25 Things Las Vegas Is Famous And Known For

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Las Vegas is famous for its grand casinos, colorful nightlife, world-class dining, and being the “Marriage Capital of the World”

Las Vegas is one of the best known cities in the United States and the biggest city in Nevada. This famous city lies in the greater Mojave Desert and is known for its dry, arid climate. From its amazing hotels and world-class shows, Las Vegas is known for being a city of excess, gambling, and fun. 

What Is Las Vegas Famous For? 

Las Vegas is famous for many things and goes by many names, such as “Sin City,” “the Neon City,” and the “Marriage Capital of the World.” It is renowned as a center of nightlife, with dancing, gambling, and fine food. Beyond this, Vegas is also an ideal kick-off point for a trip to the Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. 

So with all of these things to consider, what is Vegas famous for really? The answer depends on who you are and what you enjoy. From breathtaking shows and nature to unique landmarks, there is something catering to different interests.

And you can enjoy it all, since famously “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” 

History, Culture, And Traditions

Casinos & Gambling

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and gambling culture – there are even slot machines in the airport! This city’s ties to gambling started in the 1900s when gold-rush hopefuls flocked to the area and brought in gambling practices. In 1931, Nevada legalized gambling, which helped it become the gambling center of the United States. 

Today, if you’re interested in trying your luck in Las Vegas, there are plenty of places to do it. Some of the most popular casinos are the Casino at Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas Casino, and Ellis Island Casino & Brewery. 

This thriving industry is one of the things Nevada is known for, primarily because of the scene in Las Vegas.

Fine Dining

Ask any foodie: what is Vegas known for? and they’ll cite the amazing restaurants this city has to offer. Las Vegas is absolutely packed with dining options and many famous chefs set up a kitchen in this city. It is after all a city synonymous with all things entertainment and indulgence.

With dozens of luxury hotels with equally luxurious restaurants, there is no shortage of places to have an amazing meal. 

>Join A Las Vegas Food Tasting Experience

World-Class Entertainment

As Las Vegas is full of beautiful hotels, it is also full of iconic performance venues. Many famous performers have done residencies in Las Vegas in the past, such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Wayne Newton.

Contemporary artists follow in their footsteps, often performing in Las Vegas for months at a time in venues such as The Colosseum and the MGM Grand. 

If you plan in advance, you’re guaranteed to score tickets to an amazing show. Whether you’re interested in magic or music, dance, or drama, Las Vegas is known for having the best of the best when it comes to entertainment. 

>David Copperfield Magic Show At MGM Grand

>The Mentalist Show At Planet Hollywood

Las Vegas Sign 


The Las Vegas Sign is easily one of the most famous signs in the whole city. The sign, which reads “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada,” is a must-see for anyone trying to hit the Vegas classics. You can find the sign south of the Las Vegas strip, near a large parking lot. 

Make sure you swing by and take a signature photo with this iconic sign that Las Vegas is so famous for! 

“Marriage Capital Of The World” 

With hundreds of marriages occurring every day in Las Vegas proper, it’s no wonder why Las Vegas is known for being the marriage capital of the world.

Here, there is no waiting period required between getting a marriage license and going through the ceremony. This means you can go through the whole process in a single day. The ironic combination of Sin City and Marriage Capital is one of rather amusing facts about Las Vegas.

With this easy service, there are tons of full-service marriage chapels in downtown Las Vegas. Whether you want a last-minute elopement or you just want to take in these unique venues, you don’t need to get married to enjoy the “Marriage Capital of the World.” 

Gateway To Outdoor Adventure

Despite its reputation, not everyone goes to Vegas for the party scene and nightlife. Many visitors come through Las Vegas with outdoor adventure in mind!

From Las Vegas, you can take a day trip to the famous Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon. With lots of options for hiking, sightseeing, camping, and climbing, outdoor enthusiasts will have plenty to do around Las Vegas. 

>Ride ATV In The Mojave Desert

>Kayak At Stunning Emerald Cove

>Ride A Hot Air Balloon Over Pahrump Valley

Districts And Areas 

Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is arguably the most popular area of the city and its historic center. In this area, you can visit famous casinos (such as the Golden Nugget), the Mob Museum, and the Neon Museum. If you’re in the mood for a more adventurous activity, check out the SlotZilla zipline! 

After all that fun, look no further to experience the gastronomic offerings that Vegas is famous for! Many of the luxurious steakhouses, dimly lit bars, and fancy speakeasies in Las Vegas are located right in downtown.

Any way you slice it, there is plenty to do in downtown Las Vegas. No visit to the city is complete without spending some time in this iconic district.

