10 Best Nashville Whiskey And Distillery Tours In Tennessee [2023]

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Tennessee has a long history of producing some of the very best distilled spirits in the country! With the perfect climate for whiskey production, master distillers have spent 200+ years perfecting their trade. Going on a whiskey tour in Nashville is the ideal way to see how all that practice has paid off!

In addition, Nashville distillery tours can provide a great first introduction to the city. Distilling has always been a significant part of Nashville’s culture, so you can learn a lot about Music City when you immerse yourself in some masterfully crafted liquor.

What’s more special is that whether you board a bus, golf cart, or tractor, many of the Nashville Whiskey Tours will have you riding in style! Get ready to sip that sweet Tennesse whiskey on these top-rated Nashville Whiskey and Distillery tours!

Best Whiskey Tour In Nashville [🏅Top Pick]

Jack Daniel’s Distillery Whiskey Tastings

nashville jack daniels tour
Photo Credit: Tennessee Whiskey Tours, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (1200+ reviews) | Tour Duration: 7 Hours | 😋 BOOK NOW

Easily the most popular Nashville whiskey tour for good reason; get ready for a fun-packed day!

Board the comfortable bus and set off on a scenic 1.5-hour drive to the famous Jack Daniels distillery! An incredible added amenity is that they even provide coolers for your use, so don’t hesitate to bring any adult beverages along!

Once you arrive at Jack Daniel’s distillery, an expert tour guide will fill you in on the distilling process and some history of the iconic whiskey brand. And don’t worry, you’ll get to sample plenty of premium whiskeys. There are also opportunities to purchase rare spirits only available in Tennessee!

Great tour! Loved seeing the property, how Jack Daniel’s is produced. Just a great experience. The whisky tasting is so much fun. This is a must if your in Nashville

Rasha (More Reviews)

Before you cruise back to Nashville, take a moment to explore downtown Lynchburg and grab a bite to eat. This tour is a great option to pack your day full of fun!

👍 Highlights Of Jack Daniel’s Distillery & Whiskey Bus Tour:

  • Enjoy a comfortable bus ride where coolers will be provided for any adult beverages you’d like to pack
  • A scenic hour and a half drive through rural Tennessee
  • Stop in Shelbyville, and sample the Tennessee walking horse that the city is famous for  
  • Learn the history and distilling process from a Jack Daniel’s expert
  • Access to rare Tennessee-only whiskeys and Jack Daniel’s merch
  • Explore charming Lynchburg where you can find mouth-watering options for lunch

Nashville Whiskey Tours

Craft Distillery Tour Along Tennessee Whiskey Trail

Photo Credit: Tennessee Whiskey Tours, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | Tour Duration: 6 Hours | 😋 BOOK NOW

Experience the best whiskey in the country on this tour of the Tennessee whiskey trail! With up to 15 samples, you’re sure to find a whiskey that you’ll be coming back to!

Conveniently meet your tour guide in a central location in Nashville. With private bus transportation, everyone in your party is welcome to sample these delicious pours!

During the 6-hour experience, you’ll stop at three locations that house Nashville’s best whiskey. Locations are picked from a list of establishments ranging from modern whiskeys with science-based procedures and small family-owned operations.

Jimmy was a great tour guide!!! Knowledgeable and entertaining! Each distillery offered something unique with its facility and spirits. We enjoyed being able to sit back and relax, not worry about driving or directions, and enjoy the experience.

Bonnie (More Reviews)

Along the way, you’ll learn about how Nashville distillers went from bootlegging homemade moonshine to producing the most sought-after whiskey in the country.

👍 Highlights Of This Nashville Whiskey Tour:

  • Meet in a convenient central location
  • Private transportation via bus so everyone can indulge 
  • 3 stops at local Nashville distilleries 
  • Up to 15 samples of premium pours
  • Learn about Tennessee’s long history with distilleries

Popular Nashville Distillery Tours

Nashville Brewery & Distillery Tour By Golf Cart

Photo Credit: Joyride Tours, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars (400+ reviews) | Tour Duration: 2 Hours | 😋 BOOK NOW

Get ready for an unforgettable trip to sample the best breweries and distilleries in Nashville! But you won’t be climbing aboard a bus! This 2-hour Nashville distillery tour by golf cart is a great way to spice up your night (or day)!

