5 Popular Algerian Breakfast Foods In Algeria To Try

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Algerian breakfast cuisine is an intriguing combination of Berber, Arab, Mediterranean, and French influences, with a distinct flavor profile that tantalizes the palate. Breakfast in Algeria, in particular, is a celebration of robust and savory meals reflecting the country’s unique culinary traditions. 

Algerians have a rich breakfast tradition that is both fulfilling and tasty, with everything from savory pancakes and Algerian bread to honey-drenched pastries.

Here are five popular and traditional Algerian breakfast meals that you should eat at least once in your life. So take a cup of tea and prepare to enjoy Algeria’s traditional flavors!

Most Popular Algerian Breakfast Food


Chakchouka comes in numerous versions and is a favorite breakfast in Algeria and Tunisia. It is made with eggs, peppers, tomatoes, and onions and is frequently eaten with toast. However, eggs can be omitted for vegetarians who do not consume eggs.

This recipe originated in the Ottoman Empire, and fresh prawns or a spicy lamb sausage known as merguez are occasionally added to the boiling peppers along with the eggs. This Algerian breakfast is vegan, but meats may simply be added to please your family’s carnivores.

Other Traditional Algerian Breakfast Foods


The origins of the Brik cuisine are difficult to identify and may be traced back at least 500 years. Aside from its unclear roots, the popular Middle Eastern Algerian breakfast is known by several names, including bric, börek, and burek.

The most famous is probably the egg Brik. This triangular pastry is stuffed with a whole egg with other chopped garnishes including harissa, parsley, onion, and even tuna for added flavor.

The basic style of the Algerian Brik is made into a sheet or two of malsouka (a type of pastry) wrapped around a raw egg and baked crisp and golden in gobs of olive oil. The best way to enjoy this lovely breakfast is with a beautifully strong and rich Algerian coffee.

Khobz El Dar

Khobz el dar is a classic Algerian bread prepared from semolina flour and wheat flour that is frequently eaten with honey, butter, and jam. This is the customary bread of every Algerian home, hence the name, which translates to ‘Bread of the House.’ Each household has a unique variation based on personal preference.

This delicious and popular Algerian breakfast requires no kneading, no special skills, and is made with basic ingredients. Semolina, salt, sugar, yeast, oil, eggs, milk, and optional sesame seeds are the main ingredients. After baking, the bread has a soft and supple texture as well as a somewhat sweet flavor.

M’halbi (Almond Rice Pudding)

M’halbi is a fragrant, sweet, and creamy milk, sugar, and cornflour Algerian dessert that some even eat for breakfast. It is popular all across Algeria as well as the Middle East. The recipe varies per family, and it is typically eaten during festivals and throughout Holy Ramadan.

In Algeria, Ramadan isn’t complete unless M’halbi is served. Depending on where you are in Algeria, it is also known as Roz bel haleeb. This dish is still served in some Algerian regions in its original form, with fragrant rose or jasmine water.


Kesra is a typical Algerian flatbread made from semolina that is offered for both savory and sweet Algerian breakfast choices. It is a sort of flatbread made from semolina flour that is frequently served with butter, honey, or jam.

It is shaped like a circular flatbread and is also known as ‘khobz ftir’ in the city of Algiers and ‘aghroumn’tajin’ in Kabylia. This dish is quite easy to make, with very simple ingredients. Traditionally, it is made out of merely semolina, oil, salt, and water.

This popular breakfast in Algeria is also a vital addition to soups such as chorba or harira, as well as bell pepper salads, butter, milk, and buttermilk.

The Delicious World Of Algerian Breakfast Choices

Algerian breakfast foods are an important part of the country’s rich culinary heritage. From the classic Chakchouka to the hearty Khobz el dar, these dishes offer a unique blend of flavors and textures that are sure to satisfy any palate.

Whether enjoyed during Ramadan or throughout the year, these popular and traditional breakfast foods and Algerian bread are a true reflection of Algeria’s diverse cultural influences and culinary traditions.



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