23 Things Pakistan Is Famous And Known For

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Pakistan is famous for the sport of Cricket, rich and flavorful cuisine, ancient history, and its towering mountains, which include K2 the second-highest peak in the world.

Pakistan is a large, highly-populated country in South Asia. It is bordered by four countries: China, India, Afghanistan, and Iran. Additionally, it is located on the Arabian Sea by its southern boundary, allowing for beautiful resorts on its tropical coastline.

What Is Pakistan Famous For?

Pakistan is famous for its diverse geographical features, that range from dunes and beaches to mountain ranges. One of the fun facts about Pakistan is that it contains the second-largest salt mines in the world, from which we get pink salt! Beyond its natural landscapes, Pakistan is known for its talented cricket players, who are admired for their teamwork and leadership. 

History, Culture, And Traditions Pakistan Is Known For

Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro is an ancient civilization built on the banks of the Indus River. It originated around 2400 BC, making it one of the earliest cities we have discovered so far.

It is one of the archeological finds Pakistan is famous for, mainly due to its effective structures and advanced technologies. Features like The Great Baths, impressive drainage systems, and intricate sculptures make us believe that the people of Mohenjo Daro were well beyond their time. 

Unfortunately, we do not know what caused the eradication of this civilization. It is believed that due to the proximity to the Indus River, the people and the city were destroyed.

Cricket Team

Sports, in particular cricket, is one of the most famous things about Pakistan. The Pakistan National Cricket Team is considered the national treasure of the country, due to their remarkable successes ever since winning the Cricket World Cup in 1992.

The most famous people in Pakistan playing cricket include Imran Khan, Shahid Afridi, and Younis Khan, holding several records.

Although hockey is the national sport, cricket culture has become recently become increasingly more popular. The conflict between India and Pakistan is a recurrent rivalry, as both South Asian teams have impressive reputations.

Largest Canal Irrigation System In The World

Pakistan has the largest canal irrigation system in the world, dominating over 1.6 million kilometers. It is called the Indus Basin Irrigation System (IBIS) and serves the countries bordering the country as well as Pakistan itself.

The significance of IBIS is not only the efficiency of the water supply but also the support it provides to the economy of the country. It is believed to contribute to one-quarter of the GDP, as well as to provide employment opportunities to the locals.

Armed Forces

The Pakistani Armed Forced consists of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Altogether, they are considered one of the most impressive militaries in the world, with over half a million active members.

Pakistan is famous for its Armed Forces because they are the only Muslim nation to construct and operate with nuclear weapons. This suggests that their tools are more powerful and they hold more authority in conflict.

In addition, they are considered to be dependable and cohesive as a unit due to their remarkable patriotism.

Eid Holiday

Pakistan is an Islamic State, meaning that the country abides by Islamic traditions and it is the national religion. Because of this, Pakistan is famous for observing two major festivals: Eid-ul-Azha and Eid-ul-Fitr.

Eid-al-Fitr is observed earlier and signifies the end of Ramadan, the month-long fast. It is also known as the ‘Festival of Sweets’ because of the massive feast that is held in Muslim households. On the other hand, Eid-ul-Azha is a four-day holiday known as the ‘Holiday of Sacrifice.

Cities And Travel Destinations Pakistan Is Known For



Lahore is well-known for being the tourist hub of the city, thanks to the contemporary arts, foods, and malls. However, it is also a charming city that has lots of history.

Lahore houses many of the famous landmarks in Pakistan. For example, the Lahore Fort is a huge complex with a museum, temple, and interesting ancient architecture. Additionally, in walking distance is the Tomb of Jahangir, a mausoleum and garden.

The two main religious sites in Lahore are the Badshahi Mosque and the Wazir Khan Mosque. This is one of the key historical places in Pakistan that draws plenty of visitors each year.



Karachi is a popular destination because it is located on the border of the Arabian Sea. Moreover, it is the largest city in Pakistan.

Pakistan is famous for the Karachi Port and Harbor. It handles over half of the cargo into the country, therefore is enormously important to the economy. In addition, it is a great place to visit for delicious street foods serving fresh seafood and has great entertainment.