An informative guide will take you around town to some of Nashville’s top distilleries or breweries. In addition, you’ll be able to customize your experience by choosing to visit distilleries, breweries, or both! You can also choose to embark on your adventure in the afternoon or evening.

Tour guide was super helpful and down to earth. It was nice to get the tours covering both Whiskey and Beer. A lot more of a locals type of insight, a lot more chill than walking the broadway strip, much better drinks…

Benjamin (More Reviews)

One of the best things about the open golf cart is that it will allow you to better soak up the charming Nashville culture. That’s a big plus as you’ll be admiring some stunning local murals and monuments along the way.

👍 Highlights Of Nashville Brewery & Distillery Tour:

  • Customize your experience by choosing between afternoon and night options, as well as choosing to visit distilleries, breweries or both
  • Fun and unique transportation by golf cart
  • Small group size means a more personalized experience 
  • Opportunities for behind-the-scenes access and Q&A with local brewmasters 


Nashville’s Big Machine Distillery Guided Tour & Tastings

Photo Credit: Big Machine Distillery, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars (100+ reviews) | Tour Duration: 45 Minutes | 😋 BOOK NOW

If you want to delve deep into a single Distillery, this tour of Nashville’s Big Machine distillery provides a great bang for your buck!

Start off in the distillery’s classy tasting room where you can enjoy cocktails and decadent desserts while you wait for your tour to begin. The enthusiastic guide will lead you through the Big Machine distillery for some intriguing behind-the-scenes. You’ll get a close-up look at the distilling process and, of course, taste delicious flights of various spirits.

Great experience, cool atmosphere, great music and rich history mixed with a lot of delicious samplings!

Courtney (More Reviews)

Round out the night by kicking back in the exclusive VIP lounge. You’ll have access to more drinks and an ariel view of the Big Machine distillery in action.

👍 Highlights Of This Nashville Distillery Tour:

  • Start and end your tour in a sleek tasting room where you can enjoy delicious cocktails and desserts
  • Tour the state-of-the-art distillery and learn about the process that creates the highest-quality spirits
  • Kick back in a VIP lounge with a view of the distillery in action
  • Sample flights of deliciously smooth Big Machine spirits

Nashville’s Premier Distillery & Craft Brewery Bus Tour

Photo Credit: The Ville Tours, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars | Tour Duration: 3 Hours | 😋 BOOK NOW

Get ready for a buzz with this Nashville distillery tour! There’s no need for guesswork when your helpful guide takes you to all the boozy highlights in Music City!

Enjoy private transportation around Nashville’s lively downtown, with stops at several distilleries and breweries. Each stop offers uniquely delicious samples of the best spirits and food in Nashville. Enjoy behind-the-scenes access where you can meet the experts behind these top-tier spirits.

We got to go behind the scenes at each stop to see how whiskey and beer are produced. tasted a good amount of whiskey and beers. We learned SO much about the history of whiskey and the many challenges that came about after prohibition in the 20’s. Really cool experience visiting TN, highly recommend!

Auz (More Reviews)

Over the course of your outing, you’ll sample 9-12 delicious drinks. Needless to say, this Nashville distillery tour provides unmatched value! Additionally, a 10% gratuity is automatically included in the price of the booking!

👍 Highlights Of Nashville Distillery & Brewery Tour:

  • Private transportation between stops
  • 3-4 stops at some of Nashville’s best distilleries and breweries
  • Behind-the-scenes access 
  • Samples of whiskey, bourbon, vodka and more
  • Gratuity included in ticket price 

All-Inclusive Nashville “Hey Y’all” Distillery Crawl

Photo Credit: Barrels of Fun Nashville, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars | Tour Duration: 3-6 Hours | 😋 BOOK NOW

If you want to embark on a fun-filled alcohol adventure to tour Nashville distilleries, then this crawl is for you! Get a chance to taste the best whiskey you’ve ever had and see the processes that make the drinks as great as they are.

