10 Best Algerian Desserts And Sweets In Algeria To Try

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As the largest country in Africa, Algeria is proudly known for its diverse landscapes, ancient ruins, and vibrant culture. Algerian desserts are an important part of the country’s cuisine which reflects a long history and diverse influence from different backgrounds – all merged to bring you the uniqueness that is Algeria.

Algerian sweets strongly feature honey, nuts, and aromatic spices like cinnamon and cardamom, and are often deliciously sweet and fragrant. The common ingredients in Algerian sweets and desserts often feature French, Ottoman, Arab, and Berber roots, but with a uniquely Algerian twist.

You can find unusual but delightful ingredients like orange blossoms, jasmine, and rosewater introduced by the Arab traders centuries ago. They are a big part of the Algerian food scene!

What Makes Algerian Desserts Special?

Algerian desserts and treats are varied and remarkable due to their specific combination of flavors and ingredients influenced by the country’s rich cultural past.

These delights are well known for their use of nuts, dried fruits, and aromatic spices. Many Algerian sweets contain honey or syrup, which gives them a sweet and sticky feel. The wide coastline of the nation also adds to the country’s dessert tradition, with various sweets created with almond paste, marzipan, and other nut-based components.

Popular Algerian Cakes

Mbesses (Fried Algerian Sweet Bread)


Mbesses is one of the most well-known and loved Algeria sweets prepared with semolina or farina and eggs as the primary components. Aside from those, this cake is made using milk, yeast, sugar, honey, butter, and a bit of salt. It is usually topped with pistachios and almonds before being drizzled with a sweet syrup consisting of sugar, honey, water, orange juice, and rose fragrance.

Mbesses are traditionally cooked on a metal tajine over a Tabouna, and if you’re looking for a beautifully delectable choice of Algerian cakes, you must give the Mbesses a taste!

Mkhabez (Triangle Groundnut Pastry)


Mkhabez, a classic and exquisite Algerian dessert, is always present at big events and celebrations in Algeria. It’s produced using nuts (mainly almonds), sugar, eggs, and traditional flavoring before being cut into exquisite little treats. 

This treat is simple to make, and once cooked, it is delicately embellished with icing that gives you a sweet that looks as lovely as it tastes.

The basis of these Algerian cakes is often made of ground almonds, but pistachios and walnuts are also popular. Lemon or lemon zest is the most frequent flavoring, but other common extracts such as rose water or vanilla can also be used. Mkhabez is traditionally triangular and made with just blue, pink, or white royal icing.

Tamina (Semolina Cake)


Tamina is a traditional Algerian dessert and is traditionally presented to commemorate the birth of a newborn. But the local people eat it anytime they need something very sweet! It is often served on tiny plates with a little spoon for each person. Algerian youngsters like this tasty sweet treat, and it’s no surprise once you’ve tasted Tamina.

Tamina, or ‘semolina cake,’ is a delicious confection that is typically offered on Mawlid Ennabawi Echarif, a religious feast celebrating the birth of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. These phenomenal Algerian cakes are part of the country’s most loved and popular traditional treats, and one you shouldn’t miss trying!

Tasty Algerian Pastries

Samsa (Almond Triangle Biscuits)


When it comes to Algerian desserts, almond triangles, also known as Samsa, are a famous treat enjoyed by locals all across the country. 

Almond triangles are thick dough loaded with flour, yeast, and butter, in addition to the famous almonds that fill the dish. It is then packed with chopped cooked almonds and soaked in blossom water. It is well-known for being on every wedding table and is an integral part of Algerian pastries and desserts.

These are simultaneously crispy and juicy. The thinnest pastry is wrapped around finely crushed nuts to make triangles, which are then cooked and coated in sugar syrup. The pastry retains its crispness as the nuts soak up the syrup, creating a delightful contrast of crunchy softness in each mouthful that makes Samsa an irresistible choice of Algeria sweets.

Swabaa Zainab (Finger-Shaped Oriental Sweet)


Swabaa Zainab is a tasty oriental sweet and famous Algerian dessert. It is made of semolina, flour, sugar, and butter, and is most often cooked in an oven. It can also be cooked in oil and then diluted down with sugar syrup.

You can eat this delightful Algerian sweet any time of day, whether in the morning for breakfast or in the evening after dinner. It is also one of the most popular Ramadan treats and features frequently in other prominent Algerian holidays.

Swabaa Zainab is one of the earliest sweets that were mastered by the Arabs in the past and then traveled over the world, with many aficionados of oriental sweets innovating in it. It is now one of the traditional Algerian pastries that have become unique to the region.

Griouech (Fried Sesame Pastry)

Griouech, a favorite Algerian dessert loved by many locals throughout the country, is fried dough balls drenched in honey and dusted with sesame seeds. This delicacy is typically offered as a classic Algerian breakfast, although it is also eaten as a quick snack or dessert.

These Algerian pastries are also known as Griouech and are notably popular in Tlemcen and Oran in western Algeria. Griouech will be a delicious and delightful pleasure you can be sure to enjoy if you love sweet treats.

Zlabia (Spiral-Shaped Sweets)


Although this Algerian dessert is claimed to have originated in Persia, there are many names for this global delicacy, and can be found in the Middle East, India, and Asia. 

In its most simple form, Zlabia is produced by combining flour with yogurt or ghee, as well as baking soda or yeast, to generate a batter that is then poured in circular patterns directly into the sizzling oil. A beautiful result of crispy sweetness is created, and when you taste these Algerian pastries, you might find your new favorite dessert.

The result is a crisp treat bathed in a rich syrup perfumed with rosewater, saffron, honey, orange blossom water, and sometimes cardamom is added. Zlabia is typically garnished with chopped pistachios or saffron threads, making for a beautiful combination of flavors.

Kalb-El-Louz (Semolina Almond Cake)


Kalb-el-louz is a traditional Algerian dessert and a favorite baked delicacy made primarily of semolina and crushed almonds. Cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, and orange blossom water are common flavors you can find in this fantastic dessert. Kalb-el-louz is cooked and then blended with fragrant syrup to make it sweet.

It is also known as ‘chamia’ in western Algeria and ‘h’rissa’ in eastern Algeria. This Algerian sweet is particularly popular during Ramadan when it is customarily served with a cup of coffee.

Delicious Algerian Cookies

Tcharek (Crescent Almond Biscuits)


Tcharek is a special dessert eaten during Algerian weddings and one of the most famous Algerian pastries. It is highly popular in the country’s capital, Algiers. Tcharek is a delicious pastry made of white flour, icing sugar (powdered sugar), and a hint of salt.

On any holiday meal table or wedding, you can be sure you’ll find these magnificent Algerian desserts ready and waiting to be devoured.

Makroud El Louse (Almond Biscuits)


Makroud el louse is known as flourless Algerian cookies made using almonds, eggs, sugar, and orange blossom water as a flavoring. These cookies are often covered in powdered sugar after being baked until gently browned with a soft crispy surface. Makroud el louse will melt in the mouth and is best served with a cup of tea or coffee on the side.

Algerian Sweets: The Wonderful Cultural Melting Pot Of Algerian Desserts

Algerian desserts and cuisine are rich in sweet delights that have been passed down through centuries. These sweets, ranging from the nutty and sweet Samsa to the delicious Swabaa Zainab, are an essential part of the country’s culinary tradition. 

These pleasures, whether eaten on special occasions or on a daily basis, provide a look into Algeria’s colorful culture and customs.



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