Another famous landmark worth mentioning is The Ocean Tower. This is an impressive skyscraper in Karachi with 28 stories, including a shopping center and restaurants.



Islamabad has been the capital of Pakistan since 1963, taking the reigns from Karachi.

It is most recognized for its stunning buildings and architecture. Examples include the Pakistan Monument, which has a distinct petal-like design, and the Faisal Mosque, shaped like a cuboid tent. Much of the architecture is Mughal, inspired by the Mughal Empire.

Furthermore, Islamabad is famous for its natural attractions such as Margalla Hills National Parks. This has fun features such as hiking trails and a towering observation deck.



The oldest city that Pakistan is known for is Peshawar, which was established in 539 BC. As a result, it is home to several ancient yet well-preserved structures.

One of the best attractions to visit in Peshawar is the Mahabat Khan Mosque. It is an early 17th-century structure that is an ideal representation of Mughal architecture. Examples include the red floral decorations on the ceiling, which symbolize luxury, and the eloquent white marble exterior.

Himalayas (Himalayan cedar (Deodar))


The Himalayas are a renowned mountain range that stretches over five countries. The western parts are located in northern Pakistan, in cities such as Kashmir.

The highest peak of the Himalayas in Pakistan is called Nanga Parbat. However, you do not need to trek to the top to indulge in the landscape. Many of the hikes around the mountains are safe for beginners and circle glaciers, lakes, and greenery.

One of the interesting facts about Pakistan is that the pink Himalayan salt we can find in supermarkets is mined in Punjab!

Landmarks And Architecture Pakistan Is Known For

Shalimar Gardens

The Shalimar Gardens are one of the most famous landmarks in Pakistan, located in Lahore. They are a complex that was built during the Mughal Empire, which ruled over the majority of South Asia at the time.

The grandeur layout is shaped like a rectangle with overlapping levels that are each higher than the former. Before, the first terrace would be for the public, and the last reserved for the emperor. Overall, there are 410 water fountains across each terrace, as well as cascades and pavilions.

In addition, there are cypress trees scattered around the gardens, as well as fruits. These are characteristic of Persian gardens like the Shalimar Gardens.

Pakistan Monument

The national monument of the country is the Pakistan Monument, as it aptly represents what Pakistan is famous for. It is located in the capital Islamabad and is an educational heritage museum.

The design of the monument is one of the best things about it, due to its distinct flower-like structure with petals made from granite. Each petal represents the seven ethnic groups of Pakistan. The interior of the petals is also inscribed.

Inside the museum are sculptures and paintings representative of the history of the country.

Lahore Fort


The Lahore Fort is a royal fort with over 21 monuments inside, making it one of the most famous landmarks in Pakistan.

Originally, the red sandstone fort was built in 1674. Inside the complex were many stunning features, including three intricate gates, and a temple. Nowadays, it holds the Mughal Museum, Sikh Museum, and Armoury Gallery.

The emperor who ruled at the time of the fort’s construction is also buried nearby on the Ravi River. The Tomb of Jahangir is one of the most notable attractions in Lahore, hence you should also consider visiting it.

Faisal Mosque


Faisal Mosque is the largest mosque in South Asia located in Islamabad. It was constructed after the assignation of King Faisal, a former ruler of Saudi Arabia.

This distinct landmark contributes massively to what Pakistan is famous for, thanks to its unique shell-like design. The exterior is shaped like a Bedouin tent and made of white marble. It is also surrounded by four towering minarets.

Inside, Faisal Mosque has a luxurious style, decorated with a contemporary red staircase and grandiose chandeliers.


One of the most famous landmarks in Pakistan is a tower called the Minar-e-Pakistan. It is a 70-meter tower that finished construction in 1968, found in Lahore. The tower is built where the Pakistan Resolution was passed. Essentially, this was the document that established autonomy for the Muslim states.

The Minar-e-Pakistan has historical significance but is also an important representation of Mughal architecture. For example, the base of the tower is designed like a petal, signifying hope and peace.

Food Pakistan Is Known For



The national dish and most famous Pakistani food is nihari. This is a slow-cooked stew usually made with beef and vegetables. Traditionally, it takes up to 8 hours, meaning that it can be left to cook in the background, which is ideal for busy families.

