35 Things Singapore Is Famous And Known For

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Singapore is famous for its modern infrastructure, cleanliness, and multicultural society.

The Republic of Singapore is a country in South East Asia. Within it, there are 63 islands. It is located on the Malay Peninsula, which includes other famous countries such as Thailand and Myanmar. Singapore is surrounded by water, between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. It is connected by a bridge named ‘Tuas Second Link’ to Malaysia, which lies north of it.

What Is Singapore Famous For?

Singapore is known for its modern infrastructure, cleanliness, and multicultural society. Despite being a city, it has a fair share of nature, boasting green landscapes like The Botanic Gardens and parks like Gardens by the Bay. Singapore is famous for its diverse and delicious food, featuring unique recipes such as its renowned Chilli Crab.

History, Culture, And Traditions Singapore Is Known For

Mid-Autumn Festival


The Mid-Autumn Festival, known also as the Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival, is an important day held on the full moon of the eighth month in the Han calendar.

Singapore is famous for celebrating this day because it is the time to pray for a successful harvest and good weather. Originally, this is an ancient Chinese holiday, created such a long time ago that nobody remembers the exact date.

On this date, offerings are given to Chang’e the Moon Goddess. Lanterns are also painted and sent up to the sky. Lastly, mooncakes are eaten, which are a pastry usually filled with a savory red bean paste.

Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is the celebration of the new year, based on the Chinese calendar. It lasts for 15 days which are filled with traditions and festivities. In Singapore, only the first two days are public holidays, but family gatherings and visitations continue throughout the period.

One of the best places to visit during the celebrations is the Chinatown area. Several lanterns are lit up, as well as ceremonies, parades, and workshops. You can also sample traditional foods to recreate during family feasts and find the ingredients for them.

At home, households tidy the house put up decorations, and prepare for dinner on New Year’s Eve. Some popular food items include “Yusheng” (a raw fish salad for a lack of better description) which represents abundance and the pomelo fruit which symbolizes good fate and protection.

Buddhist Vesak Day

One-third of the population of Singapore is Buddhist. Devotion to religion is what Singapore is known for, therefore Vesak Day is celebrated throughout the country and is a public holiday.

This day is to commemorate the life and death of the Buddha. Offerings are given to the temple and which is decorated with beautiful flowers. Additionally, meditation is observed. Vegetarian meals are traditionally eaten and shared with family and friends.



Deepavali, known as Diwali or the Festival of Lights, is celebrated in many South East Asian countries. Although it is originally a festival with Indian roots, Singapore is famous for incorporating different cultures into its own. Hence, Deepavali is a huge celebration!

Most importantly, a chariot is carried from the Sri Mariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, to Little India. On this chariot is an icon of Amman, the goddess of the rain.

Additionally, fireworks are set off and lanterns are lit. Like any other festival, there is singing and food.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 


Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the Singaporean version of Eid-ul-Fitr. This is celebrated by Muslims in Singapore. Singapore is famous for its diverse cultures, reflected by the 15% of the population which is Islamic.

On Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Muslims celebrate the end of the month-long fast called Ramadan. On this day new clothes are bought and worn, typically to gatherings hosted by the family. Here, many dishes are cooked and presents are exchanged.

Good Friday


In line with the multicultural society, multiple religions are also popular in Singapore. Although Buddhism is the prevalent belief, over 10% are Christians. This means observing Good Friday, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

As it is a public holiday, non-Christians enjoy a free day of relaxation or catching up on errands. On the other hand, Christians practice rituals and attend services. In some churches, children are taught to fold palm leaves into crosses and display them during the service. 

Pre-colonial Period

In its earliest history which exists, Singapore was an island inhabited by fishermen. The first known name for Singapore was Temasek.  This translates to sea town, as it is located between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

In 1819, The Singapore Treaty was signed. Stamford Raffles, a British official,  wanted the British East India Company to establish a trading post in Singapore. He negotiated this negotiated with the Sultan of Johor, which consequently led to the kickstart of Modern Singapore. The country become more populated and generated more wealth.


The alliance between Malaysia and Singapore is what Singapore is famous for. In 1963, after British colonization for over 140 years, both countries merged. This was foreseen by Lee Kuan Yew, the Prime Minister at the time.

Despite being sufficiently popular in Singapore at the time, this unity did not go as planned.

In 1964, there were many race riots lasting weeks due to dissatisfaction over the elections, and Singapore wanting their independence. Eventually, in August 1965, this became a reality.

