20 Things London Is Known And Famous For

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If you’re in the spirit of adventure, then exploring London is one that you’ll enjoy and live to remember. London is famous for being a bustling metropolitan city with its beautiful range of cafeterias, galleries, and landmarks. The capital of Britain has plenty to offer all types of travelers for some fun memories.

What Is London Famous For?

London is known for its varied neighborhoods and vibrant scenes that transform between day and night. Its rich history of royalty, arts, politics, architecture, and science is equally interesting and diverse. With these arrays of characteristics and statuses, there are plenty of activities to discover more about what London is famous for.

Landmarks London Is Famous For

There are plenty of attractions in the metropolitan capital, there are just a prominent few from the extensive list of famous landmarks in London.

Tower Of London

The Tower of London was built as far back as the year 1078, making it one of the oldest buildings in London’s history. Although old, it matches interestingly with the modern skyscrapers of The City on the London skyline.

Apart from being the home of the Crown Jewels of England and hosting people from Elizabeth 1 to the Kray twins according to history, it also has the Norman Conquest, a prison, and a torture chamber. The Tower of London stands as a good representation of just how old the city’s history is.

A visit to this iconic structure is one of the best things to do in London.

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London Eye

A visit to London Eye offers a beautiful view of London city. It is also known as the Millennium Wheel and although a recent monument, it has been long unveiled on New Year’s Eve 1999.

Notwithstanding, It is still regarded as one of London’s most recent additions. The London Eye is one of the most popular and visited attractions that London is famous for.

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Big Ben

Big Ben is a historic monument dating back to 1843. The prominent clocktower is beside the Houses of Parliament.

One of the fun facts about London that a lot of people only find out when they visit is that Big Ben is not the name of the tower. It is actually the name of the bell that strikes on the hour at the Elizabeth Tower building.

Nonetheless, that is the name that has stuck and became what London is known for. Be sure to visit and learn more about the history of this prominent attraction. 

Other Attractions London Famous For

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a structure that has kept alive the memories of the country’s relationship with the Christian Church since the origins of England. This has made it one of the oldest attractions London is famous for.

It was founded as late as 960 and has from then hosted coronations and royal weddings. It is also a resting place for historical brilliant minds like Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Dickens who were famous people from London.

Taking Westminster Bridge to Westminster Abbey might bring you across famous people from London as a lot of people have attested to coming across celebrities on that route.

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The Shard

The Shard in London is the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the sixth tallest building in Europe. It is at the forefront of London’s skyline developments, housing the city’s most luxurious apartments, offices,  bars, and restaurants.

In 2012, Shard decided to allow visitors to its observation deck on the top floor to experience the beautiful view of the City of London while enjoying a luxurious environment and a well-served meal.

A tour inside The Shard will get you to appreciate the revolution in design and architecture that London is famous for. 

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Wembley Stadium

London is a place of diverse talents ranging from arts to music and of course, sports. Most of these activities are performed at Wembley Stadium. This makes it one of the most major attractions London is known for.

Wembley has hosted some of the world’s biggest music artists with their fans and also some of the biggest sporting stars and their different football teams. It is considered the home of the English national football team.

This means that visiting Wembley stadium as a football or music fan will give you not just entertainment but also great memories to cherish for life.

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St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral stands as another beautiful attraction visited by many London tourists. It towers over the skyline on the highest point in London City.

The impressive building was constructed during the city-wide project that focused on rebuilding the city after the 1666 Great Fire of London. It was executed by the famous Sir Christopher Wren as one of his projects.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is well known not only because of its historical value but also fo its religious value and architectural beauty.

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Parks & Gardens London Is Known For

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest royal park in London. It is not only famous for being London’s largest and centrally located park, but It’s also popular for its interesting and famous Speaker’s Corner.

Speaker’s Corner is where people are allowed to make stand-up speeches on different topics freely to the passers-by, some of who may stop to listen and debate while other uninterested people keep walking.

The topic of these speeches can be a personal manifesto, contemporary political issues, and so on. This quirk area of the park will make your visit to Hyde Park more than interesting.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens will get you to fall in love with nature over and over again. It is a serene garden London is famous for. The beautiful green space is known to house not just the largest botanical collections but also the most diverse ones in the world.

Kew Gardens was opened in 1759 and has given people who needed to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre a place of nature to relax. You also get to discover history while appreciating the beauty of nature.

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Food London Is Famous For?

Fish and Chips

You might end up not knowing which exact place to get your fish and chips from when in London because of so many options. It is one of the famous food in London and it is traditionally loved.

Whichever part of London you find yourself in, you are sure to experience a tasty treat of authenticity wherever you decide to sit for a fish and chips meal.

Scotch Egg

This is one of the favorite London famous food made by frying a boiled egg surrounded with pork meat and coated in breadcrumbs. It’s a classic London traditional snack that can be gotten anywhere, be it at gas stations or food stalls.  

Full English Breakfast

This meal in its full course consists of sausage, baked beans, bacon, tomato, fried egg, fried slice, and a big slice of black pudding. It’s a meal that the UK is known for during the Industrial Revolution. If you’re wondering what food to get you through a full day of travel, grab a fulfilling English breakfast.

Luxury Brands London Is Known For

The Savoy

When it comes to luxury, London is at the top of the game. Several restaurants, hotels and boutique showcase this luxury with grace. One of them is London’s famous luxury hotel named

The Savoy has been in existence for 130 years. You might run into a celebrity or two when you’re there. It is often visited by famous people from London because The Savoy is known for long-standing hospitality excellence.