Nihari is eaten for breakfast, derived from the Arabic word for ‘morning.’ The beef or mutton is left to cook throughout the night in a slow cooker. It is seasoned with fennel, cardamom, ginger, and red chili, giving it the characteristic depth of flavor.

Halva puri


Halva puri is a sweet snack and dessert that Pakistan is famous for. It is a combination of fried flatbread and semolina pudding.

The ‘puri’ element of halva puri consists of wheat flour that is made into a dough and fried, creating a savory flatbread. In contrast, the ‘halva’ is made of semolina, nuts, and dried fruits. This unique combination creates an explosion of flavor.

This simple dish is commonly eaten for breakfast in Pakistan, but can also be made during celebrations and special events.  



Roti is a famous Pakistani food that is a staple in many additional countries such as India and Nepal.

It is a simple flatbread that can be eaten with curries such as chicken salan and stews like nihari, giving meals extra texture. You can also commonly see it as a street food in Pakistan.

A dough is made with flour and butter and then fried and steamed. If you want to add a further step, you can fry the roti further on both sides with oil or fat. This makes it a similar dish is known as ‘chapati’.



Lassi is a sweet cold drink that is perfect in the summer, after the sweltering climate that Pakistan is known for.

Whilst there are many variations of lassi, they are all based on the traditional recipe. Lassi is a blend of yogurt and water, topped with nuts and fruits. Common toppings include almonds, cardamom, and mango.

However, modern recipes alter the recipe to make it sweeter, adding syrups such as maple and fruits like strawberry.

Famous People From Pakistan

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is among the most famous people in Pakistan involved in activism. She is best known for her work in fighting for the education of girls.

Malala was born in Swat Valley, which was targeted by the Taliban who tried to prevent women from going to school. In 2012, she was a direct victim of this, when she was shot whilst traveling to school on the bus. Ultimately, her brave efforts awarded her a Nobel Peace prize.

Currently, Malala is an international influential figure. After graduating from Oxford, she founded her own production company ‘Extracurricular Productions.’ This aims to film and report documentaries on similar women and their heroic stories.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is one of the most influential figures in Pakistan. He is a personality known for various reasons, one of which is in the world of sports.

As we mentioned, Pakistan is famous for its cricket achievements. Aside from representing Pakistan, he has also played for Worcestershire and Sussex. Khan is best remembered for his captaincy of the Pakistan team, which was the only time that the country won the Cricket World Cup.

In addition, Khan was the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan, his power ending in 2022. During his presidency, he was commended for stabilizing the economy.

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi is also a famous former cricketer of Pakistan, who also captained the national team for a short period after he retired from playing. He is known unrelenting style as a batsman, which has earnt him several of the highest centuries in ODI cricket.

Globally, Afridi is known for his philanthropy. He is heavily involved in campaigns fighting for the welfare of children and maintains his foundation. This aims to provide support to people in Pakistan, Africa, and the USA regarding healthcare, life quality, and sports rehabilitation.

Ahad Raza Mir

Ahad Raza Mir is a renowned actor born in Karachi. He is one of the most famous people in Pakistan, who furthered his career in Canada but ultimately decided to move back to his home country.

Mir has been active in television since 2010, however, has an actor father and therefore was influenced from a young age. This helped him earn many roles such as the drama ‘Yaqeen Ka Safar’, for which he won three awards.

Furthermore, Mir is most famous for his part in ‘Resident Evil’, a Netflix series. Thanks to this, he has a worldwide presence.   

Discovering More Things Pakistan Is Known For

From the historical old cities such as Peshawar to charming temples like the 17th century Badshahi Mosque and Mughal architecture like Lahore Fort, these are just some of the many things that Pakistan is famous for.

Pakistan is a country with many intriguing people, dishes, and attractions. If you’re looking for something different in terms of culture or scenery, Pakistan has plenty to offer too – ranging from historical monuments to stunning natural landscapes.

Whether it be through exploring its history or indulging in delicious food, this Asian country makes for an interesting travel adventure as you uncover more of what Pakistan is known for.



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