The Organization, Cleanliness, And Hygiene

If you question what is Singapore known for the best, it is its sanitation. Frequently, the has been dubbed the cleanest city in the world. It is due to its well-maintained parks and lack of litter in the streets.

This is heavily inspired by the discipline installed in Singaporeans since they were young, as caring for the country is a huge element of preserving the city and sustaining its spotless reputation.

In addition to this, the government spends time and capital on creating inspiring campaigns to encourage healthy cleaning habits. There are reminders everywhere, as well as sanctions for littering.

Districts And Travel Destinations Singapore Is Known For



Sentosa is an island on the Southern side of Singapore. It is one of the fun-filled islands that Singapore is famous for because it is home to internally-acclaimed beaches.

Palawan Beach is a great example of a tropical getaway. It has fine white sand, baby blue waters, palm trees, and an iconic rope bridge. Siloso Beach is also worth visiting. It is livelier than the peaceful Palawan Beach, perfect for visiting with friends. 

In addition, the whole island of Sentosa is filled with world-renowned attractions like Universal Studios, Adventure Cover Waterpark, and Trikeye Museum.

Kampung Glam

Singapore is known for its different ethnic districts. Kampung Glam is the Muslim Quarter located on Arab Street.

The most famous landmark here is undoubtedly the Sultan Mosque, named after Sultan Hussain Shah. Its golden dome makes it stand out from the surrounding buildings, making it easy to spot. Under this dome lie the remains of Tunku Alam, the 19th Sultan of Johor.

Also in Kampung Glam is the Malay Heritage Centre. Many artifacts and exhibits are showcased here which represent the history of Singaporeans of the Malay ethnicity.

Little India

Little India is a lively, cultural district filled with delicious street foods, stands in the markets, and historic temples. It is special because of its energetic dynamic, where you can get a feel of the friendly culture in Singapore.

Here, you can find affordable yet high-quality jewelry, electronics, and knick-knacks being sold you wouldn’t find elsewhere. There are also restaurants at every corner, selling traditional Indian foods.

The main thing to explore here is street art. There are colorful murals and famous paintings such as Kathaka and Working Class Hero.



Chinatown is a collection of streets that are home to temples, restaurants, and boutiques.

The most significant attraction located in Chinatown is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It is so called because of the left canine which supposedly belongs to the buddha, found in Kushinagar. The temple was constructed in 2007 and built according to the style of the Chinese Tang dynasty. 

Also in Chinatown is many traditional restaurants serving authentic foods. If you prefer a livelier dynamic, the bars on club street are ideal for the younger generation.

Pulau Ubin (Granite Island)

Granite Island, known to the locals as Pulau Ubin, is a tranquil island in the North East. This is arguably the next most famous island after Sentosa.

If you are searching for a relaxing getaway, this is the perfect location. Whilst the famous things of Singapore include bustling nightlife, huge crowds, and packed beaches, you may opt for a quieter destination.

For example, the Check Jawa Wetlands are a collection of beaches, a lagoon, and a forest. There is a boardwalk where you can stroll along the waters, or trails so that you can immerse yourself in nature.

Orchard Road


Orchard Road is an upmarket boulevard filled with internationally-acclaimed stores and dining areas. It is so named after the orchards which grew and were sold here as early as the 1830s. Since then, over 5,000 luxury stores have been developed, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

If you are searching for an extravagant experience, shopping malls like ION Orchard, Paragon Shopping Centre, and the Palais Renaissance have swanky boutiques, indulgent spas, and even hair salons, all in one place. Other known attractions include the SHAW House, which has a spacious cinema with the newest blockbuster movies.

After a long day of shopping, you can choose from different cuisines offered on Orchard Road. This varies from traditional foods that Singapore is famous for, to international cuisines and modern cafes.

Clarke Quay


Clarke Quay is located along one of the most picturesque natural features that Singapore is famous for, The Singapore River. You can take boat rides on the river, or simply stroll along it and immerse yourself in the vibrant surroundings.

On the quay is the Asian Civilisations Museum. It is made up of 13 galleries, with themes such as Religion, Textiles, and Trade. Combined with its sister museum The Peranakan Museum, they house over 77,000 works.

This is also an extremely popular area for nightlife with clubs and bars coming alive in the evening.

Landmarks And Architecture Singapore Is Known For

Merlion Park


One of the most famous landmarks in Singapore is Merlion Park. It is located at One Fullerton, which is a walking distance away from the equally as famous Central Business District.

Merlion Park is a popular destination thanks to one unique thing: a statue. The figure depicts a mythical beast with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Additionally, it has water spurting out of the mouth and into Marina Bay. The Merlion is the symbol of Singapore.