With customizable experiences and private transportation, the “Hey Ya’ll” Nashville distillery tour will be an unforgettable experience. Choose from short and sweet experiences with two quick stops, or make a day out of it and stop at three distilleries and a winery!

Really enjoyed the friendliness and wonderful tastings. The passion for their work showed and the guides were awesome!

Gregory (More Reviews)

Whatever you decide to pick, you’ll get luxurious private transportation and a helpful guide. Each stop will include a tour and tasting!

👍 Highlights Of All-Inclusive Nashville Distillery Crawl:

  • Private transportation to Nashville’s best distilleries
  • A helpful guide will fill you in on all there is to know about Nashville and its whiskey scene 
  • Quick 2-stop options all the way up to 4-stop options are available 
  • Tastings and tours provided at each stop 

Other Nashville Jack Daniels Tours

Jack Daniel’s Tasting Tour + Live Entertainment

Photo Credit: Tipsy Tours, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | Tour Duration: 7 Hours | 😋 BOOK NOW

Do you have a fun-loving group looking for the perfect boozy Nashville adventure? This Nashville whiskey tour has everything you’ll need for a great day!

The Jack Daniels distillery is a popular Tennessee tourist destination, but that’s not all you’ll have to look forward to with this tour. Enjoy live entertainment along the way including sing-alongs led by on-board talent, and test your whiskey knowledge with boozy trivia.

The guides were great. Very entertaining and talented. We felt very comfortable in the bus and the over hour trip each way went very fast.

Brad (More Reviews)

Once you arrive at Jack Daniel’s distillery an expert guide will lead you around the facility. They’ll fill you in on the history of Jack Daniel’s as well as the process that makes the whiskey so popular!

You will get to sample the best pours Jack Daniel’s has to offer all along the way. A delicious BBQ lunch in the charming town of Lynchburg is provided after your tour!

👍 Highlights Of Jack Daniel’s Tasting Tour:

  • A 90-minute tour of Nashville’s best distillery with historical information and whiskey tastings
  • Private transportation via bus 
  • On-board entertainment including sing-alongs and trivia
  • Mouth-watering BBQ lunch in Lynchburg

Jack Daniel’s Express Tour

Photo Credit: MJT Nashville, Viator

🌟 5/5 stars | Tour Duration: 7 Hours | 😋 BOOK NOW

Discover the birthplace of Jack Daniel, and dive into his iconic namesake drink with this express Nashville whiskey tour!

Ride in style with private transportation from Nashville to Jack Daniel’s birthplace, Lynchburg! Skip the line and head straight into the famous Jack Daniel’s distillery where a friendly tour guide will fill you in on all things whiskey! Learn about the history of Jack Daniels and sample premium whiskey pours.

The tour was impeccably organized….Ray our driver was knowledgeable and accommodating I could do this all over again

Robbie (More Reviews)

Get ready for a fun and boozy day that will leave you with a better understanding and appreciation for the well-loved Jack Daniel’s whiskey!

👍 Highlights Of Jack Daniel’s Express Tour:

  • Private instructor to guide you through the whole process
  • Discover the history of the iconic Goo Goo Cluster
  • Chocolate tasting flight
  • Plenty of ingredients to create your own Premium Goo Goo
  • Chocolate machine experience 
  • A take-home apron 

Specialty Nashville Drinking Tours

If you are up for more drinking after your whiskey or distillery tour, Nashville has much to offer with its vibrant nightlife. Here are just a couple of the top drinking and party tours in Nashville.