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Fremont Street 

Fremont Street is a section of historic Las Vegas, offering impressive high shows and unique sites. As a large, pedestrian-only area, Fremont Street is a special part of what Las Vegas is known for. This area is full of street performers, entertainers, and shops. 

If you don’t feel like shopping, make sure that you at least check out the LED light show on the ceiling of a section of Fremont Street. This light show sports different colors and designs that are guaranteed to dazzle. Since it’s just a short walk from the Strip, Fremont Street is an area you can easily add to your Las Vegas itinerary. 

For a relaxing way to take in the dazzling lights, you can hop on an Open Top Big Bus Night Tour.

Las Vegas Strip 

The Strip is undoubtedly the main area Las Vegas is famous for. It stretches four miles and is packed full of top-rated hotels, casinos, and restaurants. This is where you’ll find the Bellagio fountains, Caesars Palace, the High Roller observation wheel and so much more!

Even if you are not planning to gamble, you have to take a walk along this famous strip and check out the rather exaggerated buildings and architecture.

To take it a step further, one of the most exhilarating way to witness all these extravagance is to take a night helicopter ride over the city. You can soak in all the lights and glamor from the air as the city burst into life after the sun sets.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous natural attractions in the United States, and it is part of what Las Vegas is known for. With viewpoints, hiking, and other outdoor activities, the Grand Canyon is a popular day-trip location from Las Vegas. If you’re interested in a full day, you can also take a detour and visit the Hoover Dam, which is located nearby. 

If you’d rather not take the drive, there are companies that offer helicopter rides from Las Vegas out to the Grand Canyon! Now that’s tourism in style! You bet the bird’s eye view showcases a unique perspective of this stunning landmark.

>Check Grand Canyon And Hoover Dam Bus Tour

>Check Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride From Las Vegas

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas is famous for its risky activities, from gambling to car racing! The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a complex that is over 1000 acres of racing tracks, where you can watch the professionals race or take a spin behind the wheel yourself.

For those who are interested, you can actually get behind one of these famous cars and satisfy your need for speed! It is sure to get that adrenaline pumping

>Check Car Driving Experience At Motor Speedway

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

A lush garden might be the last thing you’d expect to find in the Mojave desert. However, this is exactly what you’ll find at the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, in the Bellagio hotel.

The gardens are intricately redesigned every year with a different theme. So the 14,000 square foot area is always prepared to surprise and delight visitors, even repeat ones.

Landmarks And Architecture 

The Stratosphere Tower

This iconic tower, also known as the STRAT, is a hotel and casino rolled into one. With its key location, the STRAT is part of what Las Vegas is known for; it sits where the Las Vegas Strip begins and ends. And there is plenty to do in this famous tower. 

With world-class restaurants, an observation deck, and thrill rides, the STRAT offers an activity for every possible mood. Defy heights by partaking in the nearly 850 leap from the SkyJump or enjoy the stomach-churning sensation of a roller coaster right within the tower. 

Neon Museum 

What is Las Vegas famous for if not for its extensive collection of neon signs? The Neon Museum is committed to conserving this part of Las Vegas’ history, by collecting, restoring, and displaying neon signs.

The museum’s collection is constantly in flux, as they acquire new things and work to keep them in good condition. The consistent evolution is what makes this museum extra interesting.

Tours and special events are available throughout the year. If you can’t get enough, you can also visit the Neon Boneyard, which holds even more famous signs in an outdoor exhibition area. 

Venetian Hotel


The Venice-themed luxury hotel is definitely part of what Vegas is famous for. Living up to its name, stepping into this hotel feels like stepping out into Venice. The experience is complete with water canals and gondola rides.

You don’t have to be a guest to visit the public areas, so go in and take a whirl around. Its location along the famous strip also makes it an amazing place to start and finish any day in Las Vegas. 

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Madame Tussauds

If you don’t see any famous people in Vegas on the street, you can always catch them at Madame Tussauds! Madame Tussauds is a famous wax museum, with more than 100 lifelike models of celebrities ranging from Elvis to the Kardashians.

They have locations scattered all around the world but the Las Vegas one is actually the very first branch in the United States. You can find this museum full of show-business stars near the Venetian hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. 

>Check Tickets To Madame Tussauds

The Mob Museum 

Located just off Fremont Street, the Mob Museum gives a bold, historical view of the history of organized crime Las Vegas is famous for. With real stories and interactive exhibits, this museum offers a unique experience that’ll keep you entertained all afternoon.

To top off the experience, there’s also a Prohibition style speakeasy at the museum, which allows you to step back in time and enjoy a forbidden (but carefully concocted) cocktail. 

