What Is Perth Known For? 15 Things Perth Is Famous For

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A vibrant and diverse urban hub, Perth is known for its stunning natural beauty and thriving cultural scene that captivates all who visit. The capital city of Western Australia has a rich indigenous heritage making it renowned for offering some of the most unique historical sites and cultural narratives in Australia. 

What Is Perth Known For?

Perth is famous for Kings Park and Botanic Garden, the Swan River, and Western Australian delicacies. In addition, it is home to the Perth Stadium and many pristine beaches which attract beachgoers. These are certainly some of the city’s best highlights and adventures, which also reflects many interesting facts about Australia.

Culture, History, And Traditions Perth Is Famous For

Beach Culture

Similar to many parts of Australia, Perth is also famous for its beach culture. The coastline of Perth offers beautiful beaches like Cottesloe and Scarborough, making the beach culture an integral part of the city’s lifestyle. Sunbathing, surfing, and beach volleyball are just some of the typical activities the people grew up with. 

The sunset ritual on Perth’s beaches is particularly noteworthy. It attracts both locals and tourists to the coastline who come to witness the mesmerizing sight of the sun setting.

You will find that this scenic moment is frequently complemented by picnics with different food in Australia, music, and social gatherings. Locals have learned to take full advantage of the magical hour.

Wine Culture

Over the years, Perth has cultivated a unique wine culture and this is strengthened by its proximity to several premier wine-producing regions. The city hosts diverse wine-centric events year-round, celebrating its achievements in viticulture.

There are many wine tours offered by knowledgeable guides which are great for discovering the regional wine scene.

In places like Swan Valley, visitors can savor a diverse range of wines which is often complemented by local cheeses or chocolates.

Perth International Arts Festival

The Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) has become an integral part of Perth’s cultural identity since its inception in 1953. Marking its stature as Australia’s longest-standing arts celebration, this is a testament to Perth’s unwavering dedication to the celebration and promotion of the arts. 

The festival was born out of a desire to bring world-class art and culture to the people of Perth, acting as a bridge between Western Australia and the rest of the world. 

In addition, the influence of the Perth International Arts Festival extends beyond cultural enrichment. It also stimulates the local economy by drawing international tourists who immerse themselves not only in the festival but also in the vibrant local business scene.

Cruises And Boat Tours

With its stunning coastal views, winding rivers, and peaceful waterways, it is not surprising that Perth is a popular spot for boat cruises. 

An obvious highlight is a trip to Rottnest Island which journeys from Perth or Fremantle down to the beautiful island. The adventure offers a distinct perspective of the confluence and the ocean. 

Perth is known for its captivating and diverse aquatic landscape. From nature enthusiasts and adventurers to those seeking relaxation, you can take a bike tour around the island for a memorable experience.

Areas And Districts Perth Is Known For


Perth is famous for its many distinctive districts, and among them, Fremantle stands out as one of the most iconic.

Fremantle is renowned for its vibrant arts landscape. Within the historic lies the Fremantle Arts Centre, a hub that showcases captivating exhibitions, hosts soulful concerts, and offers enriching arts courses.

The Fremantle Market, brimming with energy and activity, is an essential stop for visitors. This bustling marketplace presents a diverse mix of fresh produce, indigenous artwork, unique crafts, and food stalls, all set against a backdrop of lively music and rich cultural ambiance.

Fremantle isn’t merely a district; it epitomizes Perth’s essence, blending history, culture, and modern attractions to deeply resonate with its visitors.

Scarborough And Cottesloe

 Scarborough and Cottesloe are two neighboring coastal districts in Perth, that offer a delightful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. They are both known for their breathtaking beaches and these areas beckon with their ambiance and coastal beauty.

Scarborough, with its vast sandy lengths, is a magnet for surfers and those looking to ride the waves, reflecting the area’s deep-rooted surf culture. 

Cottesloe, on the other hand, exudes a more relaxed ambiance, making it perfect for families and beachgoers seeking calmness. They offer a balance between outdoor adventure and relaxation, making them beloved destinations for both locals and tourists seeking the ultimate Perth beach experience.

South Perth

South Perth is located on the southern banks of the Swan River and is declared one of Perth’s most scenic and desirable districts.

Both visitors and residents can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Perth city from the foreshore of south Perth, particularly during the enchanting sunset hours. Additionally, the district takes pride in hosting the renowned Perth Zoo, a premier attraction known for its wide range of animals. 

