15 Amazing Things Sheffield Is Famous And Known For

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Sheffield is a buzzing city in South Yorkshire, England. It is the second largest in Yorkshire. If you are wondering what is Sheffield famous for other than football, there is plenty more it has to offer. 

Known as Steel City for its manufacturing capabilities, and named after the cascading River Sheaf, the city exceeds its reputation.

What Is Sheffield Known For? 

Sheffield is famous for its steel industry, outdoor activities, reputable universities, and personalities in sports and the arts. The effort designated to the industries pays off, as the city is renowned for producing talents in football and music. In addition, Sheffield is known for its historical landmarks, which date back to the 12th century.

History, Culture, And Traditions Sheffield Is Known For


A fun fact about Sheffield is that it is home to the oldest remaining independent open football club. Essentially, this means that it is inclusive and separate from schools or hospitals.

Sheffield F.C. was founded in 1857, by two members of the pre-existing cricket club. These two sports combined are the most popular in Yorkshire, because of the history and talent that have gone into creating the teams. 

Previous star players have included Oliver Norwood, Alan Kelly, and Phil Jagielka.

Steel City 

During the 19th century, 85% of the steel produced in England was made in Sheffield. Steel is a combination of iron and carbon, which are ubiquitous due to the water sources and forests in the area. Hence, Sheffield was nicknamed steel city. 

Because of the steel demand, the industry was booming. Uses include weapons for war, transport links for travel, and cargo ships, which were necessary at the time. Nowadays, it is mostly used for infrastructure and furniture.

Peak District National Park

Sheffield is a green city that has won many awards, such as in 2005, for its sustainability and vegetation. There are four trees for every person!

An interesting England fact is that only one city has a part of a national park over its border, and that is Sheffield. A third of the city is located inside the Peak District, one of the nine national parks in the country. It is worth visiting for the biodiversity, ranging from chestnut trees to buzzards.

Districts And Areas Sheffield Is Known For


Crookes is a popular area for students, because of its variety of fun things to do. Lively pubs and friendly cafes are scattered around the district, filled with young people due to the affordability. The old town charm that Sheffield is famous for is further amplified by the cobblestone streets with bookstores and thrift stores.

Amongst the sights include Crookes Valley Park, a tranquil area of greenery only two miles from the contrasting city center. Its main attraction is The Old Great Dam, across the bowling green and restaurant.

St Pauls

St Pauls is an exciting area to visit thanks to the rejuvenation it has been subject to in recent years. Buildings have been modernized and luxurious apartments have been constructed, creating a more sophisticated atmosphere. 

Whilst more expensive than its surrounding counterparts, as it is located in the center of Sheffield, there are more things to do. From designer shopping to spa retreats, there is an activity to appeal to everyone.


If you are searching for a family-friendly area with the perfect mix of tradition and modern-day customs, Walkley is the place to visit. 

There are several leafy areas ideal for children to potter around in, and the district is overall safer than the city center. 

Despite this, it is a short walk away from the highlights that Sheffield is famous for offering, such as Lyceum Theatre and Peace Gardens.

Landmarks And Architecture Sheffield Is Known For

Sheffield Cathedral

Sheffield Cathedral is a gothic-style, 12th-century church located in the heart of the city center. Initially, it was dedicated to St Paul; but now pays homage to St Paul as well after the English Reformation.

Despite two ruthless fires, the cathedral remains preserved and is an iconic landmark that Sheffield is famous for. Another special item to see here is the stainless steel bell, taken from the late HMS Sheffield. This was a monumental ship in use during WWII.

Furthermore, Sheffield Cathedral is especially renowned for its musical services, including an impressive choir.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens 

The Sheffield Botanical Gardens dominate almost 20 acres. The historical grounds were established in 1835 and have since accumulated 5,000 species of plant. Collections include a vibrant range of honeysuckle and shrubs, native to Europe and Asia. 

In addition to flowers, the botanical gardens display several bronze sculptures, fountains, and glasshouses. Along the trails you can discover all kinds of decorations, making an ideal family-friendly day out.

Utilita Arena

The Utilita Area is a multi-purpose hall with a 13,600-person seating capacity that is mostly used for concerts. Sheffield is famous for attracting successful boybands such as Westlife and One Direction, that have played at the arena. Hence, it is a popular tour venue.

Moreover, the arena is used for sporting events such as being the home of Sheffield Steelers, a local ice hockey team. Because the venue is easily accessible by all modes of transport, it is a frequently-visited location.

Food Sheffield Is Known For

Fish Cake

Much of the traditional English food include some type of fish, whether it is battered or fried because it is an island. Although Sheffield is bordered by cities on all sides, it is still close to water and therefore easy to transport fresh fish.

A Fish Cake is a typical Sheffield dish. It consists of two potatoes layered with white fish, usually haddock, and then battered. Consequently, this is deep fried, giving it its typical crunchy texture.

Henderson’s Relish 

Henderson’s Relish, a company founded in 1885 is located in Sheffield. Throughout the years, the relish has become a staple in Yorkshire households, its familiar taste perfect for pairing with potato chips, casseroles, and more. 

The bulk of the ingredients are water, sugar, and spirit vinegar. Spices include tamarind and cayenne pepper. As a result, the sharp and tangy sauce completes any dish. 

It is often compared to Worcestershire sauce, and nicknamed ‘the black stuff’ because of its avid color.

Licorice Allsorts 

A common snack for both young kids and grandparents is Licorice Allsorts. After all, what is Sheffield famous for if not its adored traditional candies?

Licorice Allsorts are a mixture of candy sold together in a handy bag. Whilst licorice twirls are the main component, known for their bitter taste, there are other chewy jelly candies. These are sold in every candy store, as well as traditional boiled candies and chocolates.

The most popular brand is Bassett’s, whose factory opened in Sheffield as early as the 1850s and remains to this day.

Famous People From Sheffield

Harry Maguire

The sport that is most famous in England is indisputably football. A fun fact about the UK is that both football and cricket were invented there, evidenced by the impressive national teams. 

Harry Maguire, born in Sheffield, joined the England Squad in the 2018 World Cup.

However, Maguire began his career early by playing for Sheffield United as a child. He then joined Hull City in the Premier League in 2014 and has since then swapped to many major teams.

Sean Bean

Sean Bean is a famous actor from Sheffield who has starred in several hit movies. This includes “When Saturday Comes”, starring as a football player for the local team that Sheffield is known for. 

Whilst the beginning of his career included advertisement and theatre, he slowly became known for television too. British favorites Bean has starred in include Inspector Morse and Games of Thrones. 

Because of the success of some movies, such as Lord of the Rings, he also voiced video games that have been adapted from them.

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill is a track-and-field athlete. She excels at the heptathlon, made up of a series of jumps, hurdles, and more. 

Her most impressive achievement is winning gold at the 2018 London Olympics, sporting her country, and therefore becoming the biggest athlete that Sheffield is famous for. 

In addition to this, Ennis-Hill has won the World Championships three times, as well as earning a DBE in 2017. Deciding to put her inspiring career behind her, this was roughly around the time she retired.

Discovering More Things Sheffield Is Known For

Sheffield is a typical example of a Northern England city. No matter where you are traveling from, Sheffield is famous for making you feel at home with quaint streets and welcoming residents. 

However, there are plenty of attractions for students, especially near the universities. Overall, the area attracts all demographics because of its ability to cater for all.



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