Bellagio Resort

The Bellagio Resort is much more than a hotel. This resort contains an art gallery, spa, a variety of restaurants, and botanical gardens. This luxurious resort will have you wondering why you’d ever need to leave your hotel and should give you a good taste of the fine-living Las Vegas is known for.  

Even if you’re not staying at the resort, you can take in part of what the Bellagio Resort is known for: the Bellagio Fountains. Nearly every day, the fountains have their own lights and water show, set to music. It is widely regarded as one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas and definitely something you shouldn’t miss. 

>Catch A Cirque Du Soleil Show At Bellagio Hotel

High Roller Las Vegas Strip Observation Wheel

Want to get a birds-eye view of Las Vegas? You have to check out the High Roller Observation Wheel on the Las Vegas Strip. It is the biggest observation wheel in all of North America, stretching 550 feet in the air. 

From the cabins, you can take in 360 degrees of the views Vegas is famous for during the half an hour-long ride. You can even personalize your experience for day or nighttime fun. In the evening, you can book the observation wheel for a happy hour experience, which combines the awesome views with a bartender and drinks! 

>Check Tickets For The High Roller

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace has been part of the Las Vegas strip since its opening in 1966.

The hotel is intended to give visitors a sense of life in Roman times, with columns, iconography, and designs that pull from that era and mix with the modern-day opulence Las Vegas is famous for. Perhaps the most famous element is a large statue of Augustus Caesar near the entrance. 

In addition to this, Caesars Palace has a renowned performance venue called the Colosseum. This enormous venue can hold nearly 4,300 people. So whether you want to stay the night or stay for a show, Caesars Palace is a destination for all Vegas visitors. 


Famous Food In Las Vegas

Dirt Dogs Street Corn

Mexican street corn (elote) is a popular dish from Mexico, however, Las Vega’s Dirt Dog has created its own take on this classic.

After patrons begged for a spicy Cheeto creation, the owners invented this delicious creation. It is a grilled ear of corn, coated in butter, a lime-mayonnaise sauce, cheese, cilantro, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. 

You can also try a version of this flavorful combination on a hotdog or a batch of french fries.

Belly Of The Beast Burger 

What is Vegas known for if not being a city of excess? The Belly of the Beast Burger is no different – you better be hungry when you order this enormous burger. 

Weighing in at ten pounds, this famous hamburger at Truffles N Bacon lives up to its name. Nearly half of the burger’s weight comes from beef and potatoes. However, other toppings, such as tater tots, cheese, pork belly, and sauces make this creation a real monster. 

If you’re not hungry enough for a ten pound burger, don’t worry! Truffles N Bacon also serves amazing brunch! Plus, all the food is very photogenic, so you can make all of your friends jealous. This is one of the most exaggerated and famous foods in Las Vegas.

Hell’s Kitchen Beef Wellington

Reality TV fans will recognize the dishes (and the screams) of one of the world’s most famous chefs, Gordon Ramsay. For those familiar with his show, Las Vegas is known for being the home of Hell’s Kitchen. Many specialty dishes have been made in the kitchen, but none more than Gordon’s famous beef wellington. 

This beef dish is among Ramsay’s most notable and can be enjoyed here. Make sure you book in advance if you want the chance to dine at this kitchen Las Vegas is famous for. 

There are also many other famous foods in Nevada that is are worth indulging in when traveling around the state.

Famous People From Las Vegas

Brendon Urie

Before Brendon Urie was the lead singer for Panic! at the Disco, he was a normal high schooler in Las Vegas. He joined the band, after auditioning for the lead guitarist in high school and wowing the group with his vocal range.

Brendon has an impressive four-octave range and an incredible stage presence that makes him one of the most famous people in Las Vegas. 

The band has won many awards, such as a Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video awards. They also have several well-known albums, such as the Death of a Bachelor, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, and Pretty. Odd.  

Kyle Busch

If you’re interested in professional car driving, you’ve probably heard of Kyle Busch. This guy is one of the most accomplished stock-car drivers in the world. He started driving go-karts around the streets during his childhood and has loved racing ever since. 

Kyle Busch is known as “Wild Thing” for his risky driving style. However, this style has won him several awards and championships, such as the NASCAR Nationwide Series and the Cup Series. It is no surprise that he is one of the most famous people from Las Vegas.

Discovering More Things Las Vegas Is Known For

Las Vegas is a place of excitement and adventure, with plenty to discover. From the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street to the casinos and funky museums, these are just some of the things this Sin City is famous for.

However, Las Vegas is known for so much more. You can indulge in a culinary experience at Hells’s Kitchen, find your inner daredevil at the Motor Speedway, or immerse in nature at the Grand Canyon.

Make a trip down yourself and go exploring on your own. There is no doubt you will uncover more fun and famous things in Las Vegas.



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