Furthermore, it is connected to Garden by the Bay via a distinct structure called Helix Bridge. The intention of the architecture was for it to resemble a DNA strand, which has a double helix shape.

Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo is a large park and wildlife refuge for rescued animals. It is a widely known attraction that Singapore is famous for due to its ‘open concept’. This means that animals are free to roam around in their expansive enclosures, mimicking their natural environment as closely as possible.

Children especially adore the zoo as there are a variety of activities to partake in. For example, many animals can be fed, such as elephants, zebras, and tortoises. Additionally, there are animated presentations that can keep them entertained for up to an hour!

It makes for a fun family day out. The zoo also has a night safari where you get to check out all the nocturnal animals.

Botanic Gardens


The Botanic Gardens was founded in 1859 and remains one of the best-preserved landmarks Singapore is famous for. A fun fact is that it is the only tropical garden that is an acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Botanic Gardens is located in the Tanglin area.

The Orchid Gardens are undoubtedly the best attraction here. They boast over 1,000 species of orchids, as well as additional hybrids. It is after all the Singapore flower. Within this garden, there is also a coolhouse, where orchids only found in tropical rainforests grow.

The Keppel Discovery Wastelands are also worth visiting, which have freshwater planets.

Marina Bay Sands


Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapore’s most famous buildings as it stands out distinctively. It is made up of three structures that tower over the skyline, that are over 55 stories high.

At the top, there is the Skypark Observation Deck, where you have a panoramic view of the surroundings. Additionally, there is an infinity pool, which differs from an ordinary swimming pool in that there appears to be ‘no edge.

Lastly, the ArtScience Museum around the area holds many immersive exhibitions as well as Virtual Reality experiences and other modern practices.

Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay is one of the biggest parks in which Singapore is famous for, spanning over 100 hectares. It is composed of three main gardens: Bay East, Bay South, and Bay Central.

The Cloud Forest is an entrancing indoor waterfall that is worth visiting. It spirals around a ‘mountain’ which is home to several exotic species of plants and is enclosed by a dome.

In the center of the Bay South Garden lie the Cooled Conservatories. These are two large glasshouses that grow plants from both Mediterranean and Tropical climates.

The most iconic attraction here is the Supertree Grove which offer unparalleled views of the garden. There is usually a mesmerizing light and music show here every evening.

Universal Studios and SEA Aquarium


Universal Studios in Sentosa is the only theme park of its kind in the entirety of Southeast Asia; there are only six in the world. It has 28 rides which are grouped into New York, Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, and Far Far Away. Each section has its rides, characters, and shows.

The S.E.A Aquarium itself is home to animals of over 1,000 species. The aim is for children to enjoy a variety of interesting fish whilst educating them on their habitats and how to conserve them. Captivating examples include fried egg sea jellies, sand tiger sharks, and long-spine sea urchins.

Art And Science Museum


Right by Marina Bay Sands is the Art and Science Museum, which is composed of 21 galleries with different exhibitions and purposes.

It is a relatively new museum built in 2011, which is demonstrated by its distinct, modern structure which is said to resemble a 60-meter lotus flower.

In addition to art by Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh, there are scientific displays that delve into a range of themes. This includes paleontology, cosmology, and the future.

The most exciting element is by far the Virtual Reality Cinema, a simulated experience in which you can immerse yourself into a different era.

Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso is a historic artillery built in 1874. Once a fort that was used to protect Keppel Harbour, it is now a museum that houses World War II memorabilia.

The coastal military museum has well-preserved tunnels and defenses which were previously used in battles. There are also statues of honorable soldiers. In addition, marked trails will lead you to specific areas of the fort. Information boards are pinned here, that are useful for those interested in the history of the fort.

Food Singapore Is Known For

Chilli Crab


Chilli crab is one of the main dishes that Singapore is famous for. Because of its location around other South East Asian countries, seafood is not that hard to come by. As a result, many unique recipes have been created. For example, chili crab has been around since the 1960s.

Mud crab is popular in Singapore; however, black pepper crab is a close second. The crabs are cleaned and cut, then added to a frying pan along with shrimp paste and chili. Chicken stock is also added, and the dish is plated up alongside fluffy mantou buns for dipping.

Fish Head Curry


Similarly, Singapore is famous for its fish head curry. This dish is spicy and flavourful, which is characteristic of all South East Asian recipes.