Nashville’s #1 All-inclusive Pub Crawl

Photo Credit: The Ville Tours, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars (800+ reviews) | Tour Duration: 2 Hours | 😋 BOOK NOW

There are so many incredible pubs in Nashville! But when you have to pick just one, it’s easy to wonder if you’re missing out! You can make sure you don’t miss anything with Nashville’s #1 pub crawl!

Kick off your tour in the trendy Printers Alley! A cheery guide will take you around to Nashville’s most popular pubs as well as hidden gems. Along the way, you’ll be able to soak in Nashville nightlife and get the inside scoop on Music City’s history and culture.

The tour was really good had a fantastic tour guide and he was the one that made the tour. Great value for money and definitely would come back again

Paul (More Reviews)

Each stop features drink samples including authentic Tennessee moonshine, brews, and cocktails. And if that’s not enough, at the end of the tour you’ll receive a gift bag full of goodies including a souvenir fanny pack!

👍 Highlights Of Nashville’s #1 All-inclusive Pub Crawl:

  • Informative guide that will answer any questions about Nashville nightlife you might have
  • Five stops at popular pubs as well as underground hidden gems
  • Sample high-quality pours at each stop
  • Free gift bag including a souvenir fanny pack

Nashville’s Biggest And Wildest Party Tractor Tour

Photo Credit: The Nashville Tractor, Viator

🌟 4.5/5 stars (1,000+ reviews) | Tour Duration: 1.5 Hours | 😋 BOOK NOW

Enjoy Nashville on the go when you board this massive party tractor! Yes, you read that right, an insane tractor!

You can look forward to 90 minutes of fun with an onboard dance floor and DJ! An onboard bar serves a wide variety of delicious drinks to enjoy while your professional tractor driver takes you on a one-of-a-kind Nashville tour!

Best attraction we had when we were there! Definitely will do it again next year. Tour guide , driver and bartender were fantastic, the sights we’re amazing and the music was great!

Tammy (More Reviews)

Find out why this party tractor tour is rated #1 in Music City! For party lovers, this tour is the best way to experience downtown Nashville!

👍 Highlights Of Nashville Party Tractor Tour:

  • Party hard with an onboard LED dancefloor and DJ
  • Professional tractor driver will lead you safely around downtown Nashville
  • Onboard bar with a wide variety of options to get the party started

What To Expect On Nashville Whiskey Tours 

Nashville is a city that can keep anyone busy! There are many things that make the city so interesting and fun, and the whiskey scene is a very popular one.

The Whiskey

Tennessee has a long history of producing the very best whiskey in the country. There really is no better city than Nashville for whiskey lovers and those who want to learn more about this tasty libation.

When you book a Nashville Whiskey tour you can expect excellent quality regardless if you are visiting smaller, local distilleries or famous ones like Jack Daniels (which is the most popular obviously). There are even several whiskeys that are only available in Tennessee. In addition, it isn’t the only spirit you can enjoy in Nashville!

There are options to visit breweries and wineries as well as distilleries. Several Nashville distillery tours will have options to mix and visit a combination of different types of establishments. You can choose one that sparks all your alcohol interests! 

The Transportation

To make the experience fun or convenient, there are different transportation options on the range of Nashville whiskey tours available. From comfy private buses and vans to drive you to your destination(s) to something more unique and fun like a golf cart.

The biggest advantage here is really that you don’t have to worry about driving after drinking, and can enjoy yourself hassle-free.

You can also hop on walking tours or even pub crawls and party tractors to continue your drinking adventure!

Tour Durations

There are full day tours (6-7 hours) going out of the city or mid to even shorter tours (1-2 hours) that circulate around the city. Depending on your schedule and interests, you can always choose something that fits your itinerary.

Experience Nashville’s Culture And Food

Almost every Nashville whiskey tour will make an effort to immerse you in the culture of Music City. It is not just about tasting it, but also getting the stories behind the distillery, processes and origins of the spirit.

Whether you’d like to see local murals, monuments or try some of the famously delicious Nashville dishes, you’ll even have plenty of food tour options to fit your preferences! 



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