Here is a place where rest and good food are guaranteed which means whether you’ve decided to be at the hotel for a stay or just to visit the restaurant, you will be provided quality service.


This is one of London’s most famous brands that has been in the business of selling luxury since the 1800s. Harrods is classy and therefore on the pricey side.

Its unmatched exclusivity has also made it a place some famous people from London enjoy dining at. Don’t be shocked to run into your favorite celebrity.

Luxury goods, status symbol legendary green bags, food courts, and stunning architecture in all exclusivity are what Harold offers that have made them a globally recognized brand.

Harrods is an institution London is known for not just for its fame but because it also speaks London’s history and this has continuously drawn in notable customers.

Galleries And Theatres London Is Famous for?

William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

If there is one artistic thing that London is known for, it has to be theatre. William Shakespeare made his fortune and fame in London and he left a great footprint on the capital. He became well known as he wrote plays for the Queen, and the King and then went ahead to build his legendary theatre; The Globe.

This theatre has once been ravaged by fire in 1613 and got rebuilt, only to be shut down again during the Civil War. 1997 marked its new unveiling where Shakespeare’s plays are watched by literary lovers, thespians, and explorers to appreciate.

Therefore, if you belong to any of these categories of art lovers, prepare to get your mind blown as you visit William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Tate Modern

The Tate art galleries are in four different parts of the UK. Tate Modern is one of the four and the most popular. The other 3 are Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives.

London is known for its design, beautiful art, and culture, and the Tate Modern’s iconic tower provides incredible access to experience this. Apart from its tower that overlooks the River Thames for a beautiful view, it also has an ever-changing array of exhibits inside.

Visiting The Tate Modern offers you a selection of the world’s best British and international contemporary art. Best of all? It is free admission!


Culture And Traditions London Is Famous For

Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest Festival

This popular London pearly tradition happens every September where you’ll see pearly kings and queens descend on Guildhall for the annual Harvest. It is one of the festivals London is known for.

This tradition originated amongst the market traders who are known as costermongers in the 19th century. It was discovered by Henry Croft, a rat catcher and street cleaner who got the festival idea from the flashy style of the coster kings and queens during the Victorian era.

He made his suit in mother-of-pearl shiny buttons and went about to collect money for charity. This philanthropic act in no time inspired the coster royalty. They decided to join his humanitarian cause as pearly kings and queens, which gave birth to this interesting tradition.

Yearly Sheep Drive Across London Bridge

London Bridge in the past, was just a bridge crossing for sheeps, as that was the only route to get them to the city market.

Now, every September, it becomes an interesting sight to behold as you’ll see the ‘freemen’ of the City of London driving a herd of sheep across the bridge. The event is now held to promote the wool industry.

This is an event where you’ll see and meet a lot of Londoners in the agriculture and livestock sector. In addition to the famous ‘London bridge is falling down’ song, this annual sheep drive is another thing London Bridge is famous for.

Bankside Twelfth Night

London is known for the Bankside Twelfth Night end-of-Christmas ceremony which happens every January. This ceremony marks the traditional beginning of the Twelfth Night celebrations and the end of the Christmas period.

In this ceremony, you’ll see a man shrouded in an ivy suit rowing a boat that emerges from the River Thames. He is accompanied by a merry posse who wishes the crowd at the Bankside ‘Wassail’ meaning ‘Good Health.’

At this event, you’ll also come across Mummers who perform ‘wild verse and boisterous action’ traditional play. This also features folklore characters like Old ‘Oss, Clever Legs, and Turkey Sniper.

Peter Pan Cup

A popular way the Serpentine Swimming Club spend their Christmas morning is by heading off to Hyde Park for the Peter Pan Cup at the time some other folks are heading to church for mass.

This explains how invested they are in taking to cold water for a 100-yard swimming race.

This festival was inaugurated in the year 1864 but got named in 1903. If you are a lover of frosty temperatures then visit Hyde Park for the Peter Pan Cup festival.

Guy Fawkes Night

Every 5th of November marks Guy Fawkes Night when bonfires are lit in the UK and effigies in the shape of a man (representing Guy Fawkes) go up in flames.

London is known for this tradition because of the plot to blow up the Palace of Westminster on 5th November 1605, organized by Guy Fawkes. He and his team of Catholic cronies plotted to carry out their plan of blowing up the Palace of Westminster during the State Opening of Parliament. 

They planned to kill Protestant King James I of England and Ireland and crown his daughter so that she can sympathize with the distressed Catholics. The incident has introduced a sense of patriotism into Britons reminding them not to behave like Guy.

Seating around bonfires with the fireworks illuminating the night sky is a great way for you to make memories while touring London. 

Tea Culture

One of the cultures generally known about the British is their love for tea and a perfect teacup. If you want to find out how true this is, try passing through London streets and visiting any of their cafés for tea (well, because they all sell tea).

You would be impressed with the kinds of tea cups you’ll see. It seems every Briton has a different idea of what a perfect cup should look like but you can decide your favorite from the different perfect cups when in London.

Ravens at the Tower of London

If you visit the Tower of London today, you’ll notice a minimum of six ravens. These ravens are kept there by the order of King Charles II.

It is rumored that he was warned by the courtier that the lack of ravens at the Tower of London might lead to the crumble of the British Monarchy and the country will fail. Therefore, you’ll never get to the Tower of London and see it deserted by ravens.

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Discovering More Things London Is Famous For

London is a city with plenty of history and culture. Each of these traditions plays an important role in the life of Londoners and is something that makes this city unique. There are still many things that London is famous for that await your discovery. If you’re planning on visiting soon, be sure to experience some of these cultures and events yourself.



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