia

Antonio Valencia is a former Ecuadorian professional footballer. He spent ten years with Manchester United, winning two Premier League titles, the League Cup and the Europa League. Valencia was known for his speed, ability to cross, and versatility.

He also played for Ecuador’s national team, making over 100 appearances. After playing for Liga Deportiva Universitaria, he retired in 2021. Undoubtedly, Valencia is one of Ecuador’s greatest footballers and a source of national pride.

Carlos Gongora

Carlos Gongora is an Ecuadorian boxer who has won several championships, including the WBC International and IBO super middleweight titles. He is known for his powerful punching power, quick hands, and excellent footwork.

Gongora’s most notable victory came in 2020 when he defeated Ali Akhmedov to win the IBO super middleweight title, elevating him to the top of the world’s super middleweight rankings. He is one of the famous people from Ecuador who chose boxing as a profession.

Andrés Gómez

Andrés Gómez is an accomplished Ecuadorian lawn tennis player. Gómez, born in Guayaquil on February 27, 1960, began his professional tennis career in 1979 and quickly established himself as a skilled and determined player.

Throughout his career, he won 21 singles and 33 doubles titles, including the men’s singles at the 1990 French Open. Gómez was known for his powerful serve and ability to play well on clay courts, and he peaked at World No. 4 in 1990.

His success on the court has made him a national hero in Ecuador and a role model for young tennis players.

Oswaldo Guayasamín

In his work, Oswaldo Guayasamn was an Ecuadorian painter and sculptor who focused on social justice, human rights, and indigenous culture. He achieved international acclaim and has been displayed in galleries worldwide. He is known as one of the most influential artists in Ecuador and throughout Latin America.

Roldós Aguilera, Jaime

Jaime Roldós Aguilera is one of the most famous people from Ecuador who served as a politician and lawyer. From 1979 to 1981, he was President of Ecuador, prioritizing progressive policies and advocating for democracy and human rights. Unfortunately, he was killed in a plane crash, but his legacy inspires Ecuadorians.

Discovering More Things Ecuador Is Known For

Ecuador is famous for its incredible nature areas and vibrant lifestyle, which often include many exhilarating activities. Beyond that, there are many more fun facts about Ecuador to discover when you visit.

The country is a food paradise, and one of the things you should be prepared to do is try the famous Ecuadorian food. It immerses you in Ecuadorian culture and allows you to experience their way of life.

Exploring the nightlife and famous landmarks in Ecuador also makes for memorable times. The country has so much to offer, with breathtaking scenery that will leave you with unforgettable experiences.



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