Moreover, South Perth serves as a vibrant hub for several events, including markets and festivals, further promoting the district’s strong sense of community.

Central Business District 

The central business district is the hub of commercial and financial activities in the city. This district is not only home to offices but also institutions, art galleries, and many entertainment spots.

High-end stores offering high quality accessories are also situated here making it a haven for luxury shoppers. You will find a variety of performances, from classical concerts to contemporary shows, being held all year round in the surrounding theatres. 

All these make the CBD a focal destination for more than those just working there. 

Landmarks And Architecture Perth Is Famous For

Swan River

The Swan River is a standout among the landmarks in Perth. Beyond its visual appeal, the river serves as a recreational center for both locals and tourists, offering activities like kayaking, sailing, and jet-skiing.  

Additionally, its banks play host to several events, festivals, and fireworks, solidifying its significance as an active cultural hub. 

The Swan River has significantly influenced the history and culture of the city. Today, it continues to serve as an impeccable setting for recreational activities.

Wave Rock

Wave Rock is an iconic landmark Perth is famous for, and it’s a unique natural wonder that captivates both imagination and hearts. The name “wave rock” is formed as a result of its shape which resembles a frozen ocean wave. It holds spiritual significance for Indigenous people. 

The rock is also the backdrop for the annual Wave Rock Weekender, a boutique music festival that combines music, art, and nature, making it a distinctive part of Perth’s rich tapestry of natural wonders and cultural heritage.

Bell Tower

In the heart of the city stands the Bell Tower, one of the famous landmarks in Perth. It reflects a blend of modern architecture and the city’s deep-rooted heritage. 

The bell tower houses the historic Swan Bells, comprising 18 bells, 12 of which hail from London’s St Martin-in-the-Fields church. You can even ascend the tower to an observation deck that offers scenic views of the Swan River, Perth’s city skyline, and the surrounding landscape. 

Additionally, the tower provides an interactive experience with a bell chiming demonstration allowing guests to learn and even try their hand under the supervision of a guide.

Perth Stadium

Perth Stadium, popularly known as Optus Stadium is also one of the iconic landmarks in Australia and has a seating capacity for over 60,000 people which made it stand out among Australia’s premier sports arenas. 

Beyond its primary role as a host for Australian Rules Football (AFL), the stadium serves diverse events, from cricket and soccer to high-profile concerts. You can even take a guided behind-the-scene tour of its facilities.

It is located conveniently near the Swan River, complemented by seamless public transport. The scenic parklands also offer attendees an enhanced event experience. 

More than just a stadium, it symbolizes Perth’s innovation, and enthusiasm for sports and entertainment, marking it as an essential landmark for locals and tourists.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is a standout landmark reflecting the key role of Perth in the international metals market. It was founded in 1899 to process gold from regional gold rushes and to create gold for the British Empire, it’s now among the world’s oldest functioning mints. 

Visitors are drawn from all parts of the world just to see its demonstrations of gold melting and molding into bars. The mint also boasts an extensive collection of gold coins, bars, and nuggets. A variety of gold, silver, and platinum items are available for purchase, along with other special souvenirs for enthusiasts wanting a tangible piece of their collections.

Food Perth Is Known For

Western Rock Lobster

The Western Rock Lobster, also known as the West Australian crayfish, is more than just a culinary delight but a symbol of the abundant marine treasures in Perth. In Western Australia’s food setting, this lobster is an iconic must-try. 

While it’s exquisite when simply grilled with butter and herbs, it also shines in diverse dishes, from indulgent creamy pasta to flavorful Asian-inspired stir-fries. 

The lobster’s cultural significance in Perth is celebrated through events like the Lobster Shack’s tours which offer insights into the fishing process, the industry’s history, and the opportunity to savor freshly caught lobsters.

Famous People From Perth

Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford is one of the notable actresses and figures to emerge from Perth. She became an international star through her role as Hannah Baker in the movie “13 Reasons Why”. She has featured in several other movies afterward and has also secured roles in other TV series. 

Exploring Other Things Perth Is Known For

Apart from the famous landmarks and culinary delights Perth is known for, there’s a wealth of attractions waiting to be explored in the city. 

From engaging in the vibrant arts and culture scene to savoring the diverse culinary offerings, or embarking on scenic coastal adventures, Perth offers an endless array of experiences that ensure you’ll never run short of things to do in this remarkable city.



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