Often, red snapper is the fish of choice. It is cleaned and cooked with vegetables such as okra and eggplant, and fruits like tamarind. Chilies are also added for a kick! Many spices are used like lemongrass, turmeric, cumin, and coriander, which cumulatively add to the distinct taste of this curry.

Overall, this is a healthy and filling main course beloved by Singaporean households.

Crab Bee Hoon Soup

As we mentioned before, Singapore is famous for its mud crab. Due to its abundance in Asia, it has become an integral part of many popular dishes, such as this soup. The Bee Hoon, otherwise known as rice vermicelli is a hearty noodle that is served with.

The crab and noodles are cooked in a milky broth consisting of evaporated milk, which gives it a sweet aromatic flavor. On the other hand, it can be served without the soup aspect for a lighter lunch.

Chicken Rice


Chicken rice is a traditionally Hainanese recipe that has been adopted by many Southeast Asian countries. Singapore is famous for embracing cultures, which is why it is no surprise that this is considered the national dish.

A whole chicken is poached and sliced, consequently placed on boiled white rice. On its own this can be dry; therefore, a selection of dips and sauces is offered. This includes a spicy chili and garlic dip, or tangy soy sauce.

Laksa Noodle Soup


Laksa noodle soup is a type of spicy dish made with rice noodles as opposed to vermicelli. Whilst vermicelli noodles are made of maize and therefore thinner, rice noodles are thicker and heartier.

The rice noodles are typically topped with meats such as chicken or seafood like shrimp. They can be eaten as a dry dish, which is quicker to make.

On the other hand, adding coconut milk gives the dish a thinner consistency, like a soup. This is ideal for adding more flavor. This is one of the easiest yet most tasty Singapore famous foods.



Singapore is known for its delectable main courses, yet its desserts are often underrated.

Chendol is a sweet, layered dessert that consists of three main ingredients: green pandan jellies, coconut milk, and sugar syrup. Sweetened red beans can also be added, or even kidney beans as a savory alternative.

This dessert is served cold, which is refreshing in the roasting climate during the summer. Due to its sweetness, you only need small servings!

Milo Dinosaur

Although it does not sound like an authentic beverage, milo dinosaur is one of the fun drinks Singapore is famous for.

Milo is a chocolate malt powder invented in Australia. Hence, the milo dinosaur is a version of this invention. In Singapore, the chocolate powder is mixed with milk and subsequently poured on ice. The beverage is topped with undissolved milo powder and chunks of chocolate.

Kids especially adore this drink, as it is the ideal way to cool down in the heat. 

Famous People From Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew was an influential politician who served as prime minister for three decades starting in 1959. Many of Singapore’s famous people are relevant thanks to their significant contributions to the government, for example in Singaporean independence.

Lee Kuan Yew is considered the Founding Father of Singapore as he had a role in making Singapore an independent nation twice. Britain ruled over Singapore for over a century, however, this came to an end in 1963.

Subsequently, Singapore and Malaysia merged for two years, until rioting forced the government to reconsider. Due to cultural differences, disagreements in economic decisions, and politics, Singapore finally became independent in 1965.

He is a well-respected figure not just in Singapore but internationally. Many credit Singapore’s rapid growth and development to his leadership.

Joseph Schooling

Joseph Schooling is one of the most well-known Singaporean swimmers.

He is best recognized for earning Singapore its first Olympic Gold Medal in 2016 through the 100-meter butterfly. Additionally, this was a new Olympic Record, beating the previous holder, Michael Phelps. This earnt him the nickname ‘Singapore Flying Fish’ for his speed and stamina.

Although Schooling is known mainly for his butterfly stroke, he also swims freestyle relays and medleys.

JJ Lin

JJ Lin is a singer and songwriter from Singapore. He has dominated the music industry since 2003 when he won the Best New Artist award at the Singapore Hit Awards.

Lin’s discography is versatile because he speaks many languages. Predominantly, Lin sings in Mandarin, however, he also speaks English, Malay, Hokkien, and Cantonese. In addition to singing, JJ Lin has acted in many films. This includes the 2016 movie ‘The Secret.’

Discovering More Things Singapore Is Known For

As a modern, metropolitan city, Singapore has come a long way since its village days. Despite being a relatively young and small country, there are many things that Singapore is famous for.

This is mainly due to its multicultural society that features a blend of traditions from different early immigrants in the past. Today, it continues to attract international expats and talents with its economic prowess, stable economy, and high-quality education.

Therefore you will find a unique combination of influences both from traditional pasts and modern-day globalization. You are sure to uncover many more interesting things Singapore is known for on your trip to this lion city.



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